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Humiliation by My Boss

Part 1


I met M at the work place, he was the CEO of a major corporation that I was working for. I was in my

mid 20s then, and was at middle level management in the company. I enjoyed working for M and

was learning lots from him about organizations and business under his tutelage. Little did I know

then, that I would also be learning many other things from him.

M was a boss with outstanding leadership skills and almost everyone in the organization both men

and women held him in very high esteem. The younger women in the work place were disgusting

and many of them openly flirted with him and literally offered themselves to him. The office is

constantly filled with rumours about which girls were having special relationships with M. I looked in

disdain at these women that threw themselves at a married man, acting worse than whores not

knowing that I will be soon joining their ranks.

The women that are rumoured to be in M's stable all appear to have some common look. All of them

were glamorous, sexy and carried themselves well. They always dressed in short and tight dresses or

miniskirts with very fitting blouses a size too small. The girls were always well made up, not

overdone but just right to bring out their beauty. They all were in high heels and walk around sexily.

They were also fully accessorized complete with necklace, bracelets and very obvious earrings. Later

I would also learnt that under their clothes they wore sexy bra and panties and also had their pussy

shaven. The ones that M liked more also donned body jewellery on the nipples and the navel. I

would realized later that they all dressed this way according to M's directions to please him. Little

did in know that in the future I would be transformed by M to become a "bimbo", exactly like one of

them. To become just like these mindless females which I so then disdained.

One a Saturday morning after about 5 years with the company, I decided to go into the office to get

some documents so that I could work over it during the weekend at home. As I got my stuff and was

about to leave, I bumped into M. I greeted M with respectable "Good morning" and M asked if I

already had my breakfast to which I replied no. M then suggested that I joined him for breakfast

which I readily agreed, as I found that my interactions with M was always a learning experience.

M drove us to one of the major hotel in town and after parking the car at the basement and while

walking to the restaurant there was a sudden power failure and we were in total darkness. Shortly

the emergency lights came on but the place was still very dim and dark. I suddenly found M reaching

out for my hands and holding it, I didn't think much of it at first as I thought he was just being a

gentleman and just guiding me along. After breakfast, as we were walking out of the M again

reached out and held my hand in the same way. As we walked we continued talking about work as if

there is nothing out of the ordinary. We reached the car and he sent me home without any other

improper advances on his part. When I reached home I was very uncomfortable with the situation, I

was very concerned that M was about to seduce me and was and thinking of ways of avoiding any

more none business contact with M and was cursing my bad luck about the situation! Little did I

know that within a few months I will actually be telling him many times after sex: "I am a lucky girl"!

A few days passed and everything seem to have gone back to normal with M not showing the

slightest interest in me other then work related. Suddenly, late one evening I received a call from M.

I thought he must need to ask me something about work but it turns out that to be nothing of that

sort. He asked me about my hobbies, my favourite movie stars and other pleasantries and I had a

nice social chat with this much older man. After a few minutes of platonic chat he suddenly changed

the subject to sex. As if put under the spell by this lecherous old man I began to answer all his

questions without any reservations or shame. M asked how many men I had sex with which I

answered two. He asked if I masturbate and if I enjoyed orgasms, I answered yes. He then asked if I

ever climax from having sex with men to which I answered no. After about an hour, M called it a

night. I could not understand how I was so willing to share my sexual secrets to this man, perhaps it

was his confidence when he put the question to me and definitely his dominating persona that made

answering the question not a choice but a necessity to obey him. I didn't sleep well that night

thinking about what had just happened.

Again, nothing happened for a few weeks after the call. I begin to think and was relieved that

probably M was not interested in me. Then suddenly out of the blue I received a call from M one

afternoon at the office. M said: "Let's have dinner tomorrow night.", It was an order it was not a

question! I wanted to say no but found myself saying yes, I was furious with myself that I was unable

to break from the spell that M had cast on me. Later in the evening, I was astonished that I was

somewhat excited about the dinner invitation and started thinking of what to wear for the date.

Unable to think of any outfit suitable for the evening, I decided I would go shopping for one the next

day. I feel asleep that night, somehow managing to reassure myself that M was just inviting me out

for a meal and nothing more.

The next day, I went to a major shopping centre to pick a dress during lunch. I selected a short black

dress with a plunging neckline as I wanted to look good for him. I had unconsciously picked a dress

that is similar to one those worn by his bimbos without realizing it. I left the office a few hours

earlier to have my hair done and then back home to dress up for the evening. I was more conscious

doing my make-up putting on more than my usual. I was unknowingly behaving exactly like a M's


M had messaged me earlier that he will meet me at Westin Hotel that evening. When I arrived at the

Hotel, M was already there waiting for me at the lobby. I greeted him: "Good evening boss" and he

replied accordingly and reached out to hold my hands, which I readily surrendered to him. Leading

me by my hand, we walked to the elevator and he pressed for level 8. I was familiar with the hotel

and knew there were no restaurants on that floor. Noticing my anxiety, M explained that for our

privacy it is best we eat in the room. M is very well known in the city and is regularly featured in the

press. I easily bought his excuse about privacy, understanding that he wouldn't want to bump into

journalists or paparazzi having dinner alone with a much younger female companion which will be

fodder for the gossip magazines and newspaper.

As we stepped into a room, alarm bells should have been ringing in my head, it was just a normal

room with a little sofa, writing table and the omnipresent king size bed. Somehow I still foolishly

believe that we were here strictly for dinner showing my naiveté. M handed me the room service

menu and M placed the dinner order after my selection. M then went to the mini bar and got us

each a soft drink as both of us did not consume liquor of any form. We made some idle talk and very

soon the food arrived, the waiter rolled in the foldaway table and laid out the food. M then walked

the waiter to the door and as he closed the door, I noticed he put the "do not disturb" sign out on

the door. I did not think much of his action and sat down and had our dinner. M told me about his

day and asked me about mine. He was proper through the meal and made no form of advances on


When we finished our food, M told me to make him a coffee. I went to the mini bar and made him

one and brought it to M who was now seated on the sofa. M took a sip and told me that he wanted

more sugar in his coffee and handed me the cup for me to fulfil his request. Unknown to me at that

time, this was M initiating me into serving him. I returned to M with the sweetened coffee. I was

about to sit down on the edge of the bed when M said: "That's a very nice dress, stand up straight

and let me have a good look." I stood up and M eyed my dress while he lit up a cigarette. I felt very

awkward standing there being glared at by my boss. As he took a puff he said: "Turn around, let me

look at the back", I did so feeling even more uncomfortable. I stood there for a while, while he

continued smoking and "admiring" my dress. M was craftily exerting his dominance on me by this

simple act.

M invited me to sit on the sofa and we chatted for awhile. M then told me to get him a cigarette, I

reached out for the packet on the coffee table and pulled out one for him. He took the cigarette and

put it in his mouth and said: "Light it" taking the lighter out from his shirt pocket and handing it to

me. I flicked on the lighter and lit it as directed. M was a chain smoker and after we talked for awhile

asked for another smoke. I took one from the pack and handed it to him but he made no attempt to

take it but pointed to his mouth and smiled. I thought he was just being playful and put the cigarette

between his lips and lit it. We continued our conversations and I was enjoying myself as it was

always very interesting talking to M and listening to his views and experience. M then wanted

another smoke and this time I knew what was expected of me and did accordingly. Oddly, I was

enjoying serving M like this but of course M has commenced his sinister process of making me

subservient to him.

M then asked me if I like to smoke, I don't smoke but consented to M as I wanted to appear to be

cool. "Great, I brought something special for you", M said and took a cigarette out from his shirt

pocket and gave it to me, it looked different from the other cigarettes that M smoked, it was long

and thin. M put it in his mouth, lit it up and took a smoke. Instantly I felt a burning session going

down my throat and then into my lungs which felt somewhat interesting though somewhat

uncomfortable. I took another deep puff and yet another and with every drag of this sickly cigarette I

felt myself becoming more and more relax and felt any inhibitions that I had leaving me. It suddenly

dawned on me then that M had given me weed and not an ordinary cigarette! At that point, I did not

seem to care and I was not concerned about anything, I was happy and was drifting on a high cloud.

With M's encouragement I was inhaling and puffing away blissfully enjoying the euphoric state

which I was in.

As I smoked, M started taking off his shirt and pants and was soon standing in front of me in his

bikini brief. I was surprised by his nicely muscled body despite his age, but surely this is was wrong,

he is my boss and a much older man at that and I told myself that I had to stop going any further. At

that moment, in my very relaxed and uninhibited state I was powerless to stop M from doing

anything he may choose to do to me. The thought crossed my mind that he had used the drug to

take advantage of me sexually! M later explained that this was not the case as he knew he would be

able to take me even without the influence of the weed. He told me that given that I had not

previously been able to climax from sex, he wanted me to be totally relaxed so that I will be

receptive and able to enjoy my first cum from a man's cock - his.

M sat closer to me and put his mouth on mine. He kissed me and soon his tongue made its way well

into my mouth. I wanted to resist, to make it not quite so easy for him but my will power was gone. I

had never been kissed this way and was getting excited with his tongue exploring mine. Then M

pulled my tongue into his mouth getting me even more excited and I could feel myself becoming

sexually aroused. I was breathing heavily, M sucked hard on my tongue and I felt myself totally

surrendering to him! I had not wanted to allow myself with this elderly womanizer 20 years my

senior, my boss and a married man! And yet I was getting pleasure from his kissing.... a lot of


M knew that I was aroused and led me by the hand to the bed and gently pushed me down. He laid

down beside me, I laid still breathing heavily alongside him looking at him as if in a trance as his

hands commenced a thorough exploration of my young firm body. I did not make the slightest

protest when I felt his hand settled down over her breast. Oh, how good it felt to have his expert

hand gently massaging my breast through my clothing! I became more dreamy and light-headed,

easier to handle, more eager and happy to do anything to please this older and more experienced

man who was developing such power over me. M kissed me and I felt him place his right palm flat on

my belly. His fingers began to knead my dress causing the material to ride upwards. His fingers

increased the pressure, the dress hem rose higher and higher exposing my covered privates to him

for the first time. He flipped my crumpled dress higher above my waist, his eyes burning deeply into

my own slightly glazed eyes, as his hands groped between my thighs. I closed my eyes and

surrendered myself to the thrilling erotic pleasure that were coursing through me. My belly began

to jerk and my hips began to roll slowly and I began to gasp and writhe under his masterful touch.

He then unbuttoned my dress and very soon I was lying there with only my bra and panties exposing

myself to my lecherous boss. With expert hands, my boss unhooked my bra and my 34C breast

joggled into full view for him. Then with one swift motion of his hands my panties were off and

flicked off onto the floor, I was now totally naked my hairy bush and all clearly exhibited for my

boss. A feeling of shame crept into me as I noticed my victorious boss, smirking and smiling to

himself confident of yet another conquest. Whatever resolve I had to stop this man from taking

advantage of me has long since deserted me, and I just lay helplessly in my drug induced state

waiting for him to use me as he saw fit.

M reached out and began to massage my 32C breasts, pulling on my left nipple, tweaking and pulling

them, and eliciting the first moan from me. A wave of pleasure was spreading through my pelvis and

I felt my slit getting increasingly wet. I moaned loudly my appreciation to my boss. M started

working on both my breasts, pulling at my nipples, and rolling them between his thumbs and fingers,

while using the ball of his palms to massage the sides of my breasts. And as he played with my

breasts and tits the mingled sensation began to elicit a throb in my clit. Both my tits were being

rolled in M fingers and I felt an electrical pulse down my tits and into my clit. Waves of pleasure

began to spread all over my body and I heard myself saying: "Feels good, don't stop, please ...." I was

shocked by the words coming out from my mouth urging this man on but I realized I was just putty in

the hands of this expert at making women's tits cum alive. My previous 2 lovers had never brought

me anyway close to this level of ecstasy which M is teasing out of me. I was squirming uncontrollably

and was thrusting my hips up and down like a wanton whore. I needed him now, wanted him in me,

my body was begging for his manhood and wanted it to give me my first climax from a man's cock.

M was in no hurry!

M licked my tits sending an instant pleasure shooting through my body. My tits were fully erect as

he used his tongue alternately toying with both of them. Then M drove me crazy alternating

between, kissing, licking and sucking my tits, my drug relaxed body was experiencing sensations and

pleasures which I had never previously felt or knew exists. I was on the verge of insanity by his

teasing and I heard incoherent sounds spewing out from my mouth like a lunatic. I felt M's hand on

my belly, which was heaving from the excitement and he started moving it to my clit. When his

fingers reached my already engorged clitoris, he touched it very gently sending waves of pleasure

shooting through my exposed labia folds. M fingers started to make tiny rotations first clockwise,

then anti-clockwise, then pressing forward again, only to repeat this movement all over again. I was

writhing and moaning as he continued to kiss my tits and manipulate my clit. I was going insane

lifting my belly to his hand, rotating my pelvis and thrusting it up and down at the same time. My

cunt juice was plentiful and I could feel it flowing out, wetting his fingers. I was on fire, M knew how

to use his fingers in the most fiendish way, he was moving his fingers very gently and very quickly

and with always just the right pressure on my love knob. The speed which his fingers were moving

were amazingly fast and drove me to the edge of climax. Each time I neared M will slow down and

then start his rapid movement again, this went on and on always bringing me to the verge without

allowing me the release my burning pussy was craving for. I was becoming like soft putty and the

heated emotion of lust within my young body was making me into a willing and eager plaything for


M removed his briefs and took my hand and guided my hand to hold my very first erect prick, having

never even touched any of my previous lovers manhood. I was thrilled and adored the sensation of

my first experience from holding his huge, throbbing cock in my fingers. I opened my eyes to look at

this hardness in my hand and saw for the first time a man's erection. M was long and thick, but what

was a monstrosity was the huge head at the end of the shaft. It was totally out of proportion with

the shaft, it was scarily enormous, it was blood gorged red and its "eye" stayed angrily at me, I was

petrified by it but at the same time wanted that big head to enter me and split me apart. I trembled

with anticipation as I fondled his ever-growing cock.

Then suddenly the cock was pulled out from my grasp, I wanted to hold his lovely hard tool and

reached my hands out for it. M noticed that and said: "I am going to fuck you now, that's what you

want isn't it? You want your Boss to fuck you right?" I found myself only able to nod my head and

spreading my legs shamelessly for him. M moved between my legs and looked down at my hairy

pussy, looking at my agape and soaking cunt lips that were throbbing and appeared to be opening

and closing in rhythm to my heartbeat. I found myself lifting my hips upwards inviting him to enter

me. I was no longer thinking of my actions but just wanted to satisfy my sexual urges which M had so

skilfully milked out of me.

I then heard a scream and realized it was coming out from me, startled by the bigness of M's cock

head entering me. M was in me, I was getting his hot cock which I was craving for, that massive

fleshy prick fully plunged into me. My relatively inexperienced but fully aroused body being filled

with my bosses' hot throbbing flesh. My boss was mating me! The extremely experienced M pushed

his thick dong of pleasure into me from as many angles as the compass has points. The room filled

with the my panting cries of ecstasy, the agonizing cries of pain, mingled with lustful pleasure, as I

was given fucking of my life. M's talented cock was giving me the sheerest ecstasy that any girl could

wish to experience and he was starting me on the road that would lead me eventually to the

adoration of cock for cock's sake. He was forcing me to experience and enjoy the complete

surrender of the mind as well as the flesh to the utter bliss. M was giving me have the ultimate

experience that would by its very nature force me to want to enjoy it time and time again.

M knew that victory was his as it always was. I had to get the gratification every fibre in my now sex

crazed body was screaming out for. I heard myself begging M shamelessly: "More, please, don't

stop". My whole body was a-tingle. I was gasping loudly with each thrust from M. I was building

towards climax extraordinarily fast. I was lost in cock heaven. Having been brought so close to

orgasm so many times by M that evening, M's expert thrusting soon brought me to the edge. I felt

my body trembling, my arms were stretched out, my hands grabbing the bed sheet and my legs

opening wider and wider to accommodate M's length deeper into me. Then it hit me, my first

orgasm from a man's cock - I screamed out my climax, I held tightly to M with my arms and legs.

"Oh my god, oh my god" was coming out from my mouth, gasping and screaming in lust. I felt my

cunt tightening on M's cock not wanting it to leave my pussy wanting this wonderful cock to stay in

there forever. M laid on top of me as I held on to him tightly as my orgasm slowly subsided.

M noticing that I had recovered my senses from the mind blowing climax, then told me to turn

around. Unsuspecting anything I turned around, M's hands reached my under my waist and pulled

me up and I instantly was in the "doggie" position. Without hesitation M moved behind me and

plunged his hard horrid cock into my saturated and quite sore cunt hole. I felt his balls slapping

against my crotch with every thrust of his strong body. I was surprised to feel another orgasm

building up as his expert cock worked its magic on my pussy. M picked up the tempo of his

movement and within seconds I was screaming like a banshee, crying out my second orgasm from

my boss. M withdrew himself and I slumped onto the bed, tears of joy flooding my eyes and

luxuriating the feeling of cumming from a man's cock.

M was at my side and he turned me around, I heard him ordered: "Play with my cock". M had not

ejaculated yet and he wanted to shame me by making him cum with my hands. With my previous

two lovers, I had been very shy, never touched their manhood, never looked at their manhood and

always had sex in the dark with the lights off. Now, M in one night has changed all of that. Feeling

my hesitation, M commanded sternly: "Play with your Boss cock now!". Intimidated by his change of

tone, I reached out and put my fingers round his stiff stick which felt like a hard iron rod. Not

knowing what to do next, I just held his rigid love tool in my hand. M impatient, gave me a light slap

on my cheeks and said: " Jerk my cock, move your hand!". Amateurishly, I started stroking my first

cock, knowing my lack of experience, M was guiding me along, telling me how to pleasure him. As I

started to get better at it, I heard M groaning his excitement, instinctively I jerked him faster and felt

his cock started to twitch. M was breathing loudly and then he ejaculated, all over my hands and

spurting out onto my body. M thus satisfied, rolled back and laid back on the bed. My hands and

body was covered with M's cum, my first time, weirdly I felt proud, proud of bringing a man to

orgasm with my hands. Then I heard M said: "Rub it all over your body", like a robot I did as I was

told, spreading his cum all over my torso, strangely loving the "feel" of M all over my body.

As I laid on the bed, reviewing what happened that evening and how much I had enjoyed it, I was

awaken from my reverie by M. M had not finished shaming and humiliating me! "You can bathe me".

I was somewhat shocked by his request, having been previously very shy with my ex-lovers I was

horrified that I had to be completely naked in the bright bathroom lights, exposing myself to him

completely and having to have a full and complete view of M's nakedness as I bathed him. As if

reading my thoughts, M made sure he embarrassed me fully. He walked ahead of me to the shower,

giving me a full view of his naked back and his firm butt, as he reached the shower he turned around

exposing his front to me ensuring that I have a complete view of his muscular chest and his now

flaccid though longish member. In the shower, M wanted me to soap him - M made sure that my

hands soaped every single part of him. Starting from the neck, arms, chest, belly, legs and feet. For

his cock he had a special treat for me, I had to pull back the foreskin to soap the head of his prick

and then I had to soaped his balls. M told me to lift up his cock, giving a full view of his testicles as I

soaped both of them. The M turned around, and the same for his back, shoulders, back, butt, legs

and ankles. Again, M's deviant mind had something special for me, he told me to spread his butt

cheeks and soaped his opening there, he leaned slightly forward exposing his puckered hole to me.

In that few minutes, M had made sure that I had a complete view of a man's torso, not a part was

missed. M then had me shower the soap off him, when he stepped out of the shower he told me to

towel him dry. M again made sure that I covered every single part of his body, of course including his

cock and his anal passage. M walked out of the bathroom and told me to clean myself up. When I

walked back to the bedroom, now more comfortable and less inhibited in exposing my nakedness, M

was sitting on the bed.

"Dress me." M said. By now, I am used to M's deviant requests and proceeded to obey him. Having

not dressed a man before, I hesitated not knowing how to proceed! M told me to kneel down, in

front of his spread legs which of course allow me a generous view of his sex machine, and told me to

put on his socks. "Shirt next" M directed, I stood up and put on his shirt and then buttoned it for

him. He had purposely wanted to have his bottom half dressed last so that his genitals will stay

exposed to my view longer. M then told me to kneel to put on his brief, M stood up for me to do so,

now his genital was level of my eye providing me with a very close up view of his cock. As I picked up

his brief, this perverted man humiliated me further said: "Kiss my cock and say Thank you boss". I

was shocked by this and was not sure what he meant, M repeated: "Kiss my cock and say thank you

Boss". Having been subjected to many perversions by M throughout the evening, I dumbly obeyed

and kissed his now semi erect cock and said what he wanted mechanically. "I can't hear you" was

M's response. I said the demeaning phrase again louder, M still not happy said: "Does not sound like

you mean it". I repeated it several times as the shame on what I was doing grew on me kissing this

man's cock and thanking him. To make sure I understood the pathetic level I had sunk to, M made

me repeat it several times before he was satisfied. M's cock was now fully erect and pointing

straight at my lips, obviously excited from my humiliation.

M was not finished, there was yet another sick request. "Suck my cock" M said. I was horrified by

what he wanted, having always regarded the act as demeaning and revolting and had always

declined to fellate my previous sexual partners. While I hesitated, I suddenly felt two slaps on both

sides of my cheek, M had taken his rock hard cock and slapped me with it. I winced in pain and

humiliation. More hesitation by me resulted in two more painful slaps on my cheeks by M's rigid

tool. "Don't waste my time, suck my cock now", M ordered and at the same time pulled my head to

his member until my lips were touching it. Intimidated, I opened my mouth and tentatively wrapped

my lips around his bulbous head losing my "virginity". Not knowing what to do next, I just knelt there

with his cock head filling my mouth. Suddenly, I felt a sharp pain on my nipples, M was pinching and

twisting my nipples inflicting the pain. M shouted loudly: "Stupid bitch, suck", fearing any further

pain I tried my best to satisfy him, all the time hating having his revolting cock in my mouth. M was

content with my efforts and I continued to work my mouth on his erection amateurishly. I heard M

said: "Thank my cock". Fearing more pain on my tits, with the large cock still in my mouth I

incoherently said: "Thank you cock". "You are a stupid bitch", M pulled his cock out of my mouth and

then said: "Thank my cock". I said clearly what he wanted to hear. He pulled my head back to the

task, and after a few seconds asked me to say the thanks again. Being a fast learner I knew what was

required of me, I released his cock from my mouth and said "Thank you cock" and took him back into

my mouth. M made me do it again and again, until he was sure I had lost all my dignity before he

allowed me to stop. I was thankful he did not shoot his load in my mouth but of course I did not

know that M was deviously saving it for another time.

I resumed dressing M and after I had his briefs and his trousers on, M asked me to put on his shoes.

Obediently I did so. Now M was fully clothed and I was still stark naked, but there was still one last

humiliating act M had reserved for me. "Kiss my shoes and thank me", I was truly taken aback his

demand for this very degrading and unhygienic action to kiss his dirty shoes. M then put his hands

behind my head and pushed it down until my lips were almost touching his shoes and said: "Start

kissing bitch". Suddenly, as if his treatment of me the whole evening had opened up something, I

felt this submissive streak filling me and wanting to do this dirty deed; to signal my subservience to

him and his dominance over me. I found myself kneeling down and bending over in a very

subservient pose with my butt obscenely lifted high in the air, kissing his both shoes and saying:

"Thank you". M intend on removing every single shred of pride that I had, said: "Wrong. Again!".

Instinctively, I said: "Thank you, Boss". "Again, until I tell you to stop" M responded. I did it again and

again giving up remaining shreds of decency. My repressed submissiveness overwhelmed me and I

was enjoying being abused by my boss. I was now not only kissing his shoes but on my own accord

started licking his shoes, polishing his shoes with my tongue enhancing my own humiliation. Amused

by my total surrender, M mocked: "Thought you were a high flying executive, looking down at my

girls. Look at yourself now, look at how worthless you are, you are just like them." I murmured a

incoherent: "Yes Boss" while continually polishing the shoes. Happy that I understood my new

found status M said condescendingly: "Enough bitch, get dressed". I hurriedly got dressed and M

drove me home.

When we arrived at my apartment, M pulled me over and gave me a light kiss on my lips. Then M

sneeringly said: "Call me Master". Not understanding the significance as I was totally unaware of

BDSM then, I complied not thinking much of it: "Master" I respectfully addressed M. I opened the

door and as I was about to leave the car, turned to M and said: "Goodnight", M sternly replied:

"Wrong". I quickly intuitively understood and corrected myself: "Goodnight Master". "Good Girl" M

said, somehow those simple words were magic to me, I felt good, I feel a sense of pride swelling in

me. As I alighted from the car his parting words, "Good girl" resonated in me and I felt myself

thinking: "Yes, I want to be your good girl".

As I laid on my bed that evening, reviewing the events of earlier, I was amazed that in a few short

hours M has completely changed my moral values and completely redefined my boundaries of

civility and decency. He had in that short time gave me a complete lesson on sex, of course I would

later find out that I was then just touching the surface and will experienced very much more. I had

enjoyed the most mind blowing orgasms in my life so far, my first 2 from sex. He had shattered my

principle of equality making me to do subservient acts and worshipping him. He exerted his

superiority by treating me like a slave bathing him, dressing him and even "respecting" his shoes. He

had forced the shyness out of me by the continued exposure of all my privates and nakedness in

front of him under bright lights. He also shattered my reservation of seeing a man nude having made

me bathe , dress him and having my hands touched every single part of him. Strangely, I felt content,

I felt a kind of fulfilment in me and I felt myself glowing with happiness.

As I drifted into sleep, I began to understand why those women grovel at his feet. I felt a need to join

their ranks, to become like one of those women that I then so disdained, to be M's bimbo. Little did I

know that not only it will come true but M will lead me to levels of perversion and decadence I

would never imagined. He would turn me into a slut that is addicted to orgasms and to the adoration

of cock for cock's sake. He would make me into a whore availing myself to any man that wants to

have me, but worse than a whore I will rarely be paid for it but do it for free just to satisfy my

addiction to cock and servitude to men. I will surrender my mind and become his slave. M will be my



For a few weeks after that evening, M's behaviour towards me reverted back to being normal and

boss like, it was as if we had never been intimate. I began to wonder if M after having his ways with

me and opening me to the pleasures of sex has lost his interest in me sexually.

About a month after our sexual encounter I received a call from M's secretary that M wanted to see

me in his office. M is very impatient and does not like to be kept waiting so I hurried quickly to his

office. When I stepped into his office M asked me to close his office door, thinking that there may be

some confidential issues to discussed I closed the door behind me. He then said: "Lock the door",

which kind of surprised me because he never have his door locked in meetings. However, still not

expecting anything untoward I dutifully did so and walked towards his desk. As I approached his

desk, M said: "Come over here" indicating that I was to go next to him where he was sitting. I did so

thinking that he may have something he wanted to share with me on his PC.

When I got next to him behind his desk, he said: "Kneel down" and reached out for my hands firmly

tugging it down and I was kneeling in front of him. From my position my head was level with his

crotch and I noticed that there was a huge bulge there. M unbuckled his belt and zipped down his

pants and pulled out his manhood, which was already erect and large with it's opening staring at me

"sternly". "Eat it" M commanded, I was in shock at that stage, I did not expect that at all when I was

summoned to his office and had never thought that such activities happened in the work place.

Noticing my hesitation, M pulled my head towards his crotch until my lips were touching his erection

and sternly ordered me to suck. Half of me wanted to dash out of the office, but his dominating

request prevailed and as if in a trance I submissively opened my mouth and took his shaft into my

mouth. His cock had a familiar repulsive odour, it was the disgusting smell of urine and I then

realized that he must have just gone to relieve himself and purposely not dry himself fully so that

some pee remained on him for my "benefit".

Being only the second time sucking a man, the previous time with M in the hotel, I tried my best to

please him. I sucked and licked him submissively and found myself beginning to get wet, loving

serving this man in this very humiliating way in his office and with his secretary just sitting outside. I

knew my efforts at fellatio were amateurish but M did not say anything. M then to my surprise

turned to his computer and started doing work on it, while I continued to suck him. He was treating

me as an "adult toy" and I was there for his pleasure only. He continued working, ignoring my

presence as I dutifully served him.

M was enjoying my humiliation and I can feel his tool getting even harder in my mouth. Then to my

surprise M turned back to me and pulled his enlarged cock out from my mouth. He began jerking

himself with his hand and told me to open my mouth and cup his balls with my hands. I soon

realized that he wanted me to feel I was a toilet bowl for his cum. I kept my mouth opened wide, not

daring to disobey M, his hand started moving faster on his stiff member. I closed my eyes in

embarrassment waiting for the inevitable discharge and preparing for my first mouthful of

nauseating semen. Noticing this M said: "Open your eyes and look at my cock". I opened my eyes

just in time to see M's whitish cream spurting out from the evil looking hole. He pushed his cock

closer to my mouth making sure every single drop was safely deposited in it. M then pulled my head

to his crotch and my mouth was soon enveloping it, he held my head tightly against his crotch

making sure that I had no option other than to swallow his grimy ejaculation completely. Satisfied

that I have obediently drank his disgusting discharge he released his grip.

M somehow always seemed to have something further to degrade me and leave me with no dignity.

As his now semi-erect penis came out of my mouth, M said: "Lick it clean". Taking my compliance for

granted M laid back on his chair as I obediently and shamefully licked his whole shaft thoroughly,

cleaning any residual sperm from his tool and swallowing it into the refuse chute of my mouth.

Satisfied that I have cleaned him, M pulled on his pants and said: "You can go", and returned to his

work and ignored me. I stood up, opened the door and walked out of his office not daring to look at

his secretary wondering if she knew what had just taken place and also wondering if she had done

the same.

There was no intimacy at all during the session, M just used me as a "sex doll" just to satisfy his urge.

I would thereafter be frequently called up to his office to be used as a receptacle for him to deposit

his foul discharge. At that time, I did not enjoy sucking and licking a man. I did not enjoy having to

swallowing ejaculate, I just did it as an act of obedience and subservience. M will later fix that, he

would later trained me to enjoy sucking and licking men's cock and hunger for the lovely taste of

their creamy milky discharge.

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