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The Hypnosis Experiment

Part 1

The Hypnosis  Experiment

Chapter 1

  It was the first girls night out Casey had done in several years. This was her first night out at this club or any club for that matter since the first couple years of her marriage to her husband Rick. They worked as a team in the real estate business. A husband and wife team. Although she loved her husband immensely, things were getting a bit stale in their marriage lately.

For whatever reason, Rick spent lots of time online checking out these porn sites. Reading stories. Watching videos. One day she decided to checkout the saved bookmarks on his laptop and found hundreds of links to these interracial and cuckold porn sites. Shed learned that hed been reading stories about cuckolding. She also learned Rick loved amateur interracial. Lately whatever was left in their sex life was getting more infrequent and Casey was beginning to worry. 

  Casey was a trophy wife. A gorgeous petite blonde with all the right curves. She was luckily well endowed as nature provided her with plenty of good assists. Her good looks certainly helped her out in the real estate business with all the single male cliental she worked with on a daily basis. She took advantage of it the best she could. Wearing skin tight low cut dresses and had an array of high heeled fuck me pumps.

  One day last month she finally confronted her husband in a discrete way and brought up the subject of couples in a cuckold relationship. His eyes perked up instantly and she soon had her husbands full attention. They discussed the idea of wives going out with other men while their husbands sat home waiting for their return.

  That night while she was changing clothes and getting ready for bed, Rick dropped a bomb on her suggesting that he wouldnt mind if she wanted to date other men. Casey was floored by her husband suggestion. She didnt know how to respond to his remark.

  Lately, Rick had been buying her flowers and treating her like a queen making suggestions for her to wear even more seductive clothing t and even made a few comments about how she should flirt with the men a bit more. She knew Rick loved her. Adored her for that matter and she loved him very much.

Yes, Casey often thought about having sex with other men at times. She brought herself to many orgasms fantasizing about men lately. After reading some of the interracial stories in Ricks internet bookmarks she got very curious about what it would be like to make love to a black man.

  She went as far as spilling her guts out to her best friend Lacy. Her and Lacy went back to her high school days. They shared ever secret in their lives. There wasnt anything that Casey didnt know about Lacy. Lacy was a bit of a thrill seeker and sometimes liked to cheat on her husband Mike.

  Casey was out with the girls tonight. Her friends, Lacy, Gloria and Cindy. Theyd been having fun having a few drinks and flirting with some of the guys around the club tonight but it was getting late and Gloria and Cindy were about to leave for home. After saying their goodbyes to the two wives Lacy and Casey sat back down in their booth moving closer together so they could talk more privately.

  Honey. Listen. What you told me this afternoon about Rick doesnt surprise me at all.

Casey laughed. You mean about him wanting me to see other men?

Lacy replied. Honey. Hes giving you his blessing to fuck around. Lacy sighed taking a deep breath as she continued to speak. Listen to me Casey. There must have been dozens of hot men checking you out tonight. If Rick wants to be cuckolded then why not give him what he wants. I could fix you up with plenty of hot guys. Good looking black guys too! Hung!

Stop it Lacy. You know I cant cheat on my husband.

  Lacy crossed her arms looking puzzled at her best friend. You remember all the good times we have in high school? I had to fix you up with every single date! Lets face it Casey. Your not going to fuck around unless I fix you up.

I dont need to have you fix me up Lacy.

They ordered one last drink together and were enjoying the music from the DJ when Lacy asked Casey the next question.

Its because youd feel guilty screwing another man isnt it?

Casey looked at her friend more seriously. Yes. That a big part of it.

Listen to me Casey. I have this good friend Ive know for years. I think he might be able to help you with your guilt.

What do you mean Lacy. Your talking really crazy now.

Listen. Are you and Rick available tomorrow night. Say around 7?

Yes, we could be why?

Just let me handle it. I promise you this guy can work magic.

What are you talking about? Who is this guy you want Rick to meet?

Relax. Ill see you around seven tomorrow evening. You have to trust me on this one.

Chapter 2                                                                    

  Casey had no idea what Lacy was up to. She called early that afternoon to make sure that her and Rick were going to be home. Lacy said she was bringing her friend along with her and she would introduce him once she arrived. She was to tell Rick that it was a very important friend of Lucys and he would understand once they met.

Lacy was early for once in her life. Arriving around 6:30 that evening. She walked into the house without knocking like she normally did with a tall slim man with dark hair and sun glasses following behind.

Hi honey. I want to introduce you and Rick to my good friend, Sylvester. Sylvester has been a marriage counselor for many years now using special techniques with couples that require special needs you might say.

Lacy turned to Sylvester and introduced the couple. This is Casey and Rick.

Sylvester held his hand out to both Rick and Casey. Its my pleasure to meet you both. May we sit down so we can begin?

Casey looked over at her husband who was a little surprised by hearing this guy was a marriage counselor then replied. Sure, why dont we go into the living room.

Casey directed everyone to sit. Sylvester looked around then at Rick saying. Rick, why dont you sit across from me so we can talk directly. He sat down on a big chair as Sylvester took a place on the sofa right next to him.

So, I understand youve had cuckold tendencies for the past several months Rick.

Um….I….Yah…. Looking over at his wife with a blank look on his face. I guess you could say that.

Its alright Rick. Nothing wrong with those ideas at all. Im hear to help. You see Rick. For many couples the cuckold lifestyle can only be a fantasy. You see Rick. Your wife maybe a little reluctant to follow thru with such a request even though she loves you dearly. She may feel guilt and think of herself as a slut and not worthy as a housewife any longer.

  Sylvester was talking in simple words. Almost like he was talking to a child in a smooth calm manor. As he spoke his eyes peered directly into Ricks. Very scary looking. He broke his stare long enough to look over at Casey.

  Casey. Im sure you love your husband and you want the best for both of you in this situation. I understand your husband Rick has told you that he wouldnt object to you seeing other men.

  Casey replied. Yes. Rick told me that a few weeks ago.

Did it shock you?

Casey replied. Yes. I didnt know how to respond.

Good. Im sure after thinking about Ricks proposal may have seemed intriguing enough to make you curious about how it would be like making love with another man.

I suppose I gave it some thought.

I know Rick has told you about his interracial fetish. Its not uncommon for white husbands to fantasize about seeing their wives with a strong well endowed black bull. Have you given the thought about making love to a black man my dear?

Casey was nervous and caught off guard. Well….I dont know…..I guess it seemed interesting….

Dont be afraid to show your true thoughts on the manor my dear. This is a very private session. You and your husband and your best friend Lacy. Nothing to be afraid of here I can assure you my dear.

Casey hesitantly stuttered. I…Yah…..Thought about it one night.

Were you alone?


Did you make yourself cum thinking about a black man making love to you?


How did you find this man? In your thoughts? Your dream?

Well. I guess I met him somewhere, like……a dating site online.

Good. Im glad you can open up about your thoughts Casey. Tell me. Was  he a good lover?

Yes. The way I envisioned it would be.

And hows that my dear?

Tall, muscular, handsome looking. Very dark skin. Perhaps jet black. Big down there.

Interesting my dear. So you say you envisioned his penis to be very large?


Thick I would imagine. Im I right?

Yes. I guess I did think of him that way.

Compare him to your husband Rick. Was he much larger or the same in size?

Casey giggled reluctantly not wanting to hurt Ricks feelings. He was much larger.

Tell me how much larger my dear.

Casey looked down at the floor for a moment then back at Rick then at Sylvester as she replied using her fingers to measure. Maybe this big.

Oh my. Must have been 9 or 10 inches I could imagine.

Casey giggled shyly.

Tell me Casey. How long is your husbands penis?

Um….I guess maybe four and a half…Maybe…..

Lacy grinned over at her friend not ever knowing how big Rick was build.

So the large size intrigued you a bit my dear?

Casey laughed. I guess so.

Thats OK my dear. There are many white wives in the world that fantasize about men with larger peniss. I guess we could say your very normal in doing so.

Sylvester turned to Rick and said. Rick. I do believe I can help you in your relationship with your wife. I really believe you want and desire to see your lovely wife here serviced and pleased by what I might consider calling. A real man size cock.

Rick shyly grinned knowing it was very true what Sylvester was saying. Hw would never admit it on his own.

Rick. How many bedrooms do you have in the house?


Good. Tell me what you cal them please.

Well. Theres the master bedroom. We have a guest room in the back. Plus we have another room we consider the kids room.

You have children?

Uh…No….Im having a little trouble in that department…..Impotent.  Um….We were planning to adopt in the near future.

Splendid in deed my friend. Splendid in deed. Tell me Rick. Are there beds in that childs and guest rooms?

Uh….Yes sir.. There are two twin beds in the childs room and a full size bed in the guest bedroom.

Great! Rick. Why dont you and I continue or chat in the childs bedroom together. Well leave the ladies out here to chat a bit while we talk a bit more.

Yeah. Sounds fine!

The guys stood up with Rick showing Sylvester the way to the bedrooms. Sylvester turned and looked back at the women saying. Well be in here a while ladies. Feel free to have some tea or a snack until I return.

Casey looked over at Lacy with a puzzled look on her face.

Lacy responded. Dont worry. Sylvester knows what hes doing.

Chapter 3

Casey was getting worried. It had been over two hours since Sylvester and Rick went into the bedroom together. Well, the women took Sylvester up on his offer and had a glass of wine instead of tea. Casey needed a drink and the wine hit the spot perfectly well.

The sound of the bedroom door opened than shutting could be heard. Casey saw Sylvester walking down the hallway back into the living room. He smiled at the women then looked at Casey and starred at her engagement and wedding band.

Casey. Could you remove your rings for me please.

Casey looked confused but obliged the man slipping off her wedding rings.

Good. Now do you have a good safe place to store them….Where Rick wont find them?

Hugh….I have a small safe in the dinning room hutch.

Good. Why dont we put them safely in there. Sylvester looked around the room and saw a wedding picture sitting out on an end table. He picked it up showing Casey and said.

Is this the only picture you have out of your wedding?

Yes. The rest are in a photo album in the bedroom.

He handed the picture to Casey and said. Put this safely away somewhere and meet me in the master bedroom.

Casey looked at her friend Lacy as she opened the little safe putting her rings away inside. The picture was tucked away in the back of the hutch drawer. They walked back to the master bedroom where Sylvester was waiting for them.

Casey. I want you to hide as many items that belong to your husband.  I mean, shoes, shirts shaver. Anything out in the open. Put them away in a safe place. I dont want Rick to see anything that might make him think a man has been in this bedroom.

Casey looked even more puzzled  saying. I dont understand any of this . Will you please tell me whats going on with my husband?

Ill explain everything soon my dear. Hurry!

Casey was picking up anything she could as quickly as she could with her friend Lacy helping her locate and put his things into the large walk-in closet.

Sylvester looked around the bedroom. Excellent! No need for a young man to be snooping around his mothers bedroom. The closet will be off limits!

Casey put her hands on her hips and just starred at the man and said. Alright! Enough is enough. Tell me whats going on with my husband.

Sylvester replied. Why dont we go into the dinning room and Ill explain.

The wives followed him into the dinning room where they all took seats and sat down waiting for an answer. Although Casey suspected that her best friend was in on this and knew exactly what was going on with Rick. Sylvester started to explain.

  Casey. You might consider this a bit of and experiment. Ive taken al the facts and put in place a plan that I think might work for everyone. You see my dear. Your husband has been hooked on this idea hes learned about cuckold relationships. Visiting sites, watching movies, reading stories. It becomes quite an addiction to some men I must say indeed. Nothing can really stop them from wanting to fulfill their desires even if it means putting a strain on their marriage.

Casey spoke out. I still dont understand whats going on with my husband.

Im getting to that shortly. Now Rick has become quite a nuisance with his suggestion of a cuckold marriage. You on the other hand have been reluctant to experiment in doing so for many reasons. I do believe the guilt you would bare would be disastrous to you and your marriage. Before I continue I would like to point out that Ive been working with Lacy and her husband for about a year now and our plan has worked out tremendously for both of them.

Casey looked at her best friend for a moment.

Casey. I had a long discussion with your husband taking notes about his ideas about a cuckold relationship. I put in consideration everything he told me and worked his ideas into his mind only making a few modifications along the way. I use a form of hypnotism on my clients.

Casey blurted out. You hypnotized my husband?

Relax my dear. Let me explain. Ive taken your husband back to a different time in his life. At a time we can get a fresh start on his problem and get it completely out of his system. Please dont be alarmed about what Im about to explain to you. You see. Ive taken your husband back to his childhood. Basically you have a 32 year old man who thinks hes a little boy.

Casey gasped when she heard what was just told to her. Lacy grabbed her hand saying. Its alright honey. Let him explain.

Caseys heart was beating fast as she anxiously waited to hear more.

First of al I want to assure you that Rick is in no danger. As far as hes concerned he is a 12 year old boy living with his mother. Ive programmed his mind taking quotes from his own words and made the necessary adjustments by giving him suggestions as I put him into his present state. Her are the top priorities I gave him. Number one. He must be a good boy and obey his mothers every wish. Number two. His mother is a shy single parent that is reluctant to date other men. Number three. His number one goal is to help his mother find a male companion with these attributes in mind. He must be a black man. Sexy and fun to be with. Handsome, charming and a good lover.

Casey held the palm of her hand over her mouth in disbelief.

Are you serious about all this?

Yes my dear. Our plan is to get you past your guilt and give you a change to experience other men as your husband suggested. A little girl in a candy store I might say. Once you fulfilled your fantasies with other men and at the same time giving your husband the gratitude of seeing you fulfilled by a black man then we will bring him back to present day.

Casey just starred wide eyes as she replied. Oh my god! You really did this?

All Sylvester said was. Dont worry about a thing. Ive done this to many husbands including Lacys so you have nothing to worry about.

Casey looked over at her best friend looking for answers.

Lacy spoke saying. Trust me. Your going to have a great time.

Sylvester said. Now without further ado I suggest we bring out Rick so he can speak to his mother. Ill go get him.

  Sylvester turned around one last time and looked at Casey and said. Remember. Rick is no longer your husband. Hes your son. Ive given him strict orders that your bedroom is off limits. Hell be sleeping in his own room tonight.

Chapter 4

Casey stared up at the bedroom ceiling as the sunlight started to fill the room through the cracks in the window blinds. She felt so alone at times as she had many times over the past several weeks. Sleeping alone wasnt any fun. She was so use to having her husband Rick sleeping at her side.

She heard the sound of Ricks game on his Xbox coming from his room again. Same thing every morning. He loved playing his games on that thing. Kept him busy while she was out showing properties with her clients.

Her friend Lacy bought her husband Mike over on Monday night. Or should she say her son Mike since he was in the same hypnotic state as Rick. Imagine, two 12 year old boys playing Xbox all evening long while their Mothers played cards and watched a movie together.

Lacy had been dating a guy for the past several months. A black guy. Problem was is that she had fallen in love with this guy and postponed bring Mike back to his natural state many times. Lacy said shed miss the romance and sex too much to go back right now.

  In the weeks since Rick had been put in an hypnotic state thats all Casey has been thinking about was getting up enough nerve to date other men. Ricks been a good husband, I mean boy about trying to coax his mother to date but she has been reluctant to this point. A couple nights ago they did sit down at the computer together looking at a dating site. Rick was so eager pointing out all the handsome looking black men to his mom.

  Last night she finally agreed to allow Rick to take some pictures of her . He encouraged her to wear sexy dresses like she wore taking her clients out looking at properties. One thing Rick didnt forget was how she dressed to impress the male clients to sell properties and yes it most always worked out to her advantage. Taking picture was a lot different. Wearing low cut tight fitting dresses showing every outline.

  Casey got herself out of bed. She was wearing Ricks favorite little black teddy. At least wearing it to bed made her feel somewhat normal. She sat down on the toilet going pee looking down at the neatly trimmed blonde hair around her pussy mound. Trimmed short and just enough to cover the edges around her pussy lips. Thats the way Rick always liked to see it. She loved doing it for him. She thought for a moment. How long had it been since Rick last saw her pussy anyway? Seven weeks maybe?

She wiped her pussy off after peeing then washed her hands looking in to the mirror seeing the little black teddy with her tits almost fully exposed under the transparent material. Taking the pictures yesterday evening made her horny. Rick was really getting into it with the digital camera. He was an excited little 12 year old boy she thought. Wanting Mommy to look nice for other men.

She made herself cum several times last night when she went to bed. She surely missed having Rick make love to her. Last night she began to think about Rick as a little boy and at least got herself to laugh to herself. Rick was only about 4 ½ long. His cock was rather skinny as well. What made her laugh  was how she thought about him being a 12 year old with an under developed little cock.

She couldnt help herself last night from acting naughty. She certainly didnt mean it and the last thing she ever wanted to do was make fun of Rick. She slipped out of the black teddy and into her pink robe wrapping the strap around her waist. She adjusted the robe around her shoulders. Yes, it was rather sexy looking. Low cut revealing some of her cleavage the way Rick always liked to see it. Plus it was short coming down just past her round little ass. She slipped into her sandals and walked out into the kitchen.

Good morning Mommy. Rick said in his boyish voice. I made you coffee and got your favorite donut.

Well, thank you honey. I really appreciate it.

Casey sat down at the kitchen table while Rick poured her coffee and sat down across from her. He had a glass of milk and a donut waiting for himself. It was funny not seeing him drink coffee in the past several weeks. She didnt know the hypnotism would have an effect on him that way.

Rick talked about his Xbox and other computer games he had then mentioned putting the pictures on the hard drive of the computer so she could post them on a dating site.

Do you have time to do it this morning Mommy? Rick asked looking excited. Casey sipped her coffee and finished her donut. She took a deep breath then said. Alright. Lets do it.

Rick looked excited as ever as they headed into the den where the computer was kept. Caseys robe slipped open just enough to reveal her boobs as she quickly tried to cover back up before Rick saw them but it was to late.

Wow Mommy. You look really nice.

Casey tried to shrug it off saying. Thank you honey.

  Casey glanced thru the pictures Rick took last night. She picked out the ones she liked most finally selecting 6 pictures. Lots of leg and thigh and cleavage. Rick said those were her favorites. Casey had written an introduction to her dating ad a couple days ago which Rick had never saw before this morning.

  She tried to hide it from Rick as she pulled up the word program where it was stored. Seeing the ad starting out as a single white mom and a brief description of herself being blonde, petite and firm boy describing how she worked out to keep in shape everyday and worked in a professional field. The pictures told the story themselves.

When she sighed up on the dating site Rick kept looking over her shoulder to see what was going on. She began filling out the form. Her height and measurements a short description of things she enjoyed like her hobbies and such. Then it was time to select the type of man she was seeking.

She naturally started with her preferences seeking a black gentleman. Tall muscular built. None smoker and easy going. Prefer a professional guy. Casey couldnt believe the things they had you fill out. She posted the six pictures on the ad and clicked send. A box appeared saying her ad would be posted shortly. She felt relieved that she actually went thru with posting a dating ad.

It was early summer. Normally a Mom would be looking for a babysitter for her 12 year old son but under the circumstances she felt assured Rick would be alright spending the day in his room. According to Sylvester, Ricks skill level was that of an adult. Only the things he reprogrammed had changed in his personality. 

Casey brought dinner home that evening. Rick always loved when she stopped at the chicken place and picked up food. He was hungry as any 12 year old/ grown man would be. Helping his Mom clean the dishes after dinner was a daily chore for Rick.

Mommy, why dont you check and see if anyone answered your dating ad? Rick blurted out excitedly.

OK honey. Give Mommy a minute and Ill go check.

Can I come look too?

OK but I want you to sit quietly in a chair away from the computer. Just in case some man sends something nasty I dont want you to see.

Rick looked a little disappointed but happy to tag along with his Mom. She opened the site logging in and found that she had dozens of replies.

  Wow Mommy. Look at all the people that wrote you.

Ricky! Your not supposed to be looking!

Sorry Mom.

Ricky sat back down away from the computer. The phone rang. It was Mike, Lucys husband asking for Ricky. Casey handed the phone to Rick. Something about his Xbox game.

Mom, I have to go play Xbox. Mike needs some help with one of the games.

Thats fine honey. Mommy will look over the replies. Casey felt so relieved Ricky was leaving the room. This would give her a chance to look over the replies on her own.

She skimmed thru the replies one at a time sorting them out. A few white guys replied anyway but she still put the most interesting aside. Most of the men commented on her photos. Typically she knew what they were looking for anyway. She had to admit this was exciting and felt a little devilish . Sylvester was right she thought. A little girl in a candy store. Lots of good looking black men she thought. She browsed thru the replied until one in particular caught her eye.

The man posted several pictures of himself working out at a gym. His shirt off in many. Gorgeous six pack she giggled. Arms as big as her waist she smiled. Shaved head. Very dark complexion. Everything about his body was massive looking. A little intimidating  physic. Lets see……67 tall. Caught herself looking at the bulge in his tight little workout pants. Big hands too!

Hed already made her a friend which meant on the site that she would have access to even more photos. Her hands were shaking as she clicked the buttons clicking the little box where his photo galleries were stored. Oh my God! She thought to herself looking around behind her making sure Ricky was gone. Nude photos!

  They appeared to be professional taken. Flexing his large muscular body in many poses. Naked! Oh dear Casey thought. His penis was huge. Not even erect and looking appealing. Uncircumcised head, perhaps several inches long and not even hard! Casey felt tingly. Her hands shook as she browsed thru the gallery.

She felt butterflies already just looking at this man.

The further she went thru the gallery the more erotic his poses became until she came upon the close-up shots of his erect penis. He was holding it in his hand looking at the camera. Looked so huge. Thick. The head appeared as large as a door knob! No!…..Cant be that big?…….Can it?….

She read his ad over several times before making a decision to reply back to him. She began writing answering his few questions and making comments about his photos. She starred at the screen thinking about the pictures that Rick playfully took of her a few months ago nude in their bedroom. She forgot all about them until now.

She quickly found the folder they were stored in and began browsing. She was laying on the bed in several positions. Legs spread apart in some, others wearing Ricks favorite black teddy. Nipples hard  and neatly shaved pussy visible. She was excited and nervous but felt naughty enough o want to post a private gallery this man could see. What? She was so excited she didnt even catch his name. She looked. Kenneth. Nice name she thought.

She looked over her shoulder again making sure Ricky was still gone. She worked fast uploading the pictures to the site in a private gallery. She made Kenneth her friend which would enable him to see the nude gallery. The upload finished. They were online.

  Suddenly a little box appeared on the screen. It was Kenneth. He was online and wanted to chat. She said hello and mentioned that she liked his profile and photos. He replied back saying he was just looking at her new photo gallery and said she was gorgeous.

Natural blonde LOL. He replied.

She sent a smile.

I like blondes, petite, nice overall body.

Then she got another surprise. He directly sent his cell phone number over for her to call. Her hands shook as she wrote the number down. She replied.

Ill gall you shortly Kenneth.

His reply. Talk to you soon Casey.

Chapter 5

  Casey turned off the desk top and stood up with the phone number in hand. She quickly walked to Rickys room where he was sitting on the bed with the Xbox controller in his hand and the phone on his shoulder.

Honey. Mommys going to lay down in her bedroom for a while.

OK Mom. Still talking to Mike.

She smiled and closed his bedroom door. She nervously walked to her room and closed the door tight. Getting her cell phone out and laying on the bed. She dialed the number. A muscular sounding voice came on.


Hi, is this Kenneth?

Yes it.

This is Casey.

Oh. Hi there gorgeous. I didnt expect you to call me so soon. How was your day.

Fine. Just got home and had dinner with my son and now relaxing.

Great. You have a son?

Yes, hes 12. You have any kids?

Never been married.

Hard to imagine a guy as handsome as you are still single.

He laughs then says. Your divorced?

Um….Yeah. I m single.

He laughs again. Didnt think youd be placing an ad if you were married. Listen. I was really intrigued reading your ad and seeing your pictures.

I liked your ad too. Loved the pictures you have posted. You have lots of galleries to see.

Glad you like them.

Have you responded to many ads so far?

He replies. Just posted my ad yesterday. Your is the first one and really caught my attention. Id really like to get to know you in person. Would you be interested in getting together with me, say for coffee?

Id like that! I think your ad stated you live in the next town over from me?

Yes. Ill text you my address if you want to meet here. I live in an apartment building on the 4th floor. They have a lounge in the lobby where we could set and chat if you wish.

Casey replied. Sounds nice. Would tomorrow be alright?

He laughs then responds. Are you available tonight by any chance?

He completely caught Casey by surprise as she stuttered to find an answer and blurted out. yeah….Sure. I could get dressed really quick.

OK, Ill text you my address. I will meet you in the front lobby. If you have any trouble finding the place just give me a call.

Casey replied. Great I will see you soon.

Caseys heart was pounding. What did she just do? Oh my God! Shes going to meet this guy in person? What should I wear? Lets see. Guess my green dress would be nice. I get lots of compliments when I wear it. She quickly changed and quickly slipped into a pair of high heels. She quickly rushed into the bathroom and put on some makeup and lipstick.

What about Ricky? She would tell him she had to meet a client really quick to show a property. Thats it. Hed understand. She rushed into his room where she found him still on the phone with Mike playing with his Xbox.

Ricky. I have to go show a property really quick. I would be home late.

OK Mom. Ill be alright….Oh….Mom….Can I have some of the cake in the frig?

Casey hesitated. She was so nervous. Yah….Sure…..Dont make a mess. Ill see you when I get home.

She walked in kissing him on the forehead. Seemed so strange to be kissing him that way. She quickly got her keys and her purse and hopped in the car and drove off.

   Casey got to Kenneths apartment building within minutes. She knew the area. Sold plenty of condos in the area. She found a place to park for visitors and walked up into the lobby where she saw Kenneth waiting for her. She smiled thinking to herself that he looked even better in person.

  HI. Im Casey. She said as she extended her hand out to his.

Nice to meet you Casey. Your even more gorgeous in person.

Oh….Thank you very much.

Come this way and well find a spot to talk.

It was a luxury complex and the lounge was setup like a hotel lobby with coffee and snacks and such. He poured her a coffee finding a nice comfortable sofa to sit on. It was really comfy and cozy feeling. Casey sat down crossing her shapely legs and saw the way his eyes focused on her thighs. The dress was short exposing lots of skin. Perhaps even a trace of her little ass.

  Tell me Casey. Are you looking for a boyfriend or just casual dating?

Casey sighed as she thought about his question. Oh gosh…..This is my first time dating in a long time. I really didnt know what to expect to be honest.

  How about you Kenneth. Have you been dating much?

Call me Ken…..Well. I guess its been about three months for me. My company had me traveling in sales for the past couple years. Now Im home based and do much work on the internet from home so I dont have to travel as much.

What sort of work do you do?

I sell equipment to gyms and private companys.

Well it looks like you work out a lot with all those muscles.

Thank you. Did competition for a while. Just a gym rat I guess.

Casey replied. It shows really well that you work hard at looking good.

Likewise. You look great yourself Casey. You should be very proud of yourself.

Casey blushed. Thank you.

Does your son still see his Dad?

Um…..Yes…He lives out of town though. Only comes around once a year. Casey had to make up that story to tell.

Was he the one that took the pictures of you?

Oh….Uh…..My son took them.

The nude shots?

Casey nervously giggled. No. Not those. My last boyfriend took them.

That relationship didnt workout?


Tell me Casey. Have you every dated a black man before.

Casey was nervous as she replied. No. Not at all. You would be my first.

So. You think youd be interested in seeing me again?

Yes. Sure. How about you Ken?

Absolutely. Id love to take you out for a nice dinner and perhaps dancing?

Id love that.

Ken got a little more bold and asked. Would you like to come up and see my place? I mean, I dont want to scare you off or anything.

  Oh….Yeah….That would be fine.

They took the elevator up to his floor and got off. Ken was still checking her out watching her little ass sway as she walked. Casey knew he was very interested in her. She felt the same.

Thank you for reading my story. You can read my bio at:

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