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Living for Her Feet

Part 1

Living for Her Feet

Matt licked the pink-white soles with all his passion. His tongue made deep contact with the surface of the soles and as it traversed that surface which was slightly moist with sweat and slightly rough with dirt, Matt knew the sensation he felt was a divine one. It was an overwhelming sensation felt by multiple senses, the heavenly beauty of the soles, the soul cleansing aroma of the foot sweat, the taste of foot sweat mingled with dirt. He was almost ashamed of degrading the heavenly feet with his saliva. Some parts of the sole were more pink than the others. These, as Matt knew, were more moist with the sweat and hence tasted saltier. His tongue was all the way out and he hungrily licked the soles with upward movements of not just his tongue but his entire upper body. He had a natural tendency to put his very soul into the task of licking Mistresss feet.

Matts skill at licking feet was among the main reasons Amy allowed him to be a part of her life. It was a stress reliever for her as well as a power trip to see a grown man, naked at her feet, licking her soles like his life depended upon it. Amy would go on living her daily work routine without giving any thought to her slave Matt living naked, locked inside a cage at her home. But when she came back from work, she would enjoy the worshipping of her feet she got from him.

“In between the toes,” she said.

“Yes Mistress.” Matt responded and quickly poked his tongue in between the two bigger toes. This was the dirtiest part of feet, Matt knew from experience. The sweat here was most prominent as was the dirt and even some sock lint. Matt expertly cleaned the gap between the toes and swallowed the dirt gladly. Matt knew this very act that he was performing right now was the greatest thing he could do with his life, yet it was accompanied by a feeling of anxiety and guilt. Anxiety at the fearful thought of this great honour of licking Mistresss feet ever being taken away from him and guilt because he knew he was getting far more than he ever deserved to be licking this goddesss feet, this true goddess who was far above him was certainly an honour he had done nothing to deserve. All these feelings combined, always motivated Matt to perform every act with utmost care, never to displease his Mistress.

Amy didnt give much thought to Matts existence. Right now as Matt moved to her other foot, she was lost in the book that she was reading. She was happy with the pleasant sensation of tongue on her feet but that just about all that Matt meant to her a tongue for her feet. She never felt any sort of guilt at using Matt for relieving her feet as she knew that by doing this she was giving worth to Matts life. It was obvious to both of them how beneath he was to her and how superior she was to him that it hadnt taken a word for either of them - when they met for the first time - for Matt to fall on his knees and kiss her feet. She decided to keep him after that. It wasnt of any inconvenience to her. He would not need any clothes to wear and would do all the house work. All the expense that he cost her was the three meals he took in a day, which was a pretty low cost for not having to do any housework and having a man at your feet whenever you desired. So she kept him. Just to make sure that there wasnt any sexual notion attached to him licking her feet(for she wouldnt want such a notion as she had a healthy relationship going on with her boyfriend for a year) she had, for the three months that she had had Matt as her slave, constricted his penis in a chastity cage and never bothered to remember where the key was.

“Now lick the ankles, they get real dirty,” Amy said.

Matt moved all his attention to the ankles. He licked the spot on the left side on his Mistresss left foot, right beside her ankle bone. He licked it up and down. Indeed it was dirty. Some dirt came off as he licked. But he lived for this dirt. After spending some minutes on this spot, he moved to the other foot at licked the same spot for some time. His life had changed three months ago when he had met this woman at a party. The moment he looked into her eyes was an intense one and it deeply moved Matt. Her expression had said to him, As if you deserve to look in my eyes, to be in my presence… Matt had not cared about the people around them. He had dropped straight to his knees and had placed a deep kiss on her feet. And after that his life had changed as this goddess decided to make him a part of her life and in no amount of devotion he showed her could he express just how thankful he was to her. Her feet gave meaning to his life.

“Now the tops,” Amy said, recalling Matt to the present.

Matt started licking the top of his Mistresss left foot. Licking the top was an even greater and an ever more underserved honour for Matt than licking the soles. His penis was, as ever, straining against the cage but he had learned to suppress the desire for sexual gratification and he concentrated on the task at hand.

Amy was meeting her boyfriend, Chris, in half an hour. Chris knew about this man Amy kept as her slave and didnt have any complains about it. He had seemed uncertain at first but when Amy told him that this mans penis was constantly locked, he had laughed it away.

She was waiting for the current chapter of her book to finish and then she would freshen up and leave. As Matt moved to the top of her feet, she felt his tongue drier than before.

“I will get you mint chewing gum to chew all day, it will give you more saliva so your mouth doesnt get dry while licking feet. I dont like that.”

“Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress.”

Matt knew this problem. He was aware that this could be displeasing to his Mistress. When the feet were moist with sweat, like the soles were now, it wasnt a problem but when they were dry, like the tops were now, he needed to drink more water. In the past his Mistress had asked him to suck ice cubes before licking feet for his tongue to be cool and wet and this chewing gum idea would also work out well.

Matt ran his tongue over the top of this superior goddesss feet and that overwhelming sensation took over his whole body again, breaking his thoughts. He started to alternate between licks and kisses quickly, to show his adoration for the feet.

Amy finished her chapter and looked at her slave for a moment before getting up. This grown man who could have chosen to do anything with his life, had chosen this to be naked at Amys feet and lick them with desperation, to live most of his life inside a cage or doing housework for a woman who considered him to be significantly beneath her and did not allow any possibility whatsoever of sexual contact ever happening between them.  How hopelessly addicted, she thought.

She slightly slapped his face with her foot to gesture that his job was done. He quickly picked up the towel from his shoulder and dried her feet. He moved away and she got up, placing her feet on the carpet.

“I am leaving now. You, wash the socks and polish the shoes for tomorrow. Then lock yourself in the cage.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Oh and remember to vacuum the carpets tomorrow, they keep making my feet dirty.”

“Yes Mistress.”

With that, Matts Mistress left the room to get ready. He went straight to his work.

He picked up her black leather shoes and the black socks, treating them as divine objects. I didnt get to suck the toes today, he thought. But he knew it was time for the other great task of his day washing socks. 

He hand washed his Mistresss socks each day and polished her work shoes each night. Just before washing, each night he deeply sniffed the socks as he did now. The smell was so deep in them. His Mistress had spent all day in them at her office.

What a feeling it is, to inhale this aroma, he thought as he sniffed . How great my goddess is! How great is the smell of her socks! The white colour of her divine soles is more white than anything in my body. How simply beautiful her feet are! How inferior I am to her and yet she keeps me in her presence! Matt felt a childs joy, deeply inhaling the scent.

After washing the socks and polishing the shoes, Matt went to the storeroom where his cage was kept. The cage was not too high but it allowed him to kneel comfortably. As far as width is concerned, it was a little uncomfortable that he had to pull his knees close to his chest in order to sleep but it was not that bad.

Matt picked up the lock and turned off the light. He got inside the cage, got his hands out of the bars and locked himself. He reached further out and kept the key on top of the ceiling. Pulling his knees close to his chest, with an ache in his penis, Matt started to drift to sleep, waiting for time to pass quickly, anticipating the next time he would be worshipping his Mistresss feet. I didnt get to suck the toes today, I hope next time I get to suck toes…. was his last thought before falling asleep.

Review This Story || Author: Obedient Boy
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