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The Picnic

Part 1

I had seen the ad a few times before, but it never struck home like this time. A chill went up my spine as I read it a second time. I couldnt decide if I was repulsed, frightened, or turned on. Very odd, indeed. Especially when I felt that all too common wetness in my panties . . .

“Young, attractive  ladies wanted who are fascinated by barbeques. Oiled, broiled, boiled or spit roasted, your choice.  Inquire by calling: xxxxxxx”

But let me regress for a minute. Maybe then, you ll understand better.

About six months ago I was a few minutes late getting in to my office because of traffic. When I did arrive, I saw a group of my co-workers standing around Suzis cubicle, watching something on her computer monitor.

“Whats going on?” I asked.

“You wont believe this, you really wont believe it, it must be a put-on or something,” Jeff from accounting said in a bewildered voice.

“Play it again for DeeDee,” he asked.

Here is what I recall:

The monitor crackled to life. On the screen was Suzi, looking beautiful, radiant, and so magnificently happy.  She was standing in what appeared to be a wooded area with a large picnic setup behind her. Her hair was done beautifully, her makeup impeccable and so sexy. She was wearing a simple pair of jeans hot pants and a tight, cut off titty top. Around her neck was a heavy, rough iron collar, with a large ring attached that seemed to be riveted onto her. Likewise, her wrists and ankles were similarly adorned with heavy, wide, iron cuffs with attaching rings that also seemed to be riveted on.

In the background, a large iron cauldron stood above a iron stand with a wood fire underneath it. To her right was a bed of red hot coals with two heavy stantions, one at each end of the fire pit and what seemed to be a spit turning mechanism and motor.

Several naked, leather hooded men stood around her and were busy attending to some details in the background. One large, ominous looking man was standing next to Suzi, naked except for his hood, with a huge engorged cock, and holding a heavy chain attached to her collar.

“Hi guys!” beamed Suzi as the camera panned back to her.

“I wont be in to the office today, (giggle, giggle) or ever again, for that matter,” she chuckled.

“You see, I saw this ad in the paper again this week and I had to call and find out what it was about. You know that I have weird fantasies and that I tend to talk about them a lot.” Suzi held up a torn-out copy of the ad that I had just read.

“This fellow here, answered the phone. I asked him what this was all about. He told me in a matter-of-fact voice that I was going to be the next participant in their semi-annual picnic. He told me that the subliminal message in the ad indicated that I was ready for this day, and that I would volunteer willingly to be raped over and over, prepared to their satisfaction, and then cooked alive in a manner of my own choosing.” Suzi finished.

“I thought he was crazy. I hung up the phone with a bang and walked out of the room in disgust .I cursed under my breath for being so gullible,”

“Then it happened. A few hours later, I felt so terrible horny I could not believe it. I went to the ladies room at work, sat down in a stall and started to masturbate myself over and over. I could not get the conversation out of my mind, I was so sexually hot that I had to leave work early Friday and go home to finish myself off, which took most of the rest of the day to accomplish.”

Then, late that night, I called the number once again. I had to, I could not stop myself. When the phone was answered, the voice knew it was me. He just said, “Hello, Suzi, you are ready now, arent you?”

“Yes, I am, Master. What am I to do, now?” She asked.

“Will it hurt, Master,? Will I be awake, or what?”

“That is completely up to you, my dear. You may either decide to feel the magnificently painful ordeal in its entirety, or you may decide to take advantage of

our medical teams ability to give you nerve blocking agents and euphoria inducing drugs that will all but eliminate the pain until the end is near, and put you in a state of unbelievable sexually charged euphoria and complete consciousness throughout most of the procedure, its all up to you, my love.” he said in a calming voice.

“How long will I be awake until I . . .” he cut me off.

“We can discuss that later, you dont need to make any decisions right now. Go to sleep, rest and dream sweet dreams. Tomorrow, get your hair done the way you love it. Give yourself at least three enemas to clean you completely, select your clothes and think about your choices that I have described. On Sunday morning at 8:00A.M. a limousine will pick you up. Have your hair done, makeup finished, do not eat breakfast, and make sure that you have your behind plugged with a suitably large , glass butt plug. Please do not keep the driver waiting.  There is nothing else you need to do. We will attend to everything.” he finished.

“I hung up, it felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders.” 

“Saturday morning I awoke feeling more alive and energized than I had ever felt before. I was on a cloud, smiling and happy like never before. I did as instructed, you see my new hair-do. I picked out these killer shorts and this tiny top and platform, strappy heels. I finished my other instructions and bought myself a nice pink glass butt plug, that I am wearing right now, it feels great!”

“I went to a movie then came home and fell asleep like a baby, I made a few choices and at 8:00 A.M. sharp, the limo was out front. So, here I am now making this video for you all.

I met Master, right here. He is so nice and kind to me. He helped my get fitted for these cuffs and collar that I am wearing. They are riveted together, so that no matter what happens, I cannot escape if I panic or something.”

“I met another girl, her name is Tina, she is only 17 and is very beautiful, youll see her soon, I am told. She is now being prepared, like I will soon be. Dont feel sad for me, I have never felt more happy nor alive than I do right now. I have chosen to be drugged, I received a massive dose of a nerve blocking drug just before I started to make this video, I am so excited and sexually charged that I cannot stand it. The euphoria inducing drugs are wonderful, I am so excited and turned on right now that I cannot describe it.”

“Tina however, I am told has chosen not to be drugged, she will be feeling every bit of the procedure, and may not remain conscious too long, but she begged for this, and Master has agreed. She too is chained and bound, and my need more attention than I will.”

With that, the camera panned over to a tent in the background. A very beautiful, thin, tall girl with jet black mid back length hair was being led out by the chain attached to her neck. Her ankles were chained together with a very short chain so that she could only take small, halting steps. Her wrists were cuffed and chained together in front of her. She was totally naked, and her pussy was shaved clean.

She turned and smiled at the camera, trying to wave with her chained hands.

The two hooded attendants were leading her to where the large iron cauldron was set up. A wide, step-ladder was set up against the side of it and several hooded men stood around the ladder. A small, heavy duty table was set up near the ladder and was padded with bright red leather.

As the girl approached the cauldron, she was ushered to the side of the table. One of her guards put his hand on her back, and she willingly bent over the table and spread her legs as far as she could.

Then it happened, the dozen or so  hooded men stood at both ends of the table. One by one, they took turns fucking her from the rear, and fucking her throat ass she lay against the table. She said nothing, she only moaned and groaned with the throws of sexual passion.

The camera panned in on her as she stood back up. Cum ran from her shaven pussy and flowed from her lips as she was helped to the ladder. A hooded guard helped her up and into the cauldron. The water was waist deep and was getting warm as the guard stood next to her. He bent down and took the end of a chain that was fastened to the center of the cauldrons bottom and held it up.

It was just long enough to reach her collars attaching ring. The guard locked the chain to the collar and walked to the ladder to get out of the heating water.

The guard stopped and turned back to her. He took a thick rubber ball gag off the side of the cauldron and placed it into her mouth, fastening the strap tightly behind her neck, and making sure that the balk was seated deeply in her mouth so that she could not push it out with her tongue.

“This will make it easier,” he said in a low voice. She nodded “Thank you.”

As the guard stepped off the ladder onto the ground, his entire lower body was red. The water was obviously getting hotter by the minute.

Tina stood there, passive. She didnt move for several minutes, then she started to moan through the ball, gag. The heat was getting to her, and the pain was starting to take hold. As the steam began to rise from the water, she amazingly dug her cuffed hands deep into her pussy and began to masturbate herself wildly.        

Tina seemed to climax several times, each time she let out a moan and nearly fell into the water as her body weakened.  Her cries of pleasure began to seem more like cries of pain, she was obviously in trouble, and considerable pain from the near boiling water. Then, the guard was heard yelling at her, “Sit down, it will make it easier for you.” She turned toward him and looked unsure.

He repeated, “Sit down on the seat-ledge on the side of the cauldron, it will make it so much easier for you than standing.”

Tina stood motionless for a few seconds, then she looked at the crowd around her and managed a furtive smile. She stepped backwards to the side of the pot and sat down, submerging her body up to her chin. She cried out from the super hot water now engulfing her entire being. Seconds later, her head fell to her right shoulder as she slipped below the water.

The camera then panned to Suzi once again. “Well, guys, I guess its almost my turn,” she happily stated.

With that, two more guards approached her, each carrying a large, curved knife.

The first guard, still holding her neck chain turned to her and said, “Youre right, its time.”

Them the new guard took his knife and slid it down into the front of her skin tight micro shorts, he turned the blade outward, and with one quick motion, slit the shorts wide open, causing them to fall to the ground.

Them, he repeated the task by sliding the knife between her heaving breasts and slit her top open, it too hit the ground, leaving her naked and visibly excited.

“Oh. God, this is real, isnt it,?” she cried out.

“Very much so, now come with me,” the guard said as he yanked her chain pulling her toward the awaiting, red leather covered table. 

He walked to the opposite end of the table and pulled her chain tight. Suzi dropped onto her front as her arms were pulled tightly across the table.  A guard then spread her legs wide apart and motioned to the gathered crowd of guards to approach her.         

The ritual of fucking all her holes repeatedly was begun, as it had been for Tina. Suzi cried out in passion as she was invaded by man after man, her body was no longer hers, it was simply a pleasure toy being used by her captors, and she loved every second of it. I lost count of the men that had her, but it was many more than Tina had enjoyed.

Suzi lay there, exhausted but electrified by her rape. The euphoria drugs had kicked in, and she was riding the wave of ecstasy. “Fuck me, Fuck me, “ she cried out time after time.

They obliged her, until there were no more men left able to impale her holes.

Suzi lay there, panting, trying to regain her composure.

Her euphoria was broken as she turned her head to the left, where she saw her first guard carrying a polished stainless-steel pole about ten feet long, with one end pointed to a needles point.

As he approached her, he stood in front of her and bent down to give her some instructions.    “Its time, my love. I will try to answer any questions you have, and tell you exactly what will happen to you, OK?”

“Yes, sir,” she obediently answered.

“First, I want you to know that the drugs you have received as working well by now. You should feel no pain, just some pressure as we go forth. I will first oil the pole to make it enter you easier. Then, I will go behind you and slip the pointed end into your pussy. it will go in about 8-9 inches until it stops. I will then ask you if you are sure that you want to continue. This will be your last chance to end this, after that, no stopping will be possible as you will be pierced by the spit pole, and cannot possibly survive if it is removed. Do you understand?”

“Yes, master.” she purred.

“Good, then, I will push the pole further in side of you. It will travel through your body, I will do my best to not hit any organs that would cause you harm. The spit will then stop once again at the base of your neck. At this point, a guard will ask you to open your mouth as wide as possible. This is very important that you do so.

He will then hold your head back as far as he can, to place your mouth in direct line with the pole. I will then make the final push forward, the pole will enter your throat, and exit your mouth. You may not be able to breathe while this happens, but you will be able to once the pole exits your mouth, it is hollow and has many holes to allow you to gasp some air. Finally, we will slip bars onto the spit that will allow us to fasten your arms and legs firmly to the pole using the cuffs you now wear. This will keep you firmly in pace as the process continues. We want you to be in a straight line, so that you will be evenly distanced from the bed of coals.

Lastly, you will be covered from head to toe with olive oil, to baste you and keep your skin from burning. The basting will be repeated as the process goes forth.

Then, once you are ready, you will be carried to the pit and placed on the stantions you see, the rotator will be attached and your ordeal of being coked alive will begin.”

“Do you understand completely, and agree to proceed?”

“Oh, Yes, sir. I do.” she cried out, with  small tears in her eyes.

He kissed her face lightly and proceeded to take his position behind her. Two guards fastened wide leather straps around her body, pinning her to the table to insure that she would not move during the impaling.

He spread her legs as far apart as he could, he took the pole and gently inserted it into her soaking wet pussy, pushing it in 8 inches, to the limit of its length.

“Are you ready?” he asked.

“Yes, master,” she answered softly.

“Take a deep breath, hold it and push down as hard as you can,” he instructed.

With both hands firmly on the pole, he pushed inward. He felt and heard the pop as it entered her torso.  She let out a small cry as she felt the invasion of her body. He continued working the spit inward, using his deft skills to avoid any internal organs, she was wonderful, she did not cry out of panic. Her actions were typical, she was orgasming over and over as the spit continued its path. Her clit was exploding with sensations, the pole rubbing it drove her insane with lust.

The drugs were making her cum in one, huge, unending climax. She was experiencing the climax to end all climaxes, she deserved it, and was getting the full treatment.

He stopped just short of her neck, the next step was to be the last step, he told her to enjoy her lust, he held the pole rigid as she moved her hips furiously up and down fucking the pole with furvor like no other. She came endlessly, her body slowed after several minutes. He motioned with his eyes to the guard standing at her head. He knew the signals from heart.

He placed his hands on each side of her head, and told her to open her mouth as far as she possibly could do. She complied as he bent her head as far back as it could possibly go.

He bent down and whispered into her ear, “This is the last step, my dear. You will not be able to speak after this, is there anything you want to say before we continue.”

She said, “Yes, How long can I last on the pole?”

“Thats up to you, we can make it very fast, or prolong it for you, anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes is possible.”

“Will it be painful for me,” she asked.

“We are not sure, but it seems that Yes, at the very beginning and at the very end it is quite painful, I wont lie to you.”

“Then, please make it as long as possible, will you do that for me?” she begged.

He nodded yes, and motioned to the guard with the pole. He held it tightly and pushed with all his might. Quickly, the spit protruded from her open mouth.

The guards grabbed the support bars, slid them onto the spit pole and rapidly fastened her wrists and ankles to them, to insure that she would not slip as the spit rotated. Her arms were tucked next to her body, and her knees fastened to a third support. She was ready to go.

She looked into the guards eyes with lust and euphoria. She was still trying to hump the pole, even with her bindings holding her steady. Next, a guard took a gallon bottle of olive oil and poured it all over her, from head to toe, this would baste her nicely, they picked the pole up and turned her over, repeating the oiling. She was now ready to go.

With her eyes covered with oil, she was unable to see clearly, or speak, but she heard him say that ,”This is it, we are ready to go now.”

They picked the pole up, and carried her to the waiting pit of red hot coals. They placed the pole with Suzi on it, into the stantions and attached the rotator. Suzi was now slowly turning over and over. I could still see her trying to hump the pole as she was cooking, alive!

The video ended abruptly.

I could not put my mind at ease all day, I found it impossible to work. About an hour later, I had to go to the ladies room. I found a secluded stall and pulled my panties down. I hungrily dug my fingers into my soaking wet pussy and fingered myself to three crashing orgasms. I was so terribly turned on by seeing my best work-friend being tortured so willingly.

That night, I rushed home and again masturbated myself over and over as I recalled the tape in my mind.

Then, about 11 PM my phone rang. It was Cindy, another work-friend. 

“Hi, you saw that video, didnt you?” she asked.

“Yes, I sure did.”

“I know, I was in the ladies room the same time you were. I heard you cum,” she added.

I was shocked, what do you say at a time like this?

“Its Ok,” Cindy added. “I was getting off too. I could not stand it, I was so hot.” 

“I know, but I cant understand why it is making me so crazy, I cant stop masturbating, I must have climaxed a million times so far.” I said.

“Me too . . . I need to talk with you, can I come over?” she asked.

“Now? Its late.” I answered.

“Yes, I need to be with you and talk, Ill be there in ten minutes, OK?” she asked.

I was always attracted to Cindy, although Im not a lesbian, I did feel something sexual for her. I hurried around the apartment tidying up, and slipped into my favorite black baby- doll nighty and frilly panties, and a pair of platform ankle strap, “fuck me” heels. I added some neon pink lip-gloss and eye shadow, and I was ready. The door bell rang minutes later.

I opened the door to see Cindy standing there, hair and makeup all done to perfection, and wearing a long plastic rain coat, odd, because it wasnt raining.

I brought her inside and offered to take her coat, she slipped out of it to reveal that she was not wearing any clothes, just a pair of heels, and a heavy steel collar on her neck. I looked at her in a stunned manner, not expecting her to be naked, then it hit me.

“OH my God, thats the same collar that Suzi was wearing in the video . . .” I shrieked.

“Yes, it is,” she said very calmly. “I went home and looked in the paper again and saw the same ad that I had seen before. I called the number and all I recall is that I said “YES” and then an hour later, a man showed up at my place, gave me lots of papers to sign, slipped this collar on my neck and locked it. He gave me a piece of paper with lots of instructions on it and left.”she mumbled.

“You mean that you are . . .” she cut me off mid sentence.

“Yes, on Saturday morning at 8A. M.” she replied.

“But this it Thursday night already,” I replied.

“Youre right, I only have tomorrow. Will you spend the rest of my time with me, please? I dont want to be alone now.” she cried.

“Of course, I will, you dont need to ask, stay with me, Ill be there for you 100%.,” I assured her.

I threw my arms around her neck and kissed her passionately, I had never before had another woman, but it seemed so right. We melted together and spent the next hour devouring each others bodies. I made the post passionate love that I had ever experienced. I was so in love with her that it hurt.

Cindy got up from the bed first and retrieved her bag. She came back to the bed where I was getting myself together and standing back up.

“I have a surprise for you, can I blindfold you for a minute?” she asked coyly.

“Sure, why not?” I answered, I felt stirrings  again, blindfolded? Kinky!

Cindy took a blindfold from my dresser top and put it on me. I felt very sexy all of a sudden. Then, I felt her hands on my neck. Very kinky, I thought to myself.

The next thing I recall was the feeling of something closing tightly on my neck and a loud click. It was cold, and heavy.

She removed the blindfold. I was now wearing the same heavy, polished, stainless steel collar she was!

“What the fuck?” I said in shock.

“Im sorry,” Cindy replied, “But the man seemed to know all about you, and gave me the collar for you, just in case you wanted to join me. He said that you were very beautiful and that he knew all about your interest and that you were going to be part of this eventually, so I took it.”

“Did he happen to give you the key?” I asked.

“No, I didnt think to ask,” Cindy said.

“Well, thats OK I guess. Ill just have to join you in your ordeal Saturday . . . Now, can I see the instructions he gave you?”

Cindy nearly exploded with happiness, she grabbed me and kissed me all over, we hugged and held each other for so long. 

“When do we have to choose our procedures?” I asked.

“Tomorrow, he said we can both do the same if we want, and be together from beginning to end,” Cindy happily offered.

“Do you know what you want?” I asked.

“Oh, yes, I already chose to be gang fucked, spitted and cooked alive.” Cindy answered in a matter of fact voice.

“They do have some new choices, he told me about.”

“They now have slow, erotic, pull-up hanging , or sitting, strapped inside of what looks like an old steam cabinet, with a huge dildo-cooking element inside your pussy, being steamed from the outside and microwave cooked from the inside out at the same time. Only your head is outside of the cabinet, so you are conscious nearly all the time!”

“Yes, I saw that on TV last week, it looks so erotic, the girl in question elected to be half-cooked in the cabinet then spitted and barbequed while still conscious to the finish.” I added.

“I heard that when the microwaves hit your clit, you explode in multiple , crashing orgasms that dont stop, and that they put special electrodes on your nipples to make them feel unbelievably erotic as they are being cooked.”

“And, we can be spit cooked while we are still awake too?” Cindy asked.

“Yes, that is what I understand. They will take you out of the cabinet while you are still awake and able to move, then spit you and finish you off on the barbeque. Do you want to do it with me, Im hot already just thinking about it.”

“OK, lets go for it together,” she said.

The rest of the night was spent by them making every possible kind of love to each other, neither of them got a seconds sleep, but it wouldnt matter, this was their last night together, ever.

The next morning, the girls got up, showered, did their last enemas and picked out their highest and sexiest platform shoes for this special day. They opted to not wear any clothing, after all, it wouldnt matter anyway.

The limousine arrived exactly at 8:00 A.M., as they were told. The driver came to the door with two pair of handcuffs and cuffed them both.

“Just a precaution, in case you freak out,” he said.

“Thank you for being so thoughtful,” they said in unison.

Once they were securely cuffed, he took two leather harnesses out of the car and had them each step into one. The harness contained a very large and thick dildo which impaled their pussies and forced them wide open. Once they were securely attached, he clicked a button on a remote and very powerful vibrators imbedded in the dildos started to roar into action. Immediately, the girls felt the powerful sexual energy build within them. Next, he took two ball gags out of the car and stuck them deep into their mouths, silencing them completely.

Hanging from the gag strap was a pair of small chains with alligator clips with a sharp pin in the center of each clip. He clipped them carefully to their nipples, sending shock waves through them. The final touch was a set of very heavy polished steel ankle cuffs with locks and a short chain attaching them together. Once on their legs, they could only take short, halting steps, a final way to insure their total compliance.

The girls walked calmly to the car and sat down, this was their last ride together.

They arrived at the fair at 8:45, just as they were told. The driver opened the rear door and helped them out. A cold chill went down Cindis spine. This was really it, not a dream or a fantasy. She was about to be repeatedly raped and then cooked  alive.

DeeDee looked at the driver and asked for a few minutes alone with Cindi. He shook his head and left them after removing their  ball gags, but leaving all the other restraints intact. DeeDee dropped to her knees and licked and sucked Cindis pussy like a wild woman. Cindi moaned and groaned with ecstasy, she climaxed and then squirted a big flood of piss allover DeeDees face.

DeeDee hungrily put her mouth against Cindis pussy and swallowed as much as she possibly could.

She then got back up and Cindi returned the favor, DeeDee finished quickly, cumming with a loud moaning cry, as she too filled her mouth with piss.

The girls kissed hungrily and wished that they had discovered their love earlier, and their passion for piss drinking.

The driver came back shortly with another man and reattached their ball gags. They then slowly walked the girls to the spot where the cabinets were set up.

Reality was here, this was it.

They could see the spitting area close by, with gleaming stainless steel spits standing tall next to the preparation table. The coals of the cooking pit glowing bright red in anticipation of their arrival.

Both girls were led to the preparation table, they willingly bent over the table and were quickly strapped down. Their butt plugs were roughly removed and a parade of hooded guards approached them. The girls turned their heads to see each other, as the first guard spread  Cindis legs and jammed his huge cock deep into her ass. Within seconds, DeeDee felt her backside being impaled with a huge black cock ass well. Both girls moaned as well as they could due to the ball gags stuck deep into their mouths. Their ass fucking session went on for over an hour, man after man invaded them, filling their virgin asses with cum load after cum load. Their legs were soaked with huge gobs of dripping sperm, as they lay there drifting into sub space from their overload of pleasure.

The girls were filled and the men were finished. They soon felt the straps that had bound them being released. They were helped to stand up, their legs shaking from the wonderful ordeal.

“OK girls, time to get into your cabinets, the picnic is starting at 2:00 pm, and you both will need to be fully cooked and ready by then.”

He walked the girls to the cabinets, they were large white fiberglass boxes with the fronts hinged to open like a car door. The top had a hole that was about neck size, with a big rubber gasket around it. The guard opened the front door of the cabinet, inside was a small polished steel seat with a huge silver perforated metal cylinder protruding upward. It was about ten inches long and over two inches wide with a domed top. The sides of the cabinet had steel rings to attach the girls wrist cuffs to, and the floor had similar rings for their ankles.

A wire attached to a spring clamp dangled inside of the cabinet, and several small nozzles were arranged throughout the cabinet.

On the top of the cabinet, in full view of the occupant was a temperature gauge and a timer, enabling the victim to see how long shew was cooking.

“OK, who goes first?” asked the guard.

“Me,” yelled out Cindi, with all the anticipation of a kid on Christmas.

The guard then removed her hand cuffs and then removed DeeDees as well.

“I usually do the basting before you enter the cabinet, but you two have been such great girls that you may baste each other. That bucket is full of olive oil and a big soft sponge. Have at it.” he said.

The girls took turns covering each other from head to toe with olive oil, they left no spot untouched. They made sure that even their faces and hair were fully covered. The guard then handed Cindi a cylindrical sponge on a stick.

“You know what this is for, right?” he asked.

“Sure do,” DeeDee retorted.

She took the sponge, dipped it in the oil and stuck it far up Cindis pussy, making sure it was fully oiled. She then handed it to DeeDee who returned the favor, oiling Cindis pussy until it was dripping oil.

The guard then tool Cindi by the hands and turned her around to face him.

“Now, just let me do the work, youll back up until I tell you to stop, then you will sit down on the probe until it fully enters you, understand? Its large and might hurt for a second, but the oil will help lots.”

Cindi looked terribly excited, and was shaking all over, even though she was at the precipice of her fate, she was sexually excited to near orgasm. She took the guards hands and slowly backed up until she was told to step into the cabinet, which she did. She then was ordered to stop and begin to sit. She gasped for a second and slowly lowered her body onto the cold steel microwave element. As it touched her lips, she shook for a second, then sat down fast, ramming it into her tight pussy. She gasped and let out a soft moaning sound as it hit bottom. The guard then quickly took her shackled ankles and clipped each one to a hook on the cabinets floor.  He then took each wrist and likewise attached them to the cabinet  sides. She was gasping for breath as she was so terribly hot, she could hardly control herself. He then took a wide fiberglass strap that was attached to the side of the cabinet and laid it across her lap. He put it in the buckle and pulled it very tightly. Cindi could hardly breathe, it was so tight.

“Dont want you to fall out,” he laughed.

“Now, this will hurt, but just for a short time, so take a deep breath and hold it when I say so.” he ordered.

He then took up the wire that was hanging in the cabinet, it was a temperature probe and needed to be inserted to make sure the cooking was just right. The end of the probe was sharp, needle like and about 4 inches long. He took her left tit in his hand and squeezed it tightly. She gasped as he grabbed her. Then, with one swift motion, he took the probe and jammed it into her breast until it was fully inserted. Cindi let out a blood curdling scream, which only gave the guards a laugh.

The cabinet door was then shut and locked.

“Next,” he joked.

DeeDee wasnt to sure about this, she hadnt been tolld of all that had just happened, but she had no choice. The guard grabbed her hands and started to push her backwards into the cabinet. Quickly, she was sitting down, strapped and cuffed with the huge element violating her pussy. When the guard took up the probe, she cried out “NO,”

But with no avail. He once again grabbed her tit and jammed the probe far into her tender flesh. She screamed and cried out, however the guards were unnerved by her cries.

“Oh, yes, please fuck my other tit with another one, I want to feel the exquisite pain again,” she cried out.

They looked at each other, not knowing what to do. No one ever wanted to be probed a second time.

“OK, if thats what you want,” he said, and turned to grab another probe.

“Please stick it in slowly, and fully,” she moaned.

The guard obliged, he took the sharp probe and slowly pushed it deep into her breast until it was nearly gone. DeeDee cried and cried, screaming most of the time, but was also obviously orgasming.

He then kissed her on the lips ever so gently and closed the cabinet door.

“Ready, girls?” he asked.

DeeDee looked over to Cindi and mouthed, “I Love you, Cindi”

They then shook their heads to indicate Yes. He then reached to the top of the cabinets and pushed a large green button on each one. The cabinets emitted a sound as they came to life. Instantly, the girls began to moan and groan as the microwave energy hit their clits, causing extreme feelings of passion, causing nearly instant and continuous orgasms to hit them. The idea that they had just voluntarily allowed themselves to be placed in devices that would literally cook them alive never hit home until now.

Cindi began to shake and cry. She realized that this was to be her last day, maybe her last hour. DeeDee was riding the waves of unending bliss, feeling every nerve in her body respond to the microwave energy, she was in an endless cycle of orgasm, and was nearly passing out from the pleasure overload. She happened to look at the temperature gauge, the cabinet temperature was now nearly 135 degrees, and rising. She felt wet allover, the cabinet had nozzles that were allowing steam to slowly enter, cooking them as well as the microwaves.

“How are you doing, Cindi?” she asked.

Cindi shook her head, “Yes” and said something, but she could not hear it over the sound of the crowd watching the spitting of another young girl nearby.

Time flew by, the clock said 20 minutes had elapsed, and they were both still conscious, but very weak feeling and with less and less pleasure from the element as time progressed.

Cindi also was feeling very weak, and wanted desperately to sleep, but she could not allow herself to do so. The temperature in her box was now nearly 165 degrees, and she was so terribly hot that she was having lots of trouble breathing. She desperately wanted water, so did DeeDee. Who was begging for a drink.

The guard returned at 22 minutes, and shook his head, “NO,” no water for them.

“But, I feel a lot of bubbling inside of me, everything feels funny and bubbly,” Cindi said.

“Girls, you are being cooked alive, your body temperature is nearing a boil, if I give you water, your stomachs will explode inside of you, ruining you as food, you dont want that, do you?” he admonished.

“Now, its decision time, do you want to remain here in the cabinets until you are fully cooked, or do you want to be removed, have a long, sharp steel spit stuck through your pussy and come out of your mouth, and then barbequed over the lovely fire pit?” he asked.

“Will being spitted  and then cooking on the fire pit hurt terribly, or will we be unconscious first,?” DeeDee asked.

“Ill be completely honest with you both, you have been fantastic subjects, Yes, the spitting from what I have seen before is horrifically painful, like nothing else you can imagine.

“Does it take long to be spitted, I see the young girl over there screaming and fighting very hard to get away,” DeeDee asked.

“Well, that is a special case, she is only 16 years old, and apparently very obstinate. Her parents were very upset with her. She failed a class in mathematics at school, so they sold her to the organization as food for the picnic today. I guess she is not too happy about it. Once we have her strapped down, it will go quickly.” he answered in a matter of fact voice.

“Oh, well, how long will we have once we are spitted, you know, I mean, will we be awake or...” her voice trailed off in a sleepy tone.

“I understand,” the guard answered. “You will most probably still be conscious, the spitting will not take too long, the person doing it is very skilled.,You will not have any vital organs punctured, only your vagina and stomach. You should remain alive for some time, up to a half hour or more, and have lots of time to fuck your clit on the cold steel spit as you are riding it. Your arms and legs will be tied to supports we will slide on the spit after you are impaled. They will keep you steady and rotating over the coals, nothing is left to chance.” he said.

“Ill go for it!,” Cindi yelled out.”Just one request, can we make the spitting last as long as possible, please?”

“Of course, for you girls, anything you want. Now, as for the fire pit, do you want it to go quickly or not? Its up to you how close you are to the coals.”

“Fast, please, I dont want to slowly cook, I want it to be very fast,,OK?” she begged.

“Of course, a good choice, now lets get you started.” he finished as he unlocked the cabinet, unlocked her ankle and wrist cuffs and helped her step out.

DeeDee was amazed at how Cindi looked, her tits were at least three times their normal size, leaking milk at an alarming rate, her belly was swollen and her entire body was bright red. She could only guess that inside her cabinet, she looked the exact same way. She said nothing as cindi was helped to walk to the spitting area. Cindi looked back at DeeDee, smiled a furtive smile and mouthed, “I love you,” once again. DeeDee only shook her head and smiled.

“And for you, my dear?” asked the guard.

“Ill stay here, I dont want to change, OK?” she asked.

“Of course, anything you desire. We will have to make some changes to finish cooking you here. We need to remove the rubber ring around your neck and place a glass cylinder over your head to keep the steam and heat in for the finishing time. The heat will increase quickly and the cabinet will fill with steam, you wont be able to see out of the cylinder then.  You should fall asleep quickly, the end will be peaceful and rather quick, but unfortunately, quite excruciatingly painful.”

“Thats Ok, its not like I have a choice, right?” she said jokingly.

“You re amazing, what a girl, too bad we are cooking you today, you could have been fun.”

The guard slipped the rubber gasket ring out of the neck hole and then took a glass cylinder with a closed top, placed it over the hole around her neck and turned it tightly on so that nothing would escape. He blew a kiss to DeeDee, she returned it. He then turned to the cabinets top panel and pushed three buttons. At once the steam quantity changed considerably, the cabinet filled in seconds, causing the cylinder to haze over.  DeeDee was hardly able to catch a breath as the steam was filling her lungs with red hot water vapor. The microwave element was switched to “HIGH”, causing huge amounts of energy to flow into her body, causing violent shaking and orgasmic contractions at an amazing rate. Her entire body was one gigantic nerve ending, and it was in overload. Her screams and moaning could be herd everywhere.  Soon, her thoughts began to drift back to days of her childhood. Then, her mind went black and she was no more.

A small tear flowed from the eye of the hardened guard as he gently lifted her body from the cabinet and placed it on a stainless steel cart , destined for the serving area.

She would not get to see her lover, Cindi, as she was spitted, screaming and climaxing over and over as the hardened steel shaft impaled her nubile, young body, causing her to climax as she tried as hard as she could to move up and down on the shaft to fuck herself as she lay there waiting . Her turn over the fire pit was next, soon, she too would be food for the masses.

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