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Learning Her Place

Part 1

Learning Her Pl ace

By: DonnerTie

He had found her cold and shivering. Her coat he noticed was much too short and skimpy, revealing much of her bare skin beneath. He watched her try and entice any man that passed. Lifting her skirt or presenting her backside. When he pulled up in his car she appeared friendly enough. Happy to finally have a potential client the girl approached his cars window. He surmised she had run away from her home or perhaps been abandoned for no collar was around her neck. Like a bitch in heat she offered herself to him, presenting her body for him to inspect. A promise of payment was all it took for the pretty young thing to hop in the passenger seat beside him.

She was eager to perform for him right away, the night was early and there were many more customers to get too. The man rebuffed her advances, stating the need for a more private affair. Such was her plight that she did not protest as he drove from the brightly lit and busy street. At last the car was stopped, in the darkness of the ally she did not see the needle gleam before it pressed beneath her flesh.

The streets were rough puppies could pick up all manner of disease. The concoction of vaccinations would ensure her continued health. Plus an added benefit was the sedative that had her eyelids drooping closed in no time, her whimpering protests muffled. So tired was the poor thing that by the time he had her all buckled in properly, she was fast asleep. Her breathing soft and shallow as slumber took its hold. With his new puppygirl curled up beside him he began the journey home. One hand on the wheel the other petting her soft chestnut hair.

She must have been out on the streets for quite a while for she did not even stir when he pulled up his driveway. Exhausted after her long ordeal she did not awake as he picked her light body. With care he carried her through the garage side door, and on into the laundry room.

In the bright light he got his first proper look at the stray. Time on the streets had been rough on her. Food must have been scarce for she was lean with barely an ounce of fat upon her. Her chest was small and the hint of a rib or two could be seen beneath her skin. Her time exposed out in the elements had left her with a golden tan and lightened hair. That would have been envied by many. It was her face that told of her previous life though. With big blue eyes and soft rosy cheeks that only a house born puppy could have. Perhaps he should get the vet to check for an ID tag he thought.

First he had to remove the pup's odd almost human clothing. He never understood why some people insisted on dressing up their puppies. He preferred a more natural looking girl with only her fur to warm her. A sharp pair of scissors made quick work of the tattered and dirty cloth, while her streetwalking high heels were slipped from her small pert feet. 

Into the lukewarm water she went, as naked as the day she was born. He had to hold his breath as he rubbed the delousing shampoo into her dirty skin. Awoken from her slumber the puppygirl became quite agitated. Her whining and thrashing made it clear she was not a dog that liked the water. Luckily the waist high tub allowed him to keep a firm grip on the struggling pup as he rubbed away the dirt and grime with a hard scrub brush. It was only when he had rinsed the last of the shampoo off from between her eyes did she cease her struggles.  

Sullenly she sat while he rubbed her body from head to toe. A quick learner she had quieted down after a gently smack on the bottom.  Even still he kept a firm grip upon her neck in case she tried to make a run for it. Her coat was positively glowing by the time he had finished drying her with the scratchy towel.

At first like all loud noises she had been scared of the device in his hands, but slowly as the warm air from the blow dryer caressed her hair she relaxed. By the time he was using the dogs grooming brush to smooth out her hair she was contently still, only an occasional sigh escaping her lips.

He was not sure what type of breed she was. Her small stature and cute nose made her more mutt then any puppy he had ever owned. In the end he decided a soft tan coat with light almost white underbelly would suit her best.

He suspected that she did indeed have some training from a past owner as she uttered no further protest as the suit was pulled over her body. Or perhaps he thought as he worked she was merely frightened into submission. Strays like her were often subjected to the abuse of men in fur coats and canes. With these girls he found a kind hand could make them quite compliant to the will of any owner that did not rush to beat them. Slowly the pale supple skin of her naked flesh was covered by the soft fur of the suit. At his prompting she curled each hand into a fist before securing each inside its own paw mitten. A stern look and raised hand was all it took to slip the ring gag past her trembling lips. Her muzzle locked securely in place around her face by straps now covered by hood and puppy ears.

Her whining cries and whimpering grew loud again as he pushed the tail plug deep inside her bottom. A devious cut out in the suit had left her most intimate area exposed to all. His calm soothing voice was unheeded as her muscles began to cramp and strain. The plug had been expertly shaped to resemble that of a male dog, its long red tip slowly disappearing past her trembling cheeks. Her eyes were wide, her breathing shallow and quick. The man grimaced as he pushed on with the task at hand. By the time the large knot of the plug began to press against her tight opening, sweat was streaking down her face. With a whining groan her burning muscles were forced to stretch as finally the plug slipped deep inside her tortured bottom.    

Joyously the man exclaimed what a pretty puppy she now made. His hand sent her tail wiggling back and forth as it bounced upon the plug buried deep within her.  With each movement her new springy tail would wag adding a whole new way for her to express her happiness.

Next a dog's collar was wrapped about her neck. It was a golden brown colour with only a pair of simple tags adorning the D ring at its front. In case she got lost one of the tags had the contact info of her new owner, while the other signified that she had had her rabies vaccination for the year and was registered with the city. Each would jingled and rattle whenever she moved announcing her presence about the house. He clipped a leash to her collar before leading her into the house proper.

He was careful to keep a firm grip on her lead. New puppies can easily hurt themselves if not familiar with their new homes. He would have to install some doggy gates to keep her off the stairs he mused. About the house they went, she made sure to sniff every nook and cranny. So many new smells it must have been overwhelming for the girl. He did not mind though as he was afforded the view of her pretty bottom and wagging tail as she bounded about the house.

It took some prompting but he got her to drink out of the large dog's water bowl, although he was surprised when she turned her nose up at the left over kibble. She must not have been out on the streets that long he thought. Perhaps he should check the local paper for missing puppies. No matter in time she would adjust to her new special diet. 

While she drank the man released her leash to attend to the now insistent scratching at the backdoor. So preoccupied was she with learning how to lap up the water she did not hear the sliding door behind her being pulled open. Nor did she notice at first the loud clicking sound of nails against tile announced the entrance of the water bowls owner. King was large even for a Great Dane. At over 91 kilograms he could easily knock over a fully sized man, a fact that he often did on his walks when he would lunge viciously at other dogs. He did not have his breed's easy going temperament. Aggressive, King was never one to get along with other dogs. So it was with some worry that the man watched this first encounter between his Great Dane and the newest edition to the household.

The sight of the young bitch had immediately made the hairs along the dogs back stand on end. To drink and eat from another dogs bowl was to challenge their place within the pack. As the sound of his approach drew nearer she paused, water dripping from her outstretched tongue. Her head turned at the sound of the deep rumble of his savage growl. As the rapidly approaching dog filled her vision she became acutely aware of her vulnerable position. Any attempts at escape she may have tried were quickly forgotten as the end of her leash was gripped between the large gleaming rows of teeth that filled Kings muzzle.

On hand and knee she had to look up to see into the dark cold eyes of the beast now standing over her. The rumbling growl had slowly built until it now filled her ears. With trembling knees she did the only thing she could, slowly she sunk down making her submission known. Her chest crouched low she desperately tried to hide her outstretched bottom. As he stood over the now cowering bitch a threatening snap of his jaws ensured she knew her place beneath him within his pack.

The strange smells of this new bitch were enticing to the dog. Like the familiar smell of a bitch in heat, but somehow subtly different. Following the sweet musky smells he lowered his nose until he found the source of her strange emanating musk. His cold wet nose pressed urgently against the quickly moistening lips of her forbidden sex. Each deep breath brought an intoxicating aroma that quickly was overwhelming his senses. The dog was panting lustily now, the tip of his slick red cock peeking out from beneath its sheath.  She was unlike any other bitch he had ever known, but he did not care his feral instincts now driving his actions.

The warm wet tongue against her cleft made the puppygirl's eyes shoot open in surprise. The press of the leathery nose had been bad enough but now Kings tongue was everywhere. Its long wet surface lapping up the sweet taste of the bitch. Her crying whimpers soon gave way to husky moaning as king eagerly continued his ministrations. The dog's saliva soon coated her inner thighs and glistening nether lips. Her quickening juices were greedily slurped up by his heavenly tongue.

Subconsciously the bitch slowly began to lift her bottom allowing him more and more access. The depravity of her own actions lost in a cloud of increasing pleasure. His tongue even began to slip between her puffy pink lips. His large long tongue delving ever deeper. New feelings began to flow though her body, familiar sensations that only seemed to confuse her. Her mind was screaming desperately to fight back to resist this assault on her dignity, but her body was not listening. King's expertise soon had his new puppygirl shaking with pleasure. Her vaginas lips were puffy and glistening with her own juices by the time King finally withdrew.

She let out a needy whine as the primal desire's he had stirred within her pressed all other thoughts from her mind. The girl thrust her bottom up, even going so far as to shake it back and forth to try and entice the warm wet tongue to return. Her actions mimicking those of a desperate bitch in heat trying to entice a mate. Instead a very heavy weight came crashing down upon her back. She gave a gasp as the air was forced from her lungs.

Two very large paws now firmly kept her shoulders pinned to the floor. Her small breasts were being squished into the hard floor beneath. The stabbing press of Kings large swollen member against her thigh caused all thoughts of pleasure to flee her mind. Desperately she tried to buck and squirm beneath the mass of muscle and fur atop her. Her struggles were hopeless though as he weighed almost twice her own weight. A terrifying growl was all it took to cause her to cease her fighting. Those big paws with their hard nails began to grip her shoulders tightly.

With pleading eyes she looked up at the man. He pitied the girl. It was obvious this was her first time. A bitches first mating was always a scary and rough experience. The dog's jabs were coming closer to their mark now. Thick male pre-cum glistened on her inner thigh was proof of his near misses. Kings excited panting filled her ears, her own frenzied breathing coming in short gulps. With a gasping moan she felt him enter her. The puppygirl's glistening lips parted as his thick red cock slipped past her quivering opening.

Unlike any lover she had ever had before, once he had found his mark King began to savagely thrust. There was no loving caress to this coupling. Each thrust was brutally strong. His cock plunging inside her, its length and girth almost more then she could handle. Her breathing was short and rapid falling into rhythm with each thrust. Instinctively her muscles contracting around his cock gripping it firmly as it slid in and out, over and over again.

The pain she had first felt gradually began to be replaced once more by a familiar pleasure. The rapid thrusts were becoming more manageable and she even began to anticipate them. Soon she was rocking her hips in tandem with him. All of her inhibition was gone only her primal need remained. Her own short movements meeting his own plunging thrusts. The harder she pushed the deeper his bulging member pressed within her. Untold pleasures began to rock her body. Her need for release was threatening to overwhelm her.  

Each time he thrust now the firm press of his growing knot slapped against her over stimulated opening. Her battered vaginal lips were being forced slowly open. The knot was bigger than anything she had ever felt before, its girth threatening to split her in two. With a low growl King increased the force of his thrusts. He began to slam into the small puppygirl only his weight keeping her from sliding across the floor. At last he was firmly wedged inside her. Her head was thrown back as it finally slipped past her slickened lips. The knots mass now kept Kings cock firmly wedged within his bitch.

King now firmly planted continued his thrusts. Each now a short quick jab bringing a whimper or moan of ecstasy from the girl beneath him. Her breathing was ragged now, a quick panting mixing with Kings own until they could not be told apart. It was the puppygirl who first succumbed to the pleasure wracking her body. All the humiliation and unknown she had felt before was lost, washed away by the bliss that filled her. Her mate was not long behind her, his own release causing him to slump down upon her back. Thick ropey strands of his semen flowing out of his member began to mix with her own juices filling his bitch's womb. His knot still buried deep within her keeping all but a slow dibble from leaking out.

She gave a small whimper as King turned to try and leave but his bulging knot kept the mated pair firmly connected. Her eyes were glazed over her body limp, supported only by his knot buried deep inside her. Yet she was calm like a woman who had just made a hard decision. It had been rough but the pleasure was unlike anything she had ever received. A smile seemed to appear across her lips.

It would be quite some time before the two lovers would be able to part. In that time King's knot would allow his seed to find purchase deep within her fertile body.

The man need not have worried, it turned out. King it seemed took a liking to his new bitch, and she to him as well. His house was soon filled with the sounds of their repeated mating.  The veterinarian says if the two of them keep it up, the bitch could be expecting a litter of puppies in no time.   

Review This Story || Author: DonnerTie
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