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New Catherine Dixon\'s Punishment

Part 4

                           New Catherines Punishment

                                                               Part Five


                                                           By Johhnyboy




Having completed an all too rare shopping expedition with her daughter Caroline and now concluding lunch with coffee, Catherine Dixon now found she had to fend of some increasingly difficult questions from her daughter.

Certainly Catherine had been delighted to hear her daughter praising her new hairstyle and that with a new sparkle in here eye and a far more glamorous manner of dressing her Mother looked more attractive than ever these days. “Its almost as if youve taken a lover” Caroline had joked. Realising her daughter was not that far off the mark, Catherine laughed off Carolines not entirely playful statement.

So whilst still unaware of the terrible beating Helen Coombe had recently been given at the hands of Kevin Smith, Catherine touched her daughters hand across the café table and replied with a slightly uncomfortable chuckle, “If only…… god Caroline I have all the excitement I need with my family and friends.”

“Sure Mum, but dont you get a little bored at times, after all with dad being away all the time and me at Uni, you only have Dan at home with you most of the time…..and even he seems a little strange these days……… and why is his door kept locked all the time?”

Realising the conversation was straying toward dangerous ground, Catherine tried to change the subject and veer toward Carolines imminent teaching placement at her mothers old school. But Caroline was insistent. “Come on Mum, weve already talked for hours about your old girls only school now going mixed sex. I want to know about you and how you and my brother are getting on. Ive barely spoken to either of you since Ive been home and Ive only got a couple of weeks before I start at the school and move into the apartment there."

Catherine thought for some reason her daughter appeared to be quizzing her in asking all these questions…but was she just being paranoid because of…well, her new lifestyle? Then again, why shouldnt the daughter she so rarely saw these days want know all about what her mother and brother had been doing whilst Caroline was at her final year of teacher training college?

“Really darling, there is so little say about Dan Ive not already told you. You must remember that he is a teenage boy and boys sometimes need privacy. And well, as for me, why shouldnt I treat myself to a new hairstyle and do plenty of shopping? It does get boring with your father being away so often as you said.”

Caroline smiled sweetly back at her but Catherine knew she hadnt managed to totally convince her daughter everything in her life was completely normal and she was far more worried about Caroline discovering what she regarded as her new life as an obedient slave.

But a slave to whom?  Everything seemed so confusing. Was it Sean or Peter Harris….or even perhaps Helen Coombe, for after recent events, the very thought of her seemed to set Catherines fanny throbbing like crazy. Especially recalling how terrified she had been that Caroline may have discovered her naked mother in the arms and caresses of another woman.  She had at first recoiled from the intrusion into her own bedroom by Helen, until that was, Helens skilful hands and dominant personality once again aroused Catherine into a state of mind where she would have done almost anything to please this tall dominant woman.

Indeed, Catherine had literally done just that a couple of days later, when on the very day she had promised her daughter this shopping expedition,  Catherine had more than enthusiastically acceded to Helens demand that she meet her instead. And in doing so allowed herself to be used as a sex toy for Helens pleasure and at least that evening seemed to have passed without comment at home after she had told her children she was visiting her sister.

The only possible dilemma now lay in Catherine having to attend the meeting Sean had demanded of her at the bookshop when calling her on the phone the other day, a meeting Sean had said was mandatory after Catherine had pleaded for him to postpone it.

So at that moment, Catherine sincerely hoped she could get through the last week of Carolines visit without her daughter discovering her awful secrets; totally unaware her daughter fully intended to do exactly that.

                                                      Caroline Dixon

Carolines shopping expedition and lunch date during which her mother simply fended of all of Carolines probing questions had only increased Carolines anxiety about what was going on at home. Now deep in thought, Caroline sat in her small car across the road from the tatty looking bookshop. Should she go inside and confront Sean Brady to try to discover if he was somehow behind or perhaps even complicit in her mothers and brothers strange behaviour and the bizarre and worrying events she had witnessed since returning home from Uni?

Something was wrong in the house, very wrong! Since her return from Uni so many things seemed to have changed. First, when having heard a strange female voice alongside that of her mother, Caroline had then peeped inside her mothers bedroom only to then witness her mothers unbelievable behaviour when passively allowing the strange tall woman to all but devour her naked body. Then when preparing the evening meal for Caroline, Dan and herself, her mother acted as if nothing had occurred in her bedroom just minutes earlier.

Even over a lunch date her mother seemed to be blasé about things when Caroline pressed her about girlfriends. With a giggle, Catherine had replied, “Of course I have girlfriends darling, all women have girlfriends but I can assure you I have no boyfriends.”

So despite her mothers less than truthful assurance, and puzzled as to why Dan really kept his door locked, Caroline snuck into his bedroom when Dan had paid a visit to the bathroom without locking his bedroom door.  There, Caroline had been astonished to find a large framed photo of her all but naked mother upon his bedside cabinet. The photo portrayed her nearly naked mother kneeling upon a floor. With pleading eyes and a pained expression, she wore nothing other than a black suspender belt and fishnet stockings. But worse still was the red ball gag in her mothers mouth. Closer inspection of the image showed that her mothers hands were secured together behind her back and as if following instructions, she was pushing her large proud naked breasts out from her chest. Suddenly Carolines heart had hammered the walls of her chest for even more shockingly the reason for her mothers pained expression lay in the cruel looking metal clamps attached to each of her large nipples and these clamps were even connected by a thin metal chain. Caroline stared at the background of the photo behind her keeling naked mother and with another sharp intake of breath, saw in the background a black metal cage large enough for a person to be held captive inside.

Caroline was incredulous. Who on earth would subject her Mother to such indignities and how on earth did Dan get away with having this large picture of his bound, gagged and naked mother by his bedside table?  But more to the point was just how he had obtained a  photograph such as this?

As she struggled to control the hammering in her chest Caroline could only suppose the answer to the second question lay with her brother who she had always thought a little strange and who was now keeping his door locked. Caroline guessed that Dan would hide that appalling photo when his mother needed to go in his room but that still didnt explain how he had come by it in the first place, nor indeed who had taken that photo and just where had it been taken.

Even as beautiful as she undoubtedly was, never in a million years would Caroline have suspected her straight, home loving and sometimes even boring mother would indulge in sex games such as depicted in the photo. Certainly the photo must have been around a year old because her mothers hair was considerably longer these days. But not for one minute did Caroline consider that her father was responsible.

Because Caroline was the holder of another terrible secret; that one day she had caught her father in a compromising position with another man. He had then begged his daughter not to tell her mother and after admitting he was gay told Caroline he would never leave her mother and always look after the family but that sexual relations between them were now almost non existent.

But who then had taken the photo of her Mother? Was her mother having an affair with this man or perhaps woman, perhaps the very same woman she had seen quite nonchalantly fondling her mothers naked breasts? And had Dan somehow come across this photo whilst clandestinely rifling through his mothers underwear, something Caroline was aware he did on a regular basis after finding her own disturbed on many occasions when she was still living at home. Or god Forbid, was her brother even blackmailing her mother?

All of these questions needed answering and Caroline now knew she wasnt about to get them from her mother herself. 

But after her fathers sordid admission, Caroline had far too much sympathy for her mother to even think of confronting her. And although shivering slightly as she recalled the photo, Caroline was none the less determined to discover who and what lay behind that photograph. For whoever had taken it had a very clear disregard of the obvious pain the evil looking clamps were causing her poor Mothers nipples.

But Caroline now had another secret to keep to herself, which was that her own pussy had been throbbing wildly when studying that terrible photo. Not for any desire for her mother; no Carolines awful knowledge was that just the very thought of herself being in that very same position, gagged, bound and naked had excited her as never before. Oh God, she had actually felt envious of her Mother!

Then when her Mother was out shopping the day after Carolines lunch date with her, Sean Brady had rung the doorbell. Strangely, although being older than him at school and not having seen Sean for few years, Caroline instantly recognised the tall, confident, well built young man who had always been popular at school with both boys and girls alike. As she looked at him now Caroline, could feel a strange attraction toward Sean even if she noticed he momentary look of disappointment crossing his features before he smiled at her and said, “Hi, its Caroline isnt it? I havent seen you for a few years; youre looking as good as ever but I was actually hoping Dan maybe at home.”

Wondering why on earth Sean Brady wanted to see her young brother, who was after all a couple of years younger than Sean, Caroline told him that Dan was still not home from college. But something was bothering Caroline. Why on earth Sean Brady would want to see her younger brother?

And so even though her mother was again visiting her parents, Caroline decided to invite Sean inside to wait for Dan and when shortly they sat opposite each other in the lounge, Sean asked after her mother before Caroline asked Sean what he was doing now that he had left school. 

Sean explained he was now managing a bookshop on behalf of its owner. The he went on to explain to Caroline that Dan did some work for him now and again for extra pocket money and that as he had been unable to contact Dan by phone, so he had called round in person to ask him to do some more work for him.

Caroline wondered what kind of work her brother could possibly be doing for his ex school friend, but thought she would perhaps be seen as being a little too inquisitive if she asked Sean outright. So Caroline instead told Sean she thought he had done very well at his age to

get to manage a bookshop.

“The bookshop, does it specialise in anything particular Sean?”

“Just a bookshop really which also publishes of some small niche magazines,” Sean replied, carefully monitoring Carolines face for any reaction from her.

“Wow, niche magazines. What on earth are they?” replied Caroline, for some unfathomable reason feeling a little uncomfortable under the intense gaze of Sean Brady.

Magazines? Magazines have photos, thought Caroline and the photo of her naked mother in Dans room suddenly sprang to mind. No, surely not; surely not a friend of her brother.  Sean was even younger than herself and surely could have had nothing to do with taking terrible photos of her naked mother….Dans mother!

“As we have our own photo studio we can help those who are unable gain access to mainstream publishers Caroline,” replied Sean. “Come and have a look for yourself anytime. Just ask the assistant at the counter to let me know you are there. Look, Im afraid

Im running late. Could you ask Dan to pop in and see me please Caroline?”

After Sean had left, Caroline pondered over this strange visit.  What had Sean really wanted?  Surely he must have known that Dan attends college weekdays and probably would not be at home. And, of course, he would not have known she herself was at home for a couple of weeks which left only…only her mother, but why?

Surely Sean Brady could have nothing to do with the recent changes around here!

But after the incredible events she had already witnessed, Sean Bradys visit served only to add to Carolines ever growing unease. It was all so very, very bizarre and after Sean had left Caroline was even more determined to get to the bottom of it all. So, looking at the card Sean had given her, she decided rather than confronting her weird brother less it get back to her mother, she would first begin by seeing if the bookshop and its photo studio held any answers.

Eventually Caroline alighted from her car and made her way across the road and hesitantly entered the rather seedy looking bookshop where, from behind the counter, the rather mousy plain dressed figure of Joan looked up from her bookwork and smiled. “Can I help you madam?” 

Unable to fathom why she suddenly felt rather nervous, Caroline replied tentatively.

“Im here to see Sean Brady. Im Caroline, an old school friend of Seans.”

In fact Sean had already told Joan to expect a visit from Catherines daughter and the older woman immediately saw the huge resemblance between mother and daughter for Caroline was simply a younger, slightly slimmer, bigger breasted version of Catherine. In short, here was an exquisite young blonde beauty ripe for the picking if Sean could pull off what to Joan saw as his first really big test of his ability to be a natural dominant Master. To shape not a beaten, cowed and blackmailed housewife or money grabbing younger hooker, but an intelligent Uni educated Vanilla, into becoming his sex Slave.

Should Sean pull that off, then Joans respect for him would increase tenfold, even if she had been rather naughty in providing her old friend Peter Harris with all the information she had about this girls Aunt Victoria Preston.

So after pressing an intercom button Joan informed Sean of Carolines arrival before adding,

“And dont forget Sandra is still waiting to see you.”

“Okay, just make her comfortable please Joan,” replied Sean and hardly able to believe this sudden stroke of luck, he made a sudden  decision, this would be one hell of a day!

“Of course Mr. Brady,” replied Joan respectfully with a smile before showing Caroline upstairs.

In his office, Sean looked across the huge desk at the vision of beauty that was a younger, perfect mirror image of her mother Catherine Dixon. Sean quickly noted that, although when he had visited the house, she had been wearing jeans and a baggy sweater, today Caroline was wearing a light, knee length dress that showed she not only had a perfect figure but long muscular legs.  Just right for gripping a lovers back. For a long moment Sean enjoyed a vision of himself plunging his huge cock into Caroline Dixons sweet tight pussy, maybe even virgin, naked on this very desk whilst kneeling before him, as her equally naked Mother was submissively licking his arse and balls.

Even though many would pour scorn on such an idea, Sean decided to do his utmost to make this happen. After all, he had already chalked up a small yet significant victory in getting Caroline Dixon to come up to his office. Although Sean wasnt so vain to  believe it was because she was chasing him, the fact was she was here was probably due to her being intrigued by Sean using the term Niche Publications.

But when in the Dixon house Sean sensed there been something else and that Caroline had been on the verge of asking a question very close to home. And that could surely only have been about either Dan or her mother Catherine. Sean would have been very surprised if Catherine had told her daughter she was in effect his slave. And as Dan had his own agenda in his pursuit of his mothers pussy, he also was highly unlikely to have spoken to Caroline. That would leave only the more feasible scenario that Caroline had either seen or heard something since coming home, perhaps spotting one of the many photos of his naked mother Dan kept in his room, or even getting hold of one of the recordings Dan kept of his mothers bedroom activities. Maybe Caroline had even made a tenuous link between Dans photos and the bookshop studio. If so, then perhaps Caroline was here on a fishing expedition or maybe he was worrying too much and that Caroline just fancied him after all.

“I have a rather delicate question to ask you Sean,” began Caroline after a long awkward pause.

Sean rhetorically patted himself on the back, but Caroline hesitated again. Why she should be asking this young man if he knew anything about her mothers possible fetish orientated bondage affair? Perhaps it would be better to ask him if he knew anything about a fetish photo shed come across by accident, although not just yet. 

So Caroline began by asking, “How well do your know my brother, Sean?”

“Well, as you know he was a couple of years below me at school but Dan was a hanger on and a sort of gofer for the boys. But then your mother was good enough to give myself and Tom some advice about a career in teaching a couple of times and Dan was around, of course, and so we got to know him a little better.  So when I came here, I thought of Dan as a good friend who could earn a little money doing odd jobs,” replied Sean confidently. After all, everything hed told Caroline Dixon was quite true.

Caroline was a little taken aback for her mother had never told her anything about giving student some career advice, but then again, why should she? And as her other was a teacher for a while, it did make sense. All the same, it was all rather strange. And some of Seans words appeared to have a double meaning. Caroline was certain of it. Seans cryptic words caused a sense of trepidation to creep into her mind but she was determined to push on and discover exactly what that was.

So perhaps a little recklessly, Caroline then asked, “Sean, has my Mother ever been in your shop?”

Sean knew he could have easily denied this, but why should he? He had nothing to hide and if Caroline were to discover that her mothers body belonged to him, then so what? She would have to deal with it one way or the other. So sitting back and relaxing in his large leather swivel chair, Sean nodded his head in affirmation.

“Yes Caroline, your mother has visited us a few times. Why do you ask?”

“Because…because I found a picture, a large photo of my mother in Dans room.”

“So what has a family photo got to do with me Caroline?” replied Sean, pleased he had been correct in the assumption Dan had been careless with those photos of his mother. Later he would speak to Dan about the damage, if it were damage, done by his foolishness.

Caroline was uncertain now. If she described the photo of her mother and was wrong about Seans possible involvement, then another person close to them would know about the existence of her mothers photo and she had no idea of how trustworthy Sean Brady could be.

“The photo it… its…it shows my mother in, well in what is clearly a compromising position…and she is naked.”

“So what has this got to do with me?” asked Sean, unwilling to make things easy for Caroline who now looked and felt a little lost. After all, it probably had more to do with that woman shed seen in her mothers bedroom.

“Well, my mother has been acting a little strange since I got home Sean. I find this hard to say but I think she may be having an affair.”

Realising she was simply groping in the dark, Sean smiled confidently across at Caroline Dixon.

“As lovely as your mother is, and believe me Caroline, you are a younger, just as beautiful version of her, Im not having an affair with your mother.”

“Oh, I never really thought…oh god, Im making a mess of this arent I? And its just that, well, perhaps when you said she had been here a few time and that you have visited the house, well, I suppose I put two and two together.  And thats stupid really because I was thinking she is having an affair with another woman. But as you do photographic things here, I thought of that photo and, well, I am sort of being silly I guess,” replied Catherine Dixons flustered daughter.

“So who is this other woman then Caroline?” asked Sean, knowing full well it had been the porno actress calling herself Helen Coombe.

“Thats just it Sean, I dont know and I probably shouldnt be telling you this. But all I know is that the other evening I peeked into mothers bedroom and I saw her naked in arms of a tall crop haired blonde woman.”

“What about Dan? Surely he must have noticed something.”

“That just brings us back to the picture Sean. Please be honest with me now. You told me you have a photographic studio somewhere here. So when my mother was here, did you ever take a photograph of her?”

“Me? No Caroline.”

“Then has someone else done so, another woman perhaps?”

“You will have to ask your mother that Caroline. Whether she had been in the studio or not, it is up to her to answer your question.”

Please Sean, Im not trying to get mum into trouble here. All Im trying to do is get my mind around this thing.  Things havent been right at home between mum and dad for some time now and if seeing another woman makes her happy, then thats fine with me. But that photo is worrying me. If this woman is getting a kick out of hurting my mother, Im not too happy about it or the fact that Dan is getting a kick out of seeing mum like that.  So what is this studio Sean? Is it in these offices?  If it is, will you show it to me, just to put my mind at ease?”

Right then Sean couldnt care less if Caroline Dixon saw the dungeon and stormed out threatening him with all manner of hellfire. But then Seans thoughts turned for a moment toward Helen Coombe whom recently hed sent Kevin to have a word with and remind the dyke bitch hed agreed she only had Catherine Dixon on loan from Sean now and again and would never be a full time lesbian slave to her.

But Sean had soon been cursing his stupidity. He really should have known better than send a dyke hater such as Kevin Smith to visit Helen Coombe because from what hed heard, Kevin had gone right over the top, harshly beating and anal raping both Helen and her live in partner Sharon, until the women were cum covered and bruised wrecks, both of whom were unable to work on porn films for some time to come. And as those films just happened to be produced by Peter and his business partner. The rumour mill had it that both men were extremely unhappy and retribution would soon be forthcoming.

Well there was nothing Sean could do about that but wait and see and right now he was far more interested in discovering if Catherines daughter Caroline was willing to submit to him.

So dismissing his concerns about Helen Coombe, Sean told Caroline, “Well, if you really want to see our studio, then just come with me.”

Carolines sharp intake of breath was audible when she stepped through the dungeon door to view for the first time its rows of fetish gear and assorted bondage devices.

“Oh my God,” whispered Caroline eventually, hardly able to believe her eyes. With the heat suddenly rushing though her body and the pounding of her chest making it difficult for her to say anything more, Caroline padded across the carpeted floor in a mixture of fascination and   apprehension.

Then she saw her! Illuminated by spotlights was Sandra, the young woman Caroline had earlier seen in the bookshop, but who was now gagged and naked with her hands tied behind her back and her ankles tied in the centre of the room she was swinging head down from a ceiling hook. Carolines eyes looked into the pleading and pained eyes off the young woman whose head was no more than a couple of feet from the floor, and in doing so, Carolines heart began thumping wildly, her breath quickened and her pussy began throbbing uncontrollably.

Certain her face must have reddened deeply to the hot flush she felt rising through her body, Caroline turned away from Sean and, unable to trust her voice, tried to subdue a host sudden bizarre emotions before almost struggling for breath, she stated the question she knew she had to ask Sean.

“Have you done this to my Mother Sean?”

Standing directly beside Caroline and the suspended naked Sandra, Sean was only too aware of the rapid rise and fall of her large breasts and could almost touch the heat radiating from her body. Sean was now convinced Catherine Dixons daughter was every bit as excited as Catherine had been the first time she had been brought into the dungeon. For unable to tear her eyes away from the naked, suspended Sandra, Caroline then looked on in sheer amazement as Seans hand began stroking Sandras legs from her ankle right down to her crotch before his fingers began to toy with the shaven pussy lips. 

Ive already told you, only your mother can answer that question Caroline.”

“Oh God, please Sean…I have to know.”

“To know what Caroline? How it feels to be strung up like this, naked and at the mercy of anybody who cares to play with your body?”

Incredibly Caroline felt resentful of Sandra and knew Sean was only speaking a truth she had already admitted, that right then she wanted nothing more than for Sean to get rid of this girl, for it should have been her naked body strung up like this with Seans strong young hands caressing her defenceless body.

“Please Sean…. Youre toying with me. Please tell me if you did this to my Mother.”

“Even if Catherine had been in here, it would have been in total confidence Caroline and

I would never betray a confidence, not for Catherine and not for you if you decided to ask

me to do this for you.”

“Ask you? whispered Caroline breathlessly.

“Oh yes Caroline, no one can force you to do this. You first have to acknowledge your own

Desires! Then you can ask me, if, and I repeat the word if, Catherine has indeed experienced what Sandra here is so clearly enjoying, it was because she wanted it to happen, that she desired nothing more than to experience the submission of mind and body to unconditional pleasure.”

“Oh my god,” whispered Caroline Dixon. Unable to suppress the incredible sensations of excited sexual anticipation Sean Brady had created inside her, she desperately tried to break the spell. ”I...I…Im sorry, I have to go,” she whispered breathlessly.

Suddenly Sean saw Caroline just as he had her mother, frightened and nervous but unable to deny her body and mind were inextricably and inescapably drawn toward the sexual pleasures to be had in this dungeon.

Sean had hoped Caroline wouldnt ask him right then for he didnt want her to show too much weakness. What Sean really wanted was to gradually reel in Caroline Dixon like a fish on the line, one who only gave up struggling after a good fight.

“Sure, no problem Caroline. Ill show you out, but remember, if you really want to know the truth about your mother and protect her, you first have to understand why she would have felt the desire to be in here….and there is only one way in which you can do that.”

She really is sex on legs, just like her mother decided Sean watching Caroline Dixon cross the road toward her car and reiterated Tonys wise council that there was never any middle ground. They either ran a mile or came back for more and Sean thought Caroline would very soon be returning to the bookshop.

That night Caroline Dixon slept only intermittently for all night long she would suddenly wake soaked in sweat as the visions came to her, visions of her  mother strung upside down in Seans studio, visions of Sean Brady fucking her mother, visions of that strange woman beating her mother, forcing her to make love to her. Terrible visions of her mothers mouth closing around Dans penis but most of all, visions of Seans hands stroking her inner thigh and pussy whilst herself hung naked and helpless, begging Sean Brady to end her torment and to fuck her rigid!

“So what are you doing today Mum?” asked Caroline of her mother the following morning.

Carolines question whilst eating her breakfast ended Catherines terrible but yet oh so exciting recollection of the evening shed spent at the fetish club with Helen Coomb.  An almost knowing smile appeared on Carolines face when then hearing her Mother telling her she  had an appointment in town that morning and that she and Dan would have to get lunch for themselves. 

Catherine hated having to lie to her daughter, but whilst Dan had so far been as good as his word the same could not be said for Sean Brady. “You will do what I tell you when I tell you or pay the price Catherine,” was his brutal response to Catherines plea she be allowed to take a short break.

But the idea of Catherine being absent that morning had given her daughter an idea. Dans college was closed that day and so her brother WAS at home! Nonchalantly munching on a piece of toast, Dan Dixon glanced in turn furtively across the breakfast table at both his mother and his sister Caroline.  Watching his mother drink the last of her orange juice, Dan felt his young cock stiffen to thoughts that perhaps he would soon be comparing his sisters breasts with his mothers own huge melons. He was unaware his sister had decided their mothers forthcoming absence gave her the perfect opportunity to take her brother Dan to one side and quiz him about the strange events taking place in her childhood home since and probably prior to her visit.

Chapter 2

                                           Catherine Dixon

“Please Master Sean…oh god Im so sorry…Master …I mean but its been so difficult….my daughter Caroline is at home you see…..Ive just not had much time recently.”

As was Seans preference, Catherine Dixon, summoned to his office, knelt beside Sean with her shapely buttocks resting on her ankles.  Her hands upon her head, Catherine pushed out her proud breasts toward the young man sitting confidently and comfortably upon his leather  swivel chair, his legs either side of Catherine whilst studying his slaves still beautiful mature body. Seans only concession had been in allowing Catherine to retain her 4 inch heels and black seamed hold up nylons. Catherine was naked aside from those items and aware she was in trouble, more so when taking a pair of evil looking clover clamps Sean placed a clamp on each of Catherines nipples, leaving the pained mature beauty gasping and grimacing. Yet she was unresisting when lowering her head, she parted her lips to receive, lick and suck upon the huge throbbing penis Sean removed from within the confines of his pants.

Then with Catherine dutifully slavering over his cock Sean nonchalantly made a couple of phone calls whilst passing instructions to Joan, ignoring the mature blonde beauty kneeling between his legs as if she was of no consequence to him.

Even so Seans thoughts momentarily turned to Catherines daughter Caroline and for a while allowed himself to fantasise about having both mother and daughter kneeling naked by his desk taking turns sucking his dick. In fact, there was no real reason why that shouldnt happen, mused Sean whilst smiling at thoughts of Catherine Dixons reaction should he inform her that her daughter had been in this very office and even in the playroom asking questions about her mothers activities!

Perhaps he should do just that for Sean was convinced that given the correct amount encouragement Caroline Dixon would prove every bit as submissive and obedient as her mother and had already decided he would ensure she explored her latent desires at the first opportunity.

But today was a busy day in the bookshop and so, putting such thoughts aside, Sean Brady turned his attention to the imminent arrival of the landlord of the building the bookshop occupied.  Even though, whilst continuing his discussion with Joan across his desk, Seans throbbing cock began shooting copious amounts of his hot sperm into Catherines obliging mouth while smiling at thoughts of the humiliation awaiting the unsuspecting Catherine Dixon.

Because for the rest of the day Sean intended to use Catherines naked body as a useful desk ornament. Of course, Sean would be more than happy for any of his guests to touch/stroke/feel/lift and toy with Catherine, as perhaps any visitor would do with any desk ornament.

This was especially true in the case of his the landlord, for Sean had of late heard mutterings about the lease not being renewed. But having spoken on the phone to Tony, Seans initial fears had been allayed after he had been informed, “Its the same every year Sean but all it takes for Mike Harris to renew the lease is a slice of the action now and again. The thing is the guy is onto humiliation big time and we feed him with his favourite type of woman, mature and busty. You begin by offering her to him in the office and then if he likes what hes seen and had, you then send her round to his place. But believe me Sean, you need to provide someone who isnt likely to complain too much afterward. That guy has some pretty weird ideas, even by our standards. But it does mean we get to keep our lease going and that, my boy, is far more most important than the hurt feelings and bruised body of whoever it is you choose to provide for him.”

“Please sit down Mike,” Sean Brady told his overweight middle aged landlord before sitting back in his own comfortable chair.

”Tea or Coffee?” asked Sean of his landlord after Mike, pleased that despite that absence of Tony a very beautiful, large breasted mature blonde woman with her hands upon her head knelt upon the desk wearing no more than a collar and lead, black hold up stockings and black heels.

“Coffee please Sean,” replied Mike, looking on in pleasure when after snapping his fingers Sean told Catherine, “Two coffees Slave.”

Mike looked on in lustful desire as Catherine replied, “Yes Master,” before easing her busty naked body, glistening with the body oil recently applied by Joan, from the desk before padding across the thick carpet to prepare the coffee whilst indignantly hearing Sean inform his landlord, “I can see you approve of Slave Catherine so please use her as you wish Mike.”

Mike nodded his approval as Catherine walked across to serve his coffee but as she bent over to hand him his cup, Mike was unable to resist reaching up to one of Catherine's large dangling breasts and with experimenting fingers proceed to twist and turn Catherines nipple ring, causing her to gasp involuntarily with a pleasure she always experienced when having her nipple ring toyed with. 

“She really is very lovely and obedient Sean; just my type in fact,” said Mike, winking deliberately at Sean who nodded calculatingly toward Mike, sealing a bargain Catherine was totally unaware of.

“Im pleased you approve of her Mike.  Believe me, I've invested a lot of time and effort on this one but she has proved to be worth it, havent you Catherine?”

Yes Master Sean. Thank you Master,” replied Catherine nervously whilst easily slipping into her role as Seans Slave. Easily because, despite her liaisons with Helen and Peter, that is how Catherine Dixon still saw herself, as Seans Slave. A slave who could by now easily recognise a true Master, or Mistress come to that, almost immediately and although she soon realised that Mike was no such thing, Catherine would obviously treat him as her superior for thats what Sean had demanded of his Slave.

Realising Catherine still had to serve her Master his coffee, Mike released her nipple somewhat reluctantly. But recalling Sean words to use her as he wished, Mike then ordered Catherine to return to him as his coffee required stirring and as Catherine did just that, Mike then began stroking her shaven mound and was pleasantly surprised to find Catherine replacing the spoon upon the saucer before again placing her hands upon her head, thus obediently allowing Mike unfettered access to her naked body. Moments later, Catherine  groaned in discomfort and moved reluctantly aside as Mike decided to force a finger deep inside her anus.

“Naughty girl,” said Mike, slapping Catherines buttocks.

“Please use and punish her as you wish,” offered Sean when noting Catherine's display of reticence.

“What I would really enjoy Sean, would be for the Slave to be kneeling between my legs and fucking herself, then when she is about to cum…” Although his voice

trailed off there Mikes motion of unzipping himself left both Sean and Catherine in no doubt as to what was expected of her and so, with his cheery agreement, Sean removed a large rubber phallus from his desk drawer. Seemingly unenthusiastically but in reality energised with desire at the very thought of her impending humiliation, the naked mature blonde beauty reached across the table to accept the rubber phallus Sean held before turning to face Mike.

“Okay you little slut, stand there and spread your legs; keep looking in my eyes and  put that thing in your mouth and give it a good sucking and then slip it inside your cunt bitch or I really punish you…understood?”

Looking Mike in the eye, Catherine nodded in understating and spreading her legs  revealed her puffy cunt lips to the overweight and obviously exited landlord. With her all too familiar yet unfathomable excitement materializing once again, Catherine replied, “Yes Master” before with both hands upon the rubber phallus slowly slipped the sex toy slowly between her already very wet and slick cunt lips.

After recent events, Catherine was now even more determined she should please Sean and right then the best way of doing so would be for her to put on a show of erotica the like of which this rather unappealing man had never before experienced. For she was a Slave….Seans Slave, recalled the sexually invigorated Catherine Dixon.

And so in a deliberately beseeching manner, as if it were Mikes penis she really wanted in her mouth, Catherines tongue snaked out to lick and caress every millimetre of the head of the rubber phallus, coating it with her saliva before slipping her lips over its pink head . Then taking the dildo into her open mouth and with her tongue on view under its base, Catherine lovingly sucked upon its pink head with her eyes glued to those of the ever more excited Mike Harris. She lowered her left hand to caress her breasts and rotate her gold ring around her nipple.

Growing increasingly excited by the fantastic display of erotica she was providing, Mike looked on in pure sexual lust. Catherine lowered the large pink phallus to place it between her legs and with his hand gripping the growing erection beneath his pants, he looked on with growing elation. With that incredible look of appealing innocence in eyes that were still glued to his own and with her breath now heavy with sexual stimulation, Catherine slowly and amorously repeatedly slipped the soft rubber phallus in and out of her now sopping and throbbing love box until, with its length and girth fully inside her, Catherines husky and excited voice almost whispered one single questioning word, “Master?”

Breathing heavily himself, Mike no longer trusted his own voice and instead motioned for Catherine to kneel between his legs. Gradually easing down her naked body with the rubber dildo still filling her cunt, Catherine eased her naked body into a kneeling position between the wide spread legs of the now openly perspiring fat man. There she began slowly and rhythmically fucking herself, really fucking herself, for by then Catherine had long lost any remaining sense of humiliation about having to flaunt her naked body before this man. This was for her Master Sean and her Master was allowing her to take pleasure in her own body.

The man who sat before her sat there with the blessing of her Master and as such she would willingly do anything Master Sean demanded of her…anything.

Unable to resist those delightful breasts hanging splendidly before him, whilst Catherine fucked her own pussy with the latex toy, Mikes hands cupped, squeezed

and toyed with her heavy, firm breasts and erect stiff nipples, causing Catherine to groan in pleasure.  Fighting to retain eye contact as she threw back her head in blissful delight and without hesitation or coaxing, her free hand found the zipper of Mikes penis and moments later as the motion of her other hand increased its intensity, Catherine lowered her mouth and within it enclosed the cum seeping head of Mikes throbbing penis.

Viewing and of course recording all these events with the many hidden cameras doted around his office, Sean was delighted with her, proud even, of Catherine and even felt his cock twitching and growing again to the erotic display this one time Vanilla suburban housewife was putting on.

Sean knew he hadnt spent enough time with her of late. But if anything, Catherine Dixon appeared to have grown more obedient and submissive than ever and Sean wondered if her daughter Caroline would prove to be as submissive as her mother. For Sean had already decided that whether she liked it not, one way or another, he would very soon have the naked and  beautiful younger carbon copy of Catherine Dixon helplessly suspended from his playroom beams.

Eventually realising she was very close to orgasm whilst sucking fervently upon Mikes throbbing, twitching cock yet fearful of cumming without permission, Catherine slowed her thrusting of the pink phallus inside her until Mike began gasping erratically. Feeling the first spurts of his cum in her mouth, Catherine obediently placed both her hands upon her head until before long Catherine was taking and swallowing the first spurts of Mikes pre cum.

Then with an almighty groan and violently pushing Catherines mouth down upon his cock until its head was almost buried in Catherines throat, Mikes cock began to shoot spurt after spurt of his hot, salty cum into her throat until, unable to swallow it all, the gushing hot liquid filled Catherines mouth before spilling out from her lips and forming bubbles around Mikes cock.

“Take it all, take every last fucking drop and then keep your mouth over my cock and bring yourself off,” gasped Mike. Gagging and choking, Catherine swallowed frantically to keep pace with Mikes seemingly never ending gushes of sperm into her mouth and throat in her desire to satisfy Seans guest and bring herself to the orgasm she so desperately needed.

The flow of spunk into her mouth eventually became a dribble and with her mouth still clamped over Mikes deflating member, Catherine spread her knees as wide as possible and uncaring of the avid spectacle she was providing for both men, rocked her body back and forth and with her breasts swaying wildly. Catherine pumped her throbbing sopping cunt with the huge latex dildo before reaching her own massive climax, leaving the naked mature blonde panting and groaning under the smiling gazes of Sean Brady and Mike Harris.

Chapter 3


                                                                        Caroline Dixon

Around the same time as her mothers mouth was clamped over the throbbing penis of Sean Brady, Caroline Dixon was in her bedroom preparing to confront her brother and once again recalling the extraordinary details of her meeting with Sean Brady.

A meeting that left Caroline feeling far more confused and disturbed than she cared to admit and fully aware she had been fortunate to escape the cellar without Sean having strung her upside down in the very same manner as Sandra, the young woman for whom she had felt such envy.

For as her heart hammered the walls of her chest, it had been all Caroline could to hide her face from Sean as she desperately tried to control her erratic breathing. Every fibre of her being was crying out for Sean Brady to cast Sandra aside and in her place to strip, suspend and discipline her own helpless body. There, in the centre of that incredible room, Caroline had so wanted to feel Seans strong young hands upon her own inner thighs, sliding inexorably toward their inevitable goal, her throbbing, soaking pussy, just as Sean had done with her own mother?

It was a question the truth of which Caroline was desperate to discover and if it indeed was the case that one of Dans young friends had used her mother in that way, then how on earth had Sean Brady managed to achieve it?  How on earth had a young man only slightly older than her brother Dan persuaded her mother to visit him at that bookshop and then to go along with Sean Bradys wishes? Knowing her mother as she did, it simply beggared belief. Or had they not been wishes but demands?  Or was it that she didnt know he beautiful mother quite as well as she thought she did?

But did these things really all lead back to the time Sean and his friend Tom had visited her mother at home to discuss career paths? It appeared to Caroline that only Sean or her mother could answer those questions. But she already knew Sean would not discuss it further.  And as for approaching her mother, well how on earth could she approach her when she already hid the dark secret about her fathers own sexuality? Just the very idea of exposing her mother AND her father was simply beyond comprehension. But Caroline simply HAD to know the truth about her mother before taking up her new teaching post.

After much soul searching, Caroline finally decided the only way of getting the information she needed was by having an honest chat with Dan, the younger brother with a photo of his bound and naked mother by his bedside and who she had so many times covertly watched studying their mothers still beautiful body. But has he also studied her own large breasts when she had been distracted?

However, fully aware that to convince her young brother to answer her desperate questions, Caroline eventually decided she would have to place her disgust to one side and confront her brother on her own terms. So knowing her mother wouldnt be back for a few hours at least Caroline gathered her wits before eventually knocking softly upon Dans bedroom, door.

”I really think we need to talk Dan,” said Caroline

“Sure sis, go right ahead,” Dan replied nonchalantly after begrudgingly allowing Caroline into his room where the first thing she noted was the photo of their naked mother blatantly displayed on his bedside cabinet.

“My god Dan, I cant believe you have that picture of OUR mother. Where on earth did you get it…its sick and disgusting!”

“Aw come on sis, its not as though its the first time youve seen it, is it? Look and see what I mean.”

Immediately Caroline felt she was on the back foot. This was not the little brother of a couple of years ago.  For as Dan pressed a remote control button, Caroline looked across at the TV monitor and was horrified to view a recording of her entering Dans room before sitting on his bed studying the very same photo of her Mother.

“Naughty Naughty Sis, you really should not pry in other peoples rooms without seeking permission,” Dan told his rapidly blushing sister who then decided upon a more conciliatory approach.

“Please Dan, this is important. Okay, lets forget about that photo for a moment. I need to know about Sean Brady and the time he came to visit mother with his friend Tom.”

“Who told you about that?” Dan replied guardedly, leaving Caroline with the distinct impression that Dan was most certainly hiding something from her.

“Please Dan, I just want happened that day.”

But Dans natural schemers instinct had come to the fore because Sean had already been in touch and forewarned him about Carolines questions to him, questions she may well repeat to Dan. So Sean wanted him to ensure that without saying too much about Sean, Dan fed Caroline with snippets of information about their mothers newfound activities. But snippets that always lead back to Sean, leaving Caroline no option but the return to the bookshop…straight back into the clutches of Sean Brady.

“And you of course Dan, you could have a little fun as well.”

If only he knew, thought Dan with the glorious memory of fucking his Aunt Vicky after having his own mother suck him off, still causing his cock to be in an almost constant state of erection.

“So why dont you ask our mother?” Dan replied eventually.

“Because Im worried about her Dan; more to the point, Im worried about the photo you keep of her.”

“Okay then sis, go and ask Sean himself,” replied Dan to his increasing troubled looking sister.

“Dan, I need you to tell me, please…I have to know,” pleaded Caroline for just the mention of Sean Brady had set her spine tingling again.

“Whats it worth sis?” asked Dan slyly.

“Come on Dan! Okay then, have it your way…£10…£20 how much do you want?”

“Ive got enough money, thanks sis.”

Come on Dan…please….this is as much for our mum as for me,” pleaded Caroline, embarrassingly noting Dans eyes burning into her chest.

“Maybe I can tell you a couple of things. But only if you do as I say though sis.”

A sudden understanding swept through her and Caroline fumed. “You dirty little creep, I know what youre thinking and you can go to hell Dan.”

Dan though simply smiled and turned away, saying, “Suit yourself sis.”

Caroline knew she should leave the room there and then but she just HAD to know about her mother and only Dan could give her the answers she desperately needed.

“Okay, so what is it you want me to do Dan? But I warn you now Im not having you touching me!”

“Okay Sis, What I want is to see if your tits really are bigger than mums. So take off your dress and bra and stand with your hands on your head for as long as you are in my room,”

replied Dan as he attempted to conceal an ever growing erection.

Dan, my god, how could you ask me to do that? Christ Dan, youre my brother…thats gross”

“You want the information sis so its up to you,” said Dan turning away nonchalantly even though his heart hammered the walls of his chest

Caroline was aghast….how could she….but…but…would it be any different that going topless on a beach….even if it was for her pervert brother. So with a heavy sigh Caroline turned on back on her brother but then………

“And I get to watch you doing it sis, came Dans crushing riposte.  So Caroline slowly turned back again and with her face flushing and her heart hammering her chest, she slowly lifted her summer dress up over the tiny red thong she realised she should never have been wearing.

Then after pausing for a long moment, Caroline raised her dress over the matching red bra and then over her head. With her face red as beetroot, Caroline eventually cast her dress aside and standing face on to but looking anywhere but at Dan, Caroline reached behind her back to unclasp her bra before reluctantly lowering it over her large breasts.

“Wow, oh man, what a great pair is tits sis and they really are bigger than mums,” smiled Dan approvingly. “So now get your hands on your head sis.”

Deeply ashamed of her actions, Caroline was then even more mortified when Dan told her to retain that pose whilst he was speaking and so, with her face flushed red whilst her younger brother stared greedily at her large melons and rosebud nipples, Dan began.

“It all began with Sean and Tom. They forced me to set up a meeting with mum. They had seen her loads of times at school and Sean and Tom both had a crush on her, big time! And when I mentioned mum used to be a teacher, they saw the opportunity and one day at school they got hold of me and said that if I didnt set up a meeting at home with mum, they would give me the hiding of a lifetime. What could I do Sis? Sean Brady is an animal in a fight, even with kids bigger and older than him. I was terrified, so I set up the meeting by telling mum my two friends wanted to train to be teachers and wondered if she would give them some advice.  Well, in the end, mum agreed and asked me to set up a meeting with them here at home.”

Dan had decided to keep quiet about the home made sex DVD hed filched from his parents room or his filming and watching his mother humiliating and subjugation at the hands of Sean and Tom.

Instead went on to tell Caroline, “Anyway, when Sean and Tom arrived at the house, I went out because they had told me to. I really didnt think much more of it because they had left by the time I got home and mum was in her bath, I think. She seemed okay when she made my dinner later on; but from then on Mums behaviour certainly seemed to change.”

“What do you mean change” asked Caroline self-consciously as Dans eyes roamed over her breasts and nipples that had grown disconcertingly erect.

“Shake your tits for me sis if you want to hear any more.”

It took a huge effort of will power, but although wondering why her fanny was strangely throbbing, Caroline managed to comply with Dans demands and shaking her body from side to side, she swung her large breasts for her pervert brother. 

When Dan was satisfied, he went on to tell her, “Well, she started wearing different, sexier clothes.  So I asked Sean what had happened that day and if he knew why?  He merely shrugged and told me mum proved to be very cooperative toward both them after they demonstrated their ideas of discipline to her. I thought it a was bit strange but wasnt going to argue with them; so I left it that.”

“Then Mum started going out at night. A chauffeur driven car even picked her up. But she always seemed okay afterward, happy even. So I was pleased for her.”

“Thats as much as I can tell you really, except for when that woman came round and went into mums room. As for that photo, well the truth, is it was handed to me by a guy I never met before at school. I know all about the bookshop of course because I work there sometimes, but you really need to get any more info from Sean sis.”

To say she was disappointed hardly covered Carolines feeling of anger. Her she was topless, showing her breasts and nipples to a perverted brother who told her nothing more that she already knew. She was about to to collect her discarded bra and leave the room in disgust when Dan deviously added, “But There are a couple of really interesting things I could tell you about sis. Real mind blowing stuff! But first, you gotta earn it by taking of those panties and handing them to me.”

“Youre crazy if you think Id really do that you little pervert,” Caroline angrily replied.

“Well thats your loss sis because I promise this stuff would blow you away. And oh yeah, it would mean me not saying a word to mum about our little chat or showing her a great film of you stripping off for me and swinging your tits at me in my room with your hands on your head. Or that you went and questioned Sean Brady about the time he and Tom visited her!”

Under any other circumstances, Caroline would probably have applauded such cunningly devious blackmail. But whatever! Caroline knew right then she was trapped like a rabbit in a cars headlights. Her perverted brother had been playing games with her, tricking her into stripping off and posing for him and revealing her breasts for a few tit bits of information that, in reality, told her nothing she had not already seen or worked out for herself.

But, to her mortification, she was at the mercy her sick perverted brothers who could show anyone in family and beyond, a recording of her stripping off, posing and shaking her large breasts at him.  What a mess she had made of things. And now things were about to get whole lot worse for her!

So it was with more embarrassment than she had ever felt in her life that Caroline Dixon shortly stood before her brother naked; only now the beautiful, busty trainee teacher was completely naked and inwardly incensed at having to stand again with her hands on head and her legs spread wide apart, allowing her pervert brothers eyes to zoom in on her neatly trimmed triangle of blonde pubic hair.

“Oh Man!” Dan had repeated over and again before the humiliated, exasperated Caroline cried out, “For Gods sake Dan, just get on with it!”

And so he had, but in two stages; first telling an astonished Caroline that their mother now wore a large gold ring in her left nipple.

Dan then told Caroline to turn with her back to him. But if she thought that order was bad, it was nothing to her anger when told there was no more information until she spread her ass cheeks for he now wanted to see her anus.  It almost put her over the edge, but not quite. For by then Caroline was almost past caring. After all her brother had by now leered at just about every other area of her body causing Caroline to experience a bizarre sense of sexual tension building inside her brothers bedroom that was not wholly unpalatable. So when Dad then told her, “Jeez sis, thats one hell of an ass,” Caroline could not help feel a sense of pride at the compliment.

Only later back in the privacy of her bedroom did Dans final remark really hit home to Caroline, “Mom calls him Master Sean sis. And not just once either. Mom calls him Master Sean every time.  Im secretly listening to her phone calls with him.”

So Caroline now knew Sean Brady and maybe the mystery crop haired woman really did hold the answers she was so desperate to find. She had no idea of how she could find or contact the crop haired woman. So, Sean Brady was only one person who could provide the answers for her. And that was a route Caroline knew to be fraught with danger but also excitement.

Maybe, purely in her mothers interests, she must surrender herself to Sean Brady before getting the answer. But only if Sean then agreed to leave her mother alone in future. Yes, that is what she must do for her Mother….it would be for the sake of her mother…to rescue her…not for her own inexorable emotions of excited sexually curiosity.

In his room replaying the film he had just made of his sister stripping naked and shaking her tits at him, Dan smiled at the thought of all the things he had not told his sister about his mother.  Of the films he had made of her with his hidden cameras, of his visits to her bedroom and of course of his own power over her and of how he had had her on her knees taking his cock in her mouth. And of sliding his cock into his mother as she lay blindfolded on the bondage table, naked bound and helpless. Nor of course of his wonderful more recent experience when fucking his aunt Vicky!

     Chapter 4      

                                                               Victoria Preston

Even a few days after his chat and subsequent humiliation of his sister, Dan was sill unable to forget the vision her lovely body. Visions of Carolines huge firm breasts and big nipples together with her fantastic little pussy and great ass were not only constantly in his thoughts but also repeatedly played before his excited eyes on the recording hed made in his bedroom which Caroline had amazingly appeared to have forgotten about after shed stormed out of his room.

And of course, Dan being Dan, hed made full use of that exciting recording by jerking off to it over and over again. But by now Dan was in need of something a whole lot more exciting than his own hand and with his mother and Caroline out of the house Dan, knew just where to get it.

So after jumping on the motorcycle hed recently purchased, Dan sped off toward the home of his aunt Victoria Preston. After all, he had fucked her once, he saw no reason why he shouldnt do so again although if it came to it he would settle for a head job from her. 

The only problem was that when approaching Vickys house, Dan saw his aunts car driving off in the other direction. Thinking quickly, Dan turned the bike around and sped after her. Why the hell not follow her and see what shes up to, thought Dan.

Entering the dimly lit, rather seedy public house Kevin had called the Kings Arms, trying to spot the young man amongst its mainly young, mainly male customers proved difficult for her until Vicky looked across to the pool table that sat in the middle of an area set away from the main bay. There, surrounded by a number of other young men, Kevin Smiths head and upper body leaned over the pool table, about to play his shot. Not in a thousand years would Vicky have normally dreamed of entering such a seedy establishment certainly not alone and wearing a low cut red blouse.

But for Vicky, these were far from normal times and she was desperate to obtain what most would regard as her fix. And with her treatment at the hands of her nephew Dan still fresh in her mind, her only real choice was to ask Kevin Smith to supply her needs. So whilst conscious of the stares and lewd comments coming from the young probably stoned customers, Vicky braced herself before making her way across to the pool table.

Not even bothering to looking her up at her, Kevin nodded toward a long bench seat and said, “Oh hi Vicky. Go sit over there between my friends until Ive finished my break.”

Looking across to the upholstered bench, Vicky saw a couple of young men who could have been clones of Kevin himself from their dress and manner. None the less, complying with Kevins offhand instructions, Vicky stepped the few yards across to the bench where, having previously been sat beside each other, the two youths parted far enough to allow Vicky to sit between them.  No sooner had she done so when the gap between her and the youths was swallowed up as the boys pushed their lean young bodies against that of the deeply uncomfortable Vicky.

“So baby, youre Kevins posh bitch,” stated one of the youths.

Vicky saw herself as being no such thing, but not wanting to cause a stir, she simply smiled and replied, “Not really. I have some business to conduct with Kevin.”

“Hey, dont worry, youre safe with us baby,” said the second youth, alarmingly placing his hand over the exposed knee of the suddenly horrified Victoria Preston.

At any other time, Vicky would have gotten up and left there and then. Not that at any other time would she have been seen dead in this place anyway, but these were far from normal times as her recent horrifying experience at the hands of her nephew Dan at Peters house had proved testament to.

Even now, Vickys every waking moment was consumed by terrible mental images. Images of Dans triumphant eyes looking down upon her naked body as his surprisingly large and powerful cock sprayed his hot seed into her bruised and battered pussy. This was the nightmare scenario from which Vickys only escape came with a bottle of vodka and a supply of Kevins spliffs.  

Spliffs Vicky was so desperate to replenish that she was even prepared, after a hesitant phone call, to meet Kevin on his home ground and on his explicit terms. Terms which Victoria now endured after Kevin told her, “Come down to the Pub and do exactly what you are told and by whoever tells you!”

Finally, the pool game ended and Kevin sauntered across to where Vicky sat between the two lads, one of whom had an arm disconcertingly around the nervous Vickys shoulders whilst his fingers brushed her breast just inside the low cut top that Kevin had demanded the she wear for her visit.

“Hey Billy, thats a bit naughty,” said Kevin to the youth but any reprieve Vicky thought she may have just been given was quickly snuffed out when Kevin continued, “But I reckon Vicky here has got the biggest tits and nipples youve ever seen in your life so youve got my permission to cop a feel of them Billy!”

Vicky was certain the whole pub must be watching her as she cringed as the young lads fingers slipping beneath her blouse and  she could only whisper, “Please dont do that,”  before those fingers slipped inside her bra and began caressing her Breast nipple.

“Wow, youre not wrong there Kev, shes really got some tits on her,” said the youth Billy, now with his hand deep inside the mortified Vickys cleavage. She looked up at Kevin with pleading eyes and knew she should be running from this nightmare as fast as she could.

But the undeniable reality was Vicky was now hooked on Kevins special crack spliffs. Morning noon and night Vicky now craved the relief they gave her along with the vodka and even during this humiliation, Vicky craved for nothing else. A truth bought horribly home to her when Kevin stood before Vicky and said, “Youve gotta earn your fix just like all the others Vicky and if Billy wants to feel you up then you let Billy feel you up and enjoy it. Now get up and come with me to my office.”

Although speculating upon just what sort of office Kevin could possibly have in this dingy pub, at least she was rid of Bills pawing fingers. When she rose from the bench, unaware of her nephew Dan watching her, Vicky obediently followed Kevin only to get the shock of her life when holding her by the arm Kevin pulled her into the mens toilets.

There two young men were hanging around smoking what were obviously spliffs and Vickys next surprise came when Kevin thrust his head toward the door before telling them get out. The youths who, obviously in fear of Kevin, followed his instructions and quickly left the smelly, filthy toilet.

Oh God thought Vicky, have I really sunk so low I have to resort to such humiliation? But the answer was soon forthcoming when Kevin pushed her inside a graffiti covered cubicle and taking a spliff from his jacket, told her, “Its like I said Vicky, you gotta earn your fix, so strip off and give me a blow job and make it a good one or theres no goodies for you.”

And even though humiliation upon humiliation was being heaped upon her, so desperate was Vicky for her fix that she quickly complied with Kevins instructions and a couple of minutes later, having removed her outer clothing and handed Kevin her black bra and thong, Vicky sat upon the toilet seat expectantly waiting for her reward as Kevin placed a lit spliff between her lips.

Inhaling deeply, Vickys head rolled back as the first hit swept through her consciousness, only for her to be distraught when Kevin pulled the spliff away and smiling maliciously, told her, “Now you earn it baby so get that mouth round my cock and start sucking.”

Vickys desperation to get another toke from the spliff Kevin was now smoking himself overrode the disgust she felt toward her lack resistance toward this young thug.  So Victoria obediently unzipped Kevin and took his now familiar cock in her mouth and began sucking, kissing and licking his hard and rather smelly tool, all too aware of the pungent but oh so tempting smoky aroma of the spliff Kevin was callously blowing down over her face.  Using her new found skill of pushing her tongue deep inside its slit whilst sucking Kevins purple cock head for all she was worth, Vickys mouth was soon flooded with his disgusting hot sperm.

“Hey Kev, how about letting let us have some of that!”

Wiping her mouth with a tissue, Vicky was aghast to see the figures of young Billy and another youth standing behind Kevin leering at her naked body sitting upon the toilet seat.

“Oh my God, please no!” pleaded Vicky, covering her breasts and pussy as best she could with hands and arms as the terrible youths stepped further inside the cubicle. But by then Kevin was also on a high from the spliff and dreamily saw another possibility. Sure his young friends were pretty well broke but others werent and here was the perfect opportunity for a dry run of the idea forming in his devious mind.  So eventually to Vickys dismay Kevin replied, “Sure boys, why not?”

“Please Kevin…Please.dont,” pleaded Vicky, only to be rewarded by a vicious slap to her cheek, making her recoil in pain and automatically bring her hand up to her cheek and exposing her large breasts to the glare of the two youths.  But to Vickys surprise, Kevin lit another spliff and pushed it between her trembling lips. Before long once again Vicky found herself on a wonderful floating high.

“I want her cunt,” Billy suddenly said forcefully before the stoned Victoria Preston who became even more alarmed when the big black youth alongside Billy then exclaimed, “Hey man, lets say we take the bitch back to my place for the night. I got plenty of booze for her and we know Billys a virgin so the bitch can break his cherry!”

Chapter 5

With her head hammering in protest and a nauseating taste in her mouth, Victoria Preston gradually opened her eyes in the dimly lit room wondering why on earth she had yet again overdone a mix of spliffs and vodka whilst already aware the answer was obviously the same as every other time she asked herself this question.

Yet as her eyes fully opened and the dreadfully rancid odour of alcohol, stale tobacco and other chemicals combined with cheap frying oil assailed her nostrils, Vicky gradually realised this was unlike all those other occasions.  For Vicky had suddenly realised she was not in her own bedroom.  There were no expensive bed coverings concealing her body nor was one of her very expensive nightgowns covering her naked body.

As she reached for the a non existent bedcover with a throbbing head, Vickys eyes gradually cleared along with  the realisation that not only was she naked on top of a bed that was certainly not her own but that this was most certainly not her own house either.

As her tired eyes took in the filthy room, the realisation dawned upon her that she was not alone on the small filthy bed. For having turned her head a little, she found herself staring at a huge erect cock sprouting from the body of a huge black youth lying on the bed beside her naked body.

The shock startled Vicky into becoming at least a little more wakeful for she now realised the black youths body lay above that of her own and that her face was directly laying upon his thighs  adjacent to the huge black erection sported by the ostensibly sleeping youth. 

“Oh my God,” whispered Vicky. And as the youth continued his apparently deep sleep, she carefully tried to move away from him only to be abruptly stopped from doing so because she was unable to move her left wrist away from the bed. Vicky saw for the first time that her wrist hand been handcuffed to the iron frame of the ancient bed, trapping her on the bed alongside the black youth.

Groaning in his sleep, the black youths head turned upward and in his continued slumber, his hand found and squeezed one of Vickys large breasts. “Mmmm,” he murmured in his semi comatose state and fearful of waking the large black youth, Vicky lay in paralysed rigidity.

But his turning his head and body toward her had suddenly jolted Vicky back to reality and with her mind in a daze, she slowly pieced together the appalling events that led her to being helplessly naked beside this brute of a boy whose name she now recalled as being Ray.

Vicky then recalled how in her desperation for a fix, she had agreed to Kevins demand she visit that awful pub and of how she was forced to suck Kevins cock before he would allow her that fix.  And of her horror when the two youths appeared in the toilet cubicle whilst she sat naked upon the toilet seat in the mens toilets.

But even that appalling indignity had soon paled into insignificance when in a drug induced stupor after being forced to smoke two large spliffs, she had somehow been spirited out of a back entrance of the pub and bundled completely naked into an old car. With Billy alongside her in the rear seat holding and fondling every crevice of her naked body, Vicky had then been driven here to this stinking squalid flat, to where her nightmare really had begun.  

As she silently lay beside the huge black youth, Vicky gradually recalled being bundled into the filthy flat. Already naked, she had then been plied with vodka and pills before Ray, the youth now sleeping beside her, had ordered her to deflower Billy, first by getting on her knees and suck his cock before straddling the youth as he lay on this very bed and guiding him inside her.

Worse still was that whilst riding Billy, Vicky had been told to lean forward and place each of her nipples into his mouth in turn and tell Billy how much she enjoyed being fucked by him.

But in her drug induced stupor  and with one nipple in Billys greedy mouth  Vicky had felt her buttocks prized apart and Rays stiff, hard black cock at the entrance of her anus. Always horrified by the very thought of being fucked by a black man, even in her drugged state of mind, Vicky still squeezed her anal muscle to try and deny Ray entrance there.  But with a sharp blow to her buttocks and a growl of “Youll take it you fucking bitch” Ray had forced his vaseline covered cock through Vickys sphincter and buried it deep inside her bowels and slowly and brutally fucked the ass of the pained mature beauty.

With young Billy amazingly staying the course, only the walls of her vagina separated the two cocks thrusting into her. But then after grabbing her raven hair, Kevin  had forced Vickys mouth over his cock, competing a brutal triple fucking that in one form or another Vicky endured throughout the night as the three youths fucked, beat, humiliated and even pissed upon her until the finally spent young Billy had drifted off to his own home and Kevin eventually pass out on the filthy sofa.

As she lay trapped and terrified on the ancient bed, Vickys mind drifted back to the appalling events after Kevin had become comatose. Of how the huge and seemingly insatiable youth Ray, who even Kevin had deferred to, tied a length of rope around her neck and dragged Vickys cum encrusted and urine soaked body into the room she now occupied alongside him.

Here, forcing Vicky to her knees after giving her a warning slap on the face, Ray had turned around and bent forward and after reaching out to after grab Vickys hair, the black youth had pulled her face to his buttocks and instructed Vicky to lick clean  his filthy shit stained arse.

Lying there now, Vicky almost threw up at these recollections of how, after Rays fingers had prized his buttocks apart, she had nauseatingly snaked her tongue in and around his filthy butt hole whilst he exclaimed, “Oh yeh baby, momma loves cleaning Uncle Rays ass!”  

Heaping humiliation after humiliation upon her, Ray had repeatedly raped her sore ass. But this time, he slammed his cock into her ass with Vickys legs thrown over his shoulders whilst forcing her to pump her cunt with a huge dildo.

Then after allowing her to use the toilet, Rays final disgusting act had been to drag Vicky back into the squalid bedroom where he had handcuffed Vickys wrist to the iron bedstead.

After arranging Vickys naked body on the bed,  Ray had then placed his own body into a position where his groin was adjacent to Vickys head and told Vicky to suck him off again.  

In fact, during all the time he had spent in the bedroom alone with Vicky, Ray had not once cum himself. Now though, he was about to reward his self control by shooting his load into Vicky mouth and then give her a special treat. With her head buried in Rays groin after wearily and dutifully carrying out her task Vicky, suddenly spluttered, coughed and gagged as she struggled to swallow the huge bursts of hot semen Ray jettisoned into her mouth.

Even when Ray was finally spent, there was to be no escape as he forced her to keep her mouth clamped over his deflating cock. Ray informed a mystified Vicky, “That was sooo good baby; now for a little something to wash it all down.”

Initially the exhausted mature beauty barely took notice of the few drops of acrid tasting urine. But then those first few drops became a steady ever more forceful stream of urine gushing from Rays limp cock into her mouth and down her throat, giving the mature beauty no option but to swallow his disgusting yellow urine.

“Oh yeah, I can see youre just loving that baby,” Ray told the horrified Victoria Preston whose futile attempts to break free of his grasp resulted only in Ray gripping her head ever harder, forcing Vicky to swallow every last mouthful of his foul tasting urine until his bladder was finally empty. 

Then with a laugh and huge sigh, Ray had slumped back into a deep sleep leaving Vicky helplessly cuffed to the bed and unable to do anything but lay her own body back upon the black youths thighs before eventually falling into an exhausted, drug induced heavy sleep.

Before last night, Vicky had thought the utter horrifying humiliation of being raped by her sisters son Dan could never have been surpassed.  But now lying there beside the brutal sleeping Ray, Vicky knew the horrors of last night exceeded even her ever mindful disgust at having to endure the utter sense of shame at Dans hot seed spurting inside her.

Shortly, that realisation was confirmed when to her left Vicky could see Ray stirring and his hand stroking his erection. Where Vicky had hoped for a least a little contrition from the burly youth, she found only unremitting cruelty when, stretching and yawning, he eased his naked body down the bed until he was face to face with the terrified Victoria Preston.

“Mmmm, theres nothing like a morning hard-on baby,” he told her then began stroking Vickys cum encrusted body from her breasts down to her almost hairless crotch before continuing, “So lets make good use of it baby.”

Before she could react in any way and with a speed that startled her, Rays strong arms lifted Vickys body over his own and with her left hand still handcuffed to the bedstead, Vicky was unable to prevent Ray from manoeuvring her body so Vickys cum sore cunt was directly over his erection.

“Please…no more,” pleaded Vicky.  But whilst lighting his first spliff of the day, Rays free hand shot upward to give Vickys cheek the harshest of stinging slaps.

“Fuck me and fuck me good bitch or youll get plenty more of that,” Ray spat at Vicky before raising the spliff to her lips and telling her to take a long toke.   

Terrified and fearful of another slap, Vicky did his bidding and after taking two huge tokes from the spliff, the rush hit her and a suddenly compliant Vicky lowered her tender pussy lips until they enveloped Rays erection. Then with one hand stroking her tits while smoke his spliff with the other Ray told Vicky, “Now put your hands in your hair and lift it up then lean back and fuck me like you mean it bitch.”

Meanwhile, in dim light of the apartments only other room, Kevin was toying with his regular morning erection and looking at his watch to see it was 5am.

Jeez, weve been her all night, thought Kevin. As he reviewed the events of the previous night, he wondered for a moment if he had not let things go too far in allowing Vicky to be brought here to Rays disgusting flat.

Jeez we must have destroyed her ass, thought Kevin, looking around the dingy room to see there was no sign of Vicky. But after getting up and heading for the bathroom, Kevin knew that after taking care of that dyke bitch Helen/Imogene, he must for once be in Seans good books as it were and thought hed probably let it pass. After all, hed done nothing to the dyke bitch and her little friend he hadnt already done to Catherine Dixon and her sister and a whole lot more besides. Anyway, Sean didnt even own the two dykes so why would he be concerned if Kevin had enjoyed himself just a little bit too much?

And as he took his piss and smiled at the recollection of doing exactly the same thing all over to Vicky, Kevins natural sense of rebellion came to the fore. Bollocks, it was her choice to go to the pub and it was her who got herself hooked on the dope.  All I did was to help her out a little.

Kevins reasoning was partially motivated by his deference toward Ray who would have taken Vicky whether Kevin had agreed or not.  So Kevins thoughts turned toward the bedroom where he assumed both Ray and Vicky would be. So hitching up his boxers and without knocking he entered the filthy bedroom.

There the groaning Victoria Preston was mounted upon Rays morning erection.  With her hands piling her hair upon her head, Vicky leaned backward and slid her cunt up and down Rays huge black pole whilst sucking Rays his fingers deep into her mouth as the black youth calmly smoked the spliff held in between his fingers.

“Hey, Kev man, you want some of this?” asked Ray as Kevin stood beside them with an erection growing again inside his boxers.

Looking into the glazed eyes and dilated pupils of Victoria Preston, Kevin could see Ray had gotten her stoned again.  Ray was a real animal whose enjoyment of rope bondage had been taken to a new high last night when, after tying Vickys arms together and fashioning a rope bra around her big breasts, Ray had then tied her individual huge tits so tight at their bases Kevin had thought her melons would burst out of the distressed Vickys skin. Even then, Ray hadnt finished for after removing his leather belt, Ray had whipped Vickys tits so hard theyd had to gag her to quieten down her screaming.

Kevin decided Vicky looked a real mess and nothing like the mature beauty who so arrogantly strode into the Kings Arms the previous evening. Without her usual flawless makeup and immaculately groomed hair, Kevin decided she looked every one of her forty odd years. But then again a hard-on was a hard-on; so why waste it. 

“Sure, let me have her mouth,” declared Kevin. After Ray had taken his fingers from Vickys mouth, Kevin pulled her unresisting head toward his crotch. With Vicky hopeful another treat would await her as soon as both these animals emptied their ball sacks into her, she compliantly opened her mouth and without ceremony Kevin shoved his cock between Vickys gapping accommodating lips.

As Vicky rode Rays huge cock whilst sucking Kevins dick, her stoned mind partially registered a conversation between the two youths. Kevin was insistent that after theyd finished with her, she be cleaned up in the shower and although Billy had taken Vickys bra and thong as souvenirs, she could at least be dressed in her remaining clothing before being sent home in the car shed left in the pub car park a couple of blocks away from Rays filthy little apartment.

This was an idea Vicky soon saw as being the better of two evils after Ray then told Kevin in no uncertain terms he was very interested in seeing what this Posh bitchs house would look like and that she could show him and Kevin a good time there. 

But As Kevin shot his load into her mouth whilst Ray began to groan and she felt the first spurts of  his semen gushing into her womb, Vickys only thoughts were of the little pills she had taken every night since the young brute Sean has trapped into her current lifestyle. Pills she now desperately needed; pills that even now were on her bedside table, waiting for her. Oh god, how she needed them before it was perhaps too late!

Thirty minutes later, Kevin Smith strode across the dimly lit pub car park toward Vickys convertible BMW after having been told by Ray that “He would look after the bitch while he was gone.” But as he was about to open the driver side door with the car keys theyd removed from Vickys purse, Kevin heard a vaguely familiar voice.

“Well kid, looks like we meet again.”   With his lifestyle choice constantly altering him to danger, Kevin quickly spun around but even by ten it was too late and the Brutal young Kevin Smith never even saw the fist smashing into his midriff, nor as he doubled in pain, the uppercut connecting with his chin, ending the fight before Kevin even realised he was in one as a succession of brutal blows rained down upon him prone body!

“Okay you little fucker, youve kept me waiting long enough,” said Peters chauffeur Charles, dragging Kevin face toward his by his hair. “So lets go see the little lady.”

Even if hed been in a position to do so, Kevin wasnt about to argue or protest with Peters far bigger and stronger so called chauffeur, who after getting directions from him, secured the hapless Kevins wrists behind him with cable ties. Then having wrapped some black gaffer tape around his mouth, Charles threw the pained semi-conscious Kevin into the huge trunk of his bosss limousine hed parked nearby.

“Okay Kid, youve done well. Ill make sure the lady gets to hear of it but now go home and leave this to me,” Charles told Dan Dixon who was clearly impressed with the limousine in which hed been waiting along with a Charles and a woman in the back.  Dan had indeed done well. For even though he hadnt seen his naked his aunt Vicky carried from the rear of the pub, hed had sense enough to cal the cell phone number Peter had given him should he ever need to. That had been more out of concern for his mother Catherine but unable and unwilling to confront Kevin and his friends in the pub, Dan had done what he thought was the next best thing and spoken to Peter.

So ending his long wait and hoping he could creep indoors before he was noticed, with the endorsement of Charles still ringing in his ears, Dan rode off home on his motorcycle.

The knock on the door came a few minutes later and tugging upon the rope leash hed tied around the neck of the still naked Victoria Preston, the black young whod spent the night abusing her opened the door only to receive from Charles an even harsher beating than hed carried out upon Kevin Smith.

“Okay, shes all yours now,” said Charles to the woman who then strode through the door.

Giving the unconscious Ray barely a glance, Olgas eyes were only for cum encrusted and distressed body of the naked Victoria Preston who with the rope leash still around her neck, stood in the hallway of Rays filthy apartment sobbing her eyes out.    

“mmmmm...poor little  now come with Olga….Olga take care of you now,” the burly eastern European woman told Vicky,  proprietarily clutching the naked, busty beauty into her arms when perhaps she could have at least covered Vickys naked body.

Not that Olga was concerned about such trifling matters for without realising it Victoria Preston really only was swapping one form of captivity for another……..

                                   End of Part Four



                           A work of fiction Edited by BondMaster

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