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Sara the Puppy Girl

Part 13


Chapter Thirteen

       Sara continued to struggle with the massive chain connected to her collar. The chain only gave her enough slack to move about twenty feet from the thick metal post it was attached to. She crawled away from it until the metal links were taut, and pulled with all her strength. But being trapped on all fours didnt make it easy. Sara found it difficult to put her weight into it, and her rubber encased knee caps just slid on the grass. Her attempts were futile and she knew it. Unable to look down at where the chain clasped onto the ring at her throat, Sara lifted her right hand, trapped in a fist within the glove, and tried to feel for a way to undo it. But the padded mittens were too thick and completely desensitized her. Her hands truly were nothing more than paws, she realized.

       Sara decided that there was no escape to be made for now, but she had to start planning. She thought back to a television show shed seen once, about famous jail breaks in history. All of the stories had the same thing in common; the escapees spent long periods of time figuring out every nook and cranny of their surroundings. They studied their guards, learned the routines, and discovered little things about their prisons that they could exploit. Sara would do the same thing. If she studied her surroundings she was sure she would find a way out. Her only concern was what he would do to her in the meantime. She had to escape as soon as possible if she wanted to keep her virginity.

       Sara crawled around to the back of the little dog house, and grimaced at the pain of the massive plug lodged inside of her. The straps between her legs were beginning to toy with her as well, but she did her best to ignore that to study the dog house that was apparently hers. It was almost your generic dog house; dark brown, arched doorway, slanted roof. The only differences she saw were that the slant to the roof was significantly steeper than a normal dog house, and the top edge was coated with metal. This dog house also had a front door to it, though it was swung all the way open and locked into position.

       Peaking inside the small wooden hut revealed nothing of surprise. There was a wide, pink doggie bed inside of it. Besides that, there was nothing interesting about it. Backing away from the house, Sara began to survey the rest of the yard. To her right there was a strange contraption. It reminded her of a metal swinging gate that shed seen once, used to block off a dirt road she saw when she was camping. But that was a long time ago, and this thing wasnt blocking off any roads. It was just planted in the middle of the yard.

       Sara turned her attention to the house that her captor had brought her to. From the back of it, it sure did look nice. It was very big, even bigger than any of her friends homes. It was also very well taken care of. The blue paint and white trim was fresh, the bushes along the back were trimmed and healthy, and the lawn was luscious and green. It did need a mow though. There was also a large shed over on the opposite end of the yard, flush with the tall wooden fence. Whoever this man was, he wasnt just some psycho. He was a rich psycho.

       Sara continued to crawl about her strange surroundings. The straps between her tender pussy lips continued to grind against her clit, and was beginning to arouse her. But Sara fought it. She wouldnt let the man see her suffering. Not like that. Sara crawled about a while longer, studying every part of her environment. After a while though, the pressure from the straps was becoming too much and she decided she had to stop. Just crawling around was making her horny, and she could feel a wetness inside herself. But thats what the man wanted, and she wouldnt allow him to see her in that condition. She wasnt some animal in heat, she was a person.

       Sara decided to settle down and get off her knees for a while. They certainly could use the break; her knee caps were beginning to get a little sore. So Sara brought her knees up and plopped her weight down to sit on top of her bound knees. The tail pressed into the ground though, causing it to bend within her. Sara couldnt see it, but she felt the blonde tail curling up behind her. A few bristles of its hair tickled her shoulders as she sat. The plug was very uncomfortable, but at least she could rest her legs for a while. Besides, the invasive strap between her legs was beginning to take a toll.

       Kneeling the way she was, Sara realized that she really was sitting much like a dog. She had to hunch over a little to let her padded fists rest on the ground between her stumped legs. It was either that or sit upright and be forced to hold her arms out in front of her. Sara kneeled there for a good while, looking around the mans yard and home. She knew that she had to do what she could to put together an escape plan. If he ever got complacent and let her out of the suit she had to be ready. She had to know what her actions would be in order to succeed in getting away from this psychopath.

       Time seemed to stand still as she sat there in the grass. She still couldnt totally believe that she was in this situation. Being kidnapped was scary, as was the fondling and spanking. But the suit that her captor put her into was something else. She no longer had hands, nor could she stand upright. She couldnt turn her head correctly or speak or  turn at her waist. Her knees were sore, her breathing was difficult, and she felt completely ridiculous with the dog face and pigtails with bows. Her jaw was still sore from the ring lodged in her mouth, though her muscles seemed to be getting used to it. The worst of it had to be the strap between her pussy lips and that infernal plug crammed inside her anus. Sara was nearly brought to tears again just thinking about it, but she fought the urge. She had to stop crying, she had to keep her wits about her if she was going to figure out an escape. Not only that, but she also wanted to keep from looking weak to the man. But it was so hard not to break down every time he hurt her or yelled.

        It did feel nice to be outdoors though. The sun was out but it wasnt that warm out. It was only early spring so the air was still cool and a little windy, but the sky was clear. It was beginning to get dark out, and Sara was hopeful that the man would let her back inside before the cold of night time took over. Only her arms, legs, and waist were covered, leaving all of her intimate parts vulnerable to the cool air. She could already feel her small pink nipples erect from the drop in temperature.

       Time passed and the sky grew grayer and grayer until it was black and the stars shined. Sara wished she could be on one of those stars. Some distant planet where psycho people didnt force young women to be their dogs. A place where girls walked upright and didnt have plugs with tails shoved into their rear ends.

       Sara gazed upon the rear entrance of the house with content. As the night became cooler she actually found herself hoping for the man to come back, if only to bring her back inside. Her nipples were stiff and pert, and every area of open flesh was covered in goose-bumps. It wasnt long before she found herself shivering. She continued to watch the house- looking for her captor through the windows and hoping that he would come and get her soon. She was so cold.

       Finally, a light came on upstairs and Sara saw the shape of the man in one of the rooms. It was hard to see, but it looked like he was undressing. Sara watched with yearning as the man disappeared. Oh God it looked so warm in there now. If she was out on a night like this before she would have been clothed from head to toe in warm layers. But all she had here were these rubber stockings and leather straps and belts. She felt like she was freezing.

       Ten minutes passed before the man reappeared in the window, apparently getting dressed again. He would come and get her now, she was sure of it. He couldnt leave her out here any longer, she would get sick!

       Sure enough, a minute later the man came to the back door at the ground floor and stepped outside. He was wearing different clothes now- sweat pants and a different t-shirt. Sara was almost ready to jumped back on all fours and run for him, but she couldnt let him know she needed him. It wasnt that she wanted to go to him, but he was the only one that could get her out of this. She just wanted to get warm again, then she could resume her escape plotting.

       “Miss me girl?” he called out as he closed in on her. Sara didnt budge as he bent over just to unhook the chain from her collar. The man stood upright and looked around, then back at the house. “Fuck I forgot your leash, girl.” Was this a trick? Did that mean he would just hook her back up to the chain and leave her out her longer? “Id let you walk off the leash but youre not ready for that yet” he told her calmly. With that he stepped off to her side and reached down. With his left hand he scooped under her belly and with his right he supported her weight under her rear. It seemed to take him no effort at all to lift all of her weight up into his arms, and carry her back toward the house.

       Sara was angry that she was dejected to this treatment, but at the same time she appreciated it. It actually felt good to be held tight, and she felt warm being pulled in to his chest. She closed her eyes for a few seconds and pretended that she was being hugged by someone, but she didnt know who. That was saddening to her- wishing to be hugged... but not knowing anyone in particular that shed want to be hugged by. Sara opened her eyes as he came upon the back door once again. He held her up high with his left arm and quickly reached out to open the door with his right.

       The man didnt put her down once inside, but instead carried her straight to a big door in the kitchen. He carried her through and she saw that the door led to a downward staircase. He must have been bringing her back to the “play room.” She was grateful that he wasnt putting her back into that cabinet-elevator. That was an experience she didnt want to repeat. At the bottom of the stairs he turned and carried her through an unfinished basement. She could see tools and building material all over the place as they passed it. Finally at the far side of the room the man opened another door, and her suspicions were confirmed.

       The man let her down gently to stand on all fours on the padded mats. There were some new pieces in the room, she saw. In the center there was a very wide beach towel spread out. It was a soft purple color and adorned with white dog bones. In the center of the towel there was a big black tub made of durable ABS plastic. He did say it was bath time. In the corner she saw the watering machine with the black penis still dangling from it. She didnt realize until she saw it that she was incredibly thirsty. She had no desire to suck the black dildo again, but she knew that it would need to happen if she wanted to drink at all.

       Beside the watering machine there was another machine, almost identical. The only visible differences was that the five gallon jug of water was replaced by a much smaller jug, colored white so she couldnt see its contents. Could it be water? Or perhaps it was just another kind of drink? At the base of this machine was another valve mechanism and a white dildo that looked like it was the same size as the black one.

       “Out of the way, Daisy” she heard the man say, as she felt the man give her a little nudge forward with his foot. It wasnt a hard kick, just a light push to get her out of the way. She saw that he just needed her out of the way so that he could close the big white door behind him.

       “Alright now, dinner first. I dont want you eating late. Yknow eating closer to bed time makes you gain weight. And youve got some to burn before the new suit comes in so you need to make some strides.” She had to lose weight? She was barely over 110 pounds and had no visible fat on her. What weight did he want her to lose?!

       “Get over there and get some water in you first” he ordered. Sara sheepishly obliged and crawled over to the watering machine, pausing before the big black cock protruding from it. She stared it down for a few seconds. “Go on and drink girl” he commanded from somewhere behind her. Sara did as he said and pushed forward until the black cock slipped between the gaping jaws of her mask, and she felt it enter her mouth. The last thing she wanted to do was make the man angry again, especially since he seemed to be in such a good mood.

       With effort she took the whole cock into her small mouth. As the end of her snout closed in on the ring she hoped that she could activate it early, and not have to suck the entire dick as she did earlier. But as the ring disappeared her hopes were dashed- the opening of the mask was too wide to catch on the ring. She had to get it deep enough down to tap the ring with her real lips.

       Sara struggled on, sucking down the massive black cock. Finally she felt her pink lips meet resistance as they tapped the metal ring. She felt a small amount of cool water shoot down her throat, partially quenching her thirst. It was good for overall hydration, but Sara longed to swish the water around in her mouth freely. Her mouth felt dry now, probably from being left vulnerable to the open air. Her tongue must have become swollen from the piercing, because it felt like it was pressing against the rubber phallus much harder now. It almost hurt. Regardless of how unsatisfying the drinking was, Sara continued to suck the black cock and got her fill of water. For several minutes she sucked the cock and suckled down as much water as the man would allow her.

       “Alright Daisy” she heard him say from behind her. “Dont fill up on just water. When youve had enough to drink move on to the white cock. That one dispenses dinner. I call that one the Feeder-Cock.” Sara paused at his words. That was dinner? That cock would give her food? Sara felt completely defeated as she broke away from the black cock. Only now did she realize how hungry she was. She hadnt eaten in about a day now, but shed been to scared and angry and lost to even realize. But she couldnt give in to this... she couldnt spend the rest of her days getting fed and watered through tubes in rubber dildos. Sara remained on all fours, facing the white penis and the machine it was attached to. She was so hungry. Sara felt the mans eyes on her. He was just standing on the other side of the tub with his arms crossed watching her.

       “If you want to eat, eat” he said, “but if youre going to skip dinner then come on over here for your bath.” Sara looked at him and the big tub in the center of the room. What could she do? She could either allow herself to be degraded to sucking dicks for food and then be washed down like a sex pet, or pass the only chance for food and then still be washed like a sex pet. Thats what she was to him and she knew it now. Thats why he put that toy into her butt. Thats why he spanked her. She felt her tummy grumble and churn, confined in the wide leather belt that held it.

       Sara battled herself internally; trying to decide whether it was worth it to just accept the foul treatment and get what food she could from the white cock. Her captor wasnt likely to let up and give her food by any other means. It was either get food through the dick, or dont get food at all.

       Emotionally defeated, Sara crawled slowly to the white cock. She crawled to face the machine squarely, and took the second dick into her mouth. It slid down easier than the black cock did, probably because she was used to it now. Sara swallowed the second cock down hard, and took it all down into her throat until her lips met a metal ring. Pressing the ring, she felt a spurt of fluid ooze from the end of the dick into her throat. The thick fluid forced Sara to gag hard and she had to back off of the cock as she coughed in reaction. It was so thick and it came so slowly, how was she supposed to keep from choking on it?

       “Yep thats food for you from now on, Girl. Its a concoction of all the nutrition you need pounded into a fluid. I realize itll take some time for you to get used to it, so Ill give you ten minutes to eat tonight.” Sara couldnt believe his words. This was food? “But starting tomorrow you get five minutes to eat each meal. Get to sucking that cock, before dinner time ends” he finished.

       Sara would do anything to be out of this place. How could he do this to her? She imagined killing him a hundred ways as she took the cock back into her mouth and swallowed the cock down her gullet. She promised herself that when she escaped she would return and kill this man, even as she crawled on all fours sucking rubber penises for food. Sara struggled to take the “food” down. It kept making her choke and gag, and two dozen times she had to back off of the cock altogether to cough.

       She felt degraded to a level that she didnt think was reachable. How could a man treat someone this way? Sara was completely defeated. He had her in this inescapable suit, in an inescapable room, locked down in the basement where nobody knew to look for her. He said hed driven all night... she could be hundreds of miles from home. Her face was flushed red and tears streamed down her face as she continued to suck the cock. She didnt realize it at first, but she caught herself sobbing with the dick in her mouth. Sara was a little more surprised that she was doing it without even knowing, but she didnt stop. She just had to suck the dick for ten minutes, just until he told he to stop. Then she didnt have to suck anymore- then she wouldnt be allowed to suck anymore.

       “Dinner times up” she heard him announce finally. Sara was so thankful that it was over, and she quickly backed away from the feeder-cock and let the white rubber free from her gaping mouth. “Bath time now.”

Review This Story || Author: Lokker12
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