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The Sadistic Ways of Ms. Langenkamp

Chapter 4


Paige turned on the old heater and then took the shaking form of Jen out of the tub and carried her to the bed. The poor girl was still trying to catch her breath when Paige began to untie her.

"I got the goodies you sent me" Paige told Rose as she went through the closet and came back with shiny fetish clothing.

Paige dressed the still wet victim in a latex catsuit. The catsuit was modified so that it had holes around the breasts, the belly button and the crotch area, leaving these areas vulnerable. Next, Paige pulled latex stockings over Jen's shapely legs. To finish her latex doll's clothing, Paige slipped Jen's feet into shiny, black 6'' high heel stilettos.

Paige took off the gag sealing Jenny's lips. She took out the pantyhose stuffed in her mouth. It was wet with Jen's saliva. Jen drooled uncontrollably.

Before the girl could utter a word, Paige stuffed Jen's mouth with a pumpgag. Jen screamed in terror as Paige began inflating the gag. Satisfied that her victim's screams were reduced to pathetic whining, Paige began tying up Jenny.

She took linked leather cuffs with short chains, from the closet. She cuffed Jen's hands behind her back. Then she cuffed her ankles. Jen tested her restraints to find them impossible to escape but kept thrashing. She then collared her and pulled on the leash to get Jenny off the bed.

Jenny got on her feet. As Paige yanked on the leash, Jen followed her captor. But with the 6'' heels and the linked ankle cuffs made it almost impossible to walk.

"Isn't she cute?" laughed Rose as she kept giving herself pleasure.

"Yes, and she's all ours... to keep" chuckled Paige.

"MMMPPHH..." Jen whimpered at the comment.

Paige pulled, Jen over to the heater and had her knelt infront of it. She tied the leash to the heater so that now Jen's face was almost touching the piping hot surface.

Jen tried to back away, but Paige poked her with the cane.

Next, Paige slipped a vibrator, which appeared in her hand from nowhere, inside Jen's vagina and taped it with shiny electrician tape to keep the intruder in place. She then turned on the buzzer.

Paige went over to her computer to continue chatting with Rose.

The trailer was filled with the buzzing noise of the vibrator and Jen's moaning.

Jenny was sweating profusely. She was still wet. As the effect of the heat seemed to increase Jen felt the latex covering her body tighten. She squealed and moaned only to make Paige and Rose laugh.

Her kidnappers kept chatting about perverse topics as Jenny felt like as if she was melting under the shiny clothing encasing her. The vibrator also made her uncomfortable.

After an hour, Paige released Jen's leash from the heater and took the wet vibrator out of her vagina. She had her sit on the edge of the bed and ran a hand over her latex clad body.

"Tight... and hot" sticking her tongue in Jen's ear which caused her whimper helplessly. Instantly Jen was rewarded with a slap across ther cheek.

Paige took a clothespin, an ashtray, a pack of Camel's and a box of matches from the table. She pulled a chair and sat infront of Jen. The girl watched her abductress with curious eyes.

She lit a cigarette and took a deep breath and exhaled in Jenny's face. Jenny coughed. She couldn't stand smokers let alone smoking.

Paige put her cigarette on the ashtray.

"Oh I almost forgot..." Paige said leaving the chair only to come back with the roll of electrician tape in hand.

Paige ripped a piece of tape and slapped it across Jen's eyes, blinfolding her.

Jen whimpered and squirmed. She was scared. This woman was clearly insane.

Paige lit another cigarette and took another deep breath. She put it next to the other burning cigarette.

"Now, little puppy, let the fun begin" Paige teased and without a warning she plugged Jenny's nose with the clothespin.

"MMMMPPFRRRRRRRR!!!!" Jenny screamed and struggled.

Paige held her tight and took both of the cigarettes in her mouth.

After a few seconds, she released the clothespin. Jen's chest heaved as she ached for oxygen. But as she drew air through her nostrils, Paige slipped a cigarette up one of Jen's tiny nostrils. Before the girl could react, Paige slipped the second cigarette up her other nostril and shut Jenny's nose with her fingers.

Jenny thrashed wildly, but Paige held her around her waist and wrapped her legs around Jenny's. Not able to fight for long, Jenny took a deep breath, causing her nose to burn. She yelled into the gag.

Paige kissed Jen's neck and licked her cheek as Jen was forced to smoke both cigarettes with her nose. She felt dizzy.

Rose and Paige laughed as their abductee was shreiking and sobbing in pain...

Review This Story || Author: THE Traveller
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