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Seven Short Stories of Sodomy and Sadism

Part 1

Author's Note

Not every story is meant to be an epic.  Sometimes the core of a story, the parts that really matter, only needs a single scene or two to be complete, and to add anything more would diminish the whole.

This is a collection of such tales.  Seven vignettes, each of them generally dark and unpleasant.  One of them rhymes.  They are all small and self contained, and hopefully you will find them to your taste.  Enjoy!


Smile (S01) - A kidnapper chats with his latest prize.

Story Codes: M/F, Rape, Watersports, Scat, Extreme

Extracurricular (S02) - A young professor offers her students a special assignment.

Story Codes: MF/F, Rape

Past Due (S03) - A loan shark sends a demonstration of his opinion on late payments.

Story Codes: M/F, Rape, Bondage, Violence

Choice & Consequence (S04) - A captive girl is asked to make a difficult decision.

Story Codes: M/F, Rape, Bondage

There Once Was a Girl From Podunk (S05) -  A naive lesbian becomes a man's plaything.  Warning: Limerick.

Story Codes: M/F, Rape, Bondage

Make Her Scream (S06) - When your daughter comes home from college today, youre going to show her a very special time.

Story Codes: M/F, Rape, Incest, Watersports, Violence, Vomit, Bondage

A Gambling Man (S07) - When an old acquaintance shows up looking for a handout, Daniel proposes a wager.

Story Codes: M/F, Reluc, Bondage

Smile (S01)

Good morning, honey!  Sleep well?

No, I imagine the basement floor wasn't too comfy, was it?  Especially not with all them bruises.  A fancy rich girl like you, probably used to sleeping on fine silks or something, right?  But you're in my house now.  And in my house, fucktoys sleep on the floor.

Don't worry, sugar, I got a little something that'll take your mind off your aching muscles.  Look at me.

No, not my face.  Look at my dick.  Yeah, weren't expecting him to be hard again so soon, were ya?   After all the cum you wrung out last night, I bet you thought it would be ages before I'd be back down  to give you more.

Gotta admit, I can't believe he's recovered so quick, either.  Can't even remember how many loads that pretty mouth of yours gulped down.  And that tight pussy, the one you'd been keeping virgin for me?  I just could not stop coming back to that delicious fuckhole.

So yeah, I was honestly convinced he'd be limp and useless for at least a couple days.  Figured I'd just leave you down here with the rats and spiders till then.  Not like you got anywhere to go, right?    But this morning I got to thinking about what I'd do with you next, about how much fun the two of us would be getting up to when he recovered, and well, he just perked right up!

Can't wait to spend more quality time with him, can you, hon?  I'm not quite ready to pork you again, though.  No, before playtime starts, all them beers I had last night are still sitting in my bladder, and they're getting ornery.  I could go use the bathroom, but that's all the way upstairs, and I've got myself a college girl eager to please right down here, don't I?

So open wide and let him slide right in. Yeah, just like that.  No need to be scared of him, you two are old friends by now.

Keep your lips wrapped tight around him, you don't want to be spilling any.  You get my floor dirty, I'll have no choice but to give you the whip again.  You don't wanna make me do that, do you?  I can still see those pretty red welts glowing on your tits and back.  And you have no one to blame them on but yourself.  I told you I could make you beg to suck my cock.  If you'd been a good girl from the start,  I wouldn't have had to lay a finger on you.

But you're going to be a good girl now, aren't you?  A good little piss drinker.  That's right.  And don't you swallow any either.  Just let it sit in your mouth until I say otherwise.  Here it comes, a warm drink for my new slave...


I knew you would make a good toilet.  Knew it the moment I saw you yesterday, on the side of the road with your flat tire and those rich girl clothes.  I said to myself, Boone, that there is another stuck up cunt too smart for her own good.  But you bring her back home, you show her what's what, why, I bet she'll be real fun to piss in.

Just keep holding it in your mouth.  My adorable toilet, on her knees with her cute cheeks all bulging with pee.  Better be careful nothing leaks out.  Now be honest with me for a second: do you like the taste?


That's good.  That's real good.  Wouldn't be any fun if you liked it.

Do you know what I'm going to do now, toilet, now that you've done such a fine job draining my piss?   I am going to take this dick of mine, this dick that you have been so very nice to, and I am going to ram it up your asshole.  I'm gonna to ream your poor backdoor out until it's a bloody mess, while you kneel quietly like a good girl and savor the taste of my urine.

...Stop trying to talk.  How am I supposed to understand a word you say with your mouth full?

Ohh, I think I know what you're trying to tell me.  You'd really love to suck my cock right now, wouldn't you?  Then wrap your legs around me, and ride me with that wet young pussy until I pop?  You want me to know that there's no need to hurt you or humiliate you anymore, because you're already willing and eager to please me.

Don't nod so hard, sugar.  Don't want to lose any of that piss.

Now, I'll admit that's a nice offer.  I'd love to top your cunt off with a fresh batch of baby juice, and you know how much I enjoy those soft lips around my dick.

But here's the problem: I also like hurting you and humiliating you, and there ain't a damn thing your cunt and mouth have to offer right now that beats shoving my cock up your shitter while you play toilet.  So quit your complaining and get on your knees, unless you want to see me lose my temper.

That's it, darlin', raise your ass up.  Bring your hands back and spread those cheeks apart.  Show me the only hole you've got left that I ain't sprayed down.

Phew, this is a tight asshole you've got!  Barely managed to squeeze my finger in.  I'll need to loosen you up a bit before we can get down to business.  Might take a while, but don't you worry, we've got nothing but time.  Me, I took the whole week off from work for this, and you, you're still supposed to be in the middle of that road trip.  It'll be days before anyone realizes you've gone missing, and even when they do, there's nothing leading back to me.  That adds up to all the time in the world for a nice, long buttfuck.  So you just relax and enjoy that piss while I get your hole ready for action.

Stop squirming so much, it's only two fingers.  You think that's bad, how do you think my cock's gonna make you feel?  Nine solid inches, tearing up this tiny virgin asshole.  It'll never be the same again.  Like that last girl I had down here.  Cute as a button she was, with an asshole tighter than a rich man's purse strings when we started, but that saggy old fuckhole was no good for anything by the time I got rid of her.  So loose I could shove a fist up there and she'd barely make a sound.

That's the real problem, you know?  The lack of reaction.  Sometimes I get a real good one down here and I think it's true love, start dreaming about keeping them forever, but eventually they get used up.  All you fucktoys do.  That spark in your eyes dies, and it's just no fun to play with you anymore.  Gotta dump you and start looking for fresh meat.

Now what's got you all shook up?  Aww, you think I'm gonna kill you when I get tired of you?  I ain't the type to waste money like that.  There's places down south that pay top dollar for white pussy, and they don't care how dead the girls are inside, not as long as they do what they're told.  And if there's anything that can be said about the girls I've kept down here, it's that they've learned to do what they're told.

Alright, I think we're ready.  You want some lube?  Yeah, I thought you might.  Got a big bottle of it on that shelf there.  No, I'm not gonna give you any.  I just like letting you know that it would take me all of five seconds to make this experience so much less painful if I wanted to.  Now keep your mouth shut tight and your butt cheeks spread wide as they'll go, because I'm going in dry.

Oh.  Ohhh.

That's the stuff.  A tight virgin asshole hugging my cock.  And you're such a good girl for not screaming.  I can see how much you want to, but you know better, don't ya?  You're being still and quiet, just like a toilet should.

And oh, you look so beautiful right now.  My piss in your mouth and my dick in your guts.  Pretty as a picture.  Shit!  Shit shit shit.  I almost forgot about the camera.  Gotta record the occasion for your fans.

Yeah, you didn't know you had fans already, did you?  I told you your pictures would be popular online.  Especially the one of you licking your virgin blood off my dick.  A whole lot people enjoying that one.   And the comments!  I explained exactly how you ended up down here, minus anything specific anyone could use to find us, and boy, was everyone tickled pink by it.  They all agree that this is exactly where spoiled rich girls like you belong.  Gave me some good ideas on what to do with you, too.

Don't you worry, I'll send all the links to your folks in a few days too, once they've already noticed you're gone.  I'm sure they'll be delighted to see what a celebrity their little girl has become.

Let me just use this marker first.  Need to write things down so everyone can tell what's what.  Hold very still while I write on your butt cheek.  Piss... slut... gets... her first... reaming.  Now turn your head this way and smile for the camera.  Show all your friends, family, and adoring fans out there how happy you are to be getting sodomized by a stranger.

I said smile.

Do it, or I swear to Christ I'll break every last fucking finger you have.


Okay, why don't we give you a little breather for a minute, let your ass recover.  You must be getting sick of tasting that piss, am I right?  Of course I am.  Here, spit it out into this cup.

There, you must be feeling much better now.  And you've been such a good girl so far, I'd say you've definitely earned some lube.  I've got a cup full of just the stuff right here.

Aw, don't look at me like that.  At least this way you don't gotta taste it, right?  Right.

For fuck's sake, stop screaming so much!  Of course it hurts.  What did ya think was gonna happen when something salty gets poured into a bleeding hole?  Didn't they teach you anything in that fancy city college?

Scream if you have to, but you keep that piss in there.  Having your asshole busted open is no excuse.  Just use your hands, and smush your cheeks together.  Yeah, like that.

You calmed down a little?  Good.  So now that your mouth is free, and I've got a dick smeared with shit, what do you think happens next?

I knew you were a smart one.

This calls for another picture.  I'll write on your face this time.  My new... toilet... licks... her shit... off.. my cock... while... enjoying... a piss... enema.  And smile.

Mmm, your fans are gonna love that one.

Don't worry about rushing this cleaning job, sugar.  You take your time with it, slurp every last trace of your filthy asshole off of my dick.  You know where it's going after you're done?

That's right, back up your ass for a fresh coat and some more hard pounding.  And my piss will go back in your mouth, with some added shit and blood to enhance the flavor.  I reckon your guts will have drunk up some of it, but there's plenty more where that came from.  We'll just keep switching back and forth like this, ass fucking and piss drinking, piss enemas and dick licking, until I'm ready to cum.

And do you know what I'm going to do to you after that, darlin'?  After I've finished breaking in your ass, feeding you your own shit on a dick platter, and pissing all over your insides?  Do you know what the two of us will do next?

Whatever I want, toilet.  Whatever I want.  Now smile for the camera again.

Good girl.

Extracurricular (S02)

Maggie's entire class was staring at her.  She felt their eyes on her skin as almost a physical sensation, a smothering weight that made it difficult to breathe.  She could see the confusion on their faces, the disbelief.

If only she could explain things to them, beg them for help... but that wasn't an option.  So she remained sitting atop her desk, legs spread wide to show her bare pussy, and asked again for a volunteer to have sex with her.

It had been seven months since Maggie had started teaching at the college, her first position as a full fledged professor.  She'd thought she'd understood how difficult it would be to teach people only a couple years her junior, but reality had proven thornier than expected.

Electrical engineering was well known for being a major with an abysmal ratio of women to men.  Her own class was no exception, with nearly thirty male students and only a single female one.  Between the general lack of women, the small age difference, and Maggie being thin and pretty, the outcome was obvious in hindsight.

It had been a shock when it first happened, though, barely a month after she'd started.  One of her students had approached her outside of class, expressing an interest far beyond a teacher-student relationship.  She'd turned him down of course, but less than a week later, another student sent her flowers.

So it had continued through the school year.  This semester, nearly two thirds of her class had tried something similar.  It had been unnerving at first, but over time she'd gotten used to it.  They were good kids, mostly.  A little shy, a little socially inept, but good kids.

Most of them.

“It's perfectly legal,” she heard herself saying, reciting the words she'd memorized last night.  “We're all consenting adults, and the campus has no official rules banning student-professor fraternization.  And this is a private classroom, so we're not violating any public decency laws.  You can all fuck me right here on my desk.”

Most of the class sat still in awkward silence, except for Jim, a whale of a boy wearing a sweat stained t-shirt, who bolted to his feet with a wide shit eating grin on his face.  He hadn't been the first student this term to hit on her, but he'd been the most persistent.  Most of her admirers got the picture after a gentle lecture on professionalism.  The rest left her alone after a second, less gentle lecture on stalking.  But not Jim.

She'd first become aware of his interest in her during one of her classes, when she'd noticed that he was watching her instead of the whiteboard she was writing on.  She'd been confused at first, until she realized that his gaze was fixated on her chest.  Feeling self-conscious, she'd tried turning around, but a quick glance confirmed that he'd merely shifted his focus to her backside.

The staring in the classroom was bad enough, but before long she'd started catching him standing outside her office, watching her through the window.  She'd talked to him about it repeatedly, but it had been like pleading with a brick wall; he'd smiled and nodded and kept right on doing it.

The last straw had been a few weeks ago, when she'd panicked to find him waiting right by her car at the end of the day.  The parking lot had been dark and they had been alone, and for a minute she'd thought he was going to try something stupid.  After that stunt, she gave him a real piece of her mind, and made it clear in no uncertain terms that if he kept harassing her, she'd have him thrown out of school.  He'd finally left her alone after that.

Until last night, that is, when he'd broken into her house to torture and rape her.

She'd been asleep when he and his partner came in, dragging her out of bed and into a nightmare.  Jim had been wearing that same grin when he'd flipped her onto her stomach and sodomized her.  Maggie barely suppressed a shudder at the memory, of crawling around her own home on all fours like he'd ordered, barking like a dog while he rode on top of her, still buried in her virgin ass. 

Maggie's mind came back to the present as Jim climbed onto the desk, cock already out of his pants.  He pulled her legs to the side, positioning her lengthwise across the desk, then all but jumped on top of her.  He weighed more than three hundred pounds, and she gasped for air as her body was crushed.  Her pussy was still so sore from last night, and he was anything but gentle, pounding her with hard fast strokes that made her whole body shake.

His hands found the bottom of her blouse and tugged it up over her head, exposing her bare chest.  Jim's teeth closed over one of her bouncing breasts, eagerly chewing on her flesh as he mounted her.  At least a dozen other bite marks were already visible.

It was much like her earlier rapes, only this time Maggie had an audience.  She groaned and turned her head to the side, at everyone still staring at her.  She wanted to close her eyes and block them out, wanted to push Jim's fat ass off of her, wanted to just curl up and die, but she did none of those things.  There was still more to say.

“Please give me more cock,” she recited.  “I have two more holes, and they're both so hungry.  Fuck my mouth, fuck my asshole, give it to me any way you want.  I just want them inside me.”

The only other woman in the room stood up then.  Her shoulder length red hair might have made her pretty if it had been washed, but it wouldn't have helped with the blotchy acne that covered most of her face.  “Professor Stevens,” she asked in a concerned voice.  “Are you sure you're alright?  I can go get campus security if you want.”  Her tone was perfectly sincere, but Maggie could see the gleam of malice in Susan's eyes.  She'd been the one with Jim last night, and this entire skit was her idea.

Susan scared Maggie even more than Jim did.  Jim just wanted to fuck and humiliate her.  Susan wanted to hurt her.  Her nipples were still cracked and bleeding from the cigarette burns.  At first, she'd called them punishment for not remembering her lines, or not saying them believably enough, but even after she was satisfied that Maggie could play her part, Susan hadn't stopped using the lighter.

It had almost been a relief when Susan had demanded that Maggie lick her pussy.  At least it was something she could do that didn't involve pain, or so she had thought.  She had soon discovered that there was little Susan enjoyed more than feeling someone scream into her pussy, and she had known all sorts of ways to keep Maggie screaming.

“Oh, no, Susan,” Maggie replied.  “There's nothing wrong here.  Nothing at all.”  She faked a moan, just like they'd practiced, pretending that she was loving the way Jim's assault had reopened the shallow cuts Susan had made all over her labia.  Maggie had stayed perfectly still as she'd made each slow, deliberate slice.  She'd told Maggie that she was dying to cut her clitoris off, to deny her captive any chance of ever enjoying her torture.  She'd promised that it would be the first thing they'd do tonight if Maggie broke from the script.

Maggie tried to shut the image out of her mind.  She would do what she was told.   “Besides, silly,” she continued, “If I didn't love what he was doing to me, I'd say so!  I know none of you would just sit there if you thought he was hurting me.”

That was the most frustrating part of this entire game, knowing that she could put a stop to everything with a single word.  If only it was that simple.  If she dropped the act and screamed rape, Jim would stop, but what then?  If he or Susan tried to bolt, she doubted the other students would be able to stop them.

Maybe nothing more would happen.  Maybe Jim and Susan would be arrested by the police, or run off and never return.  But maybe... they had promised to do all kinds of terrible, horrifying, disgusting things to her if she told anyone about them, some even worse than genital mutilation, and Maggie had known from the look in Susan's eyes that the threats were sincere.  The girl wanted to do them all to her, wanted Maggie to slip up and try something just to give her an excuse.

She couldn't risk it.  If she did what they asked, they had to let her go eventually.  They had to.

And there was another, darker reason Maggie didn't try to appeal to her students, one she tried to deny even having.  What if she screamed rape... and nobody cared?  She already knew they wanted her, that most of them were social outcasts who'd never been with a woman.  Would they really pass up this opportunity?  She wanted desperately to believe that they would, that Jim and Susan were the odd ones out, not just the boldest.  But even as her students sat and watched and whispered amongst themselves, she could see the growing excitement in their eyes.

She wrapped her arms around Jim's torso and pulled him closer to her, matching his thrusting hips with her own.  “Professors are people too, and this is one is a horny slut that just couldn't wait any longer to get cock.  Thank you, Jim, thank you... I love your great big dick so much.  And you, Susan... please come over  here.  I'll make you feel so good...”

Susan pretended to look puzzled and embarrassed.  “I, um, I don't have a... you know.  Down there.”

“But you have something just as good: a hot, delicious pussy.  I bet it's beautiful and soft and juicy, and oh God, what I wouldn't give to bury my face in it!  Please, please, let me taste you...”

Susan hesitated, glancing at the rest of the class.  “Well... uh... if you really want me that badly... I mean, I've never done anything with a girl before, but...” She blushed.  “I guess... they say college is the place to experiment, right?  I... can't we find someplace more private though?”

“No, please, I love having people watch.  I want all my students to see Jim mounting me while I worship your pussy.  And I want them to join in, I want to know what all of their dicks feel like in my holes!  And when they're done fucking me they can sit back and watch until they get hard again.  Yes, I don't want it to ever stop!  Fuck me over and over!”  She let out another fake orgasmic moan.

Susan gave the others a shrug, as if to say “what are you gonna do?”, and made her way to the desk, pulling down her jeans and panties on the way.  And soon Maggie was back in the same position she'd spent much of last night, being fucked by Jim and eating Susan out.

“Oh, Professor Stevens,” Susan breathed.  “Your tongue feels so good!  You must have been doing this for years.”

“That's right,” Maggie replied.  She'd never licked another woman before last night, and still found it disgusting.  “The only thing I love more than a big thick cock like Jim's is a sweet ripe pussy like yours.  I've been an eager cuntlicker all my life.”

For the next few minutes, she was sandwiched between her two rapists.  Susan had already been soaking wet, and her sticky juices coated Maggie's face.  She fought not to gag at the taste.   At least it took her mind off the rough fucking Jim was giving her.

As her students used her, Maggie felt herself sink into total despair.  When would this finally end?  Ever since last night, her every waking moment had been miserable.  Even when they'd finally gone to sleep, they'd hogtied her first, leaving her shivering and uncomfortable at the foot of her own bed while they slept soundly in it.  Her morning shower had been taken on all fours, while Susan used a strap-on to see if she could figure out why Jim liked fucking her ass so much.  And when Jim had driven her car in to campus, she'd spent the entire ride with her head between his legs.

Something in her head whispered that this would never be over.  They would never forgive her, never get tired of her.  They'd just keep hurting her until she was dead and in the ground.  This was all she had to look forward to.

Her dark thoughts were interrupted when, at last, one of the other students rose from his seat.  “Stop!,” he called out angrily, and a faint sense of hope stirred inside her.

It was Sam, her favorite student, and his outburst hadn't been part of the script.  He was a tall, thin boy, quick to smile or laugh.  He was always kind and cheerful when talking to her, never missed a class, turned in all his assignments early.  It hadn't been hard to figure out that, like many of them, he was harboring a crush for her.  The difference in this case was that the feeling was mutual.  She liked Sam.  She liked him a lot.

But she was a professor and he was a student, and Maggie felt that things like that just weren't appropriate.  She'd often considered making something more of it when he graduated in a month, but for now she'd forced herself to be nothing but polite and professional around him, just as she was around all her students.

Sam strode over to the desk.  “Stop,” he repeated.  Jim reluctantly pulled out of her, his mouth leaving her breast with a wet smacking sound, and Susan stepped back.  “You heard her,” Jim said sullenly.  “She wants it.”

“Shut up, fatty,” Sam said.  Maggie could have cheered.

She caught Jim and Susan exchange an uneasy glance with each other.  They'd assumed last night that with a class full of students already lusting after her, once they saw a chance to get their ends wet and a couple other people doing it first to show it was okay, everyone would drop their inhibitions and join in.  But now that Sam had stepped in, he'd broken the spell.

Maggie closed her eyes.  Their plan to make her beg for her own gang rape was faltering, and they couldn't openly do anything about it here without giving everything away.  Maybe... maybe Sam could even help save her from them?  He was smart, wickedly smart.  He might be able to think of something she'd missed.

Relief washed over her.  She had an ally.  Oh thank God, she had an ally.  She wasn't alone in this anymore.  With Sam's help, they'd find a way to deal with Jim and Susan and then... and then screw being polite and professional.  She would show him the best time he'd ever--

“If anyone should get to fuck this dirty cocktease, it's me.  Bitch barely gives me the time of day all semester, and now she's just going to give it out to everybody?  Fucking slut.  Roll her over so I can at least plow that ass of hers before everyone else.”

Her breath caught.  She looked up at Sam, and made no attempt to hide her true feelings.  The look she gave him held no fake expression of pleasure on it, just desperation and a plea for help.  The look she received in return was pitiless, his eyes hungry and his hand stroking his stiff cock through his pants.

She was already crying before Jim sniggered and turned her over.  She whined as Sam's dick easily penetrated her asshole, still loosened from heavy use.  The whole classroom watched silently, the only sound the rhythmic slapping of his hips against her ass.

It took him only a few minutes to finish, before Maggie felt the now familiar spurt of hot cum into her bowels.  He pulled out and wiped himself clean on her leg, then gave her butt a hard smack that made her jump.  “Not as tight as I was hoping, but I should've known a whore like you wouldn't be a virgin back there.  God, to think I actually wanted to date you!”

Sam's demonstration had helped the other students get over their nervousness, and a line quickly formed.  Jim laid back on the desk and rolled Maggie over so that she was on top of him, and she obediently began to fuck herself on his shaft.  Someone came up from behind and sank into her asshole, and then her head was lifted so she could suck on a third boy.  When one of them came, they were almost immediately replaced by another.  And another.  And another.

Many hours later, only Maggie and Susan remained in the classroom.  Even Jim had called it quits eventually, unable to get it up again after taking all of her holes multiple times.  Some of the other students had possessed even more endurance than he did, and Maggie's whole body was splattered with cum.

Sam had been one of those students.  He'd taken her again and again, always brutally.  The first time that he'd used her mouth, it had been a vicious face fucking that nearly choked her to death, and when he was done, he'd held her head still so he could piss down her throat.

He was far from the only one to treat her like that.  Not all of them did, but the kinder students had only taken her once, or not at all.  By the time an hour had passed, her holes were stretched and tired, her hair matted with semen, her body stinking of sex.  The only ones still interested in using her at that point were the ones who got off on seeing her in that kind of state.  So they spat on her, punched her tits, pinched her clit, called her fucktoy and cumbucket and anything else they could think of.

But eventually they too had run out of steam, unable to get it up no matter how much they abused her. 

Now she lay on the desk, in a puddle of her students' cum, while Susan sat on her face.

“That sure was fun, wasn't it?”  the girl remarked.  “It would be nice if we could do this again tomorrow, but I bet some of the boys will turn chicken and spill the beans.  Oh well, it's not like you'll ever be coming back here again.  And once word of this gets out, nobody will be surprised that you just up and vanished.”  She shuddered to one last orgasm, then stood up.

She retrieved her things from her desk, and then gave Maggie, still laying motionless, a sharp look.  “Are you just going to lounge around there all night?  Get moving, professor.  Jim's probably back at your house by now, and if I know him, he's ready for another go.”

Susan made a disgusted sound in the back of her throat.  “Did you know that fat piece of garbage was the only man here willing to date me?  The rest of them were all too obsessed with their beautiful professor, and even Jim made it clear that he was picturing you every time he was in me.  I let that pig rut in every hole of my body, because I thought that was my only option.

“But this way is so much better for everyone.  He and the other boys got to fuck the woman of their dreams, I get the sex slave I've fantasized about since I hit puberty, and you... you get fucked.  Which is what you deserve for coming here and flashing your face and your tits to all the boys, you goddamned slut.  Now get off that fucking desk before I drag you off.”

Maggie wearily clambered down and onto the floor.  She started to stand, but a glare from Susan changed her mind.  She began to slowly crawl across the ground, each movement a painful reminder of the rolled up spiral notebook now buried in her rectum, Sam's final parting gift.

The girl gave a nod of approval, then turned to leave.  “Now that your teaching days are over, you'll have to think up some more fun games we can play together, professor.  If you haven't come up with a good one by the time we get home, I'll have to slice that clit off after all.”

Past Due (S03)

He finds her home easily enough, a small condo in one of the more upscale regions of the city.  He raps on the door three times, and a moment later it opens to reveal a short, blonde woman, still dressed for the office.  She's even prettier than in the photo in his pocket, her silken hair glowing in the fading sunlight.  She looks at him expectantly, only a trace of anxiety in her wide blue eyes.

He doesn't bother introducing himself, or coming up with a cover story that might persuade her to let him inside.  It's quicker and easier to just jab her in the face.  She reels back in shock and pain, hands cradling her bloodied nose, and he steps forward, slamming the door shut behind him.

She's too stunned to react before he punches her again, this time driving his fist into her stomach.  She doubles over, gasping for air, and he uses the time to pull a zip tie from his pocket.  Her survival instincts finally take over and she turns around, trying to bolt, but he springs forward, tackling her to the ground.

Her head slams against the tiled floor of the foyer, nose crunching with the impact.  She squirms beneath him as they fight for control of her arms.  Her initial rush of adrenaline lets her hold him off for a few minutes, but he has weight, power, and experience on his side, and once she begins to tire she can no longer stop him from wrapping the zip tie around her wrists and yanking it tight.  Then he swivels around and fastens a second zip tie around her ankles.

He stands up and dusts himself off while she flops around like a fish, struggling against the uncomfortable bondage.  Her hair, usually coiffed so neatly, transforms into a tangled mess, and her skirt and blouse are soon stained with blood.

Now that she's safely restrained, he can relax and get undressed.  “I've been sent by a shared acquaintance,” he tells her calmly as he folds his clothes and places them neatly by the door, far enough to avoid any splatter, “to give you a friendly warning about your late payment this month.”

He grabs a fistful of her hair and lifts her up with it.  For a moment their eyes meet.  Her face is a mess of blood and tears, terror stamped on her features.  “Please” she has time to whisper, and then he's grinding her head into his crotch.

She chokes as his cock jabs at the entrance to her throat.  It's too tight for him to fit, but he hammers at it relentlessly, hearing her gag in rhythm with every thrust.  He knows she'd try to bite if she could, but she's too overwhelmed by panic and sensation to defend herself.

At last he succeeds in wedging his cock into her gullet, cutting off her oxygen.  She's convulsing, bound feet drumming against the hall tiles, as his hands grip her ears and yank her closer, determined to squeeze every last inch of himself into her.  She's nearly unconscious by the time her split lips kiss his pubic hair.

It's been only a couple minutes since he started, but the rush of the assault has put his body into high gear, and the feel of her choking throat wrapped around him is too much.  He groans in pleasure as the cum boils up and out, ropy strands unloading directly into her stomach.

Even through her hysteria, she's aware enough to know what he's doing and be disgusted by it.  Disgusted enough that bile rises up in immediate response and spills out around his cock as he pulls out, spattering the floor.

He barely notices the mess, his attention focused on his dick, still rock hard.  He took some black market drugs before he came over, triple the recommended dosage.  He knows from experience that he'll be sore for a week afterward, but for the next few hours, he won't have to worry about going soft.

He forces her back down onto her knees and shoves her head against the floor, rubbing it into the puddle of cum and vomit.  Throat hoarse, she knows better than to waste time asking forgiveness or mercy, instead begging him only to put on a condom, but it's not her cunt that holds his interest right now.  He pulls her skirt down just far enough to expose her butt crack, and rips off the thin pair of cotton panties that make up her last meager line of defense.  His fingers dig into her ass cheeks, the flesh almost feverishly hot to the touch, as his dick seeks out her asshole.  She's tight back there, and even tighter with her legs tied together, but his rod might as well be made of steel.  It forces its way into her bowels, making her scream in agony.

The sound annoys him, so he grabs the torn bits of her panties and stuffs them into her mouth, pushing them in too deep for her to spit out.  Her cries turn into choked gasps as the material blocks her throat, forcing her to breathe in through her broken nose.  He continues to pound her asshole, widening it with every thrust.  Blood and fecal matter leak out around his pistoning cock.

Then he cums, thick bolts of semen firing into her guts.  He doesn't slow down as he ejaculates; he speeds up, her cum filled rectum now easier to move around in.  He hears her whimper as she feels his softened dick already growing harder inside her, realizing that he won't be done with her asshole anytime soon.

By the time a second helping of sperm coats her insides, he's able to shaft her freely, balls slapping against her cheeks, her abused rectum offering no further resistance.   The sphincter muscle that had fought his intrusion at first is now torn and weakened, reduced to a ridge that offers pleasant stimulation with every thrust.

He deposits three more loads of cum into her bowels before his cock finally begins to grow soft and stay that way.  After so many ejaculations, his semen is barely more than a trickle, but there's enough already inside her that when he pulls back, it overflows from her torn asshole and runs down her legs.  He lifts her head up by the hair again; her face is covered with dried blood and cum, and bits of vomit are stuck to her cheek.  The fear and pain in her expression are long gone, replaced by dead eyes that stare into space as he reaches into her mouth and pulls out the soggy panties.

He says nothing, but she obediently opens her mouth and begins to suck him clean.  She does the task slowly, almost tenderly, licking off the blood and shit and cum that mark her brutal violation.  As if returning the favor, he dabs at her face with the ripped underwear, wiping everything away until her features shine with saliva.  There's nothing stopping her from biting him, but there's no fear of that in his mind, and the thought never crosses hers.  She's a broken animal by now, and she knows who her master is.

When they've both finished their tasks, he wads up the panties again and stuffs them back into her mouth, taping it closed with a roll of duct tape retrieved from his pants pocket.  Her nose crinkles at the taste, but she remains still and quiet on her knees while he begins putting his clothes back on.

Once he's fully dressed, he turns to look at her.  “If you're late again, I've been told to come back and issue a sterner notice.  Are we clear?”

She nods, hesitates, then makes a muffled noise.

“If you're trying to say that you paid on time this month, I already know.  You looked like a good fuck, so I told him you were late.  Here's how this works: either I come back here Friday night to find the door unlocked and you tied up in bed wearing something sexy, or next month he'll hear that you were late again.”

He turns to go, putting one hand on the doorknob, but pauses as she makes more noise.  He looks back.  “What is it now?”

She shakes her hands, still zipped behind her.  “What, asking how you're supposed to get yourself out of those?”  She nods again, and he laughs.  “You're not!  I'm just heading out for a quick nap, some dinner, and a few more dick pills, then I'll be back for round two.  You really thought we were finished?  I haven't even tried out your cunt and tits yet, you stupid slag!”

Still chuckling, he opens the door and exits, leaving her quietly sobbing on the floor.

Choice & Consequence (S04)

“In a few minutes,” I told the girl, “I'm going to ask if you would like me to rape your asshole.”

My little chickadee stared back at me in mute terror.  She was a sweet young thing, a high school senior on the way home from cheer leading practice when I'd nabbed her.  I know, I know, there's nothing more cliché than abducting a cheerleader, but if you could see her, you'd understand why I had to do it.  Adorably petite, with that innocent face, some decidedly not innocent curves, and wrapped up in a tight, revealing cheerleader uniform?  It had been love at first sight.

Her looks hadn't been the only reason I'd chosen her, though, nor the biggest.  There was another, very important detail about my catch: she was a twin.  One cheerleader was tempting enough, but two identical ones?  Mmm hmm.

Both girls had become my prisoners a couple days ago, locked up here in separate sound-proofed cells under my house, where they could neither see nor hear the other.  I hadn't fucked this one yet, just given her water and food at irregular intervals, letting her fear and uncertainty fester.  But now I was ready for the next step.

At the moment, she was draped over a wooden sawhorse bolted to the floor, in a perfect position for everything I was hoping to do to her.  She still had the cheerleader uniform on, naturally, minus the panties.  Those delicious tanned legs had been taped to the legs of the horse, leaving her ass high in the air and at just the right height.  I'd cuffed her arms behind her, then pulled them up and tied them to a ceiling beam, which forced her to keep her head up and stare straight ahead.  Finally, I'd taped her mouth shut, so I wouldn't have to worry about any interruptions while I was talking.  She was completely helpless, and she knew it.

I paced around her, enjoying the view.  “I'm sure you can appreciate my dilemma.  Two beautiful sex slaves, each the mirror image of the other, and only one cock to fuck them with.  How's a man supposed to know where to start?  So I figure, why not leave the choice up to you?

“Now, I want you to fully appreciate what will happen to the one who gets chosen, so I'm going to explain exactly what I mean when I talk about raping your asshole.  First of all, I would begin by punishing you for being such a terrible little cunt.

“I'll start with a good spanking, get those pale cheeks of yours glowing.”  I smacked my hands together, and she flinched at the sound.  “That will just be a warmup though, something to make that plump butt look even sexier.  The real pain, that begins when I get out the cane.  Not some thin wussy one either, a real rattan cane.  The kind that leaves scars.  I'm going to tear your cheeks apart, turn them into raw bloody meat.  Fifty years from now, you'll still be remembering my cane every time you sit down.”

As I spoke, I traced my fingers along her backside, imagining the marks that might soon be there.  Her flesh quivered at my touch, the poor girl trying so hard to pull away from me.

“By the time I'm finished, you'll be begging me to just fuck your ass and get it over with, but there's one more little step.”  Now back at her front, I showed her the rod in my hand and switched it on.   She stared at it fearfully but blankly, until the tip began to glow red.  Then her eyes widened with understanding, and she began to scream through the gag.

The sound made me grin.  I was expecting her to do plenty more screaming today, but there's always something special about that first one.  “That's right, pet, you'll be getting branded!  I had it specially made for girls like you.  When I press this against your anal ring, oh!  You'll be certain the Devil's own hardon is knocking at the door.  It'll leave a nasty burn, making our later fun even more painful, but that's not the real attraction.  The mark it will leave behind is.  'TRAINED FUCK HOLE'... that will be seared in a permanent circle around your asshole.  A premature statement, I know, but under my watch your butt will soon live up to it.”

I brought the branding iron close to her ass, letting her feel its heat.  The sawhorse creaked slightly as my captive thrashed as hard as she could, muffled words of panic already pouring out of her taped lips.  I bent down and softly shushed her until she quieted down, then whispered my next words into her ear.  “For the rest of your life, every lover you have will know your secret.  They'll see what we did here today, and know that your sweet asshole will be the best ride they'll ever have.”  I gently stroked her hair.  “Oh sure, they'll act nice.  They'll be chock full of kindness and sympathy, telling you what a terrible ordeal this must have been, how you didn't deserve such a traumatic experience.  But know that in their head, they'll always be wondering what it would feel like.

“Every time they fuck your pussy, every time you suck their dicks, they'll be imagining your asshole instead.   And you know what, darling?  Eventually just imagining it won't be enough.  They'll find an excuse, any excuse, to get inside.  Maybe they'll try to convince you that doing anal on your own terms would be a kind of therapy.  Maybe they'll try to get you drunk enough to say yes to anything. Or maybe they'll realize that they can just push you down and take it, whether you like it or not.  But one way or another, they'll end up balls deep in that hole, and when they do, and they discover it's everything they hoped for, they'll be thanking me.”

The look on her face was sheer poetry.  I straightened up and began pacing again.

“Now where were we?  Right, the branding.  After the preliminaries are out of the way, it will be time to get down to business.  If we were lovers, I would be slow and gentle, with plenty of lube to ease the way for both of us.  Anything more could result in permanent damage to your rectum.  But I'm not your lover, sweetie.  I'm your nightmare.  And that means I'm just gonna ram my dick into your poor anus as hard and fast as I can from the get-go, and the only lube you'll be getting is your own blood and shit.  It'll be rough on me too, but I've buttfucked enough dry anal virgins down here to know it it'll be worth all the pain.

“Don't think you're going to be able to just lay there and take it, though.  If all I was after was a hole to stick my cock into, I'd buy a fleshlight.  No, my new fucktoy's going to be working very hard to get me off.  Wiggling your ass, shaking your hips, squeezing down with your rectal muscles... you'll be doing absolutely everything you can think of to increase my pleasure.”  I stroked her open palms, turned up towards the ceiling.

“And you're going to be doing all this because every time you slack off, I'm going to break a finger.  I expect I'll have to a break at least a couple from the beginning, just to get your attention.  And then I'll have to break more along the way, as exhaustion starts to affect your performance.  If you're a quick learner, you might still have some fingers intact by the time I cum, but most girls don't.”

I kneaded her soft ass cheeks, soaking in the fear and revulsion coming off of her in waves.  “I'm in no hurry, so it's going to be a long, long assfuck.  My record is three hours, though that was with a girl so loose I could double fist her.  A tight virgin like you, I'll probably last an hour, maybe a little longer if I put my mind to it.  An hour of good old fashioned butt busting.

“My goal, just so you know, is stretch your sphincter so wide that it can never fully recover.  For the rest of your life, every time you take a loose dump, every time you wake up with brown stains on your sheets, every time you find yourself having to clench your muscles to stop from shitting your pants, you'll think of this day and how you ended up with my fat prick ruining your asshole.”  She made a noise like a small animal and I couldn't help a chuckle.

“Of course, eventually I'll finish, and all your hard work will be rewarded with a few blasts of hot jizz, pumped deep into your guts where they belong.  And even though I'm telling you this in advance, when I finally pull my dick out of the gaping maw that used to be your anus, you're going to feel relieved.  Some part of you will think 'it's over, oh thank God, it's over'.  They all do.

“It never lasts too long, though.  Not once I introduce them to cleaning time.  Your tongue will go to work licking every last trace of shit, blood and cum off of me.  You'll be tempted to bite, but I've got a pair of pliers ready if they're needed.  Some of the girls I've had down here never lost a tooth, and some were nothing but gums before their first day was up, but all of them were good little cocksuckers and cock cleaners eventually.

“And when you're done, when you've finished tongue bathing my cock and thanked me for the privilege, it'll be time for that busy mouth to work on getting me hard again, so we can start all over.  We've got enough time for at least four or five good fucks today.  And then there's tomorrow, and the day after that, and all the days to follow, until I get bored with you.”

I kissed her softly on her taped lips, tasting the salt of her tears.  “Are you ready for all that, sweetness?  Are you going to recommend that I turn you into my buttfucked whore?”  I pulled a photo out of my pocket and showed it to her.  It was her twin sister, in a room almost exactly like this one, bound to a sawhorse just like she was.

“Now, here comes the question, and I want you to think about it carefully.  Should I do this to you, just the way I described, or should I go into the next room and do it all to your sister instead?”

It didn't take her long to respond after I peeled the duct tape off.  “Her!  Her!  Do it to Danielle!  Just not me, please!  Please please, just let me go!  You can do whatever you want to her!”

I nodded sagely.  “I expected nothing less.  It's the only sensible choice to make, after all.  Who wouldn't give up someone else, even their own sister, to spare themselves so much torture?”

I knelt down and stroked her face.  “There's just one small problem, babe: your sister isn't here anymore.  See, when I gave her this very same spiel yesterday, and asked her the same question I gave you, she volunteered herself to take the abuse.  And that's why she's now back at home, a little shaken up but otherwise unhurt.  You, on the other hand, are about to have your asshole turned inside out.”

She started to cry and plead, but I wasn't interested in hearing any of it, so I put the duct tape back on.  It really was a shame her twin sister had been so altruistic; I'd been hoping to enjoy both of them.  But there was no helping it.  I'd just have to be twice as sadistic to this one to make up for it.  “I'm going to make sure you remember this day forever,” I told her, “and most of all, you're going to remember that it happened because you were willing to sacrifice someone else.  If you ask me, someone like that deserves a spanking.  Why don't we get started?”

There Once Was a Girl From Podunk (S05)

There once was a girl from Podunk,

Offered a ride while walking home drunk.

He seemed very nice,

So she didn't think twice,

But she ended up locked in his trunk.

Limbs bound, she now lies on his floor,

Where he tells her that she'll be his whore.

He'll teach her to suck

And he'll teach her to fuck.

She'll drain his balls and then beg for more.

But this girl is a fiery one,

And though she's tied up with nowhere to run,

She answers his leer

With a proud angry sneer,

And asks haughtily “Are you quite done?”

“You think I'll just do what you say?

For starters, you moron, I'm gay!

Serve your smelly prick?

Ugh, don't make me sick!

I'd rather eat shit any day!”

Yes, this girl is a lesbian.

And what's more, the type who hates men.

Thinks they're ugly and gross,

And oh so often she'd boast

About not having a single male friend.

“You've never known a man's touch on your skin?

What luck!  To have found a virgin!

Dildos don't count;

I'm your first real mount.

And that thought makes me itch to begin.”

At this, a hint of fear shows.

For his claim is more true than he knows.

She much prefers licks

Over cheap plastic dicks,

So even those have not touched her holes.

Still, she vows to resist to the end,

That he won't make her iron will bend.

“You've made a mistake,

If you think that I'll break!”

And with that, into hell she descends.

He starts out by fucking her face,

While an o-ring keeps her jaws in place.

He thrusts with his hips

Past those cherry red lips,

Until he's in all the way to the base.

He hasn't washed down there in weeks.

And is quite proud of just how much he reeks.

Says “That kind of chore:

just what a slave's mouth is for,”

And scrubs himself off with her tongue and her cheeks.

When he cums, most goes down her throat,

But her mouth also gets a thick coat.

“Didn't want it to waste.

You'll soon love the taste.

And if not?  Well, you don't get a vote.”

She curses when the ring gag comes off.

That is, she tries, but instead she just coughs.

She can still taste his meat

While he grabs her by the feet,

And starts dragging her up to the loft.

Her virginity is taken soon after,

With him panting and humping atop her.

She's tied to his bed,

Trying her best to glare him dead,

Before he can fill her with his baby batter.

Her tight hole overwhelmed by his size,

Lines of blood trickle down on her thighs.

“Are you having fun yet?

Bet you're already wet!”

He taunts as he savors his prize.

She groans when she feels the warm glow

Of his semen gushing in her below.

He laughs at her disgust

And gives one last good thrust,

Shooting his cum as deep as it'll go.

His abuse has sent her spirit reeling,

And she just stares blankly up at the ceiling.

Hot sticky juice

In a hole that's gone loose.

She never dreamed that she'd know that feeling.

She's not sure she can take any more,

And then a finger penetrates her backdoor.

“Let's stretch out this butt,

You'll love it, you slut!”,

He says as she's put on all fours.

It's the last straw.  She begs for a pass.

“I'll do anything!  Just please, not my ass!”

But her words are ignored

And her anus is gored.

There's no mercy for this lesbian lass.

He's in heaven as he breaks in her butt.

Waist a blur, slaps her cunt with his nuts.

With no possible escape

From this horrible rape,

She sobs as he churns up her guts.

She's broken, it's plain to see,

As she resorts to such desperate pleas.

“I'll be a good slave!

I swear to behave!

Just please stop torturing me!

“I'll spend all night sucking your cock!

Pound my pussy til I can't even walk!

Your eager slave dyke

Will do whatever you like!

I'm your whore!  Your toy!  Your cum sock!”

“So let's see: you'll do what I say,

But only if you get your way?

Well, all I want is to cum

In your sweet virgin bum,

So I'll pass on your offer, okay?”

There's nothing she can do then but wait,

While he enjoys ruining her anal gate.

The blood on his dick

Has made her hole slick,

And he shafts her at ever faster rates.

At long last he fills her with sperm.

His hot seed in her bowels makes her squirm.

She sighs in relief,

But the feeling is brief,

For impossibly, his cock is still firm.

“Oh, you don't have to fret over this,”

As he gives her forehead a quick kiss.

“This was lots of fun,

But play time is done.

All I want now is to piss.”

“Will I need the ring gag for my pet?

Or will she willingly be my toilet?

It's all up to you,

Either way will do.

Just don't spill, or I'll get quite upset.”

Defeated, she meekly opens wide,

And soon all of his piss is inside.

Before he can frown,

She gulps it all down,

Her fear far outweighing her pride.

“I see you're learning a lot from your stay.

And to think: it's only the first day!

After a year or three

Of living with me,

No command will you ever disobey.”

She cries for the rest of the night,

Because she knows in her heart he is right.

That it's already too late

To change her poor fate.

Her grim future is clearly in sight.

As the days turn to weeks turn to years,

She finds plenty more reasons for tears.

Abused every day,

And in so many ways,

Her development carefully steered.

“A slave smiles while she sucks on my pole!

A slave rides me with her lower holes!

And when I'm done in her bung,

I'm licked clean by her tongue!”

These sort of lessons he carves in her soul.

“Yes sir, I love the taste of your prick!

Yes sir, please let me please your dick!

And if a single speck of shit

Is missed by my spit,
Please give your dumb bitch a good kick!”

Of her old self, there's no longer a trace.

She's thoroughly been taught her new place.

A slut on her knees

Who is eager to please,

That's the role she's been forced to embrace.

He doesn't mind that her words are all lies,

Or that each night she prays that he'll die.

She's learned how to suck

And she's learned how to fuck,

So who cares if there's hate in her eyes?

Even now, she's spreading her legs in his bunk.

Pretending to cum while he pumps her with spunk.

And that's how she'll stay

'Til the end of her days,

That man hating dyke from Podunk.

Make Her Scream (S06)

Act natural.

Open the door and let her in.  Give her a hug, tell her she looks beautiful today.  Doesn't she just?     College life is treating her well.  Looks like even the dreaded “freshman 15” was no match for her; if she's gained any weight at all, it's gone towards filling out her figure.

Don't do anything yet.  Just make some small talk for now.  Compliment her on that new hair dye: the streak of bubblegum pink looks great against her blonde hair.  Did she always wear it cropped that short, or is that new too?  Either way, it looks fantastic.

Ask her how classes are going.  Is she doing well in the dorm?  Tell her Mom's away on business.  Keep eating your dinner, and don't forget to smile.  This is just another weekend visit from your daughter right now.

Your hands are shaking.  Try to relax.  There's no need to be nervous.  I'm going to walk you through this every step of the way.  We're a team, you and me.

Help her with the dishes.

Are you ready?  It's time.  Tell her you have something important to show her, and then lead her into the bedroom.

The poor girl looks confused.  Unzip your pants, and pull out your dick.  Order her to kneel and suck.

Don't let her get away!  Tackle her before she gets to the door.  She's a squirmer, but you've got sixty pounds on her.  Put them to good use.  That's it, pin her down with your legs.  Now you can use the duct tape in your back pocket to bind her hands behind her.

There's a spreader bar under the bed, right in arm's reach.  Sit on her back and tape her ankles to it, one at a time.  See, now she's helpless.  You can relax, stand up, get her onto her knees.

Tell her that if she doesn't open her mouth and suck you, you'll be forced to beat her black and blue.

Aww, she doesn't believe you.  Look at that angry pout.  Lips pressed closed, determined to disobey.  Tell her she's being a very bad girl.  Tell her she deserves this.

You're going to have to do this the hard way.  Backhand her across the face.

Again.  Isn't that shocked expression something?  Even after tying her up, she didn't really think that you would strike her.  Show her how wrong she was.  Use your fists now, and don't go easy on her.  For the next sixty seconds, make her face your punching bag.

Keep going.  Remind her that this can't end until she opens her mouth for you.

And stop.  She was beautiful before, but now... now she's exquisite.  Both eyes swollen up and glistening with tears.  Nose broken in several places.  A nasty cut on the cheek where your wedding ring caught the skin.  And that sweet mouth, lips split and bleeding, stretched wide open.

Don't go sticking your dick in just yet, though.  First take the o-ring out from the nightstand drawer, top shelf.  See how her eyes widen, how she's trying not to let you put it on her?  She wasn't really ready to obey yet, just hoping to turn the tables with a solid bite.

That's okay.  There will plenty of time to break her spirit later.  All that matters right now is getting those lips around your cock, and she's got no way to stop you anymore.  Strap the o-ring in place behind her head, then rub your dick all over her face.  Mop up some of that blood and tears, so that she can taste them in a second.

You couldn't help getting hard, could you?  Time for some fun.  Hold her head still with both hands, and slide your dick right into that waiting mouth.

What a wonderful gagging sound she makes.  Must not have much experience sucking dick.  Tell her that she's going to need a lot of practice at this.  Tell her that Mommy left you a few days ago, and you're done putting up with selfish bitches.  You've decided it's now your daughter's job to keep your balls drained, and you expect her to come back home every weekend to tend to her new duties.

Even gagged and with a mouth full of dick, she's still trying to talk.  What do you suppose all that gibberish is meant to be?  Trying to reason with you, beg for mercy?  Sounds a little angrier than that, though.  Either way, her mouth must feel great, but there's barely any of you in there.  No need to hold back.  Her throat will fight you at first, but just keep pushing, and it will loosen.

There it goes.  Keep going deeper.  Don't worry about how she's going to breathe.  If she passes out, she passes out.  Don't stop until your balls are on her chin.

Good, you're all the way in.  Hold there.  You hear that retch?  That means you're doing it right.  Pull back, let her get a little air.  Not too much, push back in.  It's a lot easier this time, isn't it?  Plug her throat until you hear that retch again.

Keep going like that.  Tell her that Mommy was a frigid bitch who never let you do anything like this.  Tell her that you're going to make sure your daughter doesn't grow up the same way.  Warn her if that she pukes on your dick, she's going to be very sorry.

And now make her puke.  Just keep doing what you're doing.  She can't hold out forever.

There she goes!  Looked like she really was trying not to, but that's no excuse.  Push her head against the floor, rub it against the mess she made.  Call her a disgusting pig.

Tell her you don't want her gross puke face anywhere near your cock anymore.  Tell her you know a slut like her must be getting passed around at all the frat parties, so you're not going to waste your time on her loose, worn out pussy either.  Tell her she's left you no choice but to fuck her ass.

Without a dick to stop her up, she's got quite a mouth on her, doesn't she?   Some girls in her situation would beg or cry, but she'd rather tell you to go fuck yourself.  That's good.  That's very good.  Spirited girls are always the most fun to tame.

Pick her up and dump her onto the bed, on her knees.  Push her face into the pillows and take a good look at her butt.  Doesn't that look nice?  Sweet and plump and at a perfect height for plowing.  And God, the way she's swishing it back and forth, trying to avoid what she knows will be coming?  She must have no idea how sexy that looks.

Don't want to fuck her ass just yet?  That's smart thinking.  It's been a few minutes since you really made her hurt, and frequent abuse is a vital part of breaking a bitch.  Sit on her head to keep her in place, then take off your belt and make those creamy cheeks glow.

Wasn't that a satisfying sound?  And check out the red mark it left, standing out against the pale skin.  Do it again.  Do you like the way she shudders beneath you each time?  She's trying not to scream.  Keep giving her plenty of reasons to.

See if you can land a hit right on her asshole.  It's not an easy target, not while her hips are bobbing like that.  But there's no rush.

That's one!  Made her buck real good.  Tell her you're going to keep smacking her until you land two more hits there.  You want her shithole hot and swollen when you fuck it.  Tell her she can keep squirming and getting hit over and over, or she can be a good girl for Daddy by staying still so you can beat her asshole.

No surprise she's not listening yet.  A beating has to sound better than anal rape.  What your stubborn daughter hasn't accepted yet is that she's going to get both from you before the night's over.

But her resistance doesn't really matter.  All you have to do is keep hitting her.  Right arm getting tired?  Switch to the left.  Remind her that the two of you have all night, and your erection's not getting any softer.  It's true, too; you've been rock hard this entire time.

Looks like she's finally realized she wasn't doing herself any favors.  That sexy swaying may have stopped, but her butt's looking more delicious than ever.  There's no white left in those cheeks, just angry red skin, bruised and welted.  It's hard to see, but there's even a few trickles of blood where the metal buckle caught her just right.

Give her a good wallop, as hard as you can, right on her left cheek.  Again.

Tell her it's not enough for her to hold still.  Tell her that her asshole is just too small a target right now, and she needs to make it bigger if she wants you to warm it up properly.  Tell her to reach back with those bound hands and pull her cheeks apart with her fingers so you can see what you're aiming at.

It's okay if she doesn't comply at first.  Just keep hitting her cheeks.  Make sure not to swing anywhere near her asshole.

And there she goes.  One puckered asshole in full view.  You know what to do.  Make both strikes count.

Very good.  It's swelling up nicely already.  Ask her if she's ready to be assfucked now, or if she'd rather play with the belt some more.

No response.   That must mean she wants the belt.  Give it to her.  Then ask her if she's ready to be assfucked.

Hit her again.  Ask her again.

Hit her again.  Remind her that you've got all weekend for this.  Ask her again.

Tell her that 'yes' is not a good enough answer.  She needs to be very explicit about what she's agreeing to.  Hit her again.  Ask her again.

Finally.  See how easy this is?  All it takes is a few threats, a bit of pain, and your innocent daughter is spreading her cheeks and begging you to fuck her ass.  Tell her to keep her hands in place.  Even stretched out like that, her anus is so swollen by now that you'd have trouble getting a pin in there.  It will be harder to make progress than her throat was, but the vomit and spit on your dick will be more than enough lube.

Same principle as before, push and don't stop.  It's going to hurt a lot for you too, but that anal ring can't hold out forever.

That's it, keep up the pressure.  It's starting to give.

And that's the head in.  You like that warm, soft paradise it's found?  That's your daughter's asshole, and it belongs to you now.

Boy, she can be a real screamer when she wants to.  What's that she's saying?  'Save me Mommy'?  Remind her that if Mommy was here, Daddy wouldn't need to tear open his little girl's asshole in the first place.  Tell that if she hadn't been a disgusting puke faced whore, she could have gotten away with just sucking your dick.

Tell her that you're glad Mommy left.  Tell her that you've been fantasizing about her since she was sixteen.  Tell her that even when Mommy was still around and you fucked her on this very bed, it was always your daughter you were imagining being inside.  Tell her reality is so much better than you ever dreamed.

Push your cock all the way in.  Take your time with it.  Enjoy the warm pulsing her guts make around you.  When you've had enough, slide back out, and feel the way her swollen anal ring will hug your shaft as it passes by.  You can train her to do that voluntarily later, but the belt was a good shortcut.

Tell her that this is another thing her mother never let you try.  Tell that she should be grateful for that; if Mommy's pooper had felt half this good, she would never have gotten pregnant in the first place.

Alright, a couple more slow strokes to loosen her up.  Only a couple.  Ready?  You're going to be almost as sore as she is after this, but it will feel more than worth it.

Do it.  Fuck her hard.

Come on, you can do better than that.  Pound that tight asshole with everything you've got.  Ream your bitch out so good she'll never shit properly again.  Grab those fat tits for leverage, really make her feel it.

Faster.  Harder.  Don't let up.  She'll get no relief until you've hosed her bowels down with cum.  Give it to her.

Yeah, just like that.  Just like that.

It must have felt amazing, huh?  I didn't tell you to pull her hair when you came.  You must have wanted to get in deeper, shoot your load as far into her guts as you could.  You're a natural.

But look at what a mess she's made of your dick.  It's looking red and painful too, but that's not important.  Flip her onto her back, and show her the vomit and blood and shit and semen smeared all over you because of her.  Tell her she needs to clean it up, but not before she's been punished.

Pick the belt back up.  Apply it to those big perky tits.

That ass reaming you gave her really seems to have improved her attitude.  Already begging for the opportunity to clean you.  Don't stop belting her tits, and remind her that you haven't forgotten about the puke.  Tell her those lips don't get to touch your dick until they've gotten a piss bath.

She's a quick learner.  Did you ever imagine you'd get to hear your own daughter asking you to piss on her face?  Don't keep her waiting.

You can do it.  I know it's never easy to do on command, but you had a lot to drink at dinner.  Just try to relax and think of flowing water.

There it goes.  Spray her whole face down.  Give her some to drink too.

Time for that tongue bath.  Take the o-ring out before she gets started.  She'll know better than to bite by now, and her mouth will feel even better with her lips wrapped tight around you.  Tell her she has exactly one minute to suck all the grime off, or she'll be in for more pain.

Look at her go.  She's developing a very healthy fear of you.

Time's up.  Your dick's already getting hard again, but pull it out of that warm mouth for now.  She's done a good job; both head and shaft have been spit shined to perfection.

But now show her the filth still stuck to your balls.  Oh, look at that beautiful expression.  She knows she's fucked up.  Tell her she has to be punished for being such a lazy bitch.

Reject her pleas to lick your balls clean.  Tell her there will be plenty of time for that after.

She's expecting the belt again, but that's old hat.  Can't keep punishing a slave the same way, or they'll get jaded.  Tie the belt around her neck instead, then loop it around the headboard.  Now she can't move much without choking herself.  She needs to be taught that there's worse kinds of pain than a bit of leather.  There's a few special items in the nightstand, bottom drawer, for this. 

Have you ever used a piercing needle before?

Let her see it coming.  Look at her squirm, looking for an escape that's not here.  Listen to all the things she's promising you now, all the wonderful dirty things she'll do for you if you'd only put it down.  But you're not going to put it down.

Pinch her tongue between your fingers and draw it out.  It's slippery, so you'll have to dig in with your fingernails.  Don't be afraid to draw blood.

Remind her that if she doesn't stop struggling, you might rip a gash in her tongue by accident.  That quieted her down.  The rest is simple now.  Just pick a spot that looks good, and stick the needle in.

That looked like it hurt.

Time to put the stud in.  Feel how smooth it is on your fingers?  Just think of how good that will feel on your dick.

Doesn't that look sexy?  But it's not time to try it out yet.  Tell her she has two more piercings to go.

She must really be exhausted by now.   She barely even tried to argue.  It's almost a shame to mutilate those beautiful nipples, but we all have to make sacrifices.

Put those big silver rings on them.  They're just the right size to hook a finger in and give her tits a nice tug.  Go ahead, try it.  You like how it makes her whimper?

Why don't you give her new jewelry a test run?  Tell her you're almost ready to give her a break for a while, but first you want to fuck those titties.  Ask her if she'd do that for you if you untaped her hands.

A nice, eager nod.  She's coming along very well.  Go ahead and free her hands.  She's not going anywhere with that belt around her neck.

Lay your dick on her chest.  Her tits are starting to bruise from their earlier run in with the belt, so they must be extra hot and inviting right now.

She's not wasting any time massaging your shaft with her breasts, but she's not doing it right.  Smack her hands away.  Tell her that these tits belong to you now, and she doesn't get to touch them.  Tell her to use the rings instead.

Oh, what a sweet sight that is!  Her thumbs hooked into her new rings, shaking her hands back and forth to scrub her tits against your shaft.  Look at her face.  See that desperate, pleading look?  She's not just doing the bare minimum to get by.  No, she's genuinely trying to make you happy.  She's learned that the only way to avoid more pain is to be the best slave she can be.

Ask her how many men have fucked her pussy already.  Uh oh, she stopped moving her hands.  That calls for another good smack across the face.

Three men, huh?  That's not bad.  Ask her if she's good at using her pussy.

'I guess' is not an answer.  Smack her again and repeat the question.

Tell her you're about to find out if she's lying.  Ask her if she'd rather be fucked in her cunt or her ass from now on.

Didn't take her long to answer that one.  Tell her that you're going to fuck her cunt now, and that it's her job to make the experience even better than her asshole.  Her ass is already tighter, so if she can't make up for that, you'll never have a reason to use her sloppy twat instead.

Bring her legs up, up, up, until the spreader bar is at the top of the headboard.  Tape it into place and admire the view.  Her asshole looks completely different than it did an hour ago, huh?  No more puckered, tight hole for her; that looks more like a gaping stab wound.  Stick a finger in and swirl around a little, pick up some of that blood and cum that's leaking out.  Good, now offer it to her.  Mmm, she didn't even need to be told to suck it clean.

And above that ruined asshole is her pink untouched cunt.  She's even shaved herself down there.  Thank her for that.  Check if she's damp at all.  No?  I guess she's not a secret masochist.  But dryness doesn't really matter.  The only lube a slave ever needs is her spit on your dick, and there's already plenty of that.

Remind her that this is the only chance she'll get to impress you.  Tell her that if her twat isn't warm, tight, and welcoming, you'll just pull out and switch to her ass, and never give her slutty cunt another try.

Stop.  I want you to just take a minute, and listen to the beautiful things your daughter is saying right now.  Did you ever think you'd get to hear her promising that you'll love her pussy?  Did you ever, in your wildest dreams, imagine her begging for the opportunity to ride you?  It's amazing what a little persuasion can get you.

Well, might as well dig in and see if she's telling the truth.  I know, I know, your cock must ache like hell by now.  No need for self abuse this time; you can be as gentle as you want about this.  Just have fun with it.

Oh my, looks like she wasn't all talk, was she?  Even though she's in pain, she's thrusting her hips up towards you, fucking your dick as hard as the bondage will allow her.  And from the way her stomach muscles are trembling, I can tell she's doing her best to milk you.

And look at you go.  Your sore cock doesn't seem to be bothering you one bit, not when compared to everything else it's feeling right now.  You've found a little piece of heaven inside her, haven't you?

Enjoy it.  There's nothing quite like that first time.

Don't forget to give her tits some attention.  Knead those red melons and ask her if she likes her new piercings.  'Yes, Daddy', huh?  The perfect response.

Ask her if she wants you to pierce her clit later.  Another 'yes Daddy'.  Oh, that is one well broken bitch you've got there.  Some of that will wear off over time, but tonight that daughter of yours knows she's nothing more than Daddy's fucktoy.  No matter what happens after this, the lesson in obedience you've given her will never be forgotten.

Go ahead and cum when you're ready.  You've both earned it.

Well done.

Alright, you both look exhausted.  I think we're just about done here.  Tape her hands back up so she won't be tempted to try anything funny, then head into the bathroom.  Close the door behind you.

Once we're done talking, flush this earpiece down the toilet.  After that, you'll be on your own.  Don't try and remove any of the recording devices.  If we see you interfering with any of them, or breaking character around your daughter, your wife will be coming home in a body bag.

As long as you keep playing along, we'll send her back safe and sound in a few days, and then you can tell what's left of your daughter the truth, if that's what you want.  If I were you, I'd enjoy this time while it lasts.  You haven't even gotten to try out that tongue stud yet.

I'd put your wife on the line so she can tell you how she's doing, but she's been very busy sucking me off this entire time, and I think the poor woman's jaw deserves a break, don't you?

One second.  Did I tell you to stop, you dumb bitch?!  Yeah, I know what I just said!  You stop when I say stop, and not a moment sooner!  Get back to work, you stupid fucking retard, before I stuff my fist up your shitter again!

Sorry about that.  Anyway, she's doing just great.  A bit stubborn at first, like mother, like daughter, but we know all about showing bitches their place.  By the time we're finished, you won't even recognize her.

Oh, stop crying.  We're doing you a favor, really.  There's plenty of men out there who would kill for the opportunity to have both a sexy MILF and a stunning nineteen year old as their submissive fucktoys.  So what if they used to be your loving family?

Anyway, the night is still young.  I should let you get back to turning your precious little girl into a used up piece of meat.  For your wife's sake, I hope you can think up some good ways to torture her.

Now go back out there and make her scream.

A Gambling Man (S07)

Natalie stared at Daniel, her face an icy mask.  “What did you just say?” she asked, biting off each word.

Daniel repeated his offer in the same mild tone.  “I'll give you the money if you let me fuck your ass.”

“You... repulsive man,” she said, standing up from the restaurant table.  Her thick Eastern European accent did nothing to hide the anger in her voice.  “I am not some prostitute for you to bargain sexual favors with!”

“No, you're not a whore,” he agreed.  “Not yet.  But when your next rent payment is due, and a lady as beautiful as you finds herself homeless and unemployed?  Maybe you'll start considering a new career.”

Natalie was beautiful.  It wasn't the over polished look of a movie star, but she possessed a certain grace about her, an air of refinement that always made Daniel feel like he was in the presence of royalty.  That's why for years he'd privately thought of her as a strawberry-blonde princess, while she thought of him as... well, he doubted she thought of him as anything at all.  They'd never been more than co-workers, not even friends, and after she'd been laid off last year, he'd never expected to see her again.

And then, out of the blue, she'd contacted Daniel to invite him out to dinner.  He had to admit, it hadn't taken him long to say yes.  He'd spent the entire afternoon concocting fantasies of her confessing her secret love for him.

The truth turned out to be far more mundane.  She'd been unable to find work, and her unemployment benefits weren't enough to live on, leaving her unable to pay her bills.  And now that her unemployment was running out, she was getting desperate.  Since she knew Daniel was moderately wealthy, it wasn't too surprising she'd come begging to him.

Oh, she hadn't asked for money outright, of course.  No, she'd danced around the subject the entire meal, telling him how close she was to getting a job, how everything would work out if she could only find a way to stay afloat for a few more months, and so on.  Natalie painted herself as a damsel in distress, opening the door for him to gallantly step up and save her.

Daniel wasn't big on gallant.  But he loved desperate women.

“Fifty thousand dollars,” he told her slowly, rolling the words in his mouth, and saw a flash of hunger in Natalie's eyes.  “Enough money to live on for at least a couple years, if you're frugal.  More than enough time to find work.  Isn't that worth a single unpleasant evening?”

She hesitated, and he knew then that he had her.  There had been a good chance she'd just storm out of the restaurant.  Plenty of women wouldn't agree to this kind of offer no matter how much money was on the table.  But she was considering it, and that meant she was trying to find some way to rationalize accepting it.

“Not my... not back there,” she finally said with distaste.  “I have never... that is unsanitary and disgusting.  Is there nothing else that I... that I could do?”

“Offer's final,” Daniel said flatly, and decided to gamble a little.  He stood up, shaking his head.  “If you're not interested, fine.  No skin off my nose.  Have a nice life.”

Her hand shot out and grabbed his wrist before he could turn to walk away.  “One hundred thousand,” she said quietly.  For a long moment they stared at each other, her expression pleading, his calculatedly blank..  Then Daniel gently removed her hand and sat back down.

“You think your ass is worth a hundred thousand dollars?”  Natalie flushed red as she rejoined him at the table, but it wasn't entirely anger.  He realized then that some small part of her was into this.  She'd never admit it, even to herself, but deep down the idea of getting paid for sex, of being a whore, excited her.  Even if it was anal.  Maybe especially if it was anal.

That gave him an idea.  “Why don't we bet on it?”

She gave him a wary look.  “What kind of... bet?”

He answered her unease with an eager grin.  “The fun kind.  See, I think that prim exterior of yours is just an act.  I think that if I open up your backdoor, I'm going to find a horny anal slut waiting.”

Natalie's lip curled up in disgust, and she tensed, as if getting ready to stand up again.  “You know nothing about me.”

“Then prove it.  If you really want a hundred thousand dollars...” His grin grew wider.  “All you'll have to do is not cum while I'm fucking your ass.  If it's really as horrible an experience as you claim it will be, then that should be no trouble at all.  And if you lose, we'll call it even, so there's no risk on your end.  Either you receive a fortune, or get butt fucked to happy land.  Either way sounds like a win for you.”

“I... I am not going to wager that kind of money on something so ridiculous!” she sputtered.

“See, what I'm hearing is, you don't want to do this because you know...” Daniel leaned in close, his tone hushed and intimate.  “You know that from the moment you feel my fat prick sliding into your tight butt, you're already going to be halfway to heaven, right?”

Her blush deepened, and she shook with barely contained rage, but he already knew how she would answer.  To turn down this bet at this point would mean acknowledging that he was right, that she might enjoy the experience.  Natalie had always been a prideful one, and that pride wouldn't let her back down now.

“Fine,” she all but growled.  “But I need assurances that you will pay me.  And that you won't claim I.. that I finished when... when I did not.  I am no fool.”

Daniel relaxed back in his seat.  This was the easy part.  “Of course you're not.  And don't worry about being cheated.  I'll have the entire sum of money transferred to your account in advance.  Afterward, it will be up to you to send the money back if you lose our bet.  Does that seem fair?”

Her face lit up with greed, and he hastened to add, “Naturally, I won't transfer the funds until the night in question, when we have met up again.  You'll have the opportunity to confirm the transfer, and then we'll get down to business.”

Natalie scowled.  “You think that I would run off with the money, is that it?”

He spread in hands in appeal.  “I think I'm offering a reasonable method to ensure that we both get what we want.”  Daniel smiled again.  “Do we have a deal?”

They met again a week later.  The money transfer went smoothly, with only a slight hiccup when she saw that the hundred grand had been sent to her from an unnamed offshore account.

“You are hiding your money,” she said in a disapproving tone.

Daniel shrugged nonchalantly.  “If I wasn't richer than I looked, do you think I could afford to pay this much money for, let's be honest, maybe a half hour of fun?”

Natalie frowned, but didn't press the point.

Most of the evening was pleasant and uneventful.  He took her out to dinner again, and they made small talk.  Natalie seemed determined to make no mention at all about what was going to happen later, and he saw no reason to bring it up himself.

A few hours later they were in Daniel's home.  Natalie's composure had grown a little shaky now that the promised time was drawing near, but she still had that inexplicable grace.  They had a couple drinks, made some more small talk, and then he led her to the bedroom.

Her face darkened when she saw the ropes.  “This was no part of our deal,” she accused.

He gave her an easy smile.  He'd been expecting her to raise a bit of a fuss, but she was in too deep to back out now.  “The deal was that I get your ass any way I want, and this is how I want.  It's not my fault that anal and bondage go together like peanut butter and chocolate.  If you really can't handle a little rope, now's the time to stop.  Just transfer back the money and we'll call it a night.”

Her scowl didn't fade, but she began taking off her clothes.  Natalie made no attempt to be sexy or teasing while doing it, just removed one article at a time until she stood before him, nude.  Daniel let his eyes drink in the sight of her.  Long limbs with pale skin that seemed to glow in the lamplight.  Small, pert breasts over a flat stomach, with a little patch of strawberry-blonde fuzz below.

She flinched back when he first reached for her, then relaxed and passively let him get her into position.  He had her sit at the front of the bed, then tied her legs to the bed posts one at a time, leaving her spread wide with her butt nearly hanging off the edge.  He pulled her hands up over her head and secured them by the headboard, which had the lovely effect of pushing her chest up.  Daniel gently slid a finger into the hole he would soon be exploring.  It was as tight as he'd imagined, a hot vise that gripped his digit.

Natalie grunted at the intrusion, but said nothing.  Her eyes were fixed on the ceiling, no doubt trying to mentally distance herself from what was going on.  Daniel left her to it, and worked on adding a second finger.

Once he judged she was ready,  he squirted some Astroglide into his hand and began spreading it onto his shaft.  Natalie raised her head to watch.  “Y-you are not going to wear a condom?” she asked, the crack in her voice betraying her fear.

“I wasn't planning on it, no.  I'm clean, and I trust you are too, and it's not like there's a risk of pregnancy.  I'll put one on if you want, but I'll warn you now, it will take me a lot longer to finish if I'm not riding bareback.”

“I... ”  It was clear from her expression that she hated the idea of him not wearing one, but did she hate it more than the idea of him lasting longer?  “No... just get it over with...” she mumbled finally, gaze returning to the ceiling.

Daniel finished lubing up his dick, then rubbed what was left of the Astroglide around her anal ring and a little inside.  He was all set.  When Natalie felt the head begin to push, she couldn't hold back a single quiet whimper.  He patted her stomach reassuringly.  “Don't worry Nat, you're going to love this.”  She lifted her head up slightly to look at him, her face twisted with anxiety, then let it drop back down.

He took his time penetrating her.  There was no need to rush, after all.  He gently rocked his hips, each time sinking a little deeper into her.  She was soft and warm and oh so tight, one of the best holes he'd ever been in.

When Daniel finally bottomed out, he just stood there for a long while, enjoying the heat of her ass and its light involuntary pulsing.  Natalie was still staring intently at the ceiling, trying to imagine herself somewhere else.  It was time to bring her back to reality.

He stroked her slit with his index finger, then let it slip in a little deeper.  She wasn't soaking wet, but she wasn't dry either, and her body didn't take long to respond.  Her eyes snapped back to him.  “What are you doing?!” she asked, a note of hysteria in her tone.

“Making you feel good.”  Her clit was already starting to stiffen.  “My, you're a sensitive girl, aren't you?  You'll be cumming in no time.”

“That-that is not the deal!”

“Of course it is.  I claimed I could make you cum while fucking your ass.  Our agreement says nothing about you cumming because I'm fucking your ass.”

“But... but that is not fair!”

She was really juicy by now, and his fingers easily sunk in.  He began to pump her in a steady rhythm,  thumb running over her clit.  Natalie wiggled, trying to get away from his touch, but he'd tied her down good.  Her breathing grew heavy.  “Fair's got nothing to do with it.  If you want to win the bet, there's only one way.”

Natalie stared back at Daniel with dawning horror as she realized what he was implying.  The only way she'd win was if he finished fucking her ass before she came.  And he wasn't going to be finished until he came.  If his princess wanted her money, she was going to have to do more than just lie back and think of England.

He remained still, not moving anything but his busy fingers, making it clear that she was going to have to do all the work.  For a minute she was motionless, and he thought she might have just given up.  But then he felt her ass grow even tighter.

“That's right,” he encouraged.  “Squeeze my shaft, just like that.”  She was clumsy, but over the next few minutes she figured out how to place her hands against the headboard to give herself leverage to thrust her hips against him, and how to clench herself so that the muscles in her ass gently massaged him.  While she was learning how to please a man with her asshole, Daniel was busy teasing and nibbling at her nipples.  They were extremely sensitive, and even lightly biting one of them would make her whole body quiver, an event he found extremely enjoyable.

Natalie tried, she really did, but at long last she gave a cute little moan and he felt her shaking beneath him.  The thrill of victory was enough to push him over the edge, and he squirted his load deep into her sweet virgin ass, her body trembling a little every time a new dollop of semen was wrung out.  He laid his head to rest on the warm pillow of her breasts, and felt his cock softening and slipping out of her, followed by a trickle of cum.

“I... I want to go home,” Natalie panted, exhausted and miserable.  Daniel laughed softly.

“All in good time, Nat.”  He forced himself to stand up straight, and wandered off to the kitchen for a glass of water.  His dick ached pleasantly, and looked surprisingly clean.  He hadn't expected Natalie to clean her anus in advance.  He pictured her buying an enema kit, getting ready for her night with him, and felt himself stir a little.

Behind him, he could hear her start to struggle.  “Hurry up and untie me!” she was demanding.  “You cannot just keep me here like this, you sick pervert!”

“I'll take care of you in a second,” he called back.  “Just need a drink first.”  Daniel returned to the bedroom, sipping his water, and watched her hips gyrate as she tried unsuccessfully to get her hands free.  The sight made his libido wake up even further.  He offered her what was left of the glass.  “Thirsty?”

Natalie just glared at him, and then her eyes narrowed as she noticed his stiffening dick.  “You bastard!  I knew this was all a trick!  I knew it!  You lure me in here with the promise of wealth, make me vulnerable and helpless, and now you are going to abduct me and hold me here as your sex sla-”

Her angry tirade died in her throat as Daniel put his glass down and began silently working at the knot for her left leg.  When it had been undone, he did the same with her right leg, then released her hands.  She sat up in bed, rubbing her wrists for a long minute.

“You... you are really letting me go?” she finally asked.

Daniel threw up his hands in exasperation.  “Jesus Christ, Nat!  I'm a pervert, sure, but I'm not some fucking rapist!  I mean, I know you've never liked me, but god damn!  And if you thought I might be some psycho, why even show up?!  ”

“But, your... your penis got hard...  you wanted to take me again...”

He shook his head.  “I'm not going to apologize for an involuntary physical reaction.  My mouth waters every time I smell food from McDonald's too, but that doesn't mean I go around stuffing my face with Big Macs.  My dick doesn't call the shots around here; I don't automatically hump everything that gets me going.”

He picked her clothes up off the ground and tossed them to her.  “Just get dressed, okay?  I know a place open 24/7 that can handle money transfers.  I'll bring you down there, we'll get the money resolved, and then I'll drop you off at your apartment.”

Natalie hesitated, chewing her lip.  “I... I... I do not have an apartment anymore.”

That brought him up short.  Daniel was silent for a moment as he thought through the implications.  “The unemployment... it's not ending in a few months.  It's already ended and spent, isn't it?”

She gave a small nod.  “My family overseas, they sent me some money, so I could stay at a hotel, but my parents do not have much.  They already sent more than they should.  The money is running out, and I cannot ask for more.”

Daniel sighed, then sat down on the bed next to her, his anger fading.  “No friends you could stay with?”

Natalie shook her head.  “I do not have many.  The ones I asked, they say maybe a day or two, but no longer.”  Her eyes met his, and there was a passion there he hadn't seen before.  “I wish to make another bet!”

Daniel felt a smile tugging at the corner of his lips.  “I wouldn't mind another go, but what makes you think it'll turn out any different?”

“Only because you... you were not fair.  You knew that if you did only what we talked about, what you knew I was expecting, you would have lost.”

He shrugged.  “Maybe, maybe not.”  He considered her for a moment, and made a decision.  “Alright, if you really want another chance, I'll give you one.  I'll even 'play fair'.  But it's not going to be a freebie this time.  You lose again, it'll cost you.”

“...What are the stakes?”

“If you win, you can stay here with me for the next year, rent free.  Naturally, you will not be expected to perform any favors in return, sexual or otherwise.  I'll take care of clothes, groceries, everything you need, within reason.  I'll even get you a car, so you can get yourself to job interviews.  That should be enough for you to get yourself back on your feet.”

She was quiet for a minute, and he could see she was thinking hard about it.  “What you are offering is potentially a lot more than one hundred thousand.”

“You'd better believe it.  But that's because the stakes are much higher.  If you lose, you'll still be staying here for a year with me, but... as my slave.”  He saw her flinch at the word.  “Yes, it will be pretty much exactly like you're imagining.  Everything you still own and everything in your bank accounts will be transferred to me, for safekeeping.  If you refuse to obey my orders, or if your, let's call it job performance, is lacking, I'll throw you out of here, penniless and probably naked.”

Another silence, much longer this time.  Daniel started to fidget.  “You don't have to decide right away, and it is getting late.  Why don't I take you back to that hotel for now, and we can talk more la-”

“I will do it,” Natalie blurted out, expression fierce.  “As long as you do not cheat.”

“This... is humiliating,” she said a few minutes later.  Daniel ignored her, stepping back to admire his handwork.

She was on her back again, but this time her legs were up.  He'd expected to just lift them perpendicular to the bed and tie them to a bed post or something, but Nat proved far more flexible than he'd realized.  Her legs were now completely behind her head, her ankles crossed behind her neck and lashed together with some rope.  Her hands, unbound, were on her ass cheeks, holding herself spread open.

“The bit with your hands?  Well, you don't want me touching anything extra, right?  Gotta make sure I play fair and all that.  I don't mind being hands-off, but you've got a tight asshole, and that means someone's gotta hold you open if I'm going to get in there from this position.”

“You could just use a different position,” she growled.

“You're right,” he agreed easily, and winked at her.  “I absolutely could.  Ready to get started?”

If anything, being in her ass felt better the second time around, the narrow tunnel softer and more pliable.  Daniel looked into Natalie's eyes as he pumped her at a casual, steady pace.  She bit her lip and turned her head away.

“Do you know why I picked this position, Nat?” he asked her.  “It wasn't to humiliate you, though I'd be lying if I said that wasn't a bonus.”

“Why?” she snapped, still not meeting his eyes.

“So that you could see what I'm doing to you.  Look down, Natalie.”

“No,” she said curtly, turning her gaze even farther away from him.

“Look,” he told her, voice calm but firm. She hesitated, then glanced down.  Daniel heard her breath catch as she watched him.  “Do you see how pleased your asshole is?  How easily it lets me in for every thrust?  How tightly it clings when I pull back?

“I know you're loving this, Nat.  You can act like a prude, and you can lie to my face, but your asshole is honest.  It just wants to be pleasured, and I am happy to provide.”

Natalie let out a small whimper as she watched him reaming her out, unable to look away.  Daniel slowed down and lengthened his thrusts, letting her see how inch after inch of his shaft emerged from her tiny hole like some kind of magic trick, only to be greedily swallowed up again.

“No more deceptions, Nat.  I already know why you agreed to my offer.  It's because you win either way, right?  Do you even want me to cum first, or does being my pet sound like more fun?”

She shook her head weakly, cheeks flushed.

“That's why you showed up tonight, even though you were half convinced it was all a trick and I wouldn't let you leave.  Because deep down, that's exactly what you were hoping for.

“It's time to stop lying to yourself.  If you win, Nat, I'll let you have anything money can buy.  But not this.   Not this ecstasy.  If you were my slave, we'd lay together like this every morning and night.  No subterfuge.  No worries about the future.  Just me inside you while you lay bound and helpless, unable to do anything but experience this pure animal pleasure.”

“I... I...”

Daniel put his face close to hers.  “It all comes down to a simple question, Nat.  Do you want to cum?”

She bit her lip again, her whole face scarlet red.  “I... yes, oh God yes, please...”

If anything, it was all too easy.  Natalie came before he was even close to finishing himself.  He saw her eyes close, and she let out a shuddering little breath that swept through her whole body.  She shook like that for a long moment, languid and peaceful.

Daniel coaxed two more orgasms out of her before he was finally forced to let her hot hole wring another load of cum out of him.   They both laid in bed after he'd untied her, looking up at the ceiling, basking in the afterglow.

“You were wrong, you know,” she said at last.

“About you wanting to be a sex slave?  It's a little late to keep denying that.”

Spots of color appeared on her cheeks.  “I... I am not talking about that matter,” she said delicately.  “You won and I lost, and that is all.  I mean that you were wrong before.  When you said that I never liked you.  That is not true.”


“No.  I have always found you... cute.”

Daniel furrowed his brow in surprised disbelief.  “Cute?  Cute?  That's gotta be a language barrier thing.  The English word you're looking for is 'handsome', or maybe 'manly' or 'rugged'.”

“No,” she said firmly.  “Cute.  Like bunny.”  She lifted one hand and pantomimed hopping.

Daniel rolled on to his side to look at her.  Her face was placid, but he could see the strain under the surface.  “Alright, this is the first official order from master to slave, so pay attention.  You are to never again compare me a to a bunny.  Not unless it's to praise my abundance of sexual energy or something.  Understood?”

“Yes master,” she said solemnly.

“If you need to compare me to an animal,” he continued, “try a bear, or a tiger.  Or maybe a wolf; I'd make an excellent wolf.”

“Yes, master,” she said, and while her face was as stony as before, this time she couldn't keep the smile out of her tone.  “You would make a fine and cute wolf.”  Then she added, “I want another bet.”

“That's not how it works, pet.”

“I think... I think I could make you cum first next time.”  She blushed slightly.  “Now that I have gotten used to it.  And if I win... I want you to use my... my pussy next.  If I lose... “ Her blush deepened.  “Maybe my mouth?”

“Again, not really how it works.  I can take your ass and anything else whenever I want now, and doing your best to make me cum is kinda part of the job description.  There's no reason for me to accept.”

She openly smiled then for the first time all night, the expression transforming her face into something both radiant and mischievous.  “But is it not more fun when there are stakes?”

Daniel chuckled, unable to argue.  “Alright, alright.  But I think you'll have to wait until morning.  I've reached my limit for tonight.”  He closed his eyes, pleasantly sleepy.

“A new wager then.”  The bed creaked as she shifted, then her warm tongue began to lap at his soft shaft.  He looked down to see her between his legs, crouched on all fours.  “If I can get you ready for another round, we continue.”

“And what's your punishment if you can't?”

She looked up at him, a twinkle in her eye.  “It is not punishment enough to dismiss your slave for the night when she is still wet and wanting?”

Daniel had no comeback for that, so he laid back in bed and let his strawberry-blonde princess continue.  He could already feel her gentle touch having an effect.

This was going to be a good year.  He'd bet on it.

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