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Review This Story || Author: Freddie Clegg

The Loyalty Card

Part 1

  1. Reception

“So thats for three nights then. H ave you stayed with us before, Sir?” the receptionist smiled as she handed me back my credit card as I checked in to the hotel. The badge on her right tit said “Angela Duty Receptionist”. I wondered how welcoming she might be later.

“Ah, oh, yes,” I replied digging out another piece of plastic from my wallet and passing over my loyalty card, keen to collect the points that would offer me some possible future discount or other uncertain benefit. That's the thing about travelling on business, you need to take advantage of every little opportunity and there weren't likely to be many of those all this way from London. “I clock up a few nights in places like this. Always away. Flew down this afternoon. Picked up a car at the airport and drove down here. Two hours it was. Two hours!”

Angela Duty Receptionist gave a non-committal smile as she took the card.  “Thank you very much,” she said, slipping it into the computer behind the counter. “Ill see you get credited with your Best Night Points.”

The two Best Night Points on offer here, I thought to myself, are the ones pushing out the front of your blouse, Angela darling. I didnt say anything though. Not the right time. There were two other people in the queue to check in. No doubt an opportunity for a little chat and an offer of a drink would present itself later on. She looked a bit prim in her high necked uniform blouse with its knotted neck scarf, her specs on the end of her nose and her blonde hair pulled back tightly behind her head but sometimes the prim ones are the most fun, Ive found. Well, its one of the perks of being away on company business a lot. The restaurant, the bar, the staff. The way I look at it the management have put them there to make the guests happy and Im very happy for them to make me happy. Ive pulled a few down the years, girl. Quite a number from these hotels the company has a good room rate and theyre comfortable enough. (I meant the rooms but I guess it goes for some of the staff too...)

It seemed to be taking a while for her to check my card. She noticed me staring at her tits but it didnt seem to faze her. A good sign, I thought.

She looked again at her screen and smiled once more. “Oh, Mr Robinson, youre entitled to a room upgrade. One of our superior rooms. At the back. Its quieter there.”

“Thanks very much,” I said, taking the key. “Just as long as its got a comfortable bed.”

She didnt react to my remark. “Im sure it will be ideal,” she said. “Do call down if you need anything.”

Oh, I will darling, I thought, don't you worry.

The first thing I needed was a shower, though.

I headed along the corridor towards the back of the hotel. Then there would be time to pop to the bar and see  if I could persuade Angela that at least one of her guests needed special attention. 

The room seemed a bit out of the way. It was quite a trek from reception along corridors of endlessly similar doors. When I finally reached the room, though, I wasnt disappointed. Plenty of space, a big bed and a big TV too. Good stuff, I thought. Ill be staying here again, especially if Angela could be persuaded to be as friendly as I hoped.

The shower was good too. Hot, powerful, very pleasant. I emerged from the bathroom in a cloud of steam, wrapped in a towel and dripping a bit. I went to my suitcase to put my clothes away only to find that the wardrobe door was stuck. I reached for the phone. Angela answered.

“Can you get someone to come up and look at my wardrobe?” I said. “The doors stuck.”

“Ill come up myself,” she said. “Straight away.”

Good, I thought, in which case, I wont bother to dress. You never know.

  1. Turn Down Service

She was as quick as she said shed be. There was a knock on the door. I opened it. I was still only wearing the bath towel. That was when it all started to go wrong.

It was Angela, as promised. One of the housekeeping staff, to judge by her uniform, was with her.

Almost as soon as the door opened Angela squared up to me and without a word brought her knee up sharply into my crotch. If Id had time to think about it Id have wondered how she did it in that tight straight skirt. As it was I was too busy doubling up in pain, sliding to the floor and groping for the towel that had fallen off leaving me naked.

“Turn down service,” the girl from housekeeping announced as the two of them grabbed me by the arms and dragged me back into the room, “and youre the one being turned down.”

“Whats going on?” I yelped, earning another kick in the balls. 

“A little bit of payback for all your fucking around,” sneered Angela. Two more girls in housekeeping uniforms had appeared but these two were wearing stockings pulled over their faces as masks. The first chamber maid had done the same somehow and my three masked assailants and dragged my wrists behind my back and bound them there with the tie that lay discarded on my bed. “Your loyalty card had all the details. Youve been dipping your wick every time you stayed at one of these hotels.”

“Yes,” laughed one of the other girls pushing me down on my back and sitting astride my chest. “Bet you didnt know it was your frequent fucker card!”

“Ow,” I yelped  as the girl bounced on my chest knocking the breath out of me. “I havent done anyone any harm. Nobody did anything they didnt want to do.”

Angela stood by the bed, hands on hips staring down at me. “Thats not the story we have. Girls that felt intimidated; others that were worried in case you gave them a bad report. It might not have been force but it was certainly coercion. Never mind. Youre in the staff playroom now, so you can take a bit for a change.”

“What do you mean, 'playroom'?”

“Just you see.” Angela pulled a key on a chain about her neck from inside the neck of her blouse. “Sorry the wardrobe was locked,” she said unfastening the door, “but we didnt think there was anything in here youd want until we got here.”

As the door swung open I was pretty convinced that I still didnt want any of it. Arranged neatly inside, on racks and shelves, was equipment that looked as though it was specifically intended for my discomfort; a comprehensive collection that would provide a complete tool kit for any aspiring dominatrix.

“Do you like our toy cupboard? Angela enquired conversationally as she ran her fingers along the row of canes, crops, whips and floggers hanging on the back of the door.

It was obvious that they had a very unpleasant experience planned for me . Feeling it was time to get away if at all possible, I started to try to push the girl off my chest. Angela was ready, she just clicked her fingers and the other two ran forward pulling my legs together and binding them with tape. More tape was wrapped around my chest and legs as the girls pulled me this way and that and I was wrapped virtually unable to move.

“Now an observant chap like you will have noticed a few things have been left accessible. If you dont want us to take too much advantage of you,” she held up a pair of nipple clamps in one hand and a wicked looking riding crop in the other, “youll have to be particularly nice to us.”

“Yes, yes of course," I stuttered, hoping  that if I played along it would calm the situation. "Im sure we can all have some fun, cant we?”

The three masked chambermaids laughed in unison. “Oh yes,” one of them said, “I'll just pop the 'Do Not Disturb ' sign outside and then lets see how much fun you can have.” With the stockings over their faces and the identical black and white dresses I couldnt tell whether this was the first one that had helped Angela or not.

“Foot kissing!” she exclaimed and the three rolled me over until I fell off the bed and onto the floor. No sooner had I landed on my back than the girl was standing over me pressing her the sole of her shoe down on my cheek and telling me that I had better not be looking up her skirt. With my face pinned under her shoe and a spiked high heel digging into the side of my head I didnt feel inclined to argue. “Busy with the tongue,” she ordered as she pushed the shoe towards my mouth.

I obviously wasn't quick  enough to respond. “You heard!” one of the other snapped as she kicked me in the side.

I gasped, but opening my mouth only gave the first girl the chance to push the toe of her shoe inside. “Guungph,” was my shoe-gagged response.

“Roll him over,” one of the other girls said. A moment later I was flat on my face. Now it was Angela's shoe in front of me and her voice ordering me to kiss her shoe and be quick about it. Helpless and barely able to struggle, I did as she asked. A moment later the breath was knocked out of me as I felt one of the others sit down on my beck.

“Your fingers are free and I want a frigging,” I heard the voice behind me say. “If you're good enough at it you might even take my mind off what I've got planned for you.”

With my wrists tied together I found it difficult but I managed to work my fingers up against her crotch and draw an approving “Mmm!” from the girl.

“Don't forget about my shoe,” barked Angela. “Or can you only do one thing at a time?”

Well, from my point of view, it wasn't easy with one girl bucking hard on my back and Angela's foot kicking against my face but it wasn't too long before they decided to change things around. First of all they turned over and then propped me up against the bed.

“More work with your tongue,” the first girl ordered as she straddled me, lifting her skirt giving me a momentary glimpse of stockings and pants before lowering her crotch on to my face. “Come ON!” she snapped pushing her weight down on me.

Someone reached across and pinched my nipple, “You heard! Get busy!” I squeaked in pain. The girl pushed forward again almost smothering me as she rubbed herself against me and I tried to obey, using my tongue as best I could on her silk covered pussy.

Although I was finding it difficult to breath I was obviously having some beneficial effect on the girl straddling me if her growing crescendo of groans were a guide.

“My turn!”

A moment's respite followed while two of the girls changed places and one silk covered crotch was followed by a second.

“Keep going!” Angela's voice was followed by a sharp pain in my groin from, I guessed, the press of her heel .  My gasp of pain was swallowed up between the thighs of the girl straddling me but it  seemed to spur on the girl on my face closer to climax.

Up to that point it hadn't been too bad. I mean I can't say I'd ever fancied the idea of women on top but it seemed like they were more concerned with getting their rocks off than anything else. Then I remembered the cupboard.

  1. Executive Sweet

“Mm! mmm! - mmmm! Mmmmm....” The girl's urgent grunts subsided into a contented murmur and the painful slam of her crotch against my face gave way to a rhythmic sliding back and forth. It made it a bit easier to breath but not much. Finally she stood up, pulling her skirt from over my head.

I could see again but what I saw scared me.  Angela  was standing smiling at me. In one hand she held a leather paddle while from the other hung a strap threaded through a bright red rubber ball.

“Ohhh, no!” I began as Angela advance towards me. Of course she took no notice of my objection, jamming the ball between my lips and buckling the strap behind my head.

“Bottoms up,” she laughed as the three chamber maids wrestled me over so that I was bent across the end of the bed, my buttocks towards the ceiling.

The heavy whack of the paddle stung into my bottom a second later. “50 points on your loyalty card, Sir, how many would you like to use this evening? Two?” Another whack. “Three?” Another. “I'll keep on going. You just tell me to stop.”

My muffled squeals weren't enough to prevent her carrying on pulverising my rump with the paddle. By the time she reached a dozen strokes my gagged cries of protest had turned to muffled sobs. She crouched down her lips close to my ear. “There,” she said.”I'll stop now. You'll want to save some points for another time won't you?”

She got up and I tried to roll over. As I did so I saw one of the other girls by the cupboard. She had stripped off her chamber maid's dress and was only wearing her bra, pants and stocking mask. To my horror she was strapping on a harness fitted with a large dildo. Her friend beside her had hoisted up her skirt and was doing the same thing.

Angela bent down and hissed in my ear as she unbuckled the gag. “We hear shocking things, you know. Apparently someone in our Newcastle hotel got one of the waitresses so drunk she couldn't stop him when he wanted her to take it up the arse. Isn't that shocking? And one of the bar staff in Coventry was coerced into giving a guest a blow job so she wouldn't get reported for spilling drink over a guest. Who would do something like that?”

“It wasn't me,” I pleaded but Angela and the others didn't seem interested and a moment later one girl was pushing a strap-on into my mouth while the other was pressing hers into my arse.  I was choking on the cock in my mouth and struggling as the girl behind thrust her rubber cock repeatedly into my arse. Both the girls were laughing as I coughed, gacked and wriggled, pinioned on the two cocks at either end of my body.

  1. In-Room Entertainment

Finally it seemed as though they had finished with me. Angela was using the contents of my mini-bar  to make drinks for the others I was pretty sure the costs were going to turn up on my bill too. Two of the girls seemed more interested in each other than me.. And the third, the one with the strap-on, was slowly getting dressed again.

“I think that's enough of a party for tonight,” said Angela, passing the drinks around. “We're up early to get breakfast sorted, remember.”

Thank goodness for that, I thought. I'll be out of here first thing tomorrow and I won't be coming back.

“How long is our friend here for?” the chamber maid who had finished dressing adjusted her uniform, checking that all was neat and tidy in the room's mirror.

“Two more nights,” Angela replied.

That's what you think, I thought.

“Come on you two,” Angela admonished the girls rolling on the bed. Then she turned to me. “We've all had such fun,” she said. “Haven't we ladies?” The others nodded enthusiastically. “And we really want to make sure we can have as much fun tomorrow.”

“Eh?” I said, wondering what was coming next.

“So, just to make sure you come back we thought you should wear this.” She turned to the cupboard and came back clutching a small cage like device made of shiny metal. “We just clip this over your cock like this.” Angela reached down to my crotch. The two girls on the bed reached forward and grabbed my shoulders to stop me struggling. “Clip this over the top of your balls.” The terrifying sensation of cold metal closing with a click was enough to suppress any erection that might otherwise have been forthcoming. “and finish it off with this little padlock.”

Angela stood up. The other three gathered around to look. “There,” she said holding up a key on a slim gold chain. She fastened it around her neck and tucked it inside her blouse. “Now every time you get a stiffy tomorrow and feel that cage tight around your cock you can think of the key hanging between the tits that you were so keen on ogling earlier. Then you can come back tomorrow evening and we might take the cage off.”

“Or,” one of the other girls said,  with a giggle, “you might like to find a doctor who can do it for you. I'm sure they must see things like that all the time. “

“Assuming you find a way to get through airport security for your flight back,” Angela said coolly.

I really wasn't sure which was the best option.

“Now, one more thing,” said Angela. This was bad news as far as I was concerned, I just wanted this terrible evening to end so I could work out what to do about the cage on my cock. “All the girls in the other hotels will be really keen to see what went on tonight. Let's take a few pictures!”

“Nooo,” I managed to say before the ball gag was pushed back in place, leaving me grunting in frustration and with drool running down my chin. Angela got her smart phone out and snapped away while the three masked chambermaids took it in turns to pose with me, pushing me around into what ever position they wanted.  The two that he been groping each other carried on necking while sitting on my back. The other had me kneeling with my face at her feet and then staring up at her as she threatened me with one of the multi-tailed floggers from the cupboard. Close ups of my cock cage and the welts on my bum from the paddling Angela gave me followed.

While Angela seemed happy to photograph her masked friends I noticed that she didn't seem keen to include herself in the shots.

Finally she seemed satisfied. “That'll do,” she laughed.  “Now we'll leave you in peace.” The three of them tidied their toys away into the cupboard, laughing at my groan as they took the ball gag off. “If we cut this tape you should be able to wriggle free in a bit. We'll let you pull the tape off. It can be a bit painful where it's stuck to your hair, I know.

“Can I leave him a souvenir?” one of the chamber maids asked.

“I don't see why not,” Angela responded.

“Here,” she said lifting up her skirt, “you did ever such a good job of fingering me off. I got really wet.” She pulled off her pants and  stretched them down over my face so that the damp crotch was right over my nose.

“That's got to be worth another photo,” laughed Angela as the flash on her phone fired again. “Come on girls, let our guest get some sleep now. You know how hard he'll find it tomorrow if he doesn't get off soon.”

And with that they were gone, leaving me to struggle loose  and to painfully pick off the tape from my arms and legs.

Then all I had to worry about was whether I was going to risk another night at their hands or try to explain the cock cage to my doctor, assuming I found a way back to London.

The End


Review This Story || Author: Freddie Clegg
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