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The Girl Next Door

Part 1

The Girl Next Door

By: DonnerTie

He caught himself looking at her profile for the thousandth time. Adam couldnt help himself he just had to check. It was almost as if he wanted to make sure she was still there, that she wasn't gone. Each time left him feeling guilty and childish.

The girl was Ashley Walker his next door neighbour. Adam leaned back in his chair, he sighed with frustration. He had known Ashley since they were little kids. They used to be the terror of the neighbourhood when they were growing up. Their days were spent exploring the windy creek in the forest, or playing pirates in her tree fort. The best of friends, they stayed out late into the evenings until their mothers would yell from their back porches for them to come home.

A smile crossed Adams face as he gazed out of his bedroom window. He could still make out the old tree house. The years of neglect and weather had taken their toll. Boards were missing from the walls and more than one branch now grew though the rotting windows. Yet it still stood proudly like the pirate ship they often pretended it was.

His gaze drifted from the tree to gaze at the house in the yard. The purple curtains still hung in her window. He could remember how often Ashley and he would stay up late into the night gazing up at the stars from their perspective windows. They would defy their bedtimes, if only to spend a little more time together. Now the curtains hung limp concealing the room within.

High school had changed everything. He had joined the hockey team and quickly made new friends. While Ashleys gymnastics kept her busy. Slowly the inseparable pair had grown apart. Adam could not remember the last time he had talked to her, although he would catch fleeting glimpses of her now and then in the halls.

She had grown up in high school. No longer the little tom boy he had known growing up, her breasts had filled in almost overnight. Gymnastics had helped to shape and tone her body until not an ounce of fat was left on her.

Adam was caught staring at her in the halls more than once. He would be transfixed by her beautiful green eyes. Embarrassed he would quickly walk away eyes downcast. The girls that were with Ashley would giggle and talk in hushed whispers. His cheeks would redden with embarrassment.

Lying in bed that night he remembered back to when they were younger. One of Ashleys favourite games was playing cops and robbers. Adam always preferred to play pirates but he would often let her decide, looking back he didnt know why he did. Probably just something boys do for cute girls.

At first they would take turns playing the cop and the robber but soon it seemed that Ashley always wanted to be the robber. Which was fine with him, he liked having the plastic police badge. It made him feel like a real policeman. Each time Adam would give her a head start before he would try to catch her.

Although Ashley never did put up much of a fight. Looking back it seemed strange how she almost wanted to be caught. He would use a pair of plastic handcuffs to lock her hands behind her back. They were just the cheap dollar store kind that anyone could slip out of, as he would often do when he used to be the robber. But she never did, she would insist he keep her as his prisoner.

Adam would often become bored and want to do something else around that point. But Ashley insisted saying that the real cops dont let robbers go and so she would stay locked up until they were called for dinner.

Those were the good times he remembered, before everything changed. He had been thinking about it for years, the memory etched into his mind.

It was a day like any other, but on this day he had insisted they play something else. Ashley seemed to hesitate, cops and robbers was her favourite game, he had expected more of a fight but instead she had told him to wait a minute.

She came back outside wearing her Halloween dog costume from last year. She had told him they could play pet if he wanted. He was sceptical at first but anything was better than boring cops and robbers so Adam agreed. Being little he thought it was a fun game, and they played the rest of the afternoon.

Adam still didnt know why but when her mom had come to get Ashley for dinner she was furious with the girl. Ashleys mom had yelled at her for playing in the dirt and on her hands and knees no less, while wearing that costume!

After that Ashley didnt come out to play anymore. Adam waited by his window but from that day forward the purple curtains covered her window.

The whistle blew the puck dropped. Adam was caught flat footed as the other player stole the puck out from under him. Damn it he thought as he now had to chase down the other teams forward. His head was down and his arms pumping as he flew down the ice.

Suddenly out of the corner of his eye something broke his concentration again. Was that Ashley in the stands? His focus lost he never even saw the big defensemen come in from the side. With a sickening crunch Adam was knocked into the boards.

A broken arm, it could have been worse the doctor had told him. He was lucky he didn't have a concussion. It didnt really matter to him though, he thought as he sat in the chair at his desk. His mind was still focused on Ashley, was that her at his game? Did she come to see him play, the thought sent butterflys through his stomach.

Reality set in, no she had come because it was the schools team and he just happened to be on it. She hadn't talked to him in years. She probably didnt even know he existed anymore. Dejected he went back to wasting time, browsing online before dinner.

The task had become much more difficult as the cast wrapped around his forearm and hand. Only the ends of his fingers sprouted from the fresh cast. At least I will get some practice being left handed he thought idly.

A notification appeared on his screen. Nothing out of the ordinary all night people had been messaging him from school about the injury. With a sigh he clicked on the new tab. Pup22 he didnt recognize the usernames. Most people he knew used their full names. He read the message on the screen. “Hey are you okay? You took a nasty hit.” The person had typed.

Another well-wisher in no mood Adam closed the conversation. Whoever Pup22 was though they were persistent another notification appeared, this time he painfully typed out “What do you think my arms broken.” A little harsher then he had meant to be but it had served its purpose. No reply this time he closed the link again.

Several minutes passed before he was interrupted again. Adam could feel his anger building as the notification flashed at him Pup22 again! He clicked open the link ready to unleash a verbal tirade against this inconsiderate person.

His eyes went wide and his mouth opened in surprise. Pup22 had inserted a picture into their conversation, and well it blew him away. The picture would have put a hustler girl to shame. The girl had taken a picture of herself in the reflection of a mirror. Although her face was cut off from view, every curve and line of her naked flesh was displayed before him. Her pert breasts stood out from her chest. Her flat stomach and ribs were clearly defined against her supple smooth skin. He was puzzled by what looked like a dog collar locked around her neck.

His gaze was drawn to her hand, which was covering her most intimate area. In shock he banged his cast against his desk, the pain made him let out a gasp. Her hand wasn't protecting her modesty. The girl was playing with herself!

He was so blown away by her wanted display of lust he almost missed the furry tail that hung between her legs! He realized with a dirty thought that there was only one way for the tail to stay in place like that. At the bottom Pup22 had included a message “Hope this makes your arm feel better.”

Adam was in shock. He continued to gaze at the picture of the girl, drinking in the view of the beauty before him. He was so distracted that he almost missed the purple curtains in the back of the picture.

A call from downstairs interrupted his thoughts. It was dinner time, and he would be expected to eat with the family. As his mind tried to process the information before him, should he message her back? What if she had sent the picture by mistake? Or maybe that wasn't really Ashley? There was no way the sweet girl next door would take such a dirty picture.

The decision was made for him as before he could make up his mind Pup22 logged off. Adams heart was racing now, could the girl of his dreams really have been Pup22? A more insistent call from downstairs echoed through the house. He sighed as he made his way downstairs.

Dinner passed in a blur, his thoughts were elsewhere as the conversation flowed around him. He idly sat swirling his mashed potatoes. His mind was filled with the dirty thoughts of a teenaged boy, and Pup22 or more Likely Ashley was at the centre of his fantasies.

A snippet of convers ation drew him out of his day dreams. The whole table was looking at him. He must have had a puzzled look on his face as his mother repeated herself. "I said Adam, Mr. and Mrs. Walker left for holiday in Germany on Sunday. It would be nice if you went over to check on Ashley since she had to stay behind because of school."

He couldnt believe his luck. Adam muttered a quick excuse of not being hungry, as he pushed back his chair and rushed out of the kitchen. The front door was heard slamming shut. "I wonder what that was about" his mother stated. His father could only try to hide the grin on his face. 

Adam was standing in front of his neighbour's front door before he realized what he was doing. He rubbed his sweaty palm on his pants, before he rang the doorbell. He ducked to look at his reflection in the window trying to smooth out his unkempt hair.

Impatient he hammered on the door, nothing. Even with his ear pressed against the door no sound could be heard from within the house, and his attempts to look through the treated doors windows showed nothing out of the ordinary. Without thinking his hand slipped to the door handle, the door loudly creaked open.

He had not expected it to be unlocked. Should he enter the house? Ashley was probably out with friends he thought. Better to come back another time, and yet he found himself taking a step into the entranceway.

His mind made up he stepped inside and shut the door. He turned surveying the house. The lights were on in almost every room. As he walked around the familiar house he tried softly calling out for Ashley. No luck on the main floor, time to check upstairs.

The sounds of his steps were muffled as they sunk into the thick carpet. His breath caught in his throat as he came to stand in front of Ashley's room. He could see light shining out of the crack at the bottom of the closed door.

A knock on the door produced no reply. It felt like his heart was about to burst out his chest. A nervous hand slowly fumbled to open the bedroom door.

Her room had changed from when he was last inside of it. Posters of lead singers now covered the walls, while makeup containers were spilled across her dresser. One thing hadn't changed though still covering the room's window were the drawn purple curtains he had gazed at for so long.

In the centre of the room however was a large wire cage. Much like the ones you would use to hold a large dog. But Adam was shocked to see that it was not occupied by any dog he had ever seen.

He quickly shut the door behind him. With quick steps he found himself gazing down at the cages occupant who was resting on her hands and knees. His eyes were quick to take in the sight before him.

Her body was presented before him, covered only by a velvet furry like material. The suit did little to hide her beauty though as it firmly clung to each curve of her flesh. The contours of her firm bottom were further enhanced even exaggerated by the stretchy material. He marvelled at how the tight material seemed to cup each of her breasts.

Adam was in shock at the sight before him. But like an addict he was unable to stop himself.

This second furry skin seemed to cover her from head to toe, although he was amazed to see a cut out in the suit left her most intimate areas exposed for all to see. A thin strip of milky white flesh ran down between her bottom cheeks. The result was that her womanhood was presented for anyone's viewing pleasure. Her pink lips glistened with her own juices. His own breathing quickened at the sight of her obvious arousal.

The cage rattled as she tried to turn toward the sound of the intruder. The wire walls kept her in place however. She was only able to let out a low whine as he continued his inspection.

The familiar looking tail he had seen earlier, arched across her back. The tail was held aloft by the flared base of an anal plug that could just be made out as it disappeared between its wearer's cheeks. A grin spread across his face, his earlier suspicions had proved correct. 

He watched as the movement of her steady breathing caused the tail to gentle sway back and forth. The tip of her tail tickling her lower back, while the rocking movement causing the plug to move within her.

Strangely her legs seemed to end at her knees. Her ankles had been drawn up to rest against her butt. A short sleeve of material pressed her calf tightly against her thigh. This had the effect of shortening her legs, and forcing her to stay on her knees.

He was amazed at the level of detail of the suit. It not only appeared to effectively restrain its wearer but also to accentuate her natural beauty, and to enhance it even further. Adam had to let out a loud breath to try and calm himself. 

A movement from the front of the cage drew his attention. She was trying to turn around again. He watched as she placed her hand forward on the cold metal bottom of the cage. Although it was not a hand at all it was a paw!

She let out a pitiful whine as she failed in her attempt to turn to face him. Moving around the cage he could see now that her arms were covered in the same furry material as the rest of her body, and that her hands were in deed hidden from view.

Each was enclosed inside of what looked like a puppy's paw. Much shorter than a human hand, its clever design forced its wearer to curl their hand into a fist, so that all dexterity was lost to them once it was slipped in place, effectively trapping them unless another person was there to help free them.

The girl let out another low whine. The sound drew his attention away from her body. For the first time since he entered the room he looked upon her face. A mask obscured much of her face. The half mask gave her a sleek short muzzle that covered her nose and mouth. A cute black puppy's nose tipped the muzzles end.

The muzzle effectively hid its other feature from view. As he got closer to the cage he could see its more sinister purpose. The girl was forced to keep her mouth permanently open, by the presence of a built in O-Ring gag. This kept its wearer silent except for the occasional whine or whimper.

Leather straps kept the mask firmly in place. One from each side of the mask, while a third ran up from the top of her muzzle before disappearing beneath the hood that covered her head. A last strap was cinched tightly under her chin, to keep her jaw locked around the ring gag. 

He admired the craftsmanship that must have gone into designing the half mask. It allowed its wearer to maintain her famine beauty while elegantly molding the addition, of her new canine features. It had obviously been made with loving hands, and must have cost quite a sum.

Below the mask he could see a nylon dog collar was buckled tightly around her neck. He smiled at its pink colour. Always such girly girl, pink had always been Ashley's favourite colour. Hanging from the metal D ring at the front of her collar was heart shaped dog tag, the word 'PET' was engraved into it with large letters.

Running up from the collar was the suits hood pulled over beautiful blonde hair effectively hiding it from view. The suits furry hood stretched to encircle her head. In addition to the hood two pointy dog ears were perched atop her head. Each was the same colour tan as the rest of her fur, while the inside of each was coloured with a soft white down.

Finally his gaze lowered, but instead of finding her enchanting green eyes, there was only a blindfold. The cloth was tied tightly in place, obscuring her view.

The girl whimpered again, she pawed at the door of her cage, causing the metal door to rattle. He could tell she was anxious. As quite as he had tried to be she must know that he was in the room with her now.

Adam could only imagine the thoughts that must have been running through her head. Trapped inside of the cage wearing only her revealing furry suit, which did little to protect her from prying eyes. How did she even know it was Adam that was in the room? He could be anyone, while she was just waiting to be taken as a prize.

He couldn't believe what he was seeing. That his neighbour, the girl of his dreams was so kinky, Adam was not naive, and he had his share of kinks just like the next guy. But this was something else, and yet he thought it was kind of sexy. He caught himself staring again at Ashley.

The skin tight furry material did indeed hide nothing from view. He watched as the slow movement of her body caused her tail to swing sensually back and forth. Even just the sight of a girl down on her hands and knees, her breasts displayed for the world to see, was getting him aroused.

She was just a pet locked away inside of her cage until her owner decided to come and get her. No choice, no free will, waiting for his command.

He could feel the familiar tightness in his pants at the thought of actually owning Ashley Walker. To take her be his pet. To play with her when he wanted, to train her to be obedient and to punish her when she was a bad girl.

The cage door slowly swung open. The sudden sound appeared to startle the blind girl as she tried to shuffle back inside her cage. She began to whine and gave a frightened yelp as he reached inside. A comforting "shush" from Adam was enough to quite the girl.

Visibly calmed, he was able hook the leash he had found on her bed to the D-ring on the front of her collar. Gently he gave the lead an experimental tug. The girl was still visibly afraid but she started to move forward, led on by the pull of her collar. It was only with much further encouragement was he able to gingerly coax her out of the cage.

As she stopped before the front her cage he took the opportunity to take a seat on the edge of the bed. Adam kept a hand on her leash, but he let her have some slack. He watched the puppy girl explore her new surroundings. With her vision still obscured the girl took each step with care.

She stopped many times cocking her head to the side to try and listen for him, but Adam was silent he was enjoying watching her antics.

It was sometime before she finally bumped into his thigh. He gave her collar an upward tug and like an obedient puppy she knelt down onto her bottom. Her tails plug was pushed further inside as her weight settled onto her bum.

It felt like his pants were about to explode. He felt hot and flustered as he looked down at the girl between his legs.  He looked dow to find her starring up at him, her head tilted to side the side a a questioning expression. Even with her eyes covered by the blindfold he could still feel her intense gaze. 

Her expression was enhanced by her tongue hanging out of her muzzle. The girl was panting trying to cool the intense heat that threatened to overwhelm her. Each breath seemed to shake her tiny frame, causing her tail to slowly sweep back and forth across the rug.

Only able to use his one good hand, Adam struggled to release his raging member from within his pants. With a final desperate tug, his pants fell away revealing his fully erect manhood.

He wrapped the end of her leash around the fist of his good hand, and slowly began to pull on the girl's collar. She did not fight him allowing herself to be guided toward his awaiting member.

It was not long before he felt the warm wet embrace of her outstretched tongue against the tip of his cocks head. He let out an audible groan, as Ashley needing no further guidance wrapping her lips around him. Slowly her tongue began to curl around his length as she began to suck and slurp against his hardened shaft inside of her mouth.

With a panting gasp she let his length slide from between her lips. Her breathing was hot and heavy as she worked to suck down air. Adams reprieve was brief as she was quick to return to her work.

He was barely able to stifle another moan as he felt her slowly find his length again. This time she was able to take more of him into her mouth. Even with the ring gag in place, he could still feel her heavenly tongue running up and down his erect length. He could feel his need start to build from within.

Gradually she began to move her mouth up and down his cock. Ever so slow at first, just enough to tease him. Each time it felt like she was going to let him slip from between her lips, before stopping and sliding once more back down his length.

The feelings were torture to Adam, the cold air on his slick member sent goose bumps up his back. While being quickly replaced by the warm embrace of her darting tongue and pleasant mouth. It was enough to make a man go crazy.

He was unable to stop himself from groaning as he felt her mouth slide further over him. The sounds of her ministrations filled the air as she sucked and licked. Greedily she kept trying to force more and more of him inside of her small mouth. 

The sounds of her heavy panting filled the air. Each time he felt her mouth slip over him a little more. Her tongue lapped and slurped as she worked to bring him closer and closer to the edge. He wasn't far away from release ether. His own heavy breathing now mixing with that of her own.

His hand now firmly gripped her leash, each finger pressing into the leather, as Adam fought to hold back from the edge. Gradually the pull of her leash restricted the free movements of her head. Increasingly she was forced to take him deeper and deeper into her mouth in an attempt to ease the constriction of the collar around her neck.  

Her pace had quickened substantially now. The ears on her head bobbed up and down in rhythm to her movements. Her tongue played across his member, as she licked and sucked him closer and closer to release.

With renewed vigour she began forcing even more of his rather large length into her mouth. Adam moaned in ecstasy, it felt like was she trying to swallow him whole! He could feel the pleasure threatening to overwhelm him. The suction her mouth was creating felt amazing. He didnt even realize he was biting the inside of his cheek, the warm metallic taste lingering on his tongue.

The jingling of the tags on her collar accompanied each of her thrusts along his member. He leaned back on the bed slowly sinking into the mattress. His eyes firmly closed as he tried to focus on anything else, anything but the girl between his legs. But that wasn't what she was, was it? She wasn't any girl, she was his girl, his pet girl.

The thought was too much for Adam. He couldn't hold back his release any more, he was done fighting it. Bliss seemed to wash over his face as he gave in to the feelings raging inside of him.  

As his body shook and his abdomen muscles spasmed and contracted. The pressure that had been building in his groin seemed to burst like a tidal wave as his cum began to shoot out of his member. She didn't even miss a beat, taking as much of him as she could inside of her mouth. The girl began to suck and swallow the streams of his cum, the milky substance coating the back of her throat. Greedily the puppy girl gulped down his cum, allowing it to fill her belly.

It was several minutes before Adam was finally able to gather the energy to prop himself up on to his elbows.

His girl was still kneeling right where he had left her. Obediently she had not moved. Her body still shook with the movement of her panting breaths, her tongue lolling out from between her lips. Drool mixed with cum trailed from her muzzle slowly dripping onto her breasts, making trails in the fur on her chest.   

With the slow exhausted movements of someone who wanted nothing more than to sleep he reached over until he could grasp the blindfold that still covered her eyes. Gently he untied the knot allowing the cloth to fall away.

She looked up at him with her big green eyes, a look of contentment and happiness upon her face, her muzzle even seemed to give her a playful smile. Adam gazed down at his beautiful girl. For the first time since he entered the room he spoke to his pet "Ashley I love you." Her green eyes went wide, she let out joyful bark, while her tail never stopped happily wagging.


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