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Review This Story || Author: Dom Dutch

3 Students

Part 1

Chapter 1 
The agreement

At the school I work as a teacher the majority of the students is female. I teach 2nd, 3rd and 4th/final year students, usually they become 18 in the second year, some are a bit older, so average age of a 3rd grade student is 19/20 years old. You can imagine some of them look really hot and when they also behave like teasing sluts it's really hard for a healthy Dominating Man ignore them and not giving them any attention.

Ellen is 18, really beautiful but she doesn't seem to realise the effect she has on the male population. A huge bush of brunette hair, about 170 cm tall, a tight butt and decent little b size titties and the hottest flat tummy ever seen. Everything is in perfect balance with her.

Thalisa is 19, she sure knows how hot she is and she loves to show off. An inviting "spank me" butt in tight jeans. Her larger b size tits allways stretching her blouse, putting tension on the buttons. She wears her large bush of hair in a knot on top of her head, eyes allways looking a bit dreamy and her full lips a bit enchanting when she talks. I guess Thalisa is about 175 cm and 68 kg.

Ines is nr 3, 18 years old. 180 Tall with sparkling naughty eyes, luscious large tits, a flat tummy and a firm round butt that begs to be spanked, fucked and used in any way! Ines doesn't know she makes this impression and flies trough life like a loudly twittering bird.

All 3 responded to an anonimous email i did send to about 12 selected girls. I gave them the opportunity to live in a student room near school for free and to join a special training course for the duration of their time in our school. This time can and will be shortened with max 1 year if they follow the training program i've in store for them. They will be trained to become the perfect female for any Man to live with or work with. With the email I did send links to the mobiel 9,5 weeks and the secretary and i added passages from 50 shades. 

I was sure they inderstood the meaning of the offer I made them.

So out of 12, these 3 replied and signed a contact. They all 3 moved in the same weekend and I called them together in my studio on sunday evening for a welcoming dinner.

Their rooms are in the sous terrain, my kitchen and livingroom are on the ground floor, the studio is on the first floor and on the second floor I have a punishement cage and some larger bondage equipment.
A well equipped workshop is in the shed in the garden.

At 17.30 that sunday they all came up and took a seat next to each other on the sofa, we toasted on our being together with a glass of prosecco to break the ice and i asked them if they all understood and agreed willingly to accept My superiority for as long as they lived with Me.
All 3 responded positive but didnt show Me the desired respect in their chosen words and body language. So that was the first goal, to teach them respect.

I handed them a short list with the etiquette in My house:
- Allways adress Me as Sir unless when being corrected or punished, then they have to adress Me as Master.
- Allways sit or stand straight with tits forward ass back, hands not blocking anything, head up and eyes lowered when I am around. But to look Me in the eyes when talking to Me.
- Obey My commands and instructions instantly and without questions.

After they read the list (Ellen and Thalisa were blushing all over) I commanded them to strip and get down on their knees in front of the tv set to watch a movie.

Ines just took off everything the other 2 hesitated a bit but seeing Ines in her full and luscious glory gave them that last little push. So soon there they were, 3 beautiful hot young sluts, all mine. Not yet giving their position on knees some attention i switched on the tv and told them to watch the movie "histoire d'o" to make sure they understood things.

During the film I put dinner ready on the table and when done I walked over to the girls who were not on their knees, just sitting comfy, leaning to each other. I commanded "knees" and instantly they took position. I then felt and fondled them each a bit, pinching a nipple, groping a tit, feeling their pussys... All 3 were dripping wet and responded greadily when rubbing their clits.

In the movie "o" was allready at the point were "o" was used to being punished and common to sexually serve whoever she was commanded to serve and My girls did understand the message, I was sure, and to test them I called Thalisa to come before Me. Immediately she crawled to My feet and presented herself to Me. Sitting straight with her knees parted and her hands palms open on her thighs. Eyes lowered and ready. I commanded her to masturbate for Me like "o" had to do, she brought one hand to her crotch and started to rub herself carefully .... She was blushing. I lifted her chin and looked her into her eyes, whats up lil slut? I asked her. She anwered that she couldnt .... Couldnt what? I asked .... And she lowered her eyes full of shame .... i cant Sir .... i cant.

With that I grabbed her hair and pulled her up and over My knee for her first OTK spanking. 25 smacks i gave her, for not obeying My command and for turning her eyes from Me while talking to her. The other girls managed to keep their gaze on the tv set but i could sense their restlessness as the hard blows rained down on thalisas butt .... Thalisa cryed and after the 15th blow her butt started to glow red and she started to whine and say how sorry she was ... At 20 it must be burning and she started to beg Me to stop and crying she'd never do it again and after 25 she was heaving and sobbing but managed to whisper "thank you Master" ....

The film was finished and both other girls gave up their resistance and were gazing at thalisa still over My knee with her red butt up and My fingers in her pussy and on her clit, fingering her until she gyrated her hips and was about to have her first orgasme in my house. Offcourse i didnt finnish it and pulled back before she came. I pulled her from my lap by the hair, pushed her to the floor and commanded her to masturbate herself and show the other girls how a punished slut cums.

She didnt even hesitate and with wide spread legs she mastubated furiously and came in a shuddering orgasme within a few minutes.

Dinner is served ladies! 
The table was full of deliscious spices and offcourse My view was the best possible, 3 hot little sluts, 2 tensed to their nerves and the 3rd embarrassed for what she just did.
During the soup I just started to ask the girls questions like when they had their first boyfreind, when they first fucked and sucked a boy and if they ever ate pussy. Ohhh they were so uncomfortable having to answer Me. I looked at ines and asked her if she liked sucking a Man, she blushed red and whispered "yes Sir" then I asked if she let Him cum in her mouth and the redness even went down her neck "yes Sir" she stumbled barely audible. Excuse Me! I said, i dint understand you? What do you like? That was to much for ines and she started to cry and cover her huge tits and turn of her face.
Enough! I shouted and stood up from the table, grabbed her hair, pulled her head to face Me and gave her 2 hard blows on the cheecks "never cover yourself and turn away from Me slut!" I then cuffed her hands behind her back and also pulled her elbows together with a leather strap. Ines's large udders stood out now while her tears kept streaming. It didnt impress Me and I placed a set of painful cloverclamps on her large nipples. Ines flinched from the sudden bite in her nipples but also woke up from the whining and looked at Me questioning. Well slut? Tell us what you like in your mouth so much?
"I like so suck a Mans dick Master, to taste His gift when He cums in My mouth Master" is what she answered while looking Me straight in the eyes with pained tearfilled eyes.
"Such a good girl! I suggest that you prove yourself right now and dive under the table to suck your Master! Maybe I'll release you from these painful clamps when you've pleased Me well.
Hesitatingly she crawled under the table and found My allready hard member and started to suck it ..... She sure did a good job, and proved she did suck a lot of cock, I exploded in her mouth and told her not to swallow and come up from under the table and kneel beside Me on the floor with her full mouth open so the other 2 sluts a I had a good view on her ..... Then I called ellen to come over to and to remove the clamps from ines's nipples .... And place them on her owns. I guess ellen had seen enough to even think about hesitating and she did put the clamps on ne by one, her face showed that it hurt but she just did it. Meanwhile ines was still on her knees with her mouth open and filled with cum. I told her to thank ellen for taking over the clamps by kissing her on the mouth and letting ellen swallow all My cum mixed with ines's own saliva. When ines kissed ellen I saw the lil slut swallow the gift she just recieved with a shudder and I was happy to have Me 3 new sluts to train for at least a year .... 

I told the sluts to finish their meal, clean up and report to Me when all was cleaned up .... Ellen still with her nipples clamped.

Only thalisa showed how she orgasmed and i wanted to see and hear ines and ellen cum to so when they reported back after cleaning the dishes and kitchen I called ellen before Me and gently took of the nipple clamps, eyes sprang in her eyes as the blood rushed trough her nipples .... I bend over and whispered into her ear how well she did and that she deserved a reward. I pointed to the sofa right oposite Me and commanded ines and ellen to please Me with a heater session and thank Me with their orgasmes. Thalisa stayed at My feet and had to please My dick softly with her full lips and soft hands while I enjoyed the show. 

All 3 seemed to have total peace with the agreement and really gave it an effort to please Me well, ellen and ines ate each other out and each had a nice audible and shuddering orgasme .... I blew My second load without any warning right into thalisa's face and she greadily licked her lips clean and swiped My cum in her mouth with her finger.

Chapter 2 will start with an early morning whipping session to make sure they are reminded of their position during their schoolday.

Review This Story || Author: Dom Dutch
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