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My New Slave

Part 1






                                                                     MASTER "A"     

          I came into the dungeon and gazed gloatingly at my newest acquisition. She was naked, her limbs spread widely apart, her breasts dangling, tempting targets, her butt cheeks clenched in agony while her face was scrunched up in torment. Her whole body was covered with burn marks and the marks left by the kiss of the lash! She was absolutely gorgeous! I signaled for the chair in front of her to be removed and the blindfold taken off so she could gaze upon her new master. When her bonds were released, she sank to the floor in a daze, her arms and legs akimbo, her beautiful pussy spread out for my enjoyment.

          When she became aware of her surroundings once more, I saw the look of absolute terror on her face as she realized where she was and then she got a look at my face and I saw hope blossom on her face for a second until she saw that I was comfortably ensconced in my favorite chair, drinking coffee and joking with my  minions, then bewilderment and then finally rage. I was terribly amused when she mastered her first impulse, which was to jump up and kill me, even though she was weaker than a day old kitten and couldn’t have hurt a fly and subsided with a sob as she realized that I was not there to rescue her.

          I had known this gorgeous girl since she was four years old, I was one of her father’s best friends, and I had cultivated their friendship so that I could watch over the girl until she ripened. When I saw that she had finally acknowledged that I was not there for her, I rose and strode over to her as she lay sprawled out on the dungeon floor.

          As I stood over that girl, I gazed hungrily at her beautiful bod, her very feminine arms and thighs, her taut belly with the deeply indented belly button, and her lovely cunt and gorgeous breasts as I explained to her; “I am the reason you are here. I have waited and waited for you to ripen into the lovely young, feminine person you are today. I even helped guide your development, through my contacts in the school system, sports and extra curricular activities in particular, and now, after you have been properly trained, you will become my personal sex slave. I will enjoy having that luscious mouth of yours sucking my cock and I will thoroughly enjoy fucking your ass and your cunt, knowing that you want me to and begging for the privilege of having me administer a whipping to you.”

          The new sex slave was in total shock! It was delicious! Then I saw her visage harden as rage overcame her reason and she awkwardly lunged to her feet to try to tackle me, but it only took one of my eagerly watching minions to subdue her, putting her into an unbreakable headlock. I giggled as the minion ground his groin into my slaves naked ass cheeks, forcing her pelvis to be thrust out as though she were offering cunt to whoever wanted to play with them while she panted with impotent rage! I laughed out loud as I walked toward her because she was so weak that she could barely stay on her feet! All she could do was glare at me, her tits actually heaving in her agitation, and her cunt deliciously offered for my pleasure!

          “Ah, quite the little rebel are we?” I asked as I casually reached between her feebly struggling legs and grasped her warm pussy in my palm, idly trolling my fingers through her pussy lips and generally having fun with them, while I gleefully watched the play of emotions across her lovely face as I fondled her. The rage! The shame! The utter degradation she felt as her father’s best friend played with her genitals!

          “That’s all right, soon enough you will be begging me to suck my cock and fuck your ass, but first, since it is obvious you want to hit me, a little demonstration of my power over you.” And I giggled delightedly at her high pitched squeal of pain when I cruelly squeezed her nipples!

          “Okay, tie her up!”       

          It was ridiculously easy for my minions to subdue the feebly struggling teen and to bind her, spread-eagled about a foot off the ground, supported only by her outstretched arms, her ropes so tightly wound that she couldn’t even move an inch and I watched as her expressive face told of her agony. Her whole body shook and spasmed with fear as my minions wheeled over an odd looking, yet terrifying apparatus! Wires were connected to it, ending in wicked, serrated clamps, and dials could be seen on the front while an electric cord strung out from it into the distance.

          “Now, my pet” I said. “This is an electric machine, designed to inflict agonizing electricity onto a body, making those pitiful tasers you are so familiar with look like toys.”

          I picked up a wire and idly opened and let snap shut the evil looking toothed clamp as I continued my tutoring;

          “I am going to clamp these on your tits and on your pussy lips and ram this slender metal dildo up your ass. Then I will clamp some more on your ass cheeks and on your nipples and even one on your belly. Once I have done that, I will turn this dial here to point at the one and push this knob and blast you with electricity.”

          “I will never be your slave, much less suck your cock or allow you to fuck me!”

          “Hee, I’m glad you still have a little spunk left in you!” I said as I reached between her wide spread legs and grasped her cunt and I chuckled as I saw her face go deathly white with dread when I picked up one of those dreadful clamps!

          “Oh, you thought I was going to use this on your pussy! Oh no, this one is going on your nipple! I’ll get to your pussy soon enough, you don’t have to rush me! I know how excited you are!

          Thoroughly amused, I released her cunt and pinched her right nipple in my fingers until it stood out.

          “Oh no, please don’t do this! You know me, I thought of you as a friend! You saw me grow up! Please don’t do this! EEEEAAGGHH!”

          I had released the clamp upon her nipple and her shriek of torment was music to my ears! She was crying and sobbing and begging me as I began to repeat the performance on her left nipple! Once again, I was rewarded with a delightful scream of agony! And again, another scream of anguish as I released a clamp upon her belly!

          She caught her breath when I grabbed her pussy!

          “Hee hee, I have other places to put these clamps first.” I chuckled and released her cunt. I picked up a long, slim metal wand and strode around to her delicious backside, her pain filled face painfully turning, trying to keep me and that wand in sight.

          Seeing her tightly clenched ass cheeks, I called out to one of my minions to push her ass out for me. I chuckled with delight as one of my more muscular men engulfed my slave’s pussy in his massive paw and thrust two fingers up her twat for leverage and pushed my slave’s pelvis, jutting her ass out and making it much easier for me to ram that metal dildo up her ass! I watched in delight as my toy wriggled her delightful butt at the shameful intrusion and I couldn’t resist slapping her ass cheeks before securing the dildo with straps so it would stay in her.      

          “Okay, hand me a clamp.” I said as I reached between her legs from behind and slapped her pussy, eliciting a painful whimper from her before she went rigid with shock as she realized that I was going to release a devilish clamp upon her pussy!

          Snickering with pure delight, I said;

         “No, these next two are not for your cunt so don’t be in such a hurry” I’ll put some on them soon enough.”

          Two more agonized screams were torn from her throat as I released a clamp unto each butt cheek. 

          I watched with awe and delight the display of emotions across her fear filled face as I walked back around to her front and reached for her quaking quim.

          “Yes, yes, I know and I will now give you what you want!” I said as I picked up a clamp and opened it’s wicked, toothed jaws and allowed it to slam shut on her left cunt lip!

          “Please, please Master! Please don’t do this! I’ll do anything you want! Please!” She sobbed.

          “Nonsense! I know you really want me to use these clamps on you and I already know that you will do anything I want!” And I grinned as she screamed her agony when I released that awful torture device upon her right pussy lip!

          “Ah, music to my ears! I just adore screams in the morning!” I had Fred spread her cunt lips using the clamps I had used on them, exposing her pretty little clitoris. Taking a clamp, I opened it and let it hover just above her clit while enjoying the look of fear, horror and despair on her face as she realized that I was going to use the clamp on her clit! And then I released the clamp! Another even more high pitched scream of pain from my play toy.         

          “Please, please, no more! For the love of god, why are you doing this? Please, no more, I’ll do anything you ask, I’ll suck your cock, I’ll lick your asshole, I’ll let you fuck my ass, but please, please, no more, please!” She groveled, while I gloatingly laughed in her face.

          “Really, I already know that you will allow me to fuck you and that you will joyfully suck my cock! After all, that is why you are here! This is just a little demonstration of what I can do to you if you disobey! Don’t worry though, I will definitely use this machine on you frequently, just because I want to and I can!”

          She screamed quite nicely when I reached out and grasped her pussy lips and squeezed, slapped and rolled them in my hands, driving the evil toothed clamps even deeper into her flesh! Another beautiful scream was given out when I grasped the wire leading to the clamp biting deeply into her clitoris and stretching her clit out!

          “Okay Phil, hand me a switch!”

          Keeping my toy’s clit stretched out with the clamp while Fred kept her cunt lips spread, I slowly raised that switch, watching with delight the horror in my slave’s face, shaking her head in denial as she realized that I was going to whip her tender little organ, adding even more torment to her sore cunt! Then I swung it down upon her clit! Her screams were very fun to hear as I switched her clit five or six times, her body so tightly bound that she could not even move to ameliorate the pain!

          “Gag her! I don’t want her damaging her teeth when I use the machine on her!”

          Being well taught by my minions, my toy dutifully opened her pain filled mouth for the gag and it was inserted and tied off, I strode over to the machine and relaxed, admiring my handiwork. My lovely slave’s body was festooned with wires and clamps, blood running in little streamlets down her body, her tits and cunt a lovely shade of red from their almost constant torture and the look of absolute terror as my sex toy saw me standing idly by the machine.

          With a smirk of delight on my face, I slowly brought my finger down on the button, which was at setting number one and my slave's body became one rigid bar of steel as the electricity flowed through her body! Damn, the screams I heard! Delish!

          She continued to scream her torment for a while after I had shut off the juice and I patiently waited until she was coherent before letting her see me push the knob to the second setting

          “Yes,” I said. “I am not through with your education yet! This is setting number two and what you have just experienced will be doubled!” 

          I watched in delight as her countenance registered her terror! Then she screamed and screamed and screamed as electricity flowed through her pain wracked body!  This time, of course, it took even longer before my slave was coherent.  

          “Look at me!” I ordered, as I turned the knob to setting number three! She was in such pain, the weight of her body on her stretched arms was insignificant!   And then her body was once again assailed by electricity! I swear, she was actually able to move her body slightly as it bowed in agony, every ligament and sinew in stark relief, her lips drawn back in a pain filled snarl, and then her clit became rigid and she had a massive orgasm! I came also, when I saw her cream shoot out like that! Too bad my slave was in such pain that she couldn’t appreciate her release.

          I stopped the flow of electricity and sat down to enjoy a smoke and a coffee as I watched my slave slowly come down from her awful experience.    

          When she was aware of her surroundings and the gag removed, I said;

          “You have felt the effects of settings one, two and three, each one more horrific than the last. You can’t even imagine the torment at setting number four and the setting for number five is the execution setting. Now, I don’t expect any more nonsense from you do I?”

          “Oh no, Master.” She cried out, her voice breaking, her whole countenance showing her submissive and even eager to please, attitude. “I will gladly do whatever you wish.”

          Laughing, I removed her clamps, one by one, making sure to squeeze and jiggle the clamps as I released them, making my slave burst out with whimpers as I had forbidden her to scream. All too soon, I had released the last of the clamps so I stepped back and ordered my minions to release her.

          She crumpled to the floor when the last of her bonds were released, too stunned to even spread her body for my enjoyment, just curling up into a small bundle of tortured nerves and passed out! I let her sleep for  three hours and then had her awoken with a capsule under her nose. At first, she was bewildered, but she quickly realized that she wasn’t in the proper position and hurriedly scrambled to her feet, clasping her hands behind her head and spreading her legs obscenely far apart, clearly eager to show that she was willing to offer her body to whoever wanted it!

          “Well, how do you feel?” I asked, smilingly.

          “A little sore Master, but I am eager to suck your cock and lick your ass hole!”

          “Hee, a little discipline was all you needed.” I said. “Come here.”

          Terrified, the newly broken sex slave ran to stand in front of me, her nude, magnificent body displayed for my enjoyment, spreading her legs and proffering her genitals for my inspection. I lovingly reached between her legs and grasped her warm, slightly damp from fear, pussy in my eager left hand, while my right hand caressed her belly, probing her deeply indented belly button and feeling her whole body tremble with fear. I trapped her cunt lips between my fingers and pulled down on them, eliciting a fear filled squeal of pain, the skin tightly stretched between them.

          “Hey Joe, hand my new toy here a gag, would you?” As Joe went to get a new gag, I idly began to slap my slave’s trapped labia, eliciting squeals of pain from her. I could see what a tremendous amount of will power she had, to stand with her legs spread widely apart so I could torture her cunt as much as I wanted. I swear, that electric machine sure does have it’s uses!

          “Hmmmm," I said softly, as I examined the cunt lips between my fingers. "Yes, I think rings in each labia will do quite nicely, don't you agree my pet?"

          With tears streaming down her face and tremors of terror coursing through her body, she gave the only answer she was allowed to give; "Yes Master, if that is your wish."

          Releasing her cunt lips, I rubbed my fingers over, around and through her pussy lips and then I spread them, exposing her clit. Using the fingers of my left hand to keep her plump lips spread, I idly rubbed her delicious clit with my right index finger, delighting in the soft feel of it and enjoying even more the fear and shame my new toy was feeling as she allowed me to play with her clit.

          Rubbing her clit, I said; "Yep, I think I will also put a ring through your lovely little clit. That way, I can stretch it out and whip it for my enjoyment.  What do you think?"

          A shudder swept through her whole body as I said that, but she was too well trained not to give me what I wanted; "Yes Master, I think that would be a good thing."

          "Ungh!" She whimpered when I slapped her cunt.

          "What else?"

          A look of confusion swept across her expressive face.

          "Gah!" She cried when I slapped her cunt again.

          "Don't you think it will be a good thing for me to stretch out your clit and whip it?"

          Her whole body spasming with despair, tears of shame and terror running down her face, fighting to keep her legs spread so I could keep tormenting her pussy, she said; "Yes Master, I think it would be good fun for you to stretch out my clitoris and whip it."

          "Excellent, but I don’t want to hear your screams, so I want you to gag yourself, please.” I said, “Oh, by the way, you won’t mind if I whip your pussy, do you? Maybe you even like it when I do?”

          Completely cowed, knowing that the electric machine was just a little ways off, she answered, as I knew she would;

          “Please Master, I would be happy if you whipped my pussy!” She sobbed.

          I watched in amusement as the emotions rolled across her expressive face. The shame as she uttered those words, the fear as she glanced at the machine, the knowledge that she was conspiring to give herself even more pain and the awful knowledge that there was nothing she could do to prevent the coming ordeal, but most of all, the utter, utter shame as her genitals were fondled by a man whom she had considered as a friend of the family, knowing that eventually I was going to rape her, and somewhere in the back of her mind was the awful knowledge that she would be helping me.

          When Joe brought over the gag, she proceeded to gag herself and tie it while I continued to torment her pussy and Joe delighted himself with her breasts and cherry red nipples.

          “Now then, Fred, if you would be so kind as to bring me that switch over there?”

          Gagged, her body quaking with fear and hatred, her clit exposed and vulnerable, feeling my fingers playing with her cunt, keeping her legs spread, she looked around for some kind of help, but only saw raw, naked hunger for her torments from the assembled men!

          “I want you to keep your legs spread so I can get a good whack at your clit! I expect you to quickly get back into position if you move, as I expect this will hurt quite a bit and I don’t expect you to keep your legs spread after each whack, but I do expect you to quickly get back into position with your legs spread so I can get another good whack! If you move before I hit you, I will put you back in chains and electrocute you. Do you understand?”

          Completely scared, completely under my control, she nodded her head yes and she even spread her legs a little further apart so I could get a good hit with my switch! She knew she was in for some terrible pain, but she did NOT want to get electrocuted again!

          "EEEEGGGGHHHUUHHHH!" She screamed through her gag and doubled over with the awful pain as I hit her clit with the switch! She quickly straightened up and spread her legs so I could hit her clit again, but this time she knew how badly it was going to hurt and it took every ounce of will power to keep her legs spread and her fingers laced behind her head as I slipped the switch between her legs so I could get a good hit on her clit.


          "AAAAIUIIIIEEEEIIIGHHHUUUHHH" She again screamed through her gag and doubled over with the pain and fell to the floor. After a few minutes, she realized that she was not in the proper position and quickly and fearfully stood and submissively spread legs for me.

          Reaching between her naked legs, I fingered her pussy idly while I pretended to think, flipping the switch in my other hand.

          “I understand that you are in pain, and I don’t care!” I said “See that metal bar over there? I want you to go over there and bend over that bar, spread your legs and bind them to those cuffs there and then stay bent over so your hands can be tied to your ankles. It is time for me to plunge my cock up this lovely little cunt of yours, but I want to spend some more time on these lovely breasts and that lovely pussy here and I can’t have you getting out of position every time I hit them!”

          I released her cunt and slapped her ass, ordering her to hurry up. Sobbing, knowing that she was going to be putting herself in harm's way and knowing there wasn't a damn thing she could do to prevent it, she immediately went and bent over that bar, having to spread her legs obscenely wide apart and attempted to bind them to the cuffs attached to the floor

          “Joe, Fred, as a reward for bringing me what I asked, you can amuse yourselves with this girl while she ties herself up!” I said with a chuckle.

          So she bound her legs to the cuffs, suffering the indignity of having her tits, ass and pussy explored, spanked and pinched, twisting her torso to reach down and bind her spread legs and then stayed bent over the bar when her legs were bound so Joe and Fred could amuse themselves with her body, mewling and whimpering her pain at each new torment.

          As she waited, bent over that bar, her legs spread, for someone to bind her hands to her ankles, she had to endure as two men tormented her, her naked ass and cunt, her hanging breasts, obvious, enticing targets!

          "EEEEEEGGHH!" She screamed as Fred slapped her dangling tits! She continued to squeal and sob and cry out at the pain she was feeling, but that did not stop her from offering her body to her tormentors.

          “Damn, her tits sure do look lovely hanging there.” Joe commented as he took a slap at her left breast, drawing a muted scream from her.

          “Look at that lovely ass hole!” Fred said as he pried her butt cheeks apart. “Watch this!”

          "AAAAIIIIIIEEEEEEIIIII!"  she screamed and almost straightened up when he took a belt that she hadn’t noticed in her fright and whipped her ass hole!

          “Ooooh, that’s a good idea! Lend me your belt!” Joe said.

          "EEEEIIIEEE!" She screamed through as he unexpectedly whipped her poor abused breasts! I say unexpectedly because she thought he had prepared to hit her ass hole! Involuntarily, she tried to straighten up but by that time, her hands were tied to her ankles and firmly bound by Tom and Troy!

          “Okay men, now it’s my turn!” I ordered.

          I ogled my new property. She was completely naked, bent over a metal bar, her legs spread far apart and secured to the floor by ankle cuffs and her hands similarly tied to her ankles, her naked pussy gaping open and vulnerable, her breasts hanging down, and her ass raised in the air in mute offering! She was completely exposed and vulnerable and I took a few moments to savor my ownership of her!

          “God, I love these tits!” I commented as I bent and lovingly cupped them and bounced them in my hands. She couldn’t resist a shiver of fear as I ran my hands over her butt cheeks and probed her offered ass hole with my fingers.

          As I continued to grope and probe and fondle her, Tom grabbed her hair and tied it to a cord running from the ceiling, which then wound back into the ceiling, forcing her head up at a painful angle so she could suck my cock after I raped her!

          "I can't wait to hear her screams as I whip her pussy!” I gloated, playfully spanking her ass.

           "AAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHH!" She screamed, a piercing scream of purest pain! I had cruelly swung my switch up with all of my force into her defenseless cunt! She screamed and screamed as I whipped her pussy two or three more times, always aiming for her clit! She passed out again, but was brought back to consciousness to receive another blistering hit to her cunt! Once more, she screamed her anguish to the room and passed out!

          It took two or three capsules under her nose to bring her out of her funk, but when she was aware once again, she sobbed in anguish as her pussy must have felt like it was on fire! While she was out, Percy lubed her ass and pussy so I could more easily penetrate her and when she was awake and conscious, I probed at her asshole with my cock.

          "Can you feel my cock at your ass hole?" I asked.

          She managed to gasp; "Yes Master, I can feel your cock at my ass."

          "Well? What do you say?"

          She hesitated for a brief moment, hoping she had not heard what she thought she had heard, but she managed to croak out; "Please Master, will you fuck my ass?"

          "Why of course! I wouldn't want to deprive you of the pleasure of feeling my cock plunging up your ass, now would I?"

          With a catch in her throat, thoroughly shamed, she answered; "No Master, I would love to feel your cock up my butt."

          "Uhh!" She whimpered as I slapped her red, puffy pussy lips.

          Quickly realizing what I was hinting at, she said, "Of course Master, I would also love to have your cock take my virginity, and, of course, I would love to suck your cock."

          "Spoken like a true sex slave!" I chuckled, while her face flamed red with embarrassment. And with absolutely on warning, I plunged my cock up her ass! I slammed it as far up her ass as I could go, my testicles slapping into her pussy with a loud splat!

          A small croaking sound of absolute agony whispered out of her wide opened mouth, and then;

"AAAAAAEEEIIIIIEEEEEIIIIIIHHHHH!" Her whole body became rigid with the awful pain, every sinew and ligament in her body became as taut as a violin string, her nerves firing on all cylinders as her poop chute was completely forced open by my cock, her sensitive inner lining torn and bleeding from my cruel intrusion.

          I kept my cock solidly in her ass for a few seconds, savoring the tightness and enjoying the pain filled sounds she made. For those few seconds, the only thing that happened was her body going rigid with the pain, her anal sphincter tightening on my cock and small sounds of absolute agony whimpering out of her mouth, with drool and snot dripping off her face as her mind tried to come to grips with the pain and I kept my cock rammed up her tight, warm and inviting ass hole. Then the screaming and begging began. Between screams, she managed to plead; "You're killing meeeee! Take it out! Take it out! Please, you're killing meee!  AAAAAAAIIIEEEEEIIIII!"

          I slowly and reluctantly withdrew my penis from her raped ass and she brokenly thanked me but she started screaming again when I plunged my cock up her ass again! For the next few minutes, I would completely withdraw my cock from her ass before plunging back in, drawing out my pleasure and her anguish.

Finally, I couldn't bear it and my spunk exploded up her ass. I was totally exhausted, and I simply laid down over her bowed back and while I waited for my cock to shrivel up, I idly reached under her chest and played with her tits and nipples, drawing more anguished moans of pain from her lovely lips.

          When I had recovered my wind and my cock had plopped out of her ass of it's own accord, I cheerfully stood and strolled around to her face and stood with my dangling shit, blood and lubrication covered penis in front of her mouth. She focused her bleary eyes on my cock and moaned, but obediently opened her mouth and I shoved my cock between her warm and inviting lips whereupon she immediately started to suck and lick my cock.

          "Aahh, this is the start of a beautiful friendship, slut." I snickered, as I stood with my legs spread and laced my fingers behind my head so I could enjoy the tongue bathing my penis was receiving. "Damn, if you keep this up, I will be ready to take your pussy soon."

          She shivered, whether in fear or anger, I didn't know or care, but she kept up her expert cock sucking, her tongue slipping up and down my cock shaft, her warm lips wrapped tightly around my penis, doing her best to give me an enjoyable experience, knowing what would await her if her performance was subpar. Soon enough, my cock swelled, but rather than take her virginity, I decided to come in her mouth instead. I gave out a small triumpant laugh as my cock exploded and she was forced to swallow my man seed.

          “Aaaaah, that was just what I needed!” I said, languidly. “Ooh, I think I have to pee! I want you to swallow it all!”

          She almost gagged as I began to pee in her mouth, but she managed to keep her lips sealed tightly around my penis as I pissed and she even managed to swallow it all without spilling a drop. Like a good slave, she kept sucking my penis, even after I had finished peeing, making sure my cock was completely drained. I delighted in my total domination of this beautiful girl, and kept my cock in her mouth so she was forced to continue to suck my cock until I was once again aroused.

          “Yeeeessss, keep up the good work there slave, I want your pussy now!” I said, rather eagerly. I sauntered back to her rear, and delightedly rubbed my penis between her butt cheeks, reveling in the knowledge that I had just raped her ass and that now I was going to rape her pussy and that she could do nothing to stop me!

          After a few enjoyable moments between her ass cheeks, I took my cock in hand and guided it to her cunt, where I took a few more moments and rubbed it up and down her plump pussy lips, enjoying the tense set of her body as she waited for me to take her virginity. Soon my cock was at the opening of her pussy and I plunged my cock up her cunt!

          She gave a small mewl of despair and agony as I cruelly tore her hymen and plunged my cock up her cunt. She was no longer a virgin, and a sadistic rapist had taken it!

          I delighted in the tightness of her cunt and kept my cock in her warm moistness for a few moments, savoring my triumph over this gorgeous teen then I began to rape her.

          "Oh god, you're so tight!" I moaned in delight, grabbing her hips for leverage. "Just think, I will be able to fuck you for the rest of your life, whenever I feel like it."

          She sobbed and whimpered her despair as she felt my invading cock pistoning in and out of her pussy. Because I had already came twice, I was able to last for a good twenty minutes, absolutely enjoying myself, but inevitably, my cock swelled with pleasure and I burst inside of her cunt. Exhausted again, once more I used her back as a convenient resting spot while I got my breath back and while waiting for my cock to slip out of her pussy I enjoyed her breasts.

          When I had recovered, and my cock had softened and slipped out of her pussy, I had her lick and suck my cock clean again. when she was done, I looked her over carefully and said to my disappointed minions;

          “Okay men, tomorrow you can all have her, but now I think it’s time for her to retire.”

                                                                         NEXT DAY

           I slammed the dungeon door and watched as my newest pet came jerking awake. I loved the look of confusion and then fear on her expressive and lovely face as she realized where she was and what was going to happen to her.  I wore a purple dressing gown, open down the front so my rampant penis was on display. I gave her a few minutes to resign herself to the inevitable and for the fear to build up as I studied her.

          She was lying on the floor of the cell, naked, one leg bound and raised off the floor, lying on her left side and, with her other leg lying on the floor, her whole body was exposed to my lecherous gaze.  From her position, her pussy was actually gaping a little open and I could see her exposed vagina while her breasts were leaning downward. She automatically moved to cover herself with her hands, but then she remembered what would happen and quickly laced her hands behind her head and even spread her leg a little bit knowing that she was giving me complete control over her body.  I relished the look of naked hate and fear flitting across her lovely face as I gazed at her treasures.

          I couldn’t help a short chortle of glee as I walked between her legs and knelt. I picked up the leg that was lying on the ground by the ankle and stood up elevating the leg and I saw with delight the blush on her face as I lifted and obscenely spread that leg before tying it off to a rope suspended from the ceiling.  Now she was lying on her back, her legs splayed wide apart and in the air, exposing her luscious pussy to my lustful gaze while she managed to keep her hands behind her head.  What a lovely vision! I loved the way her bosom heaved with her fright. Smiling, knowing that I had this girl completely in my power, I knelt between her spread legs and laid on top of her body, with my penis probing her quiff. I rubbed my cock up and down her pussy slit while I kissed her. Boy, she did not like that, but dutifully opened her mouth and returned my kisses. After a few minutes of this delightful foreplay, I rose and removed my robe, my prick standing erect and proud, and while I gazed into her frightened eyes, I spread lubricant on my cock and deep inside her pussy.  Then I lay on top of her again and grasping my hard organ, I positioned it at the entrance to her vagina.  I couldn’t wait another minute to fuck this beautiful and delightful girl so I plunged my cock deeply into her and commenced to pound at her cunt furiously.  God, she was tight! The rape of the previous night didn’t appreciably loosen her and I lost all abandon and started sucking wildly on her tits and biting her nipples as I pounded away at her poor pussy. I kissed her and thrust my tongue savagely into her mouth and just generally enjoyed the hell out of myself.  I swear I saw stars when I finally ejaculated deep inside her womb and it was all I could do to drag myself off her after waiting some time with my cock to soften in her pussy        

          “Well, it looked like you really enjoyed that! I bet you can’t wait for the other Masters to fuck you. You sure are a randy one, aren’t you?” I said with a smirk.

          When she didn’t answer fast enough, I slapped her pussy and after she let out a small gasp of pain,  answered;

          “Yes Master, I am a randy girl and I can’t wait to have the other Masters fuck me.”

          I  then approached her head and grabbed her left wrist and stretched to the side where I bound it, laughing at the look of terror that flashed across her face as she realized that I was going to immobilize her.  When I had tethered her wrist, I couldn’t resist having that pretty little pink tongue lick my ass hole. When I squatted over her face with my butt hole directly over her mouth, I felt a soft, tentative tongue flick and so I bore down harder on her face with my butt and she got the idea that I wanted a good ass licking, which she submissively began to do. Knowing what was required, with a shudder of revulsion, she even stuck her tongue up inside my ass hole, giving me a particularly delightful experience.  Of course, while she was busy reaming my ass, I was busy playing with her body, grabbing and rolling a breast, twisting or pinching a nipple, rubbing a finger between her fresh fucked pussy slit or pinching and twisting her clit, ramming my fingers up her cunt or ass, drawing an occasional gasp of pain from her smothered by my ass, when I pinched particularly hard at a nipple or her clitoris.

          Damn, the sheer pleasure of knowing I had this beautiful girl at my complete command, that I could do anything I wanted to her and that she was going to cooperate with every degrading thing I could think of to do to her, was delicious! I gazed my fill of this lovely young lady, her gorgeous long, silver hair setting off her beautiful face, her luscious lips trembling with fear, her green eyes already moistened with tears, her taut thighs spread far apart, exposing her vulnerable pussy, her flat stomach with the deeply indented belly button, and her magnificent breasts, hardly sagging at all as they proudly jutted up from her chest.

          With a sigh of deep satisfaction, I rose and grasped her other wrist and tied it off to the opposite wall. She was now flat on her back, her arms spread out to the side and tied off, her legs in the air and obscenely spread wide apart, her lovely cunt gaping and wet with my come and her breasts heaving up and down on her chest as she took deep terrified breaths, knowing that when she was tied like this that something extra terrible was going to be done to her. When she was bound, I walked between her legs and gazed fondly at her pink vulva and at her lovely features and then I slowly and calmly released her legs and watched with interest as they fell down and stayed spread apart keeping her pussy gaping and available. Of course, she knew that she was offering her body to me, but she had no choice. I kneeled between her legs, casually spreading apart her outer labia, exposing her inner cunt lips and that delectable clitoris. Watching the consternation on her face, I stroked her clitoris, eliciting a small gasp from her ripe lips.

          “Well, aren’t you going to object?”

          The self loathing on her face as she gave the only answer she could, “No Master, I don’t object.”

          “Why not?”

          “Because I like what you are doing.”


          “Because I like being your slave.”

          God, I loved this girl!  The play of emotions across her pretty face as she humiliated herself for me even as I fondled her clit and forced my finger up her cunt!

          “Well, now that we’ve got that out of the way, why don’t we get to the torture part, hmmmm?”

          The fearful flinch when I told her was delightful! Softly and tearfully with a shudder, “Yes Master,” she answered.

          I rose and crossed to the wall where some fearsome instruments of torture were hanging.  Caressing a wicked looking hook, I glanced at my little slave and smirked at the fear on her face, yet obediently keeping her legs spread for me.

          With a sigh of regret, still watching my slave, I said, “No, not yet.”

          I went to a small but vicious looking whip, about a foot long and very slim and supple.

          “Ah, just the thing.”

          As I whistled a gay little tune, I walked between her legs and knelt, causing her to catch her breath when I began to rub that evil whip between her pussy lips and then running it all over her shuddering, quivering body, lightly tracing a circle around her belly button and teasingly tapping her stomach with the handle, making her gasp with trepidation, then around her breasts and over her nipples before returning to tease her clitoris.

          After thoroughly frightening her, I rose and squatted over her mouth and lowered my testicles into her open, waiting mouth. She dutifully suckled my balls, licking and rolling them around in her mouth and swirling her tongue around them, sucking on them and trying to give me as much pleasure as she could while being tormented by me, as I rubbed and pinched and twisted and mauled and pulled on her breasts and nipples and switching back and forth to her pussy and clit, where I also pinched and squeezed and twisted and poked and prodded, and back to her tits. After a few minutes of this delightful interlude, listening to her small cries and moans of pain, I removed my testicles from her warm and inviting mouth and scooted down until my ass hole was in line and impatiently waited for her talented tongue to go to work on my ass. I gave another sigh of pleasure when I felt that soft, wet tongue dance around my ass hole.

          A beautiful girl was licking my ass while keeping her legs open and allowing me to fondle and abuse her breasts and genitals. What power I felt!  When I tired of this little game, I gave a signal and a rope slithered down from the ceiling directly over my little slave and she gave a little shudder when she felt the rope coiling up on her tummy, not knowing exactly what was happening with her face buried in my ass, she nevertheless kept licking my ass like the good little fuck slave she was.  I heard her muffled cry of alarm when I grasped her breasts and tied the thin but powerful rope around the base of her tits, tightening the rope cruelly.  When both of her breasts were compressed by the rope, I rose from her warm and inviting mouth and allowed her to see what I had done to her. I watched with helpless mirth as her eyes got bigger and bigger with horror when she saw that her tits were bound to a rope that disappeared into the ceiling.

          “This rope you see tied to your breasts will be wound up into the ceiling, until your whole weight is hung by your tits! And then I will use this whip on you! To make sure you can’t prevent this from happening, I am going to bind your legs wide apart!” I said.

          Happily, at the thought of the torture I was soon going to inflict upon this lovely, defenseless girl, I went to her legs and casually tied them to opposite sides of the cell so she was spread eagled.  This beautiful girl had allowed me , a total stranger, to rape her, torture her, and humiliate her, allowed me to bind her in an obscene way, exposing her naked body to my lustful gaze, even knowing that I was going to torture her some more. Watching her face carefully, I cackled with glee as she watched the rope disappearing into the ceiling and then the growing consternation and pain as the rope began to pull her body off the floor by her breasts!  When her tits took the entire strain of her body, she gave a piercing scream and writhed beautifully to offset the pain, but to no avail!

          When she was dangling in a bow in the air, her head and pelvis on the ground, her back about an inch off the ground, the winding stopped and I moved between her legs as she screamed and sobbed and moaned and screamed her pain, her legs spread for my attentions. I eagerly ran my fingers through her pussy slit, and even inserted a finger into her clenched ass hole as she screamed her distress and then I whipped her pussy, burying that supple rawhide into her. God, the scream she made! It was utterly delightful!

          Rising, I signaled for the rope to be released a little so she was again lying on the ground but her breasts were painfully distended by the rope. Then I looked at my lovely, nude, spread-eagled prize, her breasts cruelly stretched while her legs and arms were stretched out and bound, her pussy gaping and vulnerable, completely at my mercy!

          Chuckling happily, I signaled for the rope to be once again rewound, until her entire body was off the ground, supported only by her breasts! Oh, how she screamed and screamed!  I let the supple leather of the whip glide across her body and through her pussy slit as her fear grew by leaps and bounds, even as her screams died down, but her moans of pain continued while I tormented and teased her with the whip!  The pathetic look in her eyes as I played the whip over her succulent body was priceless and then, with an evil grin, I slowly raised that whip and watched as her eyes got wider and wider with fearful anticipation of the coming blow and then I brought it down viciously onto her defenseless pussy! I whipped her pussy! And again! And again! Then I switched to her breasts and her nipples! I whipped her from her nipples and tits to her stomach and inner thighs to her pussy and the screams and pleas for mercy were music in my ears!

          I finally tired of my pastime and released her breasts and she sagged to the floor as I released her appendages. Of course, she kept her legs spread for me.

          “Well, I really enjoyed that!  But now you’ve got me all hot and bothered.  I want you on your knees and sucking my cock!”

          Aaah, the warmth of her mouth as she suckled me was wonderful!  She knew to give me the best blow job she could, even after being tortured so severely and I felt my orgasm flood into her mouth as she dutifully swallowed and kept up her suction, getting all of my jism.

          I patted her on the head fondly as I said, “You are becoming a very good cock sucker! Now, continue to suck me until I am ready to fuck your ass!”

          When my cock was as rigid as steel from her incredible sucking, I withdrew with a loud pop from her warm and moist mouth.

          “I have changed my mind. I want your cunt first.  I want you to lie on your back and pull your legs over your head so your pelvis is thrust into the air, offering your pussy and ass to me.  Grasp your ankles and keep your legs spread!”

          What a sight!  This beautiful girl, curling up her body, pulling her ankles over her head, doubling her up, causing her hips to rise in the air, fully exposing her vulnerable pussy and ass to my excited gaze. I avidly watched the play of emotions across her face as she put herself into that humiliating position!  The furious blushing, the self loathing, the shame of it all, the attempt to stop herself from striking me! I was enraptured with her!

          Chuckling, I pulled a jar of lubricant from my robe and proceeded to lube her ass and pussy.  Of course, I managed to fondle and pinch her at my whim.  I grabbed my erect, throbbing cock and positioned it at the entrance to her pussy and I delighted at her small mewl of frustration as I sank my cock into her pussy!  Smiling with pleasure, I reached down between her legs and squeezed her breasts and fondled her sore nipples as I fucked her. Too soon, I came, deep inside her vagina and then I had her on her knees and licking me clean before sucking me back into life with her marvelous, warm and inviting mouth.

          Reluctantly, I withdrew from her mouth and ordered her back into her humiliating position so I could fuck her ass.

          “Yay! I’m comin’ in!” I yelled as I grabbed my penis and positioned it at the entrance to her almost virgin butt hole. “Look into my eyes as I fuck your ass!”

          Smirking, knowing that I was going to hurt her, I grabbed her hips and thrust my entire erection deep into her ass!

          She gave off a very satisfying scream of pain as I plunged deep into her but she had mentally prepared herself for the coming ordeal and kept her legs apart so I could hammer her with all my force.  She screamed and begged and cried and moaned and screamed and screamed as I plunged into her and I watched her expressive face as I hammered her until I finally came.

          Once again, she was on her knees licking my cock clean of all the blood and shit and lube with the inevitable result of me getting another erection which she was obliged to suck until I came again. Keeping my softened cock in her moist mouth, I felt my bladder fill up and said,

          “I have to pee! I want you to swallow it all!”

          Fighting her gag reflex, my beautiful little fuck toy swallowed every bit of my piss and I made sure she kept sucking me until I was completely drained.

          Thoroughly spent and satisfied, I sagged down against a convenient wall and ordered my slave to crawl into my lap and kiss me.

          She painfully crawled across the stone floor and climbed into my lap where she, being well taught, slipped her arms around me and put her soft sweet lips to mine and then timidly thrust her pert tongue into my mouth, for all the world like she loved me and I watched the tears of pain and humiliation roll across her expressive, lovely face while I squeezed and pinched and pulled her breasts and sore nipples and ran my fingers through her pussy lips and into her cunt.

          As I fondled my pretty slave, I felt my cock twitch and grow stiff with desire so I positioned her legs so my cock stuck up between her thighs and ordered her to masturbate me while kissing me.  How I reveled in my mastery over this beautiful girl!  She was sobbing  and tongue fucking my mouth as well as rubbing her fist up and down my cock, giving me extreme pleasure while still hugging me with her other arm.  Delicious!  When I told her to get off and stick her ass in the air so I could fuck her, to my pleasure, I saw a look of pure despair came over her.  As the obedient slave she was, she immediately assumed the position and I made her reach under her stomach and grasp my penis and position it at the entrance to her ass hole. As she was well lubricated, I slid my cock right to the hilt in her ass, drawing a faint whimper of pain from her.  When I grabbed her hips and started thrusting inside her, I loved to hear the grunts of pain and humiliation from her as her head got pushed back and forth on the ground as I fucked her. Finally I came and had her lick me clean before ordering her to stand up and follow me. I had a shiver of pleasure at her gasp when I told her that it was time for her to pleasure all the other masters.

          Then I opened the cell door and walked out, knowing that my gorgeous slave was right behind me.


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