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Taken Back to the English Ranch

Part 1

Taken Back to the English Ranch

Chapter 1 - Taken

“Good Morning, this is William!” I said after pressing the Bluetooth connection button on the steering wheel of my SUV.

“Hello william. How is my little slut today?” the familiar voice from out of the past replied. It was my ex-Mistress, Mistress Brianna, who had almost had me crippled for life when she had me attend The Ranch for a weekend as a ponyboy.

“What the fuck do you want Brianna? Both Cheyenne and I have started a new life and you are not part of it.” I replied as forcefully as possible.

Eight months ago, Cheyenne and I had started a new life together immediately after my first visit to the ranch and we had told our respected owners that we were no longer interested in their sadistic lifestyle. It had taken months before the phone calls and visits from the goons had stopped. Those eight months were fantastic as Cheyenne and I spent every possible minute together especially in bed where we became one. We travelled to the Islands on long weekends in the winter so that we could frolic in the sand during the day and frolic in bed at night. Our love had grown each and every day and we knew that we would be inseparable for the rest of our lives together.

“ I think its time to return to your Mistress, dont you William?”

“No Brianna, I dont think that. Cheyenne and I have a new life and we have left your lifestyle behind. Leave us alone! Get over it!”

“Well william, why dont we ask Cheyenne if she feels the same way about that shall we?”

“What are you talking about Brianna? I know that she wants nothing to do with you or that scene ever again.” I said quietly and a knot formed in my gut on hearing the tone in Briannas voice. Then I heard a scream in the background from the phone. Oh God. Please dont let that be Cheyenne, please, please. I prayed to myself. Then I heard it followed by Cheyennes voice screaming out, “Ill do it! Ill do it! Dont hurt me again, please!”

“Brianna, you bitch! Let her go now!” I yelled into the phone.

“Well william, I think we should let Cheyenne decide that. Cheyenne! Tell the slave boy that you like it here. Tell him!”

“William…Stay away! Their crazy. Sta…Agh, oh god no…” and then I heard Cheyenne screaming and sobbing but I could not make out anything further.

Brianna then came back on the line. “ Now slut, I suggest you get over here to my house and join your little princess and if your not here in 10 minutes, I will suspend her by her thumbs and whip the hide off of her!” The line went dead.

I was not that far away but I was going in the opposite direction as I had almost made it home to my place. What I should have done was driven to my place, gotten my gun and then gone to Briannas to settle this matter but like a fool in love, I slammed on the brakes and made a U-turn. As fast as I could, I sped off to bitchs estate and was there in just over 5 minutes. As I sped up the drive, I noticed Cheyenne car parked to one side and as soon as I saw it, I lost all reasoning and just wanted my love back. I stopped the car but kept it running, then I ran to the front door and almost broke it down trying to open it. Rushing inside, there was Brianna all decked out in her leathers, standing there and smiling at me. I rushed over and roughly grabbing her by the collar of her leather vest said, “Where is she Brianna. I want her NOW! We are done with you and next time, it will be the police. Now, take me to her.”

She brushed my hand aside as if I were a fly. “Take it easy boy. Do you wish to see your precious Cheyenne?”

“Take me to her now bitch,” and I grabbed her right arm and squeezed it as tight as I could, “ come on, and take me to her.”

Brianna merely smiled, shrugged her shoulders and led off with me still holding her arm. When she started down the steps to the basement, I knew that she was headed to her dungeon in which I had spent considerable time as her slave. It was the first door on the right and I remember my first time here as if it were yesterday but this time I was not here as her slave. I opened the door to a dark room, tried to turn on the lights but they did not work and then suddenly, a ceiling spotlight went on at the far end of the room that shone down on the love of my live, Cheyenne. She was naked, gagged and suspended by her thumbs, hanging on tiptoes and you could plainly tell that she was and had been crying. Cheyenne let out a loud sob when she saw me and started to scream into her gag.

“If youve hurt her Brianna I will beat the fuck out of you. You fucking bitch!” I screamed and threw Brianna aside watching as she fell to the floor, yelling out in pain.

I turned and headed for Cheyenne, who was screaming with pleading eyes that I took as being from the pain she was in. What a fool I was for not paying attention. Suddenly, I was hit with a hard blow to the back of my knees that caused me to scream out in pain as I fell forward onto my face and then a knee pounced on the back of my neck as two of Lady Pamelas steroid boys jumped me. It was like a nightmare with Cheyenne screaming, Brianna barking out orders and my attackers yelling and grunting as they tried to subdue me. Someone sat on my legs, it possibly was Brianna and I could feel steel cuffs locked on my ankles. The two goons were succeeding in getting my arms behind my back as the pressure on my neck increased and blows from their fists were pounded into my ribs and lower back. When they finally had my wrists locked in cuffs, the knee was lifted from my neck and with that temporary feeling of freedom, I started to struggle and yell that Cheyenne and I be freed.

“Here! Collar the bastard and then bring him over here.” Brianna commanded.

An arm immediately went around my head blocking out my vision, and as I struggled even wilder, I clenched my teeth together fearing whatever collar she had given the two goons.

“Stop struggling boy or Ill pound the crap out of you!” one of the goons said, “and youre starting to get me excited and if you keep it up, Im gonna fuck you right here.”

I recognized that voice as one of the Grooms from the Ranch. It was that queer, David, who had been part of the so-called entertainment at Pamelas that first and only night that I was there. God I hated that asshole.

“David, let the slut go for a minute. Let him watch his little female slut and see what happens to her!” Brianna shouted out.

I struggled away from the two men and rolled over pulling at my cuffs but unable to break away from them. Then I saw Brianna standing next to Cheyenne with a cattle prod in her hand and she was glaring at me with a sinister smile on her face. As soon as she saw me, she gave Cheyenne 3 jolts that had my love writhing and screaming as she hung from her thumbs.

“Stop that you whore! Stop that right…” I never had a chance to finish as Brianna repeated her torture.

“If I were you boy, I would shut the fuck up. Every time that you open your mouth or move even a hair on your body she gets it. Understood?” she yelled ay me over the moans and cries of Cheyenne. “Is that understood? Answer me NOW!”

“Yes! I understand.” I replied through clenched teeth as I struggled with my wrist cuffs trying to get free.

“Put that collar on him and put it on tight!” she yelled at David. “But not so tight that he passes out. Then bring him here! I have plans for him while you deliver his bitch to Lady Pamela.”

David then grabbed me by the hair, pulling me to a kneeling position, and started to place the collar around my neck. I recognized it from my previous times with Brianna. It was her 4-inch heavy leather-training collar that locked at the back of my neck and had 4 D rings, one each on the front, back and sides. He put it on as roughly as he could and knew that it was within a hairs width of choking me. When he finished, he put a few fingers through the ring at the rear of the collar and dragged me over to the feet of Brianna putting me back into a kneeling position. Before I knew what was happening, my face was slapped by Brianna as hard as she could with her palm and backhand.

“Now listen to me both of you. If either of you makes a sound or unnecessary movement, the other will be dancing to my little prod here!” She then nodded to the other male and a motor kicked in lowering a cable and hook from the ceiling. The other male, who I assumed was also a Groom from the Ranch, clipped the hook to the ring of my collar and after a nod from Brianna, raised the cable along with me to my feet. As the cable rose, I tried my best to get into a standing position so that the collar would not choke me to the point of passing out. When I was finally at a standing position, my eyes locked onto my beautiful partner, Cheyenne, and we both tried to give each other encouragement and I also lipped an I Love You to her.

“David, you and Jeremy may now take the bitch. The new shipping containers are in the garage and this will be a good test for them, as we will need to ship all slaves in them once they are broken and the sales made. Their cars are in my drive. Have both of the cars taken to the dismantlers and have them crushed. I want no trace of their ever having been here. Once that is done, please return so that we can ship wonder boy here and the squaw off to the Ranch as well.

“Yes Mistress Brianna. I should be back in a few hours.”

“Thats perfect. That gives me plenty of time to have a little fun with my boy here.”

When Cheyenne was released from her suspension, she fell to a sitting position but as soon as her thumbs were untie, the two goons each took hold of one of her arms and lifting her up, dragged her from the room. She struggled as best she could and was crying and sobbing into her gag. Just as she left the room she turned her head back and with pleading eyes looked at me and begged for help. With my feet cuffed at the ankles and the suspended chain at my collar, I couldnt go after her but I did yell out, “ Ill get you out of this Cheyenne. I promise. Be brave! I love you!”

And that was when I did a dance for my captor. Bound by my collar with arms cuffed behind my back, Brianna hit me with the cattle prod forcing me into my uncontrollable struggling which lasted until well after Cheyenne had been dragged from the room.

Once she stopped zapping me and once I stopped struggling, she said, “Now boy, lets see what fun I can have with you before David and his men return.” I watched as she lowered another cable from the ceiling, which was attached to the cuffs behind my back. As soon as it was, it was raised which also raised my arms up and it did not stop until I screamed in pain. She attached another cuff to each ankle but each was connected to a chain that was connected to individual motors on either side of me. I had been in this position before and knew that I was to be stretched out like a wishbone.

“Alright slave, Im going to release that first set of ankle cuffs but do not get any ideas about trying to kick out at me or else. You know what happens next and if you try any thing, honest to god, Ill cut your fucking cock off.”

“Why are you doing this Brianna? Let us go now and we will not say anything to anyone. I promise.”

“Your promises arent worth shit boy,” she said as the first set of cuffs was released.

“Look you bitch, if we are not released, people are going to come looking for us. All of you will be in trouble then.”

“Do you think that we are that fucking stupid william? Your place is up for sale as we speak. Everyone, including the government, will be notified that you two are moving to Europe and will not be returning for years. Your bank accounts have been transferred to one of our banks in Europe. Everything, and I mean everything has been taken care of. We have taken months to come up with this plan and it is foolproof.” As she was saying this, she started to spread my legs by operating the motors on either side of me until I was well stretched out but not too uncomfortable.

“What are you going to do with us for a few years? You will tire of us and then what?”

Oh, didnt I tell you william? I, or we rather, only plan to use you for a few days in which time you will be broken. The auction comes up in two days time and both of you are on the block. You would be surprised at how much those Arabs will pay for the likes of you two. I wonder if you will go as single or if one of them will buy you both?”

Chapter 2 Prepared for the Ranch

“Youre kidding, right? Youre just trying to intimidate me. Theres no way in hell that happens today,” I uttered to Brianna, trying to show he that there was no sense in telling tall tales.

“Oh william, you are so naďve. I did want you back for myself initially but this offer came along and it is too good to pass up. Now enough of the small talk! You have some training to catch up on. Do not say another word.”

I kept quiet as she attached chained metal cuffs to my wrists that were behind my back. They were similar to the ones at my ankles and it wasnt long before she unlocked the original cuffs at my wrists and started to pull my arms up and out until I was truly spread-eagled and also chained by my neck.  This was nothing new as she had done the exact same thing when I served willingly as her slave. Big deal, I thought. Now youll get your whip, tear off my shirt and give me a few lashes. This was getting old fast and I wanted no part of it.  

“OK Brianna, get out your whip and get your kicks and then you can let me go. And where the hell is Cheyenne? Did you fool her with your wild tale as well?”

“You still dont get it do you boy. Its for real this time. Theres no playing around, well not here anyway but this time next week you may find some sheik playing with you at his desert hideaway. You are in deep shit.” She chuckled as she calmly told me of my fate.

Then she went to the controls and stretched my legs and arms out further until I was fully suspended off the floor. I looked over my shoulder and saw her take a penis gag of the wall and it was not the small one that she had used on me before. Just then the phone rang and Brianna took her smart phone from a pocket in her leather vest.

“Hi this is Brianna…yes…yes…I see…Well thats actually for the better as it gives us more time with this little prick and his girlfriend. By the time all of our guests arrive, they will be behaving quite nicely… Yes, she should be there any minute and I will personally deliver william later but right now I have a score to settle with him…Yes, no marks. I understand. Oh yes, he will be broken by then…Right! See you later Pam…Bye.

Good news, boy. The auction has been postponed for 5 days so I will have a whole week with you and your little girlfriend and you can bet on the fact that you will be trained and broken by then.”

“Fuck you bitch. There is no way that I will allow that. Do you understand?”

“You have no say in the matter. Youre as good as sold! And now, lets shut that fucking hole of yours!”

At first I thought that she had changed her mind when she went behind me and unlocked the chain that was attached to my collar that gave be some relief from the position I was in. That thought was short-lived as she quickly squeezed the nostrils of my nose together cutting off all air access except through my mouth to which she was pushing the penis portion of the gag hard against my lips and teeth, so hard that I thought my teeth would be knocked out. I struggled as best I could but it wasnt long before I had to open my mouth for air and as I gasped air in, she shoved the gag into my mouth. I gagged and felt as if I was going to vomit and fought hard to control myself as I had never had anything that big in my mouth…except for Davids cock. Moving my head violently from side to side, I thought that her hold on my nostrils was free and all she then could do was hold that gag in my mouth. Then I felt a hand on my crotch squeezing and ramming it up into myself and as I let out a moan and automatically stopped struggling as if I were a trained dog, she put both her hands behind my head and buckled the gag on so tight that I thought the penis portion had to be sticking out the back of my neck.

“There! Now we can get down to business boy…and the first thing that we are going to do is get rid of your clothing. Once it is all off, it will be taken to the dump for disposal along with all of your possessions and your bitchs as well. When that is done william, it will be as if you no longer exist. All your jewellery is to be melted down and sold for its mineral content.”

When I heard that, I knew that she had gone off the deep end…her and all the rest of them. I started to think of what she said and the fear of it all got me to try and take deep breaths but that only caused a swelling of acid reflux with the result of me starting to choke and attempt to vomit into the gag. I started to loose it and was about to pass out when the gag was removed. Coughing and wheezing was followed by vomit, which I coughed out onto my clothes and onto the floor until I regained my senses. Once I realized what had happened, I started to scream and yell out until I realized that I was yelling as a result of the cattle prod being used on my crotch.

“Shut up william or Ill put that gag back on you. Do you want that boy? Answer me damnit!”

“ I dont want that gag!”

As she raised the cattle prod up to my chin, she yelled out at me. “Youre so disrespectful! Im still your Mistress, william, until you are sold and dont forget it. Now, answer my question properly or so help me youll be dancing in your chains for 10 minutes. Do you want me to put the gag back on you?”

“ I dont want the gag…Mistress!” I hissed at her.

She laughed at my feeble attempt to disrespect her. “In a few days, you will be answering questions properly and you will be begging for that gag and my cane that you love so well. You know damn well that no one can hear you from in here so dont even bother to scream for help because none is coming.”

I knew she was right so rather than waste my efforts with my voice, I thought that I had better start thinking of how I would get us out of this predicament.

While I was thinking, Brianna had removed both my shoes and was pulling at my socks when I was brought back to reality. She had a mean look in her eye and I knew she was enjoying ever minute of the involuntary strip tease that she was exercising on me. As she picked up heavy scissors to cut away my clothing, she started to fill me in on what was happening.

“Slave, do you remember Mistress Dianne, the head of The Gynarchy Dominion Niagara Chapter?”

“Yes,” I answered,” she was killed in an auto accident several weeks ago.”

Slap, slap, slap… “Respect slave! Next time remember to show respect to your Mistress.”

She had been waiting for my reply and I knew that my pain was giving her pleasure.

“Sorry Mistress.”

“Well, it was someone else in that car when it burned up from hitting that fuel truck. Our wonderful Mistress Dianne is also going on the block with you…but as slave dianne. The fucking black bitch found out what Pam and I were up to. Her and her little Indian traitor as well, are both going on the block with you. They should bring a fair price along with a Groom and ponygirl who were also in diannes employ.”

I looked at Brianna and she then realized that I didnt know whom she was referring to when she said little Indian traitor.

“You mean to tell me that you havent heard about Nita?” I looked at her in disbelief because Nita was strong both physically and mentally and had connections in the policing community.

“Yes william, she went missing in Mexico weeks ago.”

I hung there in disbelief. What the hell have I gotten in to. If they can run a slave trade and kidnap people out of country, they must be extremely powerful, I thought.

“As a matter of fact boy, shes in the room next door sleeping off the effects of a delivery drug and I expect that she will be joining us very shortly.”

Brianna then got me down to work and had me completely naked even removing my watch, rings and gold chain around my neck. She looked down at my cock and laughed. “I see that you have made it easy for us by keeping your body shaved. Did your bitch want you like that boy?”

Slap, slap…the palm of her right hand landed hard across my left cheek and then a backhand across my right cheek.

“When you are asked a question boy you will respond immediately. Do you understand?”

  “YES, MAAM. I UNDERSTAND!” I yelled out.

Slap, slap, slap, slap… she slapped and backhanded me twice while holding onto my hair and pulling my head back. Then for good measure she kneed me in my genitals.

Once my moaning had stopped she said, “You little fucking wimp. You will never yell out to a superior again unless told to do so. If you do it again, Ill cut your nipples off. Do you understand you fucking little bitch?”

“Yes maam, sorry maam,” I meekly replied.

“And you are not to use Maam again to a High Superior. You will use Mistress! Is that clear?” she hissed as she shoved my head to one side and led go of my hair.

“Yes Mistress, sorry Mistress,” I again replied in my best meek tone of voice.

Brianna then went to her controls for the cables that suspended me and spread me and after a few attempts and commands to me to stand flatfooted, I found myself on the soles of my feet, spread apart at the legs. My arms were now at shoulder level and were pulled out tight until I thought they would pop out of my shoulders.

“ There, thats better. Slave do you remember the Impaler cock cage that you wore at the Ranch?”

Oh no, god no. Not that. “Yes Mistress, I remember it,” I said softly.

“Well, you will be wearing one most of the time and Im certain you will be pleased with the improvements that we have made to it,” she said as she went off to a cabinet to retrieve the device. “You will be happy to know that one other male wears this device, william, and it has been modified for the females.”

Then she returned and held it up to remind me of every detail of it and there it was, a stainless steel cock cage consisting of 4 rings welded together about 3” in length and an inch and a half wide with a base cock ring and lock as well but also the scary part was a stainless steel catheter tube / sound tube that was attached to the head of the device ran almost the length of the cage right down the middle. But this time there was an eerie difference. Wires hung from the tip of the catheter and cock ring…my god, I thought, the cock ring was attached to a small black box. Oh no, oh god no, they have added electrics to it, I thought and a shiver ran down my body.

Then she grabbed my cock and started a hard pumping action. “Come on boy…get it up just a bit.” And she continue pumping hard into my balls until I stood erect which had her break out in laughter. “Your like a fucking little rabbit.” Then she slapped my cock and kept at it until it softened.

The first thing she then did was to put the base cock ring on at the base of my cock and balls and she roughly snapped it into place and tightened it like a handcuff until I screamed and then there was a click and then she put a small padlock on it making it impossible to remove. Next she ran a lubricant over the tube the device contained as well as over the head of my penis and down the hole. I fucking hate this thing, I thought as she took hold of my now soft cock and put it into the cage rings with the catheter tube entering my pee hole. She had to shove it all in and then screw it to the last ring that was at the head of my penis. The cage was then locked to the base with a padlock. The other end of the wire from the catheter was plugged into the black box that now hung behind my balls. Another wire from the box was then screwed onto my scrotum until I screamed out as she made it as tight as possible.

“There, now with the exception of your slave harnesses that you will be put in at the Ranch, this will be all that you will wear bitch and you look lovely wearing the Impaler. Are you ready for a test ride slave?”

“Please Mistress,” I begged, “Ive taken enough. Please dont do it.” I was not feigning it as I hated electrics and feared that one day it would be the death of me if these crazy women werent first.

Brianna then cocked her head to one side listening. “Ah, you are saved. I think our little sleepy squaw has awakened right on time. Ill get her and then prepare both of you for shipment. You two will be our test cases for our new shipment methods and I know you will just love it boy. There will be no escape and soon you will find yourself on the other side of the world.” She turned and went to a side door of the room, which I had never seen her used before. After she disappeared, everything was quiet for a few seconds and then there seemed to erupt from that room loud muffled growls and then laughter from Brianna followed by a series of loud slaps and then silence.

A few minutes later, Brianna emerged backing into the room pulling a bound and gagged Nita who was on some type of chair that had small wheels on it. As it was turned in my direction, I noticed that Nita had her head hung down and I wondered whether she was asleep or knocked out. The chair was like something that I had not seen before. It was made entirely of stainless steel and the seat was like a letter U with the opening at the front. The back consisted of 3 posts that the outer 2 went to shoulder level and the centre went to the level of ones head and it appeared that all were adjustable. I saw that Nitas arms and legs were locked to the chair by some type of wide metal cuff…at each wrist, above and below the elbow and similarly on the legs at each ankle and above and below the knee. She was also chained in at her neck, above her breasts and at her waist with a heavy chain, each one locked to the centre post of the chairs back.

Nita herself was completely naked and her normally beautiful long hair was dirty and matted. She had scratches and bruises on her arms and legs, and being gagged, saliva was escaping from her mouth and it was running onto her normally fantastic body, which was covered in dirt. I could only imagine that she had put up one hell of a fight when captured and I imagined that she probably had tried to escape a few times since then.

The chair was put about 5 feet in front of me so that we could stare at each others predicament, which happened almost immediately. Nita slowly raised her head and our eyes met in horror of what we saw by looking at each other.  I saw that her face was bruised and her eyes were puffy with the left one only half open. She saw me strung up tight and then she looked down at The Enforcer and moaned No, No into her gag.

It was at that point when Brianna pressed the button on a remote and a charge went through my body so violently that I thought my cock and balls were about to explode. I screamed and struggled like a madman in my bonds. At that second, escape or death seemed to be my only salvation. As the pain subsided, I noticed Nita looking on in horror. She seemed to have a look on her face that said Give in to them.

“How do you like it boy? You will be glad to know that the bitch in front of you designed it. Yes, Nita gets all the credit for it!”

As Nita raised her head to look back at me, I yelled out at her, “Thanks a lot you dumb cunt!” and just as I finished that last word, another jolt shot through my body. I struggled so hard with that jolt that I knew my wrists and ankles were bleeding from the metal cuffs that I wore. My cock and balls hurt so much that I wanted to strangle both these women. Tears ran down my face as I blurted out, “No more, please God, no more.”

“God is not going to help you william and I will never trust you again. Both of you are going to pay severely for what you have done to me. You boy! Not one more word out of you or Ill give you 10 more of those. If you understand, nod your head like the slave you are.”

I nodded my head vigorously to indicate that I understood. I had to think about how I was going to get Cheyenne and I out of this mess before ending up as slaves for some sheik out in the desert. Another jolt and I wouldnt be able to think clearly for hours.

“Thats good william. We havent much time before the boys get back and I want to have a little more fun with you two. Soon youll be all packaged up and taken to the Ranch for some real training. Oh, this next week is going to be so much fucking fun.

And as for you Nita, Im going to remove your gag and give you a drink but if you make one sound, even a moan, and Ill slap you so fucking hard and keep it up until you pass out. Do you understand me traitor?”

Nita looked at her with a fear in her eyes, which I had never seen her show before and nodded to indicate that she understood.

Both Nita and I glared at each other in silence while we both were given a liquid to keep us from dehydrating. Then Brianna stood in front of Nita holding up a metallic belt and started to chuckle.

“Well Nita, heres our adjustment to the Enforcer that I and the boys came up with especially for our most difficult females. All slaves that go on the block next week will be trained wearing one version or another of it and your going to love how well you will perform in it bitch.”

It was similar to a belt but consisted of more and it was made entirely of metal. The main part locked around the waist and at the front, it also had that notorious black box similar to the one that hung from the base of my cock. There were 2 wires that I could see coming from the box and these were connected to spring clips. Another metal piece ran from the middle of the front waist section to the middle of the rear section and it contained a metal dildo and a loop or hole that sat around and gave access to the asshole. It was their version of a cunt harness. The dildo must have been 7 inches in length and it looked like 3 stainless steel balls sitting one on top of each other that looked like a small Christmas tree. The ball at the base was the biggest and the next 2 reduced in size… with each smaller than the last.

Brianna knelt down in front of Nita and attached the section that went around Nitas waist, locking it in place with a heavy padlock. Then before she attached the centre piece that was hanging from the centre of the rear of the belt, she rubbed her hand over Nitas

crotch. First pulling at Nitas pussy lips and then inserting 2 fingers into her cunt and moving them around for a few seconds. Brianna followed this up by thrusting her fingers hard up Nitas cunt, backing them out and then repeating the procedure 4 more times. And when she pulled them out for the last time, she started to laugh. I had been watching Nitas face while all this was going on and if looks could kill, Brianna would be dead. At that point, Brianna looked at Nitas face and stopped laughing. Suddenly, she backhanded Nita across her left cheek with the hand still wet with Nitas sex juices. A trickle of blood could be seen running from the edge of her lips.

“Oh the Arabs are going to like you bitch… beat-up and youre still wet. I guess its true isnt it bitch? You squaws like it rough and tough. Well in a short while, youll probably be spread-eagled out on the sand with scorpions running all over you.”

At that point, she rammed the dildo into Nita without even a thought of using lubricant. Then the cunt harness was secured to the front of the belt, which left 2 wires hanging on either side of the harness, which Brianna quickly attached to Nitas cunt lips…one wire was clipped to each lip. The spring clips that were used must have been extremely strong as Nita groaned and glared at her Mistress as each was attached.

“Lets test this out, shall we?” Brianna said as she rose picking up the remote that she had used on me.

Oh no, not again, I thought as Brianna played with the dials but this time it was Nita that took the pain as suddenly she screamed and started a futile struggle in her locked down chair.

“Do you like that slut? Shall we test it again?”

“Please no Brianna, please!” Nita begged, probably for the first time in her life.

“Give it to the bitch,” I yelled, “let her feel what its like.”

“Well Nita what do you think about williams request? Shall we let you feel it again?” she said as she adjusted the remote and before Nita could reply, we were both screaming as loud as we could trying to relieve the pain now exploding in both our genitals.

A the pain subsided, I raised my head and noticed that Nita was now crying and her tears were running down her cheeks onto her breasts and I actually felt sorry for her. She was a mess but her grey pink Native American nipples were as perky as ever and seemed to stand out strong.

“I had better get you both ready for shipment as I am out of playtime. First, Ill show you both how we will protect you from sudden swaying in the delivery vehicle,” and she went to a counter, returning with another dildo looking device as well as metal bars and screws or bolts. She held up the dildo, which was similar to the one already inserted in Nitas cunt. It was stainless and had the 3 round balls that stood on top of each other, each smaller than the last. “This is your butt plug and is meant to hold you in place by attaching it to a bar that will be attached to a crossbar on the chair. Other than your head this should keep every part of your body below your neck in place.”

She then set about locking Nitas ass and body to the chair but this time ran lubricant over it before it was inserted. At this was being done, Nita looked at me…first with glaring eyes that soon turned to pleading ones as the plug was shoved up into her. Watching so as not to get caught, she mouthed Help me a few times and then put her head back down.

At that point, I had no idea how to help anyone especially Cheyenne. I had to get us out of this mess somehow.

I watched as Brianna went to a sink and ran water over a towel, moistening it and then returning to her Indian captive to wipe the dirt and now dried blood off Nitas face.

“This is how I like it slaves! Nice and quiet! There, that should be clean enough. We dont want do get dirt all over our new transport hoods now do we slaves?”

Both Nita and I looked at each other with looks of what the hell are we in for now and this time it was followed by a pleading look from poor bound Nita.

“Here it is slaves! This is what you will be transported in once you have been trained and sold but we will also use it today as a test.” We were brought back to reality by Brianna and we both looked at her holding up a black leather lace-up hood in one hand and a number of black leather straps in her other hand. You could tell that the hood was made of heavy leather and Brianna went out of her way to show us how it was padded for both sound deprivation and to cushion any impact. She even went so far as to show us the flap that was under the lace up and the D rings at the front of the collar, top front of the hood and 2 more on what she called the chinstrap.

“Ah but first, all sound will be eliminated from your hearing ability. All your senses with the exception of touch and some smelling ability will be eliminated. Prepare yourselves slaves! You will be in total isolation.” Brianna then grabbed Nita by her hair and twisting her head without regard for the pain caused, inserted small plastic ear plugs into her ear channels, which I would soon find out for myself cut out almost all sound.

Next the hood was put over Nitas head and Brianna used all her strength to lace it on as tight as possible. There were breathing holes at the nostrils only. Then the collar portion was buckled on and I knew that it was tight as I heard Nita gasp in fear for air. Another strap was buckled in around her eyes which forced the eyes shut and although the hood didnt permit sight on its own, this seemed to reinforce the fact that senses were being removed. I found this out for myself minutes after Nita did. A third strap was placed tightly around her mouth and then another was looped from the bottom of her chin to the top rear of her head. From what I saw and later learned, there was no way to emit a sound other than moans and this was minimal if the collar was strapped tight.

Brianna then attached what looked like a padded headrest to the back of the chair and with another leather belt, strapped Nitas head to it by running it over her eye level. It must have been tight as Nita let out a soft moan as it was made complete. Just then David and Jeremy, the steroid twins came into the room. They each wore only a pair of leather shorts and heavy leather boots.

“Ah good! Just in time boys as I just finished with the squaw. David, could you get the chair for william here? I dont want to be late in delivering these 2 to Lady Pamela.”

David then gave a nod to Jeremy to indicate that he was to get the transport chair to be used on me. As Jeremy walked to get it, David said “How did the bitch like her little gift that she basically designed?”

Brianna smiled and said, “It works great. Here, give it a try. I was about to test it to see how well she was silenced.” The remote was tossed to David who turned it over and pressed a button once and then again.

Nita shook after David had pressed the button once but bounced in the chair when the second jolt hit her.

“Leave her alone for fuck sakes,” I yelled out to the bastards and soon found myself dancing again and screaming uncontrollably when the second jolt hit me.

“Its a good thing that we tested it David as now we know to bolt the chair down on final shipment,” Brianna casually said, “ Shes ready so lets start on this boy. Ah Jeremy, perfect timing. Put the chair over beside our little man while we get him ready. And william, I would suggest that you obey and follow along with what we do or things will get even worse for you.

David, Ill get the helmet on him if you rig the butt plug that he will ride.”

“What size shall I use Maam?” David asked.

“One that will make him feel like a slave. One that will make him feel pain.”

I watched as David walked to the counter and heard him chuckle as he picked out a stainless butt plug that was similar to the one Nita now rode but this one seemed much bigger in both total length and size of each of the three attached balls. He held it up as he returned towards me and when he was at the point where he stood before me, he said, “I think youre going to like this boy!”

“Fuck you asshole!” I cursed.

The next thing I knew was that I was screaming as he had hold of my cock and pulled me up off my feet towards him.

“David, let him go. You may punish him all next week for that. Now lets get him ready.

I had to get out of this mess but how? My only way out would be when they released me from the chains to put me in the chair…but the hood would be on. Could I fight them off blindly while I tried to release myself from the straps of the hood? I had to try…I had to get Cheyenne free!

I did not pay attention to the earplugs put into me but I became alert when the hood was placed on me and as everything was secured, I tried to remember the order of where the buckles would be for the straps. Then I heard and felt the snap of a padlock and knew that I was doomed and would not be able to remove my hood even with both hands free. That first pad lock was followed by three more until my head was heavy from their weight. At this point, I panicked and started to thrash wildly about trying to free myself.

First came a blow to my stomach and then to my lower back and then a blow to the lower part of my neck on my right side and that was all I remembered of a failed escape attempt.

When I came to, I was immobilized in a sitting position and felt as if my ass had a pole stuck up its hole. Then I realized that I was in the transport chair…and I felt the movement begin of the vehicle I was in. At that point I felt something touch my little finger on my left hand…I could not see, I could not talk, I could not hear and I could barely move. But I felt something on my finger…and then I felt it being pricked and knew it was a nail from another finger.

Nita! It was Nitas finger. We must be in some vehicle on our way to the Ranch.

I moved my finger to rub against hers. Then we looped them together and holding on to each other in this way rode to our fate.

Chapter 3 Welcome to Hell

I was jolted back to reality with what must have been the truck braking for the last time while we rode in the rear of it. We must be at the Ranch, I thought as the vibrations from the shipping chair that I rode ceased. The sense of feel was the only sense left available to me and I had no idea of the time or length of the trip.

Nitas finger left mine as she must have sensed what I had and although I tried to search out her finger, it seemed no longer available. We were both locked and impaled on shipping chairs and we both lacked the senses of sight, hearing and speech.

Hands were on my body. I could not move. I tried to struggle but in vain. The chair was then moving and as it hit bumps, it caused the dildo that I rode to drive further into me and it seemed to be tearing me apart. Screams were useless but that did not keep me from trying to let the handlers know.

Then it stopped and I felt hands on my shoulders trying to push me further down on to my impalement.  My reaction was to try to fight this by forcing my hips up and shrugging my hands off my shoulder. Nether were effective as I was strapped in too tight but it seemed to have an effect as the pushing ceased and the hands were removed. Its that bastard, David I thought and then suddenly I received 3 successive blows to the left side of my head and after that I knew I wanted to get that fucking bastard. The blows had stars appearing in my head and had caused more pain than I would have thought because of the heavy hood that I wore.

The stillness, the wait for the next move, had my heart racing. There was nothing I could do and then suddenly, there was a hand at my left foot. It was free! Dare I move it? I thought. The clamps above and below my knee were the next to be taken off. A hand had my leg above the ankle pushing my leg to my right and then my right leg was also free. I tried to kick out with the right leg but was not able to move it more than a few inches and for that, I received another blow to my head but this time it was across the top of my head and not my face. Then a blow to the cage that held my cock, which took my breath away. OK, thats it, I thought, Ill just become dormant and let them push me however they want me.

I felt metal cuffs put on me at my ankles and as soon as my captors hands were on my arms, my bare feet felt around and I knew that I was cobbled with a heavy chain.

As my arms and head were released from the chair, my arms were quickly seized and forced behind me.  Metal cuffs were added above each elbow and then my elbows were forced towards each other.  Fuck it hurt as two goons forced them so close together that I thought that my arms were going to pop out of their sockets. No leather straps for me! A short heavy chain held my elbows near each other.

Then a blow to my gut landed hard and at that exact time, the dildo holding me in place was ripped out of me. As I screamed out to no avail, I knew that I was in deep trouble. I was in Hell.

Hands grabbed me by the chain at my elbows and roughly pulled me to my feet where they steadied me as I tried to regain my balance, which was difficult due to the hood that I still wore. My feet were on concrete and from the bits of dried material that I felt; I knew that I was in one of the barns. Then my head was pushed down and I was yanked forward and made to walk in quick steps with my body bend over. It was all I could do to keep from falling over as I was led to some unknown place. My feet left the cool concrete and I knew that I was taken outside as I could feel the dirt and stones of the Ranch. Stones dug into my feet but I was not able to stop and rub comfort into them. Panic did overtake me at this point and I screamed into the gag as I was pulled along. The screams were only heard in my head and were useless.

Hands at my chain again yanked me to a stop and then had me move forward slowly. My feet now felt carpeting of some sort as I was roughly jerked this way and that as I was led to the unknown.

Finally, we stopped and the chains at my feet were attached to a floor ring, which I felt out with my toes. Another chain was attached to the binding at my elbows and as it was pulled up, my upper body was forced down. I lost my balance almost immediately with the result that it put enormous pressure on my arms and shoulders until I straightened myself up. My caged cock hung down heavy between my legs.

Hands were at my head and I felt the locks being removed followed by the straps being unbuckled and the hood finally being unlaced and removed. As I tried to get accustomed to the light and as the earplugs were removed, I glanced around me and saw Cheyenne and Nita in similar positions to myself and both had their heads down.

Just as I was about to shout out to them, my cock exploded from a series of electrical shocks that caused me to struggle hard against my confinement. My feet danced on tiptoes and were retrained by the chained cuffs. My arms, bound at the elbows, clawed out from the side of my body but were only able to find air.

“Fuck…oh fuck…stop it. For fuck sakes, please stop,” I yelled out almost in tears.

“Get your fucking head down and look at your feet you poor excuse for a male! That goes for you two whores as well.”

I recognized that voice immediately…it was Mistress Pamela the owner of the Ranch. She sounded mean and serious unlike our previous meetings.

“You three will become total slaves in the next few days and then you will be sold to the highest bidder. This is no longer a game. All of you will be in another country by this time next week,” she hissed out. “Before you are gone, I will get my revenge for what you have done to me.”

“Which one do you wish me to help you with Mistress Pamela?”

That voice! Ive heard it before, I thought but I just couldnt put a face to it

“Which one would you like Sonia?

“I want the boy here Pam. In a day or two, no longer, he will be a broken slut…the perfect slave,” was Sonias reply.

“OK but I will also need your help with a few others, Sonia,” said Pamela.   “It seems that Catherine from the Group decided not to get involved with our Plan so weve had to eliminate that fucking lesbian from our society as well, but it was expected. There was also that reporter, Mercedes, who stuck her nose into too many sensitive areas. They go on the block with the rest and they will have to be broken quickly as they have only been treated as Dominants until now. They are to arrive tonight.”

“How many buyers do we have Pam?” asked Sonia as her hand clamped tightly to the back of my neck and then squeezed it. All I could see were the tops of her boots; all I wanted to do was beat the fuck out of that bitch as I felt my face redden from the pain and the anger building up inside of me.

“Right now, we have lined up10 parties who are interested in one or more of our eight slaves. There are 2 from Mexico, 1 from Columbia, 2 from China, 3 from the Middle east and 2 from Africa. Were still trying to get a few more. It should make for a wild auction. Have you seen the display Hangers for the slaves yet Sonia?”

“Not yet,” replied Sonia, “why not show them to me now before I start on the boy here?”

“Alright. David! Take that fucking Nita to her cage and give her minimum food and water. Ill take Cheyenne and Mistress Sonia will take the boy here. Their training will start immediately. And David, we will give you some time with him later today so dont feel that your being ignored.”

“Thank you Mistress. Ive got big plans for him,” David said as I imagined the smile on that pricks face.

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