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Houseboy for Hire

Part 2

1Houseboy For Hire, Part Two

       For the next several weeks Rory worked and lived as if nothing had changed.  But of course everything had.  His income had been cut by over a quarter, but for reasons he couldnt yet fully comprehend he still felt as if he had come out ahead of the game.  This was not only due to his Friday afternoon reward, which continued to be as electric as the very first, but also be because Rhianne began gifting him with longer conversations and more frequent smiles.  Of all varieties.

        He was becoming more wired every day that he was there, and more on edge whenever he wasnt.  Almost of necessity he continued his now even more vigorous couplings with his regulars, and having to spend ever more frequent special times with his one hand, especially on Friday nights after he would leave.

       One Friday afternoon, about a month into their new arrangement, after he had completed his days work washing and drying, then ironing, folding and putting all that weeks laundry away, he sat on the edge of the living room hassock anxiously but patiently awaiting her arrival for his weekly reward.  When she finally entered he was surprised to see her in her exercise outfit, having apparently just finished a work out, which she rarely did in the afternoons and never before on a Friday.

       “Rory, Im sorry,” she began, “I had a very important deadline to meet for my work today so I pushed my workout back to this afternoon, completely forgetting about your reward, and now Im sweaty, tired, and my feet ache because I ran a lot longer and harder on the treadmill today than usual.  So if youd rather postpone your reward until Monday, Ill understand.”

       “No!” he exclaimed ... “Please Maam, Id rather not.”  He paused a moment.  “But if your feet ache, Id be more than happy to help out and massage them for you first.”

       “Why, what a lovely idea.” she acknowledged with one of her dazzling smiles.  “I think I would like that very much.”

       She immediately made her way over to the sofa, sat down and settled back into it and extended one of her legs out in his direction,  parallel to the floor.  He scurried off the hassock onto his knees in front of her, unlaced and took off first the offered running shoe, and then bent down and did the same for the other.  He followed that by removing both of her sweaty socks, and took her first foot back into his hands.  It was indeed warm and damp.  He began to slowly knead her sole firmly and deeply with his thumbs, beginning with her heel, working his way all around and into her arch, then to the ball of her foot before paying prolonged and special attention to each of her toes.  He then performed the same service to her other foot, alternating the deep circular pressure of his thumbs on her soles, with lighter strokings with his other fingers along the tops.

       During the entire time Rhianne lay back comfortably with her head resting on the back of the couch pillow and remained silent except for some contented sighs and murmurs as Rory continued the process a number of more times with each foot.  Finally, after about thirty minutes, she sat up, placing both of her feet on the floor.

       “That was truly heavenly, Rory.  I think I would very much like to have you do that more often.”

       “It would be my very great pleasure any time Maam.”

       “I do believe Im going to take you up on that on a regular basis.” she responded.  She then leaned back and lifted one of her feet in front of his face, that bottom facing him.  “Take as much time as you wish with your reward tonight, houseboy.  Youve earned it.”

       Rory hesitated only a moment before burying his face into her sole.  He found that her foots normal scent, now mixed with her workout sweat, while different, was every bit as intoxicating as always.  Holding it pressed there for more than a few seconds he then followed the pathway of his massage, placing his lips softly around her heel and slowly kissing and lightly licking his way up the side and instep to the ball, and then offering his adoration to the bottoms of each of her toes.  He continued his homage around to the tops of her toes and foot, and then paid the same veneration to her other foot. 

       Finally, overwhelmed and overwrought and unable to speak, he took his leave from her in silence, barely able to acknowledge her parting goodnight.  Upon arriving home that night he had to spend more than one special moment with his hand. He didnt know how much longer he could continue on like this, only that he must.

       Rhiannes foot massages became a regular and ritual beginning to Rorys weekly Friday evening reward, and while the massages remained as extensive, his reward returned to its original form.  She never again exercised immediately before but she enjoyed having her feet massaged nonetheless, to help relieve the stresses of her work week she would say.  There was rarely any conversation as he went about his ministrations.  She would just lean back, close her eyes and relax as he worked his tactile magic.  One afternoon however she surprised him just as he was beginning his task by asking him about himself.

       “Youve been working here for me for over half a year and I hardly know anything about you.” she explained pleasantly

       As elated inside as he was at her interest, he was trying to be honest when he replied, “There isnt much to know Maam.”

       “Oh I cant believe that.  Tell me about your family.”

       He bowed his head for a moment and then looked up at her.  He had never discussed this with any of his clients.  “I was adopted from an orphanage at age ten.  Ive never been able to find out anything about my real parents.  I think my adoptive parents looked at me as a way to rekindle some interest in their own marriage without any of the messy work of taking care of an infant.”  He let out a breath.  “Anyway, it didnt work out.  My adoptive mother left when I was twelve and Ive never seen her since.”

       “Rory, Im so sorry.”

       “Theres no need to be.  There was never much between us.  After the divorce my adoptive father kept me with him.  He wasnt a bad sort, just that his work took up most of his time, so it kind of fell to me to take care of the house for us both.  Thats how I learned to do everything that I do now, so I guess it turned out okay.  He died just after I finished high school, but he left me enough money to put myself through college.”

       “What did you study there?”

       “I graduated with a degree in finance but afterwards I had little interest in the field except in managing my own business, and as housekeeping was one thing that I know how to do very well, and even liked, I decided to give it a go as a livelihood.  And so far ...”

       “Youve done very well with it.  Which is no surprise because youre so very good at it.”

       “Thank you Maam”

       “Its only the truth.” she stated emphatically.  “Anyway then, what about a girlfriend?” she asked, changing directions completely and  causing his heart to skip a beat.  “Is there anyone special out there?”

       “No” he admitted truthfully as he continued to rub her feet.  “Ive never had one.”

       Her lips curved up in a smile.

       “Thats even more difficult for me to believe.  I suspect that you have to fight off women all the time.”

       His heart skipped another beat.  Maybe this was the opportunity that he had been waiting for so long.  To let her know that he was available to her for any more intimate activities that she might desire other than housework.  Was that where she was leading this?  He just had to take the plunge.

       “I do have some more personal arrangements with a few of my lady clients.” he began cautiously.

       Rhianne sat up straighter.


       “What do you mean?”

       He couldnt help but notice the change in tone.

       “We get to spend some special time together sometimes while Im there with them.” he tried to explain.

       She now pulled her foot out of his hands and set it firmly on the floor.

       “Are you trying to tell me that you have sex ... intercourse ... with some of your employers?”

       He could see now that he had made a serious miscalculation, from which he had to somehow recoup.

       “Its not like that at all Maam.  They approach me and I just ...”

       “Youre just all too happy to prey upon their weaknesses to get your own satisfaction, arent you,  How could you do something like that?”  She said, clearly distressed.  Then, almost to herself.  “With somebody who isnt the One.”  She shuddered.  “Its disgusting.”

       A look of horror crossed her face.

       “And I bet you thought that you were going to add me to your list of conquests, didnt you?”

       “No, I, well ... “ he stammered, lost.

       “Oh, this is just too much.  I cant stomach any more.  I cant have someone like you in my house, under my roof, under any circumstances.  You have to get out.  NOW.  And dont ever come back.”

       This time it was a wave of terror that washed through him.  Now, being on his knees as he was seemed the most appropriate place to be.

       “No Maam, please, you dont understand.  None of that means anything to me.  I can stop.  I WILL stop.  Just let me stay on here.  PLEASE.”

       “How can you say that?  Men like you never change.  You dont know how to keep it in your pants.  Youll never learn.”

       “But I can and will, I swear to you.  Ill stop with all of them, and never do anything like that again.”

       “Easy words.  How would I ever know?  You can say anything, promise anything, but how would I ever be able to trust your word, or anything about you at all after this.”

       “Give me a chance Maam.  How can I prove myself to you?  Ill do anything, please.” he exclaimed.

       She sat back in silence, scrutinizing him intently for many long, agonizing moments.  Finally,

       “There may be a way, but Im not sure its worth my time and effort to go down that path.”

       “Please maam.” he pleaded.

       “Im going to take the night to think about this, and what I may need to do if I decide to proceed.”  She nodded to herself.  “Come back here tomorrow afternoon.  About 2, and Ill give you my decision.  And houseboy,” she continued and concluded, “ whatever I decide, it will be final, with no change of mind.  Do you understand?”

       “I understand, Maam.  Ill be here exactly at 2.  Thank you.”

       “Good.  Now please leave.”


       Rory was frantic after he left.  How could he have made such a mistake.  And more importantly, what could he do to convince her to keep him on, and what would he do if she decided otherwise.  He acknowledged to himself the absurdity of the situation, what all he was now offering to give up just to be allowed to work and toil for her for free.  It made absolutely no sense.  But deep within himself he understood.  He was besotted with her, and would do almost anything to be near her, to be allowed to do things for her.  His Friday evening ritual and reward continued to completely entrance him.  If that, and her occasional compliments and fleeting smiles were all that she was ever willing to bestow, it would still make any and all activities with his regulars which he was now willing to forego an extremely small price to pay.  And he would still always have his hand.

       His first order of business when he arrived home at his apartment was to call Mrs Thompson for whom he was scheduled to work on Saturday afternoon.  He reached her on his cell phone and told her that something urgent had come up and he wouldnt be able to come the next day.

       “But my husband is finally going to play golf tomorrow.” she groaned in response.

       “Im really sorry Mrs T, but this is a very important appointment that I just cant afford to miss.”

       “Youre really starting to piss me off, do you know that, Rory.”  He heard her take a deep breath over the phone.  “Oh well, I guess Ill just have to try to get him to play again next Saturday.”

       He didnt have the strength to tell her that if everything went as he prayed the next day they wouldnt have to worry about her husbands golf games any time soon.

       “Thanks, Mrs T.  I really appreciate it.  Ill be there next Saturday, I promise.”

       That issue out of the way, he began a restless and fretful night.  He could hardly contemplate the possibility of her rejection.  She just had to believe, had to see his sincerity, and accept his vow.  He just couldnt see any other way.  In the end he knew that he had nothing else to offer and that he would just have to anxiously await her judgement.


       He arrived at her front door precisely at 2pm the next day.  He didnt dare to enter using his key.  That would be far too presumptuous considering the circumstances.  He also didnt want to chance annoying her by ringing the doorbell.  He settled for a cautious, even tentative knock, hoping it would be heard, but not in any way thought to be insistent.

       He waited for well over three minutes, wondering, as he had the very first time, whether he should gamble and repeat the knock.  Before he could summon the courage to do so, Rhianne opened the door.  She regarded him dispassionately for several moments before turning and walking away without a word.  She left the door open behind so he assumed that he was meant to follow.  As they arrived in the living room they both took their usual places, she on the sofa and he on the hassock.  She began without any preamble.

       “I thought long and hard about this situation for the entire evening last night, and it wasnt easy or very much fun I want you to know.”  She paused.  “I continue to find your admitted activities repulsive and reprehensible.  I said yesterday that men who act like that will never change, and can never learn.”  She glared at him cooly.  “But perhaps Im wrong.  Maybe they can never do so on their own, but perhaps if theyre taught...”  She paused again and this time shrugged.  “So Ive decided to offer you a choice, houseboy.”

       “Ill do anything Maam.” he declared.

       “I wouldnt be too hasty about that until youve heard it all out.” she rebuked.

       “Yes Maam.”   He responded meekly.

       “Ive spent the entire morning looking for and was finally able to procure the necessary teaching and training tool.” she continued.  She reached over and picked up a brown paper bag that was sitting on the end table.  She opened the bag and took out what was within and held it up for him to see.  It was a short, hollow plastic tube with plastic rings at the end and a tiny padlock attached to the base.

       “Do you know what this is?” she asked.

       With a sinking and horrified feeling he thought he did.  Still ...

       “I ... Im not sure Maam.”

       “Its a chastity device.  As the name implies, when it is put on and locked in the appropriate place it will not come off unless removed by the keyholder.  I would also consider it a security device, for my protection while youre here, and for everyone else when youre not.”

       “But how would I ... pee? was the only thing he could think to stammer.

       She laughed, but without much mirth.

       “I wouldnt worry too much about that.  Theres a hole at the end, although it might take some creative maneuvering for the correct aim, but Im sure youll be able to handle that.  It will only be removed once a week, under my direct supervision, for its cleaning.  And yours.  At all other times it will be locked in place to ensure your ongoing education in good and proper behavior.”  She stopped to allow his full comprehension, and then continued.  “This is the condition and your choice for your continued employment here.  I will ask only once.  Do you accept.”

       He sat there, stunned.  It was preposterous.  This was beyond anything he could have conceived.  But she had conceived.  To ensure and teach him good and proper behavior she had said.  And he had vowed that he would do anything.  Of course there were things that he would and could never do, but was this one of them?  She sat there waiting silently for his answer.  It was impossible.  He bowed his head and gave the only one that he was able.

       “Yes Maam.” he answered in a low and vanquished voice.

       Rhianne let out a long, low breath.  Had she expected him to refuse?  He didnt know.

       “Alright then.”  She finally retorted.  “We might as well get started right away.  Come here and stand in front of me and drop your pants and undies to the floor.”

       Rory did as he was told.  Within seconds both were crumpled around his ankles.  Despite his massive embarrassment and humiliation he couldnt stop his manhood from rising to full attention before her.

       “Impressive.” she murmured.  “But it wont do for our purposes.”  She reached forward and took his testicles in a firm, prolonged and uncomfortable grip, twisting until he wilted in response.  She then threaded one of his balls and then the other through one of the rings of the device, and then eased his now shrunken appendage within the length of the plastic tube.  It just fit.  She then locked them all together with the tiny padlock at the base.

       “There you are now, all snug and secure.” she said.  “As I said before, it will only be taken off once a week for cleaning, lets make it on Wednesdays after youve finished a long, hard day of work outside.  This is the only key and it will be kept in the drawer of the table here, to be used only then, or for the most dire of emergencies.  Believe me, I will know if it is ever used otherwise.”

       She gave him a reassuring smile.  “You should go now and use the rest of the weekend to become better acquainted with your new friend.  Ill expect you back on Monday afternoon.”


       She stood up and left the room.  Thus dismissed, Rory pulled up his pants over his new friend and departed as instructed.

       The first and foremost thing that he discovered almost immediately about his new situation was that while not exactly painful, how uncomfortable it was to become excited in the appliance, a frequent occurrence when he was with her, and sometimes even more so when just thinking about her.  His member would strain and press mightily against the walls of his plastic prison but would always remain frustratingly stunted.  The second thing that that he learned was that it did indeed take a number of messy practices to perfect his aim on his calls to nature.


       A further and difficult order of business was to inform his regulars of the new circumstances.  He told them all that he was now involved in a serious relationship to which he felt it necessary to remain solely dedicated.  While disappointed, most of them understood and even expressed a degree of happiness for him.  Except for Mrs Thompson, who felt that she had been continuously played by him, and fired him on the spot.  Another significant loss of revenue.  Somehow though, this no longer seemed so important.

       As time then moved forward, nothing on the surface about his new situation appeared to affect him in a negative manner.  On the contrary, with his enormous energy below now held in check and throttled, he found that his focus in other activities greatly heightened.  While he had never stinted in his professional duties he now performed them with increased diligence and vigor, for all of his clients but most especially for her.  It was hard for any of them not to notice.  It was during the nighttimes though, when he was alone and had no other activities to channel his growing tensions, that he strained and chafed both physically and mentally as his thoughts almost always ranged on her.  Often, such as during his Friday evening ritual and reward which she still allowed, it was a sweet agony, but it was always agony nonetheless.

       Every Wednesday when he was finished with his outside labors for the day, as per instructions he would fetch a basin of water and soap, two wash towels, and one larger one for drying, and bring them to here where Rhianne waited in the living room seated on the edge of her couch.  At her beckoning he would stand in front of her and lower both of his pants to the floor around his ankles.  She would then take the key from the end table drawer and unlock and remove the device and hand it to him to wash and clean, while she attended to his cleansing.

       She was never gentle with her scrubbing, in large part to keep his excitement from growing too much during these brief periods of freedom.  When this was not completely successful, a firm, uncomfortable squeeze and twist in the right place served to help keep him soft and pliant.  All too quickly, and always far too soon for him, he was being dried off and re encased in his cage.  The key was then carefully put back in the drawer in a position only she could see, and he was sent on his way for the day.


       But the tension continued to grow, and one Wednesday, almost six weeks after his captivity had begun, just as she finished roughly drying him and was preparing to re imprison him, he could stand it no more and fell to his knees before her.

       “Maam, please ...” he pleaded.

       Taken a bit aback, she stared down at him long and hard for an uncomfortably prolonged time.  Finally her face softened and she sighed.

       “I guess men do have their needs, if only for the maintenance of their health.” 

       She paused a moment more, then,

       “You may touch yourself, Rory.”

       With a soft moan of gratitude he brought up a shaky hand and lightly encircled his already stiff and standing manhood.  Oh, after so long it felt so good.  If only ...

       “You may stroke it.” she continued.

       Oh God yes.  He began to slowly run his fingers, feather softly, up and down his shaft.  He so wanted to savor this but soon, almost of their own volition, his fingers tightened and the pace quickened, as did his breathing.  Before long he was pumping and groaning furiously, and he knew that he was so close.  But just as instinctively he knew ...

       “Please Maam, please ... may I ... please.” he panted plaintively.


       She remained silent for several moments as he strove mightily to hold back.  Finally ...

       “Yes, you may spew.  But dont you dare make a mess.  Catch every bit of it.  If even a drop falls on my rug therell be hell to pay”

       Permission gloriously granted he brought his other hand up in front of him, and with a few more vigorous strokes ...


       He erupted.  Great gouts of jism spurted forth in wave after wave into his waiting hand, accompanied by his helpless guttural grunting.  It went on and on, for how long he could never guess as he continued to pump and squeeze until the waves became driblets and then last drops, none spilling from his hand.  He slumped back onto his heels.

       Rory had masturbated innumerable times in his life, and had had intercourse with more than a few women, but never had the experience been so intense ... so draining ... as what had just occurred.  All beneath her discerning gaze.  Totally spent and in a daze, all he could do was stare at the huge pearly puddle in his palm.  It was Rhianne who finally broke the silence.

       “I suppose that well now have to allow this from time to time.” she opined, “if only, as Ive said , for health purposes.”  She then looked down at the contents in his hand.  “Dispose of that.” she ordered, “and come right back.  Its long past time to get you back into your security.”

       Obediently, he did as she said.

       True to her word, Rhianne did allow him further relief from time to time.  Rory quickly discovered however that unlike the first time, any pleadings on his part or even just subtle hints of his need and desire, proved counterproductive.  He was granted release only at times of her choosing and whim, always under her watchful eye, and always every bit as electric and all consuming.

       He found himself doing more and more for her outside his contracted duties and chores, not because he was trying to curry her favor for any extra special events, but because he was getting increasing pleasure from doing so.  Without her asking he began to regularly wash and polish her car.  He took it upon himself to plant and then meticulously tend to a large flower garden in her front yard.  After work hours he would shop for her, at first just for household items he needed for his work there, but before long he was buying her groceries as well.  Rhianne always made sure to reimburse him for all the expenditures, but soon she was also drawing up regular shopping lists of things for him to buy.

       On his own he frequently began to buy flowers ... for her.  He was afraid, and did not think that it was appropriate or his place to personally give them to her, so he would put them in vases and place them in a variety of spots around the house.  His heart would leap when, unnoticed, he would spy her in front of one, bending forward to smell as a smile would come to her lips.

       One Friday evening during her foot massage she lamented, almost to herself, on the state of her nails, and that because she had been so busy recently with her work she hadnt had the time to visit the salon.

       “Teach me how to do it, Maam.” he impulsively offered.  “To save you the time and effort of going there.  And the expense.  I know I can do it.  Im a fast learner.”

       She took a few moments to ponder, then, “I know you are.  Why not.” she concluded.  “And we might as well start the lessons right now.”  

       She directed him as to where to find all the necessary items and within minutes he was back with a large basin of warm scented water, two towels, a pumice stone, a bottle of nail polish remover, a bag of cotton balls, and finally her own personal choice of midnight blue nail polish.

       After setting them all down carefully as she settled into the easy chair with her legs propped on the hassock, he arranged himself comfortably on his knees before her.  She first instructed him on the use of the pumice stone and how to pare away any dead skin and smooth down any calluses.  This was followed by his thoroughly removing all of the old polish on her nails with cotton balls doused with the acetone remover.  She then soaked both of her feet in the scented water before removing them for him to dry and then guiding him on how to clip and file all of her nails.  When this was finally accomplished she had him put cotton balls between all of her toes and begin the slow and meticulous process of painting them all.  He couldnt help his slightly trembling fingers, but when he was finally finished he added his own inspiration of softly blowing on them to help them dry.

       It was far from a perfect job, but as a first effort she deemed it satisfactory and declared that she was sure that he would improve with further practice.  And he did so, rapidly, and it soon became another of his regular duties, no longer requiring her monitoring as she would comfortably sit in her easy chair, her legs outstretched on the hassock, and  work on the computer on her lap as he on his knees attended to her toes.

       This wasnt the only personal service he came to be called on to perform.  One late Monday afternoon, just as he was finishing his dusting in the dining room she came in and told him that she had had a very tense and trying day at work on the computer and would he mind massaging the tight muscles in her neck for a bit.  Fighting back the urge to say that not only wouldnt he mind but that he would crawl on his belly for such an opportunity, he merely said, “With pleasure Maam.”

       So very well practiced from his weekly work on the soles of her feet, he dug his thumbs and fingers expertly into the taut muscles of her neck and shoulders.  He could feel them relax and almost melt under his kneading, and it didnt take much coaxing on his part to convince her to allow him to manage the same magic on her upper and lower back.  While this did not become a routine part of his work schedule, she did not hesitate from frequently requesting it of him whenever she felt the need.

       Seeing now how hard she was working and the toll that it sometimes seemed to take, he took it upon himself to begin bringing her snacks and a hot cup of tea in the mid afternoons when he was there.  The first time that he did so she looked up at him crossly and chided him sharply for the interruption, but she quickly came to appreciate and even savor these breaks.

       He also noticed more often on his arrival that she was frequently neglecting lunch, so on those days he started making one for her and insisting that she eat.  She agreed to do so only after herself insisting that he make some for himself and join her.  It was during these times that she first began to open up to him about herself.  From these conversations he gathered enough hints to surmise that she was a writer, though of what he could not deduce.  She was more forthcoming about how well traveled she had been at one time, although she no longer did so because the requirements and effort of traveling alone had grown too tiresome.  He wondered to himself why someone like her would ever have to travel alone, but he never dared ask.  In any event, she would say, she would probably like to travel again some day when circumstances might be different.

       By her account she had countless contacts on the web, but apparently few friends locally, some of whom she would occasionally visit, or who would more rarely visit her here.  Except for an infrequent trip into the city, or a quick drive to a store, she didnt venture out much any more.  Her work had become her life and that, she had stated, was enough for her.  But he had a strong sense that she was also waiting for something.  For what, he didnt know.

       As the first year anniversary of his employment with her came and passed, unremarked upon by her but clearly marked by him, Rory conceded to himself that he had settled into a strangely comfortable routine.  Seventy percent of his work week was still with his other clients and this was where his income was generated.  Though significantly less that what it once been, it was still enough for him to get by.  It was during the other thirty percent however, despite the many constraints both physical and mental, where he found his most purpose and fulfillment.  While he still would occasionally fantasize that she might someday want more from him ... free, he now accepted that this was never likely to happen.  She just saw him as her jack ... or make that her ... servant-of-all-trades.  But as long as she had some need for him, it would have to be enough.  He still had his business and the freedom, with one obvious encumbrance, of his nights and weekends.  And most importantly he still had his Friday evening ritual and reward, which as always continued to captivate and entrance.  He had become ... oddly ... content.

       It was several weeks later that Rhianne surprised him by meeting him at the door as he arrived one Friday afternoon.  She had never done so before, and he became even more concerned that for the first time he could ever remember she appeared distressed.


       “We have to talk.” was all she said as she turned and led him one more time into her living room.  This time though she waited until he, upon her direction, sat himself down on the edge of the hassock before she took her own place on the couch.  He couldnt help but notice how unsettled , even nervous, she continued to be as she looked up and down at her hands, and his own anxiety began to rise.  An uncomfortable silence seemed to stretch on for an eternity before she looked up at him with a sense of resolve.

       “Rory, youve been working here for me for over a year now and youve done everything and anything that Ive ever asked of you, and youve always performed beyond my highest expectations.”

       Once again he basked in the glow of her praise but this time with a knot of concern in his gut.

       “But over the past few weeks, even months, Ive struggled a great deal with thoughts and issues, and Ive finally come to an understanding and conclusion.”  She looked down at her hands again, and then back up.

        “Rory, I need more.” she declared fiercely.

       Rory strove vainly to hold himself in check.  Could this really be happening after all this time and so many disappointments?  Did she now finally want him, as he had never ceased to dream, released and free for more personal use?  He was almost too afraid to ask.

       “What is it that you want, Maam?”

       She didnt answer right away, once again seeming very uncertain.  Looking down at her hands one more time she took a deep breath, looked up and rushed forth with increasing fervor.

       “I need someone here for me full time, not just a meager three afternoons a week ... someone to be at my beck and call 24/7 ... 365 ... to always be here for my every want and whim.”  Another deep breath.  “And Rory, Id very much like that someone to be you.”

       Rory actually physically rocked back.  If she had surprised, even shocked him in the past with her proposals, this time he was completely knocked off his pins.  His practical and pragmatic self, the part of him that had always been in control, and had governed all his actions and life until he had met her, was the first to regain equilibrium and respond.

       “But how could I earn a living?” he countered in some desperation.  “How would I support myself?”

       She laughed.  Her delighted laugh.  And it somewhat lessened the tension that had enveloped them both.

       “Oh, I wouldnt worry about that.”  She answered lightly.  “You will be well kept.  Im more than well enough off financially to possess you.”


       She grew very serious again.

       “But understand Rory,” she continued much more sternly.  “This is a one time, take it or leave it offer.  If you dont feel that youre capable ...” more quietly,  “... if its not what you want ... “ a sigh, “ ... then well say goodbye, and Ill begin to look for someone else.”   A final inhalation.  “What do you say?”

       What could he say?  His pragmatic self strove strenuously to reassert its dominance and say it was impossible and out of the question, but as he looked up into her now impassive and implacable face, behind it, in her eyes, he saw a yearning, a vulnerability, even a fear.  What could she ever have to be afraid of?  His rejection?  That could never be.  And the part of him that had been so deeply hidden for so long, that she had exposed and brought to the light, that she had so carefully and fully nurtured and molded, the real Rory, now understood and asserted its rightful place.   He would be her rock, her foundation, her stepping stone back into the world, to be and do whatever she wanted and needed, serving and protecting and always being there for her as she continued to search for whatever it was that she was waiting.  That she might only want of him to be her beast of burden no longer mattered.  It would be his life and his joy, and what he was meant to be.

       “Im yours.” was all he could say.

       Perhaps it was that he hadnt said so immediately, or maybe that she didnt, wouldnt, couldnt truly believe.

       “Prove it.” she demanded harshly.  “Take out your phone and call them ... call them all and tell them that youre not going back, that youre never going back.  Call them right now.”

       Rory took out his cell and under her glare he called each and every one of his clients.  He told them all that he had just been offered the opportunity of a lifetime and that he had no choice but to take it, and that he would thus no longer be able to work for them.  With each call his conviction and certainty grew, as did her smile, so that as he finished his last call it was the most dazzling one with which she had ever graced him.  It was done.  He was now solely hers.

       Her smile now became more serene.

       “With your new position there will of course be some new responsibilities.” she informed him after a few moments.  “And certain new privileges as well.”  Her eyes sparkled.  “Take off your clothes, houseboy, and lie down on the floor.”

       In less than a minute, save for his device Rory lay naked on his back on the ground before her.  She rose off the couch and in his full view slowly took off her top, followed by her bra, and for the first time ever he was allowed to regard her bare and luscious breasts.  She slipped off her bottoms and towered above him as her naked beauty took his breath away.


       She allowed him some seconds to savor, and couldnt suppress a low throaty chuckle watching him squirm and groan as his manhood  involuntarily squashed against the walls of its unforgiving confines.  She moved to stand with her feet straddling his upturned face as she looked down the length of his magnificent body.  Slowly she began to lower herself, opening and bringing her treasure closer and closer until her knees came to rest on either side of his chest, her trove mere inches above his mouth.


       “Make me happy, houseboy.” was all she said as she completed the journey onto his waiting lips.

       Her scent was sublime, but as his tongue began to flick out onto her most precious gem her taste was even sweeter.  He kept his licking light at first, sending small shivers through her before he moved somewhat more insistently deeper into her vault, eliciting within her even greater jolts of joy.  After some time he ventured further back to her nethermost bud, feeling her tense above as if she had never expected his attention there, but she soon relaxed and offered up that orifice as well for more copious laving, bringing forth in her waves of a different sense of pleasure.  Stiffening his tongue he finally eased forward once again to her more cherished opening, thrusting it within rapidly as she began to sway and then buck furiously above. Pounding up and down on his buried face she felt herself rising higher and higher, slowly giving way until with an inarticulate cry she arched back and her juices gushed forth below in a fury, bathing his tongue, lips, mouth and face as he continued to lap with unrestrained ardor, attempting to imbibe as much of her exquisite nectar as he was able.  Her passion finally subsided and she slumped forward to bring her head to rest on his belly, as her slit remained firmly planted on his lips, with his nose buried between her buttocks cheeks.

       How long they remained as such he was never sure, but eventually he felt her stir, sit up, and to his shock begin to manipulate his cage.  Suddenly, incredibly, he was free, as she rose off of him and repositioned herself sitting astride on his belly in front of his already risen and upright member as she gazed down upon his face.

       “That was very nice, but I think this is going to be even better.” she said.  She then leaned forward so that her own face was just inches above his and practically hissed.

       “Youre mine and mine only, houseboy.  For me and me alone.  I OWN you.”

       “Forever.” he replied.

       Her face softened as did her voice.


       “Youre the One Rory.  The One Ive been waiting for so long.  Youll always be the One.”

       She bent forward and down and kissed him, long and hard, tasting him and herself on his lips, savoring it fully as their tongues danced together joyously.  Finally, reluctantly, but with even greater anticipation,  she pulled  away and lifted herself up and positioned herself over his ready and willing spear.  “Enter me.  Now.” she said


       She was still very wet , but so very tight as he slowly worked his way up, and she down, until he was finally fully within, and they both gasped together in pleasure.  She began to rock back and forth cautiously and he responded in pace, both growing more rapid and bold, and before long each threw caution to the wind, thrusting unrelentingly upon and within each other, grabbing and stroking and clawing and screaming at each other before they both exploded ...together, their essences pouring forth unrestrained to surge and join and mingle in ecstatic unity until neither had any ability to give or accept more.  Finally, both of them thoroughly spent, she slid off and to his side and nestled her head upon his shoulder and chest.

       They lay together like that for uncounted time before Rhianne finally roused herself and sat up crossed legged beside him.

       “That was unbelievably wonderful, Rory.” she purred, caressing his face softly with the back of her hand.  “I think that youre going to make me very, very happy.”

       “Always.” he vowed.

       “Yes.  Indeed.” she concurred.

       She gathered herself up and began to collect her clothes.  “I think its time for you to get up and get dressed now, houseboy.  You still have a lot of laundry to do today.”

       He remained lying there, confused.

       “What about my cage?” he asked.

       She laughed once again, a sound he knew that he could never get enough of.

       “Oh, I dont think Ill be needing that anymore.” she said.  She looked down and saw his perplexed expression.  “Unless of course, You want it.”

       It took him only a moment to understand and decide.

       “I think I do.” he answered.

       She nodded and smiled knowingly.

       “Alright then, go and clean yourself up and then come back and well put it back on.  For the time being.” she added.

       As he hurried on to comply with her command, Rory marveled at the enormity of what all had just transpired.  It was so far beyond what he could have ever imagined or dreamed.  But he knew that there was one more thing that he had to do ... as soon as possible.  Right after she reapplied his cage, the tangible symbol of her ownership.  For the time being she had said ...that she didnt need it anymore.  Perhaps with time he wouldnt need it either.

       But he had to get to a computer right away.  Maybe she would allow him to use hers once he explained the purpose.  He had a listing he needed to delete.


       He was no longer a Houseboy for Hire.

       He was now a Houseboy for Life.

       And he couldnt be happier.        


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