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Dixie\'s Trip to the Pet Store

Part 1

Dixies Trip to the Pet Store

By: DonnerTie

The bell chimed as the door swung open to the pet shop. Sitting at the desk Trish looked up from her magazine. She noticed with a little contempt the girl who had interrupted her article. She was a little taller than Trish probably around 5 7” the body of an athlete. The girl looked like she had come straight from a game or practice. Trish could see the grass stains on her shorts and how she wore a jersey with the number 4 on it. How appropriate that would be she thought dryly. The girls toned legs made her assume a soccer player while. She let her eyes wander up across the girls flat stomach, and gazed at the healthy looking breasts tucked beneath a sports bra. Next she noticed the girls brunette flowing hair pulled back into a ponytail behind her head. Trish continued to gaze up and down the new customer she barely noticed that the girl was looking right at her now. Their eyes meeting Trish continued to look straight at the girls blue eyes, she was not afraid of this game. She won in the end staring until the other girl looked away. Hmmp Trish thought another college kid expecting the world on a silver plate.

Trish finally stopped her appraisal of the girl and went back to reading her magazine. For a second it looked as if the girl was going to ask a question of her but thought better of it and wandered off into the store. Trish had finished her article and the next before she realized the college brat had never left the store. Being a Sunday it was not uncommon for the store to be slow, but it was weird the girl had not left yet. With a sigh Trish went to find the brat hoping she wasnt stealing.

It was at the back of the store she found the girl. Trishs was able to approach her from behind unnoticed. The girl strangely instead of owing and awing at the cats and dogs like most of her customers was standing before the back wall. The girl was slowly running her hands over the assortment of different collars and leashes hanging in rows. The girl appeared mesmerized by the variety, colours and different materials that composed the collars. Trish stood watching with some fascination as the girl continued her slow inspection of the display. “You look like you could use some help” Trish said aloud taking long strides to stand next to the girl. As if a spell had been broken the girl took a startled step backward and her face turned a scarlet red. “No… I mean… I am just browsing.” Seizing her opportunity Trish picked up one of the thick black leather collars “What type of dog do you have? I am mean you do have a dog right?”

“Yes of course” girl blustered “She is a …… Springer Spaniel.” The girl appeared pleased with herself as if she had answered the question correct. “Good I thought you might have had a cat, well, its a bitch huh. I guess black leather would be a little too butch for her, dont you agree?” The girl paused before answering “Absolutely Dixie is very…. more lady like.” Trish taking the hint picked up a pink rhinestone covered collar “What about this then?” The girl appeared to seriously consider for a minute before answering “She would rather something less extravagant I think, shes not much of a show off…..” The girl muttered as her attention was drawn by a cruel looking chain collar with spikes. Seeing the girls gaze Trish said “Well if you want to go the easy route you could just buy her a choke chain, it will keep the bitch in line for sure.” She let a devilish grin spread across her face. “I think that would hurt too much…. for her at least, I think it would hurt her too much.”

Trish picked up a blue nylon collar “From my personal experience I can tell you Dixie would love this one.” This drew the girls eyes from the display to the collar in Trishs hands. The girl seemed lost in another day dream when Trish reached out with her hand and placed the collar against her neck. “I think it would look stunning on Dixie it even matches her eyes” Trish said locking eyes with the girl. The girls breath had been stolen from her as she felt the smooth nylon pressed against her neck. Unable to keep eye contact the girl looked down to the floor. Trish noted that she did not attempt to pull away from her hand though.

Finally after several tense seconds Trish pulled the collar away from the girls neck. The air of stillness that had fallen over the shop was broken by Trish picking up a matching leash “I think Dixie would like a leash to go with her collar dont you?” The girl mumbled a reply but Trish had not waited around to hear it she was already walking back to the front of the store, the girl meekly following behind. “Will that be cash or credit for the items?” She asked the girl whom she had noted had not looked up from the floor since she had walked to the front. Without saying a word the girl pulled out a credit card and fumbled her way through paying. As Trish handed her the receipt the girl made a grab for her items. She was stopped by a hand firmly on top of hers.

“Dont you think we should try them out first? I wouldnt want you to get all the way home just to have to come back.” The girl glanced up from the floor but the gaze that meet her eyes made her show of defiance short lived “They should be fine” the girl whispered. “I want you to try them out now” Trish replied with a tonne not unlike a parent reprimanding a child, slowly she moved her hand off the girls. “Humour me.” With no other choice and her hands trembling the girl picked up the new collar and placed it around her neck, the clasp made a loud clicking sound as it snapped shut. “Well I have to say blue really does suit Dixie, and its just the right size too.” Trish said with glee. The girls eyes snapped upward at the sound of a loud metallic click. Trish had attached the matching leash to the girls collar.

“Now come along Dixie there is much to do, and not much time to do it.” Without waiting for a word from the girl Trish had the leash in her hands and was pulling her along down the aisles past the collar display and into the back room. The girl had to quickly shuffle to keep up with the leash as it threatened to choke her. The back was half kennels and storage while the other half was a grooming area with tiled floor and a stainless steel table.

Turning on the girl Trish let her dominate side take over, she used her loud commanding voice basically shouting at the scared girl. “Okay bitch I am only going to say this once, so you had better listen up. You are to speak only when spoken too, if youre not asked a direct question I expect to hear nothing but whining and barking.” The girl was still in shock and continued to stand where she had been lead to. Trish continued “I am your mistress and your owner if you displease me you will be punished. I will use you for my entertainment and pleasure, if you please me though you will be rewarded just like a good pup would be. Do you understand the rules?” More silence as Trish looked at the girl. “I said do you understand bitch?” She emphasized her words with a sharp pull of the leash; it seemed to break the spell over the girl. “I understand.” she whimpered “What was that I didnt hear you?” Trish muttered threateningly. “I understand……. mistress.” The last word was whispered as if she was afraid to say it. “Good, then lets start” Trish said with relish, a smile across her lips.

She took the girl by her leash and led her to the stainless steel table on the grooming side. “Up on the table girl, thats right now lay back on it.” The girl was now laying on the table her feet just off the end of it. Trish took the leash and quickly wrapped it around the eye hook under the table. “Now stay girl, I will be right back.” Trish quickly walked to the front of the store locked the door and turned off the open sign, and just to be sure she would not be disturbed turned off the front lights. She made a quick stop at the office were she had to fill some forms and quickly collected two more items as the machine spit them out.

Walking back to the table she found that the girl was right where she left her. “Good girl Dixie” Trish gushed at the girl. Without further ceremony Trish untied the girls shoes and stripped her knee high socks, dropping them into a garbage bin outside the girls view. The girl squirmed a little as Trish turned her back for a minute. When she reappeared in her hands was a long rubber sock very much like the ones you put on your feet, although this one was much longer. Trish moved quickly taking hold of the girls right arm she folded the arm so that her hand was cupping her right shoulder. The rubber sock was then worked up and over her bent elbow until the rubber covered her arm all the way to her shoulder. As Trish repeated the process on her left arm the girl attempted to move her right arm. Trish saw the look of frustration on her face as she realized her arm was now trapped inside the sock. Having finished her left arm the process was repeated with her legs placing her calves flat against her thighs.

Trish stepped back and marvelled at the girl before her. She was trying to move her limbs, but all it resulted in was the flapping of her elbows and knees. “Dont you just look precious pup?” Trisha cooed. Out flashed a pair of medical scissors, a look of fear appeared on the girls face. She was relieved when Trish only started cutting her jersey and with a snip her breast popped out of her sports bra. “My my someone was hiding these.” As Trishs finger flicked the girls hardening nipple. “Hey that was my school jer.. auaghh.” Trish roughly grabbed the girls jaw, her nails digging into skin “I thought I explained the rules clearly, now BITCH do you understand the rules or do I have to say them again?” The girl holding back tears nodded her head. “Good girl I expect obedience from my puppies” Trish had started to run her hands through the girls hair, her other hand deftly flicked the girls hardened nipple. The girl gave a high pitched yelp of surprise “See not everything has to be so bad.” Returning to her work Trish took the scissors and snipped away the track shorts, beneath she exposed a pair of frilly pink panties complete with a pink bow. “Hmm maybe the pink color would have been better.” With barely a hesitation the panties were removed and joined the rest of her clothes in the bin.

The cold breeze was now making the girl shiver as she lay on the cold stainless steel table. The bundle of straps and fur that Trish returned with sent another shiver through the girl this time not from the cold. “All dogs have fur Dixie, see its nice and soft. The colour is even brown with white splotches of fur, kind of like a Springer Spaniel.” Trish said as she presented the puppy suit for the girl to see. Slipping her legs into the openings on the suit proved difficult as it was a tight fit. This girls toned calves were quite a bit bigger than the suits previous occupant. After both legs were in she worked the suit up and under the girls bottom. The girl felt the suit enclosing her body at least thankful for the warmth and the protection it brought her naked body. Slipping her arms or should I say front legs into their openings on the suit, her pert little breasts were enclosed in two brown furry pouches. Trish was able to finish pulling the suit up along her back to rest at her neck. The girls collar was quickly removed and then replaced strapped over the furry.

“Okay girl time to stand up.” Trish helped her roll over onto her side and then half picked her up so that she could get her legs under herself. The girl shifted back and forth on her new much shorter and stubbier legs. Trish could see her adjust to the new rubber soles that protected her knees and elbows that now ended in paws. The tight leash kept the girls eyes from following her as Trish disappeared from her view again. Trish reappeared moving quickly she did not let the girl examine the bundle of straps that she placed in front of her face, like she had with the suit. With quick hands she moved the dog mask until it pressed against her captives face. Despite her best efforts Trish could see that the girl was keeping her mouth firmly shut. This was preventing the large O-ring gag attached to the inside of the masks snout from slipping inside her mouth as it pressed against her lips.

Trish was done playing around; she yanked the girls head backward by her hair. “Bitches who misbehave get put in the pen with the Rottweilers. I am sure you will get along with the boys; I dont know why they didnt like the last girl. I am sure you will do much better” This along with Trishs sinister gaze, prompted the girl to slowly open her mouth. The O-ring forced its way inside her mouth, stretching her jaw as it slipped behind the front upper and lower teeth. Trish finished fitting the rest of the mask pulling straps around the back of her head and another that ran over her head to meet buckle in at the back. A small strap ran under her chin, it had the added cruelty of forcing its wearer to bite down on the O-ring harder. As the chin strap was cinched tight a whine escaped from the puppy.

Next Trish grabbed the hood of the suit drawing it over the girls head. She paused parting the girls hair and she made two side pony tails. Taking each in turn she fed them through a hole on each side of the hood. “Now since you like pink bows so much I thought you deserved a pair.” Trish began to tie the girls hair that fell out of the hood together. The effect was that when Trish stood back the girls face had disappeared. Her mouth and nose were covered by a short brown snout tipped by a smattering of white fur and a black doggy nose. The hood covered her head while the hair that was pulled through it mimicked a pair of floppy dog ears complete with pink bows. The only human feature left of the girl was the pair of tear filled blue eyes that stared from behind the mask. Trish could already see a puddle of drool forming on the table. The O-ring gag kept the girls mouth open, and there was little she could do to stop the slow drip of saliva onto the table. The girl gave a low whine, as she looked up at Trish.

“Good girl puppy, you are quite the stunning doggy do you know that?” Trish ran her hands though the girls brown and white fur, petting her for several minutes. She let her hands explore the girls suit. She was sure to not neglect any area. When she was satisfied she placed her hands on the girls bottom, and unzipped the hidden opening at the back of the costume. The girl was trying to turn her head to see what was happening but her leash kept her in place. “Now just relax girl, we are almost done just one last piece.” Trish applied the lubricant generously to the girls rosebud. Working a finger inside the tight opening she was able to slowly insert another, before finally three fingers helped lubricate the tight hole. A high pitched cry came from the girl as she began to whine. “Its okay girl, believe me its worse if I didnt do this.” She saw the girl shudder as the cold liquid worked its way inside her bottom. “Every dog needs a tail and your no exception Dixie.” With that she started to press the lubricated anal plug against her opening. The crying became more insistent from the girl. As Trish started to grunt with the exertion she saw the girls legs start to sink to the table. “Almost there girl just a little more to go.” “wheee…. arrraaa…huhuhhu” came from the girl as her legs gave out completely. Her insistent cries were interspaced with moans. With a final plop Trish felt the flared end of the plug press against the girls butt. Nearly falling over and slightly out of breath she took a moment to pause running her hands through the girls fur. She played with the beautiful brown tail, before giving it a firm tug. A piercing cry from her puppy told her it wasnt coming out anytime soon.

Taking a second to enjoy the sight before her Trish felt a surge of pride knowing that she now owned such a gorgeous puppy girl. Her hand rested on her pups head stroking along her neck. “Okay girl we are going to put you down now.” She slipped her hands under the girls lower stomach and chest. Picking her up off the table just as you would a real dog, she placed her onto the ground. The girls new freedom immediately sent her trying to move on her new legs. “Hold on girl give me a second, dont want you strangling yourself.” Trish said as she unwrapped the girls leash from the hook. Trish gave a tentative tug on the leash, and was pleased to see her pup move with her. Dixie had to relearn how to walk as her shortened limbs were cumbersome at first. Her tail added to her discomfort, each step sending it wiggling inside her. Dixie was making good progress; Trish saw with delight how she left spots of drool as she moved.  Trish gave the girl time and patience as she slowly led her around the back doing a couple circuits until Dixie was able to keep up with her pace. Trish noted that she needed to teach the girl heel, but that was not a lesson for today.

Leading her puppy into the kennel side of the store, she noted with amusement as Dixie looked at each of the kennels other occupants as she passed them. Almost all of whom came forward to bark and sniff at the new addition to the kennel. Trish noted that the girl was cowering as one of the particular fierce dogs rushed to bark madly at her. Stopping at end of the row of cages, she opened the door. With a slight tug on the lead her puppy began to shuffle inside. She waited as Dixie manoeuvred her way into the cage. The kennels were just wire mesh with bare concrete floors, a bowl of water and kibble was placed near the back. They were small enclosures 3 feet high by only twice again as long and only 4 feet wide. Enough room for Dixie to stand on her shortened legs or lay down to sleep but not much else. The girl had to work her way around so that she was finally facing Trish.

Trish kneeled down so that she could look into her puppys eyes. Those big blue eyes were filled with apprehension and fear. She rubbed the puppys ear in a comforting gesture, Dixie leaned into the caress. She saw how the drool had started to pool on the floor, as it ran out of the puppys mouth. Leaning down Trish unlocked the girls leash and fed a pair of tags through the D ring of the collar. Dixie was unable to see the tags but Trish obliged the girl by reading them out to her. “The first tag is with the city registering you in the official dog registry. The other tag is a pink heart your name is on the front Dixie and on the back my contact information in case you get lost, dont want you being mistaken for a stray do we?” With that Trish closed the cage door snapping the lock shut. She was already making plans for her little puppy as she turned off the lights and closed the kennels door. Leaving Dixie in pitch darkness surrounded by the growls and barks of her kennel mates.

Review This Story || Author: DonnerTie
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