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Masters School for Boys and Girls

Part 2

Chapter 2 – House Auction

  Marcia stood embarrassed and confused as the headmaster left the room and a new strange man was left alone with her. She felt her cheeks flushing again as a trickle of warm fluid made its way slowly down her inner thigh. An arm instinctively rose to cover her hardened nipples, and her other hand tugged uselessly at the skirt’s hem and she crossed her thin ankles, trembling and feeling very helpless.

The young man who entered was tall, blonde, and quite muscular. His tight shirt fit snugly across his chest, and in the quick moment Marcia could bring herself to glance at him she couldn’t help but think under other circumstance she would find him very handsome. He slowly circled around her as the girl stood silent, completely at a loss as to what to do or say.

The man suddenly brought the flat of his hand hard against her bottom, a harsh stinging blow that made her yelp and jump, bringing both her hands behind her to guard against being spanked again. She blinked her green eyes rapidly, hurt and confused.

“What are you doing out of position?” the man asked her with a growl. “Feet apart! Hands behind you, Head down!”

Marcia scrambled back into the position she’d been taught only moments before, once more feeling exposed and embarrassed. Her young pussy quivered, barely covered by the white skirt, and she felt once more the warm fluid leaving a cool trail down her thigh. She wanted to close her legs desperately but didn’t dare. With her head bowed, she couldn’t help but see how her hard nipples were clearly outlined to his view. He circled around her again, facing her, and she seemed to wither under his stare.

“I am Mr. Sears,” he said in a hard voice, but without the growl. “I am your physical education teacher, and we will get to know each other much better in the coming days. But for now, come with me. Stay two steps behind me except to open the door for me. Is that clear?”

Marcia nodded her head quickly with a sniffle, desperate not to do anything that might displease him again. He stood more than a foot taller than her small form. Without a further word her walked past her, toward the opposite wall from which she’d entered the room, and she quickly turned and followed him with quick steps. When he stopped at the door she obediently opened it for him and he strode past her. She fell into step once more behind him as he led her down a corridor.

  She was so confused, so mentally off balance, that she couldn’t think of anything to do other than meek obedience. She’d been here less than an hour and had already been sexually assaulted by a man and twenty boys.

Mr. Sears stopped in front of another doorway and Marcia raced ahead to open it for him. She followed him into this new room and found that, at least here, she was not to be the only girl. But the sight that greeted her still left her feeling more scared and confused than ever.

There was a long, semi-circular row of strange seats. Each was clear molded plastic, shaped specifically to hold the body in a certain position. The back was curved to seemingly provide good lumbar support, and there were arm rests shaped to fit the arms and hold them slightly to the sides of the body, horizontal to the floor and stretched forward. The seat was also molded to fit the thighs, forcing them wide apart.

Three of these odd chairs already had young, frightened girls in them. They wore identical clothing to her own, a sort of weird uniform, Marcia realized. But the way the chairs held their bodies, their small breasts were thrust forward and their pussies were completely exposed. Even worse, there was a clear plastic knob rising up from the chairs, pressing against their crotches. It was round and didn’t seem to hurt them, but it actually magnified their young cunts, making their sex appear grotesquely large.

“Sit there,” Mr. Sears ordered Marcia, gesturing to the first open seat. She looked up at him briefly, a protest starting in the back of her throat. But the feeling was quickly quashed. She didn’t yet feel she dared question anything. She hadn’t been raped actually yet, or even hurt really, but who know what they might do if she tried to resist?

Swallowing hard, she went to the chair and turned, straddling it with an embarrassed blush. Under the watchful eyes of Mr. Sears and the other girls, she settled into the chair. The molding forced her body into position, arms out and legs wide. She felt the knob between her legs press against her pussy and shivered involuntarily. Her already stimulated sex pulsed as it pressed against the smooth plastic, and she tried not to think about what it must look like to the teacher, magnified and pressed open like this.

Mr. Sears seemed to smirk a moment, then headed back to the door. “Stay there until all the first years are brought in.”

He left the four girls alone. Marcia immediately relaxed a little and turned her head to look at the girl next to her. She was a pretty blond girl, around her own age. Her breasts were even smaller than Marcia’s but her nipples, too, were hard and the dark shadows of color were hinted at through the thin white material of her top. The girl didn’t look back at Marcia, but kept her pretty eyes directed forward, staring at nothing.

Beyond her, Marcia saw the other two girls, one with curly brown hair and the other with straight black hair. They also were pretty, about her age, and continued staring forward. The black-haired girl had the largest breasts and her eyes were a little red, as if she’d been crying.

“I’m Marcia,” she said timidly, trying to be friendly.

“Shhh!” was the immediate reply from the blond. “Don’t speak or move! She moved and

got ten strokes with a yardstick across her tits!” She nodded ever so slightly to the girl on the end with black hair.

Marcia’s eyes went wide with horror at the thought, but she immediately turned her head to the front and vowed not to speak another word.

Over the next hour more girls were brought into the room, one at a time, all about thirteen years old. All were dressed identically, as Marcia was, in a white mini skirt and thin white tight-fitting top. Most were or recently had been crying, and each of their bodies showed unmistakable signs of recent sexual stimulation.

When all of the seats were filled with a barely-clad girl, exposed and vulnerable, Mr. Sears returned to the room and stood before them.

“You are beginning the most important education of your lives,” he said slowly and quietly. “One of the unique aspects of this school is that, when your three-year curriculum is complete, you will have no doubt about your purpose, why you exist, or what you are meant to do with your lives. It will be absolutely clear to each of you that the entire point of being a girl is to entertain men, to be a toy for them to play with as they like. And you will feel absolute satisfaction in your role.”

Many of the girls, including Marcia, sobbed at this horrible description of the fate that he assured them of. They sat in their obscene chairs, trembling and too scared and confused to offer resistance. His eyes narrowed as they roved over each of them, the room for long moments in absolute quiet aside from occasional sniffling.

“There are a few rules to be aware of,” he continued at last. “One. First year girls must obey all non-sexual commands from all males – staff or student – at all times. No male is to order a girl for sexual activities that have not been covered in class yet.”

This strange rule only added to Marcia’s confusion. At first she perked up, hopeful that this at least meant she wasn’t to be raped daily in this madhouse she’d been sent to. But then she blinked, trying to fathom his next words. Covered in class? They were going to teach sex in classes? That simply wasn’t possible! And men could order her to do what she’d been taught, whenever they wanted? Her heart hammered again.

“Two,” Mr. Sears continued, slowly pacing back and forth between the row of girls as he spoke. “Girls may not go anywhere on the school grounds unless escorted by a male. Not even to get to class.” He paused a moment. “You will each be assigned to a house at dinner shortly.”

Mr. Sears seemed to smile slightly as the girls uniformly blinked in further confusion. It sounded like boys were allowed to move freely around the school but not girls? Why were they being treated so horribly?

“Three.” He began so speak in a somewhat lower voice, and approached Marcia with something of a frown. He lifted his foot and placed it on the plastic knob between her legs pushing slightly and making in press against her throbbing pussy, and a small whimper caught in her throat as she looked at him with frightened green eyes. “It is forbidden for first year girls to lose their virginity before the end-of-year graduation ceremony.”

Mr. Sears was directing the rule to all the girls in the room, but his hard eyes never wavered from Marcia’s frightened face, as if the rule should have some special importance for her. “Girls who lose their virginity early will be sold on the world market as untrained slaves, never to be heard from again. If such a girl is fortunate, she will only live three or four years in continual misery.” His eyes narrowed yet again as he seemed to stare directly into Marcia’s soul and he pressed the knob more firmly against her open pussy with his foot. She involuntarily squirmed slightly, shuddering as heated passion flared up behind her clit again. Why was she being singled out like this?

Mr. Sears turned away from the girl, contemptuously dismissive of her.

“Now, you are to be examined by the third year boys from each of the four houses prior to dinner.” He paused, throwing an intense stare to seated girls. “You will remain seated as you are and allow this examination unimpeded.” He paused and turned to them, emphasizing his next words to give them special importance. “Your future at this school and beyond depends very much on the next 30 minutes. Your goal had better be to impress these boys, not disappoint them.”

A chorus of whimpers came from the degraded girls as he went to the door and opened it,

The twenty boys who had examined and assaulted Marcia entered the room in single file, wearing dress pants, white shirts and ties, and blazers. Most the girls squealed in shock, clearly this being their first exposure to them. Marcia wondered why others had not had the same physical examination with them that she had. Before she could dwell too much on it she found in front of her the tall black boy who had pinched her pussy lip earlier, smirking down at her. She looked up at him with pleading eyes, terrified to move but humiliated at her exposure.

Some of the girls had been unable to help themselves and had actually moved to cover themselves, and Mr. Sears whipped each of them with the yardstick as they howled and begged for mercy. Finally, all the girls sat still and submitted to the horrible examination. The boys milled about the room, looking at all the girls silently. Often they freely groped the girls’ breasts, snickering as the young females squirmed in helpless humiliation. The black-haired girl, having the largest breasts, suffered this indignity the most.

Marcia squirmed along with all the other girls. The room was filled with the sound of their whimpering. One after another approached her, reaching for her out-thrust breasts. She couldn’t help but press her excited pussy, so close to a terrifying orgasm, against the clear knob. She knew it was getting swollen again, and a few of the boys remarked on it. She could hear similar comments about the other girls – all but two appeared to be getting aroused to one degree or another, and those two were treated with derision. The blond girl beside her cried out – two of the boys were twisting her nipples through her top while she was too terrified to resist. They chuckled and calmly conversed with each other about the satisfactory nature of her reaction as she squirmed under their torment.

Finally, after every boy had had a chance to examine each girl to his satisfaction, they left the room as a group, and Mr. Sears faced the sobbing, heavily breathing girls again.

“Now, you little sluts in training,” he said, his eyes roving each one of them, none of whom had had the release of orgasm, “It’s time to take you to dinner.”

Food was the furthest thing from Marcia’s mind, and she suspected from all of her classmates’ minds as well. Something told her it was not foremost in Mr. Sears’ mind either.

  Marcia stood alone in a small alcove, a single door behind her and a drawn black curtain across an open doorway in front, making it impossible to see into the next room. But she could hear the sounds of dozens of people, mostly male voices, murmuring and occasionally laughing. Twice she heard the squeal of a girl, and what sounded to her like flesh being slapped. She shuddered, and as she looked down she could actually see her breast pulsing slightly from the hard beating of her terror-stricken heart. She’d been told what she was to do next and cringed inwardly at the horrible thought of it. But again she was too afraid, too confused, to protest, especially having seen a few of her new classmates beaten earlier. She still had not had more than those first few words with any of them. She knew none of their names.

“Each house should be very proud of their performance last term,” Marcia could hear the distinctive voice of the headmaster beyond the curtain, and she realized he must have been speaking for a few moments already without her being aware of it. “Each house set a new record last year for number of credits earned, which should make this evening’s activities quite exciting. The third year men have all had a chance to examine the new arrivals and discuss their qualities with their houses. I think we’re ready to begin then?”

There was a loud round of applause and a number of cheers. “Very well then. Let’s bring in the first new student.”

Marcia caught her breath. That was her cue to enter. She did not know exactly what was on the other side of that curtain, only a rough idea of where she was to go and – blushing at the thought again – what she was to do. She forced a foot forward, nearly wanting to cry from dread even as she swept the curtain to the side and stepped through.

There was no applause at her entrance. The room was astonishingly quiet, actually. Marcia felt it was actually worse, like all of the eyes were staring intently at her. She ran her green eyes across the room, trying to control her trembling body. There were dozens of people there. To her right was a long table on a raised platform, behind which were several older people. She recognized the headmaster and Mr. Sears, as well as the black man who’d escorted her into the school, and realized this must be the staff table. At the end of the table a lone woman knelt on a thin cushion on the floor, a plate in front of her with the remains of the meal she had presumably just finished – on the floor. She wore no clothing at all, just a silver collar around her throat and a small tag on it. She didn’t look closely enough at the woman to get any further impression than that – the sight of her just reminded her of the terrible thing she herself was about to do.

To her left there were several large round tables scattered about the large room. There were usually four boys per table, and they appeared to range in ages from sixteen to eighteen. No girls sat at the tables but Marcia’s quick glance did reveal to her that there were several girls not much older than herself who appeared to be serving as waitresses. But the only thing any of them wore was a tiny G-string. She saw one of the girls bending over a table to fill a boy’s glass with water and he freely groped her firm breast as it hung before his face. Another girl endured a boy sliding his hand up and down her inner thigh as she dished mashed potatoes onto his plate.

But there were other girls as well, who looked like the oldest ones to Marcia. They were completely naked and usually sitting in one of the older boys’ laps. Some were on their knees between a boy’s legs and Marcia shuddered again. Many were passionately kissing the boys they were with, and the shivering thirteen-year-old girl caught a flash of a boy burying his fingers into a girl’s perfectly bald pussy.

Shaking away the horrible images, Marcia tried to stare straight in front of her, walking forward as confidently as she could although she felt like she was walking to her doom. She crossed halfway through the room in front of the staff table, then turned to face the headmaster on the other side of the table. As she was instructed mere moments earlier, she took the

hem of her skirt into her trembling hands and lifted it up as little as she thought she could get away with, and gave him a curtsey of respect. She remained bent at the knee for a count of five under her breath, as told earlier, and glanced up at him one more time in a silent plea to take her away from this madness. The headmaster simply inclined his head once, and Marcia seemed to withdraw into herself again. She turned 180 degrees to face the room and walk forward once more to step onto a small raised circular platform in the exact center. The floor of the little stage was lit with a white light, and the moment she was on it, several spotlights snapped on making her the brilliantly-lit sole focus of the room. The stage began to slowly rotate like a turntable. There were outlines marked in the floor for her bare feet, embarrassingly far apart. She clasped her hands behind her and looked down, feeling all the eyes in the room on her as she turned slowly on the stage.

“Reveal yourself.”

The words were from the headmaster, more sharply spoken this time. She wasn’t in trouble – this was the cue she was told to wait for, but it was clear this was an order that was meant to be obeyed immediately. Marcia closed her green eyes and she drew in a shuddering breath as, with tremendous force of will, she hooked her thumbs under her top and pulled it over her head, folding it neatly and placing it on the stage floor in front of her. Then she stood again and desperately blinked back tears of humiliation as she pulled the skirt down her narrow thighs, folded it and placed it on the floor as well, and then returned to her posture with legs apart, hands behind her, and head bowed.

“This is Fifteen Ohthree,” the headmaster’s voice rang throughout the room. Marcia didn’t know whether she was relieved or humiliated she was referred to by a number instead of her real name. “She is just past her thirteenth birthday and seems weak-willed, yet eager to obey. She should be remarkably versatile in training possibilities.”

Weak-willed? Eager to obey! Training?! These phrases range in Maria’s ears like cathedral bells, resonating through her.

“Shall we start the bidding at five credits?” It easily took five seconds for the meaning of that statement to sink in to the young girl. Bidding! She wasn’t being assigned to a house – she was being auctioned to them, like a pig or cow at the county fair! Her naked body turned slowly in the spotlight, visibly shivering as she heard shouts coming from all around her. “Five!” “Ten!” “Fifteen!” “Seventeen-fifty!” Some of the voices were coming nearer. She couldn’t stop herself from opening her eyes and seeing three older boys approaching the stage. One was the familiar black boy. Marcia couldn’t help but feel like he thought he knew her, but she was positive she’d never seen him before.

She suffered as they stood close to the stage as she spun slowly. Her ass and pussy were at about the same level as her eyes. At that moment she suddenly became conscious of the number imprinted in ink below her belly button.

“Remember that her hymen was found to be extraordinarily tough,” came the headmaster’s voice. She felt a hand on her naked ass, and another on her inner thigh, pressing up against her pussy. She fought the urge to close her legs, having been strictly warned about that very thing. It was grounds for severe punishment.

“Beautiful cunt,” said the boy while rubbing her pussy and thigh lightly. “Even after all this time, it’s still soaking wet and swollen!” There were sounds of approval from the boys in the audience, and Marcia wanted to curl up and die. “Twenty-two!”

The black hand slapped her ass loudly, making her squeal. “Twenty-five!” he immediately shouted.

“Thirty!” said the boy in front of her, whom she saw now was blond and fairly attractive. “Thirty-five!” was the immediate response from the black boy.

“Kneel down here, Fifteen,” said the blond, and it took Marcia a moment to realize he meant her. Recalling that instant obedience from males was expected here, she drew in another shuddering breath and dropped slowly to spread knees. He grinned at her and grasped her left breast, sinking his fingers into the firm flesh experimentally. “Nice tits on you. Shake them. Let’s see how they move!”

The horrified little girl looked at him as if she couldn’t believe what she’d heard as he released her breast. Again feeling the eyes of everyone in the room on her naked body, and certain her face had gone from blushing red to purple, she hesitantly shook her shoulders, setting her small boobs jiggling on her chest a little.

“You can do better than that, cunt,” said the black boy. He pinched and twisted her right nipple until she squealed. “Make them dance!”

She shook her shoulders harder, hearing the chuckles of amusement throughout the room. There were a couple of whistles. She could feel her tits shaking. Marcia had noticed the third boy who had been bidding return to his seat.

“Thirty-seven!” cried the blond.

The black boy hesitated. “Thirty-eight!” he said after a long pause. Marcia, not having been told to stop, continued the degrading act of shaking her small breasts. The blond returned his hand to her inner thigh, her hot, swollen inner labia making rubbing him with the wild movements of her body and making her grit her teeth as spasm of lust raced through her.

“Forty!” the blond said, grinning wider as he watched her shake, also noting that now her hips were slightly thrusting forward as the sexual heat rose in her. He placed his thumb against her clit as his fingers pressed into her folds harder. Marcia gasped and her hips jerked forward out of her control, and she loudly whimpered at the humiliating display she was making of herself.

The black young man seemed to growl and after a long hesitation said, “Forty-one!”

“Forty-two,” the blond replied with almost no hesitation. Marcia, her young body completely out of her control, cried as she sawed her pussy back and forth over the length of his fingers, and rotated her clit on his thumb. Her hands were clasped into tight fists behind her back as she knelt naked in front of the entire school, clearly getting herself off.

The student bidding against the blond growled again and looked at her with pure hatred. “You haven’t seen the last of me!” he promised her under his breath, and turned away.

“Sold!” rang out the voice of Headmaster Trelane, and once again the thought raced through her mind that she had been auctioned like livestock. Yet as the thought flooded her mind, her body found the release it had sought for hours. She threw back her head and cried out in a high, thin voice as she bucked her hips wildly on the boy’s hand. Her cum shot out from her pussy as her body rocked in spasms of wild sexual heat, droplets of her lust arcing out clearly in the bright hot spotlight. She saw how she was disgracing herself in front of the school, tried to clamp down on her pussy to make herself stop, but it was useless. After no more than a couple of seconds she was grinding her clit shamelessly against his thumb again, her body jerking helplessly with each beat of her pounding heart.

After long, humiliating moments her climax finally died away and she knelt there gasping for air as he removed his hand from her cunt, fluid running visibly down her thighs and dripping onto the stage floor. She became aware of loud cheering and whistling from around the room, the boys applauding and jeering her. She heard them calling her filthy names, and through her tears felt like she deserved every one. The timing must have looked to the entire school like the finality of being sold on the auction block was what had driven her to a shattering, uncontrollable orgasm for everyone to see.

Through blurred vision, she saw the blond approaching her again. She blinked a few times until her vision cleared and saw he held a curved slender piece of metal. Before it really registered with her, he slipped it around her neck and slid the ring of a thin silver chain through it, threading the collar through like a needle and thread, and brought the two ends together. He raised a heavy metal tool to the collar and squeezed the handle firmly. There was a sharp, solid thump that made Marcia jump. She felt the cool metal of the collar against her warm throat and withered inside.

The blond ran his index finger down the slim chain that hung in front, and lifted it to show her a yellow metal tag with the number 1503 imprinted on it. She looked at it, realization dawning on her, and swallowed hard. She was, just like that, a sold and collared slave.

He hooked a chain leash into a ring on the collar, fastening it securely, and gave it a tug. “You are the property of the House

Of Lords now, Fifteen Ohthree.”

He pulled the chain again to encourage her to step off the stage. On weak, shaky legs, the naked girl was led back to his group of tables. She was instructed to kneel on a small platform facing them, legs spread, hands behind her.

She was on display to the school house that owned her, and she softly cried, feeling very alone and wretched.

Review This Story || Author: crystelia
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