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Liz and the Wolves of Shahala

Part 9

Liz and the Wolves of Shahala

By Rasputtin Szczepanski

Chapter  9

Another school day.  I thought about playing sick but fuck face Herb would be home.  I needed a way to avoid him.  Whatever I did, I needed to keep my secret from him because I knew he would ruin it.

My phone buzzed and I lifted it to glanced at it.  Ambrosia texted, “I can hardly wait to get my hands on you.”  I felt the butterflies in my stomach.  A simple text from her could trigger a sexual arousal that was unlike anything I have experienced up to that point.  I glanced up from my notes, seeing if anyone was noticing my cheeks burning.  The phone buzzed again.  “I am so fucking wet thinking about you.”  I turned off my phone and shoved it deep into my backpack.

The day was uneventful but unproductive.  I couldnt keep my thoughts focused on anything.   I was over stimulated.  All I could think about was that cave.  After last period, there were a dozen of texts from Ambrosia.  She was expecting me to come over after school, even hoping that I could skip a few classes and come early.  I was torn.  I knew that mind blowing orgasms awaited me at Ambrosias but I needed to get to that cave in daylight.  I had to see where it went.

“Mistress, Im very sick.  Cannot today,” I texted then turned off my phone, packed up my books and hurried home.

I hadnt forgotten about Herb.  I had pushed thought of the danger he presented to me aside but I needed to ensure that I was safe in my room.  If I could get through the lock in the basement, I know he could.  Before going home, I took the bus to the Rite Aid and bought a plastic door stop that I could jam under the doorknob that would act as a second lock.

At home, I breathed a sigh of relief that Aunt Holly was home as well as Herb, who never left.  Herb would leave me alone. Aunt Holly seemed to be in a good mood despite my being an hour late coming home. I made a snack, made some light talk, trying to act as normal as possible. An inner clock was banging in my head. My stomach was in knots.  I had to get down to that cave before sunset, which always came very early in Maine.

I waited until Herb was in the bathroom, then I retreated to my room with a large shovel and a battery operated lantern.  I locked the door.  I placed the door stop into position so that no one could open the door.  I moved the rug back, opened the hatch and carefully climbed down the ladder with my lantern and shovel.  I pulled the rope to pull the rug back to the original position.

The cave was as I left it.  I quickly stripped down, turned off the lantern and placed it on the ground.  Grabbing the shovel, I stood in front of the blue, electric waterfall.  I had to be some sight, young, nude with nothing but a shovel, illuminated by blue tendrils of light and shadows.

I took a deep breath and then darted into the passage.  The wooden handle of the shovel quickly grew warm.  It was vibrating so hard it almost shook out of my hand and it was making a loud ringing sound, a high pitch that sounded like a childs wail.  I ran through the passage and was able to come out the other side in less than 15 seconds.

I quickly dropped the shovel.  The wood was hot and where the wood met the steel it was smoking.  I stopped and leaned down, trying to catch my breath.  The cave looked like how I left it except there was a faint light at the tunnel leading to the entrance.  I smiled. I had made it.

I touched the shovel.  It was quickly cooling down.  I picked it up with the intent that I could use it as a weapon if needed.  I got up and moved to the opening of the cave.  As I started up the incline, I could see the waterfall.  Orange light was shining through it.  I scrambled quicker, pushing myself against the wall and moving close to the edge of the water.

I slowly peaked through.  The water was less thick on the edges.  The walls of the cave were covered with a green moss.  Outside was an explosion of green pine and mountain edges.  My mouth was open, gaping as I moved out more into the open, my mind not believing what I was seeing. 

The valley that my cave opened to was on the edge of a mountain.  The stream at the bottom of the waterfall, clamored noisily down the mountain, its sounds accompanied by the vast songs of birds in a forest.  The trees blocked most of my view.  The setting sun streamed through the branches.    What captured my vision though was the sky.  High above me, like a moon during the day, was a giant planet surrounded by thousands of rings like on Saturn.  The planet was a faint bluish orange, the rings white, like clouds. 

This had to be a dream.  It had to be.  I walked out farther.  I was on something that orbiting a gas giant.  This wasnt Earth.  I turned and looked up the mountain.  It was rocky, but I could see a path I could climb where I might be able to see above the trees.  I glanced around uneasily.  I decided to make a rash, dangerous decision. The second one in the week.  I started to climb the mountain.  I would climb just enough, before it got dark so I could see above the trees.

  My mind was reeling with the information.  This is where my Mom was.  She had discovered another world.  She wasnt gone.  She was here somewhere in here and I could find her.

I got to the top of the rocks where the stream plunged over them.   It was a steep incline and I was breathing hard from the exertion.  Glancing down to ensure no sharp objects would pierce my naked bottom, I sat down on a rock and looked above me.  The mountain continued upward and I was near the tree line where the mountain became steep rocks with snow topped caps.  Below me, I could just see over the trees.  I was in a mountain range.  There were smaller hills below me that stretched to the horizon.  The planet that filled the sky seemed even larger, filling a quarter of the sky.

The sun felt warm.  I knew this couldnt be a moon around Saturn because the sun would never be this warm.  I was on a different planet.  Maybe another star perhaps.  Maybe it was a dream.  I wanted to go a little higher to see what was to the right and left of this area.  The ground was less steep where I had stopped.  I could go a little farther.  I got up and turned around.  A large wolf was looking at me from about fifteen feet away.  He looked as startled as I was.  His muscles were tense as if he was about to flee.  I stifled a scream.  The black wolf was larger than any wolf I have ever seen at any nature reserve.  It was about twice my size, almost the size of a Doberman.  I started to slowly back up, my muscles tensing, ready to flee if he decided to lunge.  I slowly held up the shovel with both hands, picking it up, readying it to club the beast when it jumped up to clamp its fangs into my throat.  I took a step back.

“Wait!”  I saw the mouth move on the wolf but I didnt believe it.  I took another step back and quickly glanced around to see who said that.

“Please wait! You are a human?  Can you understand me?”  It was the wolf.  The wolf was talking.  Minutes must have passed as I stood there in shock.  He repeated and I could see the words come out of his mouth as he said it more slowly, “Can you understand me.”  I slowly nodded and the wolf started slowly coming towards me.

“Get back!” I yelled, my voice shaking, “or Ill wack you.”

He stopped and looked concern. “Im not going to hurt you! Please, dont leave!”

“How can you talk?” I slowly asked.

“Talk?”  He made a shrugging motion with his shoulders “I dont know.  The same way you can I suppose.  I never met a human before though.  I always wanted to.  I always thought you were a myth.”  His accent was odd, as if he was missing the letters b and m.  “But you are real.”

“A myth?”  Enough bizarre things were happening to me that I was beginning to absorb and believe a lot quicker.  “Wolves that talk eat girls where I come from.”

He shook his head, his look of concern deepening.  “No! No, I would never do that.  Please, I just want to get to know you.  Are you from around here?  Are there any others?”

I wanted to lie and say that there were many others but his voice sounded so friendly.  Despite everything, I liked him immediately and my fear was waning.  He sounded young and eager.

“Just me for now.  Are you from here?” I asked.  Again the voice in my head, you are going insane.

“Im from down below.  I was up hunting when I smelled you.  I ran up here.  I never smelled anything like you before.  This is so wild!”  His tail was wagging.

“Are there others like you around?” I asked.

“Oh no.  I live on my own.  Long story.  Do you have a name?”

“They call me Liz.  Whats your name?”

“They call me Bunny.  Can I come closer?  I wont hurt you if you promise not to hurt me.”

I sat down and laid the shovel next to me. “Ok.” He slowly walked toward me and then sat down.  It seemed like he was worried that he would frighten me.  He was still wagging his tail but it stopped when his eyes focused in on my chest.

“Oh…wow,” he muttered, staring at my breast.

I felt self-conscious of them and covered them up.  “I couldnt wear my clothes here.”

“That symbol.  Why is it on your chest?  Is that a birth mark?”

“Oh.  Its a tattoo.  Its something my mother had.”

“Ive seen it before.  Why is it on your skin?”

“You seen this before! Where?”

“Mamsel-abika wears it around his neck.”  He looked up at me “Hes the leader of my tribe.”

“A wolf like you?”

Bunny nodded and spoke excitedly “I think its called the Cintamani.  Its magic.  I mean, it gives him powers I think. Do you have magic powers?  I can do a little magic but I dont have one of those.”

I whispered, almost to myself “Its a gem.  The gem gives you the powers…”

Bunny cocked his head “Whats a gem?”

“Uh, its a beautiful stone, like glass but it cant break.  The Cintamani is a gem. “ I pointed to my tattoo “This is just a symbol.  This…what was his name, your leader?”


“Can you take me to him?” I asked.

Bunnys ears flattened on his head.  “That wouldnt be a good idea.  He is very far away.”

“I need to know where he got the necklace.  Do you know?”

“Hes always had it as long as Ive known but listen, this is not a good idea. I was always scared of him, even as a pup.  Hes very dangerous.”

“How far away is he?”

“Maybe a weeks travel.”

“If I come back, can you take me?”

He whimpered, “I dont think so.  Its…dangerous for me.”

I grabbed my shovel and smiled “I will protect you.”

This caused him to wag his tail “What is that thing?”

“Its a shovel.  I can dig with it or hit wolves on the head with it,” I said, demonstrating in the air how I could use it as a weapon.

“Mamsel gets his power not only from magic but from sheer numbers of his followers.  You could maybe hit one, but not many.”

“I just want to ask him where he got it,” I said “You could vouch for me and say that Im your friend.  Its important.”

This caused him to wag his tail more, his eyes sparkling. “Oh.  This is very awesome.”  He took a deep breath in.  “They dont like me though.  Im not welcome there.”

“Why? Are you bad?” I asked.

“Maybe to them.  I dont think so.  I was banished from the tribe so I live on my own.”

“What did you do?” I asked.

“Its more what I didnt do.  I wasnt up to putting up with their rules and foolishness.  They follow Mamsel without question.  Those that question get killed or banished.  Besides, I like it better on my own.”

I sighed and said, “I know that feeling.”  I gave up solving the problem of my missing mother for a moment.   I put the shovel down.  “I want to stay all night talking to you but I need to get back.  I will come back tomorrow though.”

Bunny cocked his head “Where will you go?”

“Home,” I relied.

“Is it far?” he asked.

I thought to myself, It is far…far away…and that feels kind of nice.  I perked up and said, “Its hard for me to describe. Oh! Let me show you.”  I got up and pointed down the mountain.  “Its at the base of the waterfall.”

“O.k.  Although I dont remember seeing a human place around here.”

“I have to show you.  Its a secret place.”  I led him down the step rocks.  I went slower to allow the large wolf to navigate in a switchback pattern down the hill.  It took about an hour to get down and it was then that I noticed that the sun had risen.  The orange glow of what I thought was sunset was gone.

I showed him the passage behind the waterfall.  His ears were down on his head and his tail was tucked between his legs.  I could tell he was scared.  His mood went switched to amazed when he saw the glimmering blue passage to my world.

“What is that?” he whispered in awe.

“To be honest, I dont know.  It leads to my house.  I think Im from a different world.”  Bunny began to walk around the cave, looking at the fire pit and painted hand prints on the wall.

“Humans have been here before, a long time ago,” he said.

“Can you smell them?”  I asked

He raised his snout into the air.  “No.”

“My mother came through here.  You cant smell anything?”

“Just you.   You came through that blue thing?” he asked.

“Yes.  I didnt know where it went.  I just discovered it.  Do you want to see the other side?”

Bunny looked concern again, thinking about it.  Then he whispered “Yes…Im scared that if you go in, you wont come back.”

“Oh, Ill come back,” I said.  As sure as it rains in Maine, I was coming back. “I love this place.  Come in with me though.  There is a warm cave on the other side.  Ill bring you some food and you can wait for me a day… if you want?”

He nodded.  I leaned my shovel against the wall and walked to the portal.  I looked behind at him, smiling to encourage him.  Then I stepped in.  I walked forward and looked back.  Bunny tentatively put his paw forward into the light, then slowly put his head in.  His fur stood straight out.  He took a couple of steps more until he was all the way in.  I laughed and said, “Look at your fur!”

He glanced at his tail which was puffed out about twice the side and he laughed.

The thin brightly lit passage was now familiar to me.  There was no fear anymore but a high, an exciting feeling of wonder.  I checked behind me to make sure Bunny was ok.  He was having trouble squeezing through some of the tighter spaces but he was bravely forging ahead.

I exited into my cave and Bunny followed behind me, splashing into the water.  I looked at him and said, “Welcome to my world!”  I grabbed my clothing and started to put it on.

He looked behind us.  “That is some strong magic.”  He turned back and sniffed at my clothing “What is that you are doing?” he asked.

I pulled the shirt over my head.  “These are my clothes.  For some reason I cant bring it through the…gate.  I guess its a gate of some type.”

“They look funny.”  He walked over to the lantern and sniffed at it. “Whats this?”

I quickly slipped my shoes on. “Its a lantern, a light.”  I tied my shoe and walked over to it and turned it on. 

Bunnys eyes opened wide.  “Whoa!  More magic?”

“Science.”  I held it up.  “You cant come with me.  They are not used to talking animals here.  Ill bring you some food, then Ill go get some sleep.  Ill bring your something in the morning and then I need to go to school.  You can go back through the gate if you want.”

“Im not an animal,” he declared.

“What?” I said.

“Im Molsem,” he corrected.

“Well, wolves dont talk here and they arent as big as you I think.”

Bunny sat down. “Ill wait here.”

I started up to my room, stopped and turned around “Bunny, Im really glad I met you.  I mean, really glad.  This is the coolest thing ever to happen to me.”

Bunny smiled and laid down.  “Coolest?”

I looked behind me “The best thing that has happened to me.”

Returning to my room, I was grateful that it was undisturbed.  I covered the door and went upstairs.  The sun shining through the window startled me.  I had been gone at least two hours and it should have been dark by then.  Aunt Holly was in the kitchen still and Herb was in the living room, just as I had left them.  I walked into the kitchen and looked at the clock.  It was only 4 PM.  I got out of school at 3:30.

I pushed that confusing thought to the side and focused on something to eat for Bunny.  What would a wolf eat, I thought to myself.  Young, naked girls no doubt but Bunny didnt seem like he was capable of that.  What did I know though?  Ive trusted online predators and had been enslaved by my tattoo artist.  Its not that I misjudged people; it was that I put myself in bad situations.

Aunt Holly was molding some raw beef into hamburger patties.  That is probably what Bunny would eat, I thought.  I couldnt grab raw meat and take it down to my room though.  I needed a snack that wouldnt raise suspicions.  I looked through the refrigerator, eyeing fruits and vegetables.  Holly turned to me, “Well be eating soon.”

I looked around the kitchen and settled on a bag of pizza flavored Doritos.  I grabbed them and darted back to my room.   I closed the door, locked it and went to my rug.  I kicked it back so that the door was uncovered and reached down to pull the door open.  Someone knocked on the basement door above me.  The handle turned and then rattled as the person on the other side realized that the door was locked.

I threw the chips on the bed and pulled the rug back over the floor door.  As I ran up the stairs the knocking grew louder.  I unlocked the door and opened it.  Aunt Holly stood there with Ambrosia.

“What are you doing down there Liz?” Aunt Holly complained.  “Your friend is here.”

Ambrosia had the wicked look on her face.  “Hello Liz.”  She stepped down into my room, brushing me as she passed.  Aunt Holly went back to the kitchen.  The constant steady noise of children rushed into my room.  I closed the door and locked it.

I walked down the stairs towards her.  “What are you doing here?”

“I wanted to see if my girl was ok.”  She leaned back against my desk.  “Interesting place you live in here.”

I stood at the base of the stairs, unsure where to move to.  “Im feeling better now.  Still a little queasy.   How did you…find me?”

She crossed her arms.  “I know everything about you.”

I frowned. “This is my study time.  Im not supposed to have friends over.”

She walked toward me and grabbed my arm.  Her hand shot up and she grabbed my nipple through my shirt.  “Im not your friend.  Or did you forget that?”

I twisted, trying to get away.  “Ow!” I cried.  She twisted it harder and I blurted, “No Mistress! Sorry!”

She pushed me down on the bed, still twisting my nipple through my shirt.  She got up on top of me, pushing me back, her legs straddling my waist.  “Good girl.  Remember, you belong to me and I dont like it when you lie to me.”

My nipple burned.  She wouldnt let go.  I grabbed her arm, trying to pry her off of me.  “Please, youre hurting me!”  She let go of my nipple and pinned both my arms back over my head.

“You need a lot of training my pet and I cant train you if I dont see you.”  I stopped struggling.  I didnt try to get away, I knew that I couldnt.  She leaned down and rested on top of me.  She kisses my lips softly.  “Who owns you baby?”

I whispered “You do.” 

“You love me dont you?”  She kissed my lips again.

I dont know if it was love but I was excited and quivering under her.  “Yes Mistress.”

“Do you know how excited you have made me girl?”

I shook my head.  She kissed my neck.  “Im very excited. Now, what are you going to do about it?”

“I cant.  Please, my aunt is upstairs.”

“The door is locked.”  She jumped off of me and untied her boots, kicked them off.  I sat up.  She grabbed my arm and pulled me to the floor. “Kneel!”

I kneeled as she pulled off her jeans and panties.  She leaned back on the bed, spread her legs and pulled me between them.  Her hand pushed my head between her legs.  I was well familiar with her bald pussy now. I ran my tongue down the tattoo and licked lips, then pushed my tongue between them.  She was turned on and I tasted her warm wetness.  She held me tight as I began to work my tongue up and down.

She reached down and cupped my breast through the shirt as her other hand held my head steady.  She moaned and spread her legs farther.  I ran my tongue up and down her slit, moving around her sensitive clit when I got to the top.  I sucked her lips into my mouth.  It didnt take long for her grip on my head to grow stronger and her belly rose and fell quicker.  As she came, she pushed my mouth into her and clamped her legs around my head.  I couldnt breathe.  The world was quiet as her thighs covered bother my ears.  As she recovered, through deep breathes, she said “You are getting very good at that.”  She pushed me away and swung her leg over me.  She grabbed her panties and slipped them on.  “I want you to figure out a way to come to my house tonight. “

I remained kneeling. “I cant.  I have to stay here.”

She put on her pants and said “You will.  You are already going to get punished.  Do you want it worse?”

“No Mistress but . . .”

“This is an order.  You really dont want to know how much worse I can get.  Never mind, I think you do want to know.  That is why you defy me all the time.” She put on her boots.  “I should keep you in a cage.  Remind you of who you are.”

She was taking this too far.  “I have homework to do.”

“Then do it and then come over.  Ill be waiting for you.” She got up, kissed me on the forehead and left.

I was left alone, kneeling next to my bed. I lowered my head onto the mattress and muttered, “Fuck.”  The crazy thing was that I really wanted to go.

Continuing with my original plan, I returned to my secret cave carrying my chips.  Bunny was there, lying on a dry patch of ground.  He lifted his head and wagged his tail as I appeared at the cave opening above.

I crawled down the rocks. “I couldnt get you anything good.  I hope you like these.  I might be able to get you something better when my Aunt goes to bed.”  I opened the bag too hard.  The bag broke and chips scattered all over the ground.

Bunny sniffed at them.  “Whats that?” he asked.

“Doritos.  Pizza flavored.”  I picked one off the ground and ate it. 

Bunny sniffed at them curiously then chomped down on one.  He chewed it, swallowed and said “What an interesting taste.  Ive never tasted anything like it!”  He started to eat the chips, one at a time.  The loud crunching sound reverberated through the cavern.

“I need to go for the night,” I said.  “Ill be back in the morning.”

With a mouth full of chips, Bunny said, “Where are you going to go?”

I pointed up.  “My house is up there.  Im going to sleep.”

“Can I see?” he asked.

“I cant.  Not right now.”

Bunny ate some more chips, sucking them down like he was a vacuum cleaner.  I waved and climbed up the rocks and went back to my room.

Aunt Holly was finishing up dinner.  I could have either waited for them to go to bed or try and talk my way out of the house.  Both Herb and Aunt Holly went to bed relatively late so I tried my later plan.  I politely asked if I could go to a friends house to study and to my surprise, Aunt Holly consented.  I told her I would eat later when I came back, packed up some books in a backpack and walked to Ambrosias house.

Ambrosia was pleased to see me and ordered me naked immediately.  She was dressed in all leather; pants and a corset which pushed her breast up to make an impressive cleavage.  She gave me a soft kiss, put on my collar, tied a leash to the collar and led me into her basement.

Her basement was comfortable and warm.  Carpeted, a man-cave of sorts with a couch and a computer desk.  A flat-screen TV was sitting on a cheap stand against the wall.  She took me to the center of the room and told me to kneel.  I knelt down, my heart pounding, my excitement building.  She rummaged through some drawers and brought some nylon rope to me.  “Hold up your hands,” she told me.  I held them up.  She twisted the rope around them and tied them together.  Her knot tying skills were impressive.  “Now stand.”  I stood and she took the rope and slung it through a pulley hanging from a wooden beam on the ceiling.  She pulled the rope through it until my arms were high over my head, then she tied the rope to a peg on the wall.

She smiled and walked up close to me.  Her hands roamed my body, starting at my belly and moving up to cup my breast.  “Mmmmmm,” she murmured, devouring my body with her eyes.  Her hand slid down and cupped my sex.  Her finger pushed into me. “See, I knew you wanted to come over.”  Her finger wiggled between my lips. “I dont know why you deny what your body wants to badly.”  She kissed my neck softly.

She stepped away and sat down in front of the computer.  She logged onto Yahoo.  I watched her and felt fear grip me as she logged on using my name.  She looked over her shoulder at me, “Whats your password?”

“Why do you want that?  Dont you have your own log-in name?”

“No, I want to log in as you.  Whats your password?”

I remained silent.  She smiled and turned back to the computer.  I could see myself hanging there naked on her screen.  She had turned on the webcam.  She stood up and picked up a leather flogger from her desk. She sauntered towards me.  She walked around me, letting the leather straps hang over my shoulder.  “You know you are going to give me your password.” She pulled on the flogger so the straps caressed my skin as it lifted up.  “Or perhaps punishment for not obeying me is something you crave?”  She placed her hand on my belly and let it slowly drop to my sex.  She fingered me again.  “I can tell, you do crave it.  I am so lucky.”  She wiggled her finger.  “I have found a true slave, who knows her place, who seeks to be punished, abuse.”

As she whispered those words into my ear, I thought I was going to cum right there on her finger.  She wiggled her finger between my pussy lips and licked my neck.  She stepped back and lightly swung the flogger across my breast.  I jumped.  It hurt more than I expected and she didnt even swing it that hard.  “Whats the password?”  I didnt say anything.  She swung again, this time harder and it made a snapping sound as the leather whipped onto my soft flesh.  I yelled out in pain and surprise.  “Whats the password?”

I couldnt respond, I wouldnt.   “Well, I cant have you disturbing the neighbors.”  She reached down into a drawer and brought out a bright red rubber ball with straps attached to both sides of it.  She grabbed my chin hard so that my mouth opened and she shoved the ball into my mouth.  The straps were wrapped around my head and then tied shut.

She brought the flogger down across my breast again and I screamed into the ball.  She did it again, this time hitting my stomach.  I jerked and screamed.  She aimed at my pussy, the leather straps marking me all over my inner thighs.  I cried out.   Tears were running down my eyes.  I yelled into the ball and it came out as “mewp, mewp! Eyell el you!”

She cracked the flogger one last time making me squeal and then stepped forward to unstrap my ball gag.  She slowly pulled it out of my mouth.   She sat down at the computer.  “Ok then,” she said, her fingers on the keyboard.

I told her the password.  For a moment I thought I wouldnt remember.  I knew it more by the movement of my fingers, reciting it was more difficult.  Filling me with relief, I saw Yahoo log in.  SlaveTrainer2010s name was lit up.  He was on.  I could see Ambrosia smile.  She slowly got up and walked behind me.  Her hands snaked up around my belly and up to my breast.  Her hot breath was breathing on my neck.  She cupped my breast and squeezed them softly.  I couldnt keep my eyes off the screen.  I knew SlaveTrainer2010 was going to contact me.

Ambrosia took my nipples and slightly squeezed them.  She whispered in my ear “I love your nipples.  So thick.”

SlaveTrainer2010 dialogue text box sprung up. “Hello girl.”  A request to view the webcam came up.  Ambrosia squeezed one nipple with one hand and the other went back down to play with my pussy.  She whispered in my ear “Should I let him see the webcam?”

“No, please,” was my first instinct and response.

“You were his slave.  Is this how rude you are going to be to me someday?”

“That…that was different.  I was just exploring online,” I struggled to explain.

Ambrosia clicked “Yes.”  An image of myself naked, hanging with my wrist tied above me showed up in the chat window.  SlaveTrainer2010s image appeared below mine.  He looked surprised.  Then he smiled.  I could feel my cheeks burning in embarrassment. 

I muttered “oh my God” and closed my eyes. 

His voice came over the small speakers to either side of the computer.  “Well, little one, I see someone has taken you as their own.”  I heard some movement behind the computer and I opened one eye to see Ambrosia taking a leather hood out of a drawer.  She pulled her hair back and put it over her head.  The hood had an opening for her eyes, two holes for her nose and a zipper for the mouth.  She pulled the hood tight and looped it closed in the back. She unzipped the zipper so you could see her mouth.  “How do you feel,” he asked.

Ambrosia walked behind me and cupped my breast.  She looked over my shoulder and smiled at the camera. 

SlaveTrainer2010 said “Ahh, I see it is a Mistress that has taken you for her own.”

Ambrosia gripped my breast tighter and kissed my neck.  She said “Im her owner now.  Is there anything you would like to see me do to her?”

“Oh no!” I almost said it out loud but I kept it in my head

I looked at the screen.  I could see SlaveTrainer2010s arm moving.  He was stroking himself.  “Well,” he stuttered.  She had really thrown him off.  “Do you have…do you have any nipple clamps?”

Ambrosia took my nipple with it and played with it.   “Actually, I do.  You want them on her nipples?”  I had seen enough kinky videos online to know what was going to happened next.  I tried not to whimper but inside I was frantic in trying to figure out how to stop this humiliating series of events that were being played out.

“Please,” SlaveTrainer2010 responded.  Ambrosia went to her drawer of toys and returned with two silver nipple clamps.  Ambrosia flicked one of my nipples a few times, watching it swell and then took the steel clip and attached it.  She turned a knob on it, tightening it.  I squirmed in pain, whispering “ow!”  She repeated with the other nipple.  I gritted my teeth, trying to make it through the pain.  Ambrosia cupped my breast, showing them to the webcam.  “How is that?”

SlaveTrainer2010 was breathing hard.  “Yes…good.  Do you have any weights?  Have you been training her to receive pain?”

“Oh, we worked on it a bit.  Still a work in progress though.”  She patted my face cheerfully and went to her drawer of horrors and pulled out two fishing weights.  I closed my eyes, resigned that I was to be their plaything for the immediate future.   She attached a weight to each nipple clamp.  “Im looking forward to piercing these,” she said.  The weights pulled painfully down on the clips.  She walked behind me, her hands trailing on my naked skin.  She slipped a finger between my legs, into my slit and over my clit.  I moaned and suddenly came.  I cried out and bend my knees, starting to swing from the rope above me.  My pussy clenched and unclenched onto nothingness, my body desperate for something to be inside of me.  Ambrosia quickly pushed two fingers into me so she could feel the strong muscles clamp down on her fingers in euphoric spasms.  She looked at the camera as I came “See.  She already loves it.”

“Do you train her to cum without asking for permission?” SlaveTrainer2010 asked.

Ambrosia kept her finger in me, slowly wiggling it to tease the most out of my orgasm.  “Of course not,” she said.

“Then you are going to punish her?” he asked.

“We are going to punish her,” Ambrosia said, slowly removing her fingers from my still twitching pussy.  She looked at the computer.  “What do you think her punishment should be?”

“Cumming without permission is pretty severe.  Since she cant control her pussy, do you have something to slap her pussy with, maybe 10 times?”

“Hmmm.”  Ambrosia walked to a floor locker and opened it.  She pulled out a leather strap connected to a black handle.  She walked to me and said, “Spread your legs.”

I obeyed.  I knew what was coming next, yet I obeyed, hoping that my obedience would end this sooner.  She stood to the side, aimed the strap and said, “I want you to count each stroke.  There will be ten strokes.”

I nodded, “Yes, Mistress.”  She swung the strap up between my legs and it made a loud wet slapping sound.  “ONE! Mistress!”  She continued to swing, with me counting each step of the way.  By ten, I was a quivering mess.  I couldnt even count and I was crying.  Through the fog of pain I could hear SlaveTrainer2010 moan as he came.

I couldnt wipe my eyes so I kept them closed.  Ambrosia had stepped off camera and strapped on her rubber cock.  She lowered the rope so I was bent over, tied it off again and kicked my legs open.  I felt her rubbing the rubber cock up and down my slit before slowly pushing into me.  The toy was too big and it hurt slightly going in.  She nudged it forward, wiggling it until it was all the way in and then slowly pulled it out.  She began to fuck me in rhythm. She liked to fuck me with a grinding motion, pushing the toy against her swollen clit.   Her hands gripped me painfully on my hips, turning the white skin red where the fingers dug into me.  My breasts were hanging below me now, swinging painfully with the weights attached to my nipples.

“Do you like that girl?” she asked as she ground the strap-on deep into me.

My excitement was building again.  I sucked in air to answer. “Yes Mistress!”

“Are you going to ask permission to cum this time?”

My breast swung like heavy pendulums with the weights attached, sending confusing signals through my body.  The pain was almost unbearable and I wanted to beg to have her take them off.  I also wanted to beg to cum a second time.  My pussy was super sensitive from cumming so early.  I cried out, a pathetic wail.  I felt her lean into me, grinding hard.  I could sense that she was reaching her own orgasm.  She moaned and then let go of my waist.  She ran her hands up and down my back, and then up to my shoulders, massaging them as her orgasm subsided.

Finally she slowly pulled out then walked around in front of me.  She unstrapped the cock and took it off the leather straps.  She held it up in front of my mouth.  “Open!” she ordered.  I opened my mouth and she pushed it in.  “Now close it.  Dont let it fall out, bite it if you have to.”

I closed my lips over it and found that I had to bite into it to keep it from falling out.  Suddenly a sharp pain blasted through my nipple.  She had released the nipple clamp and the weight went crashing to the floor.  The blood flowing into my nipple caused it to hurt more than when the clamp was first put on.  I bit down and cried out, my scream muffled by a rubber cock.  She undid the other one and then softly caressed my breast with her hands.

SlaveTrainer2010 was still watching, occasionally typing something into his computer, chatting with someone else perhaps.  The thought of him taping this and posting it online quickly crossed my mind.  There was nothing to stop him from doing it.  The release of this would be a hundreds time worse than the photo of me and my bare breast.  Inwardly, I chastised myself for my poor judgment.  Ambrosia turned to her computer and said “Goodbye Slave Trainer,” and then turned off Yahoo.

After she released me, she held my hand and led me to her bed where she kissed and caressed me.  She whispered how she wished that I could live with her and how she wanted me all the time.  As it grew later I began to fall asleep but then  woke up, knowing that I needed to go home if I didnt want to be restricted to the house for the rest of my high school career.  I made my apologies and convinced her that I had to go.  She was asleep by the time I put all my clothes on and left her house.

       I returned to the house late.  I was exhausted, mentally and physically.  Too tired to check on Bunny, I fell asleep almost immediately after glancing at my clock.  It was 2 A.M.   Waking up at 6 A.M was not easy.  I groggily made breakfast but since I was alone, I made it for two.  I cooked Bunny up a plate of scrambled eggs and turkey bacon.

       Bunny was climbing up the tunnel as I headed down to him, startling me.  “Hey! You scared me.  What are you doing?” I yelled.

       Bunny backed up. “Im sorry, I got worried.  It was so long.  I tried to go back through the tunnel but I couldnt.”  A twinge of fear flowed through me.  Did the portal close?

       I walked with Bunny down to the cave.  The light was still strong over the tunnel. “What do you mean?  You tried to go through the blue tunnel?” I asked.

       “I tried but it was like there was a wall.  I couldnt walk through.”  He was sniffing the air while he talked. 

       I put the plate down.  “Your breakfast.  Scrambled eggs and bacon.”  He went to it, sniffed it and then started to scoop the eggs up into his mouth.  I walked up to the tunnel.  It looked like it did before.  I put my arm through and besides the normal feel of static electricity, there was no wall. 

       Bunny was ferociously attacking the plate with food falling out of his mouth.  “Oh wow! This is really good.  These are eggs? Bird eggs? These dont look like any eggs Ive seen.” 

       I started to take off my clothes.  “I broke them up and cooked them.  No shell.  Thats the inside of the egg, from a chicken.”  Once naked I slowly walked into the tunnel.  Nothing was stopping me.  I walked through until I got to the other side.  The same dark cave was there.  I came back and poked my head out into the cave. Bunny had finished his meal, licking the plate clean.  “You cant go through this?” I asked.

       “I couldnt this morning.”  He got up and tried to come in.  This time there was no problem.  The two of us walked over to his side of the tunnel.  “Weird,” he said.  “I swear it was like if there was no tunnel.”

       “Well, it seems to be working now.  I need to go to school.  Ill be back in a few hours.  Better you stay on this side in case it closes again.”

       “How long are a few hours?” he asked

       “Not long,” I reassured him. “I am coming back.  Im going to find my mother.”

       This seemed to reassure him a bit but his tail and ears still hung low.  I reached out and petted his head.  He cocked it as if inquiring what I was doing but as I rubbed the back of his head, his ears perked up and his tail began to switch.  “Ill be back!” I said before I ducked back into the tunnel and returned to my room.

       I went to school.  Ambrosia texted me throughout the day.  With her continuous stream of lust for me and the other world that existed below my room, I couldnt focus on anything the teacher was saying.  Everything was a great big failed reality check.  I thought, maybe I was in a coma and this was some sort of illusion.  Maybe, I was really going crazy.

       I thought about the portal.  Clothing would burn but Bunnys fur didnt.  Then I remembered the odd leather that my mom had purchased.  I hadnt seen them around for awhile.  Mom had a big leather jacket, which was gone too.  She must have taken them through the portal.  So leather might work.    I had a pair of Jesus shoes.  It was mostly leather, although it was soft and the bottom had a rubber heal.  Maybe that would work.  Then I would have shoes.  If the shoes worked, I could buy more leather clothing.  But with what money?  I could take Ambrosias.  Or maybe I could borrow it.  I would have to come up with a good story though because Ambrosia was quick to sniff out lies.

       My phone buzzed in my backpack.  The teacher warned all of us that if he found that phone, he would confiscate it.  Between classes I checked the phone and it confirmed that it was again, Ambrosia.  She wanted me to go out with her to a dance club that evening.  I quickly texted that I couldnt and she responded that she knew I could.  I sighed and thought that at least it was a Friday.  I could go visit Bunny, then come back go hang with Ambrosia, then go back through the portal again.  I would also have all weekend.  I found myself nodding off in several of the classes so I knew that I would need to catch up on sleep somewhere in the mist of all of that.

       When I got home I saw that Aunt Hollys car was gone.  That was a bad sign.  Herb was in the living room smoking from a glass pipe.  He looked up, hiding his pipe, surprised when he saw me.  When he recognized me, he smiled and put the pipe down.

       Going straight to the basement door, I flew through and locked it behind me.  I was down the stairs by the time Herb was twisting the knob trying to open it.  He knocked, “Hey honey, unlock the door.”  He tried the doorknob again and knocked louder and angrier.  I grabbed the door stop and rushed up the stairs to jamb it under the knob.  “You arent even going to say hi to me?”

       I slowly backed down the stairs, watching the door. The rattling continued a few seconds more then stopped. “You know, you are not supposed to lock this door,” he yelled. I sat down on my bed, set the alarm for an hour and laid down. I watched the door.  After a few moments I could hear the doorknob being fiddled with and then the lock clicking open.  I watched from my bed.  The doorknob turned slowly and then the door pushed out a half inch then stopped.  Herb pushed the door harder but the door stop held.  I held my breath.  There was silence and then a loud bang as Herb kicked at the door.  His frustration was apparent as he kicked and slammed the door repeatedly.  The door was a good solid door, maybe as old as the house.   It held.  Another moment of silence.  I could see Herb trying to force his hand through the crack, trying to dislodge the door stop.  The crack wasnt big enough for him to get his whole hand through.  The fingers disappeared, then one last loud bang and Herb pushed his face to the crack and yelled “Fuck you!”

       Silence filled the house again and then I audibly followed his footsteps as he retreated to the living room.  I laid back and closed my eyes.  The emotion began to pour out of me as I cried on my bed.  As I thought of what my life had become and how much I missed my mom, then I fell asleep.

       The buzzing of my cellphone woke me up.  I pulled it out of my backpack and looked at it.  It was Ambrosia asking “What time are you going to be here?” The clock on my phone said it was 6 p.m.  I had slept almost three hours.  I texted back, “Im on my way.”  Bunny was going to have to wait a few more hours.

       I walked to Ambrosias in the dark.  The trees were all bare but tiny buds were starting to form on the end of the branches.  It was still cold and the city lights reflected off the low hanging clouds that seemed to reach down and dampen everything outside.

       Ambrosia had a hint of smile on her face as she answered the door.  She kissed me on the lips and said, “You cant wear that.”

       I somehow knew that my L.L. Bean look wasnt going to pass muster with her.  “What type of club are we going to?”

       Ambrosia held the glass door that replaces screen doors in Maine in the winter.   I walked through into her place and took off my boots, leaving them on a dirty mat by the door.  “Its an alternative, underground club,” she said as she closed the door behind me.

       We walked into the kitchen.  “Maybe I can wear some of your leather.”

       Ambrosia thought it over, leaning back on the counter in her kitchen, looking at me.  “Maybe.  Take off your clothes and lets figure it out.”

       “Yes Mistress,” I said, and found myself already getting excited.  I removed my clothes and Ambrosia went to her bedroom to scavenge for some clothes.  She returned with a handful of items, some which looked like leather.  I stood naked in front of her.  I had grown accustomed to not having clothes on around her.

       “Kneel,” she ordered.  I carefully got down on my knees.  I could see the lust glowing from her eyes, a familiar look that she had when she saw me nude.  She threw me my collar. “Put it on.  I thought I told you I wanted you to wear this all the time?”

       I held it, looking at it.  “Dont make me wear this to the club,” I said softly.

       “You want some punishment before we leave, dont you?”

       “No Mistress.  I…I cant wear this.  People will think things about me.  Its already bad enough.”  I looked up at her, hoping my pleading eyes might make her change her mind.

       Her face was stern.  “Put it on!” She yelled.  Then she added more gently, “It wont be out of place where we are going.”

       I frowned and did as she said.  She walked up to me and put a small brass lock on the collar.  The click of it sounded to me like the click of a prison cell shutting.  I sagged my shoulders.  She walked into the living room.  “Come,” she barked at me.  I started to get up but then remembered that she wanted me to crawl.  I crawled after her and followed her into the bedroom.

       Ambrosia pulled out a ballgag and put it in my mouth.  I started to say “Wait, please, Im…” but was cut off as she pushed the rubber ball into my mouth and tied the strap behind my head.  She then placed some leather cuffs onto my wrist, stood me up and pushed me up against the bathroom door.  She held up my arms and connected the cuffs to a hook handing from the top of the door.

       My unease was evident.  I knew I was in for some sort of punishment.   Ambrosia quickly found a bag full of plastic colored clothes pins and returned to slap my breast, causing my nipples to swell.  She squeezed them and rolled them until they were thick and then placed the clothes pins on them.  She continues to attach clothes pins to my pussy lips and clit while chastising me. “You are to kneel in my presence unless I order you not to.  You are never to question me.”  She grabbed my chin and squeezed it, looking me in the eye “Understand, slave?”

       I nodded, wincing from the considerable pain the clothes pins were causing.  Ambrosia had a bag full of the plastic clothes pins.  She started to put them around my breast, pinching the skin but making a colorful circle around each breast.  When she was done, she had almost the entire bag of clothes pins on me.

       She then stood back, admired her work.  She took off her jeans and panties and sat down on the bed.  As she looked at me, she slid her finger down to her tattooed pussy and began to play with herself.  She admired me like a piece of art.  I watched her helplessly and in considerable pain as she slowly massaged herself until her body stiffened and she let out a soft moan.  She held her finger against her slit and leaned back on the bed, moaning softly.

       When she was done, she removed her clothes and put on an outfit I havent seen before.  It was latex outfit.  Black latex boots, pants and a sleeveless shirt.  It took her awhile to squeeze into the outfit but when she was done, she looked stunning.

       She returned to me carrying her iphone.  She snapped a few pictures of me then put it down to replace it with a cat-o-nines tail flogger.  She began to snap the flogger against my sex, pulling off a clothes pin with each snap of her wrist.  When my pussy was free of them, she put the flogger down and grabbed a large rounded head vibrator.  She turned it on and pushed it against my mons.  With the other hand she took the cat-o-nine tails and started to lightly flick them against my breast which were prickling with clothes pins.  I jerked and buckled against the door and fought back tears each time a clothes pin was whipped off.  I begged through my ball gag to cum and she said “You may cum slave.”  She began to whip harder and as the last clothes pin dropped to the floor I came with the vibrator pushed up tight onto my pussy.

       She released me and I returned to my knees in front of her.  I was grateful to see that she selected some leather clothing for me to wear although it was more revealing than I hoped.  She had me wear a leather mini-skirt without underwear that would leave nothing to the imagination if I bent over or sat down without crossing my legs.  Above that she had me wear a leather vest that pushed up my cleavage to the point that if I didnt keep it adjusted, the top of my nipples would show.  She had some high heel shoes that were too large for me.  I pointed to some leather combat boot and asked if I could wear those.  She shook her head and said “Interesting match but awful.”  She found some high healed black leather boots and made me put on two pairs of socks and before I put them on.  They were still too big but they were a bit more manageable.  She ordered me to stand up and walk around.  I managed to keep my balance but the experience was new to me.

       Ambrosia called a cab.  Soon we were inside the cab with a Somali driving who would look in the mirror at us curiously.  Ambrosia, to my horror, attached the leash to my collar in the back of the cab.  As we pulled up she whispered into my ear, “If anyone asks, you are 21.”

       The club was only identifiable from painted over windows and the base from the techno music that could be heard reverberating through the air outside the doors.  Ambrosia tugged on my leash and led me to the door.  Silently I sighed a breath of relief that she hadnt made me crawl.  Ambrosia knew the door woman and they kissed each other on the cheek and exchanged a few pleasant words.  The door woman looked over at me, and then looked me up and down.  “Impressive,” she said and then let us through the doors.

       Inside it was dark.  Black lights revealed that it was leather and latex night and I saw that I wasnt the only one with a collar. Several men and women knelt near tables.  On the wall was a giant ceramic salamander that glowed green under the black lights.

       Ambrosia led me by my lease to a booth in the back of the club.  “Hello Erin, Nate.  Any room for us?”

       Erin smiled and got up. “Of course! “ They hugged and Ambrosia slid into a seat.  She motioned for me to kneel at the floor.  Nate leaned up and looked over table at me. “Who is that precious thing!” he asked.

       “This is Liz.  Liz this is Mistress Erin and Mr. Ray.”

       “Call me Nate, please.”

       I nodded, blushing, having trouble hearing them over the pounding of the music.

       “Oh, she is delicious,“ Erin said, looking down at me.

       Ambrosia seemed proud, “Im quite lucky.”  She unhooked my leash and placed it on the seat next to her.  A waitress appeared to take drink orders.  Ambrosia ordered a glass of water for me while the others all ordered flavored martinis.  “If you want to dance with her, you are more than welcome.”

       Erin looked pleased and said, “Ill take you up on that.”  She got up and grabbed my hand, pulling me up, “Up you go!”  She led me to the crowded dance floor.  A dozen or so club patrons were grinding away in the center of the club, all in leather or latex.  Erin grabbed my hip with one hand and held my leash in another and started swaying with me.  I looked up at her and smiled awkwardly, trying my best to relax and groove with the tribal beat of that the DJ was pushing out.  Erin was older than Ambrosia, thirty something, maybe in her forties.  She wore a leather suit with her heavy cleavage pushed up.  Tight red leather pants showed off her curves.

       Erins hands clutched and caressed me as she moved to the music.  Her eyes devoured me.  As the beat changed she spun me around and pulled me back against her, rubbing up and down against me.  Her hand was sliding up and down the bare skin on my leg, pushing up under the skirt.  I glanced over to Ambrosia.  She was talking to Nate but watching me with an approving smile.

       Her hand moved between my legs, holding my inner thigh, using it to push pressure on me to keep me backed up against her.  She whispered in my ear, loud enough so I could hear over the music, “How long have you been Ambrosias slave.”

       “Three months Mistress.”

       “And this is your first time here?”

       “Yes, maam.”

       Her hand pushed up further, it was now under my skirt.  I looked around nervously to see if anybody had noticed, but the only one watching was Nate and Ambrosia.

       Erin had her mouth next to my ear.  “How do you like it?”

       I gyrated my hips with hers.  Her hand moved back around my exposed thigh and she was running up and down the side of my leg, each time moving up higher under my skirt.  “I like it,” I said and quickly added, “a lot.”

       Erins hand pushed up against my bare ass and then slowly went down.  “Such a decadent life.  Be careful she doesnt corrupt you.”  With that she moved her hand back up and slid a finger over the bare lips of my pussy.  I caught my breath but didnt stop moving to the music.  Her finger slowly pushed between my lips and ran forwards and backwards.  She softly kissed my neck and removed her finger.  She brought her hand around me and then stuck her finger into her mouth, tasting me.

       We danced a few more songs, if you could call that dancing, before we retired back to the booth.  Erin, Nate and Ambrosia spent the night chattering like young school girls. Occasionally we would dance and if it was Erin, she would continue to maul me and sample my charms.

       The night dragged on and Ambrosia even let me sip her martini . I was enjoying the evening and getting on a good buzz when Erin and Ambrosia got up.  Ambrosia put the leash back on me and led me to the back of the club.  We went through a door and down a narrow stairwell.  Past the restrooms there were other doors leading to rooms under the club.  Erin used a key on a door and opened it. 

       The walls of the room were old stone, the ceiling was wooden slats that creaked as the patrons above danced on the club floor.  The sides of the room were filled with plush chairs and couches.  In the center of the room was a long table on its side at an angle with leather straps on the four corners.  Hanging against the wall behind it were multitude of instruments of torture; whips, paddles, and straps.

       I almost moaned out loud but instead of being ordered to get naked and lean up against the table, Ambrosia sat down and patted her lap.  I sat down on her lap, putting my arm around her shoulder.  She wrapped her arms around me and held me close.  I was tired and rested my head on her shoulder.  There was a knock on the door and Erin opened it slightly, then seeing who it was, let the person in.  It was an older man with a beard and carrying a bucket with ice and beer.  The tall man and Erin exchanged pleasantries and he cracked open the beers and handed them to Erin and Ambrosia.  Several more people knocked and then entered in the next half hour until the room was full.  More drinks arrived and everyone was talking and drinking.  Finally, a lady arrived, holding the hand of a woman wearing a long black dress.  She said “This is her” and Erin locked the door and sat down next to Ambrosia.

       Someone looked at me and said “Ambrosia, how old is your girl there?”

       Erin jumped in.  “Shes 18, I checked her ID.”

       I didnt dare look at the questioner in the eye so she could see the lie.  I kept my head down, looking at the person next to us.

       The lady that arrived spoke up.  “Take off your clothes girl.”  I glanced up to see the woman in the long black dress cover herself with her arms and look around nervously.  “Go ahead, this is what you wanted.”

       The woman reached behind her and unzipped her dress as the room grew quiet and watched.  The dress fell to the floor and the older woman said, “Good girl.”  Underneath was a push up bra and g-string.   She slowly took them off, leaving them in a pile on the floor.  The lady led the now nude woman to the inclined board.  She turned her around, pushed her up to the board and lifted her arms to attach them to the leather straps.  She pushed the womans legs open and attached each ankle to a leather strap.  When she was restrained, the lady ran her hand down the womans naked body.  The room was riveted to the scene in front of them.

       “Who is that?” I whispered into Ambrosias ear.

       “That is Mistress April.  Im not sure who the sub is. I think its just someone she met tonight.”

       April started with a cat-o-nine tails and began to slightly whip the bound woman.  Her strokes were light but it was enough for the woman to wince.  I watched, transfixed.  I noticed how the womans nipples swelled.  She was breathing heavily, her arousal was apparent to everyone in the room.  The lady started to whip harder and the bond woman began to whimper and squirm.  Ambrosias hand found its way up my skirt and between my legs.  She began to stroke me as the show in front of us became more brutal.

       The cat-o-nine tails was replaced by a belt.  The beatings became sharper, the slaps louder.  The victim cried out and a ball gag was produced and shoved into her mouth.  I looked around.  Various couples were touching each other as they watched.  One girl was kneeling on the floor at the knees of the man with the beard.  She had his hard cock in her mouth and was eagerly sucking on it.  As the beatings became harsher, Ambrosias finger slipped through my wet slit faster.  I was very wet and I struggled to remain still.

       The belt was leaving large red marks on the womans breast.  Various moans permeated the room.  April stopped and undid the leather straps.  The woman could barely stand.  April guided her so that she was facing the board and then reattached the straps on her wrist.  She then pulled back on the woman so that she was bent forward, her arms bond above her.  She then resumed with the belt, this time on the womans ass.  The first slap and the woman tried to move free.  April kicked her feet under the womans leg and spread it farther, then brought the belt down again.

       I couldnt control myself.  Ambrosias finger was making slow circles around my clit and I began to cum.  She slid two fingers into me and my pussy gripped them.  Her other hand wrapped around my head, holding me to her shoulder.  I bit my bottom lip, trying not to cry out.

       April turned and motioned to a man who was putting a condom on his erect cock.  He got up and stood next to her.  He grabbed the womans waist and aimed his cock between the womans wet slit, then pushed in slowly.  She cried out in her gag.  He began to pump in and out of her.  Then April knelt down under the woman and spread her legs.  She then bent her head up and licked the womans slit, her tongue touching where the cock slid into the woman.  The man grabbed a fist full of the bound womans hair and turned her head so that she could see the crowd watching.  He began to pound her harder.  The lady continued to lick and reached up to roughly grab a nipple that was hanging down over her.  The woman moaned into her gag and came.  I could see her eyelids flutter, then after a few furious strokes, the man held himself tight against the woman and released inside of her.

       The room descended into an orgy with some people watching and others taking part.  Erin leaned over Ambrosias lap and kissed me on the lips.  Ambrosia stroked my hair as Erins tongue sought out mine.  Erin grabbed my arm and pulled me off of Ambrosias lap and onto hers.  She began to make out with me, her hands exploring my breast and cupping my face as she pressed her lips against mine.  She spread her legs and pushed me down onto the ground.  She unzipped her latex pants and moved my head between then.  I knew what to do.  She gripped my collar as I started to lick up and down her slit.  She pushed her hips up to meet me.  It was interesting, tasting a woman besides Ambrosia.  Her lips were longer and she was only trimmed, not smooth like Ambrosia.  I pushed my tongue inside of her and tasted her warmth and wetness.

       As I licked, I felt someone grab my waist and pull it up.  Erin held my collar tight in her hands so I couldnt see what was happening behind me.   I did glance up to see Ambrosia watching me and touching herself.

       Suddenly, I felt someone push my leather skirt up and rub their cock against my pussy lips from behind.  He slowly pushed the head into me.  It was a real cock and whoever it was slowly pushed it into me until I could feel his hips pressed against my ass.  He kneaded and rubbed my ass, pushing his cock in and out of me.  The sensation was amazing.  Much better than a fake rubber cock.  I moaned into Erins pussy and she gripped my head harder, rubbing herself onto my mouth.

       Erin began to hyperventilate and then she came, holding my collar so tight that I couldnt even move my head.  The man behind me plunged in and out of me faster until I came.   He jerked hard against me then laid across my back, breathing heavily.

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