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Erotic Interview - Wonder Woman

Part 1

Hi guys,

I come to this idea while watching one of those stupid TV shows. This is kinda experimental story, written with dialogues only, but I hope you'll like it. If you have any ideas about another heroines that could be "asked" to appear in the next episodes of "Fearless and Shameless" write me at I'd love to know what do you think about this idea.

Erotic Interviews - Wonder Woman

"Hi, this is Ian Cummings and let me welcome you, ladies and gentlemen in the first edition of the "Fearless and Shameless"! Only here, at Fucks TV you will see interviews with the most famous and sexy chicks who will reveal all their dirty secrets for you! Please, welcome our tonight guest Wonder Woman!!! Hello, Wonder Woman, good to see you"


"You look kinda used, Wonder Woman... If I can say that..."

"Well... you know... everyone would be after this session with that machine of yours."

"Oh, right. You know guys, it's not easy thing to convince heroes like her to be guests in our show. We needed to use special machine. Maybe you could tell us about it with details, Wonder Woman?"

"I'm not sure..."

"Or you'd like to have another session with that?"

"No! Anything but that! Ok, I'll tell you. This is some kind table that keeps you upper part chained and pressed to it. You lower part is exposed, while your legs are chained to the table's legs. And then..."

"And then what? Come on, people are curious..."

"There are two... two paddles attached to the mechanic hands. One has "Master" written on it and second has "Dominus". When the machine is turned on, they both... spank your ass all the time, once faster and once slower..."

"How long did you spend there?"

"About 12 hours..."

"And you don't wanna back there, I assume?"

"No, of course not! My ass still hurts..."

"That's probably why you're moving so much. Well, let's return to the interview then. Everybody knows you're Amazon and was born at the Amazons Island. There are certain rumors about Amazons... Some say they're all lesbians. Can you confirm it?"

"Well, some of them really are... especially young ones; they very often have sex with their friends."

"So, some of them are not, right?"

"Yes, some are hetero and some... have other tastes..."

"Oh, this is getting interesting. What do you mean by those other tastes?"

"I don't know if I should tell this in the public, but..."

"But you don't want to return to that spanking friend of yours?"

"Oh no! Please, I'll tell you everything, but not that!"

"You don't have to be afraid as long as you'll tell us. So, how about those other tastes you mentioned minute ago?"

"You know, we keep some dogs at Amazons Island and... and..."

"You wanna say that your Amazons pals are fucking with the dogs?"

"...yes, that's what I mean..."

"Wow, that's news! Have you ever thought, guys that Amazon Island is one, big K-9 club?"

"No! That's not truth! Only a few of us actually likes it...!"

"And you? Have you ever mated with a dog?"


"Oh? So you did?"


"Tell us about it."

"I was younger and it was before I actually left the island. My friend took me there... and she offered me her dog. I wasn't much into that so I declined, but she insisted. I still said no, but then she grabbed me, bound me with a rope and exposed to her dog... It was so painful and humiliating. I couldn't forget about it, no matter how much I tried... this big cock was inside me, it torn my hymen... screwed me like a bitch... It formed a knot, so I couldn't take it off before it came inside me. I was filled with its cum... His load was so big that it was leaking out of me for a good fifteen minutes..."

"So your first sexual intercourse was sex with a dog?"

"I'd call it rape, but yes."

"As you wish, Wonder Woman. Never ever had a dog after that?"

"Well, only one time..."


"I had hard battle with some thugs. I beat them down, but I was beaten as well and I lost my senses while walking down the street. My clothes were already in pieces. When I returned to them, there was dog on me, humping me madly. Because of that damn knot, I couldn't take the beast off; I had to wait before it came and let me go..."

"But you don't like it?"

"No, I don't. I think it's disgusting. Do you really have to ask?"

"I have, because you know, you're getting strangely aroused while telling us about your doggie adventures."


"Seems that we found another dirty secret of Wonder Woman! But let's continue... during your crime fighting career you were captured numerous times, weren't you?"

"More than you'd ever imagine..."

"Can you tell us what was the most humiliating thing your captors ever did to you?"

"Do I really have to...?"

"Machine is waiting..."

"Ok, I'll tell you. It's been six years ago. I was beaten by the some mutant punks. They stripped me and fucked me. But it wasn't over... After the gang bang they ordered me to lick their feet and asses. They were so dirty. I was about to puke. And every time I had to beg them for permission to lick those filthy parts of their bodies."

"Do you remember what you had to tell?"

"It was like "May this filthy Wonder Slut be privileged with licking your beautiful feet?" and "May this cum hungry Wonder Whore be prized with licking your strong ass?"

"Was it all?"

"I'd love to... but then they forced me to eat something from the dumpster nearby. Pieces of rotten food, wastes... and once again I had to beg them to feed me with those disgusting filth."

"Can you describe it?"

"Well, one of them took rotten tomato. He presented it to me. I had to say "Master, this hungry slut begs you for something to eat. Please, let me sunk my teeth into that juicy tomato. I really want to eat it. I'll love to chew it in my slutty mouth and make it join your precious cum in my belly". They laughed around, while I had to eat it from his hand."

"Wasn't it pleasurable for you?"

"No, it wasn't. Really."

"This dark spot on your wonder panties says otherwise. It seems that those memories are arousing you so much."

"No! Don't look there!"

"Wonder Woman, stop crossing your legs. Show your guests how horny you are..."


"Returning to interview again, what kind of sex is most troublesome for you?"

"... I think it's anal sex... I don't like it."

"So it makes you pussy manic or oral slut? Which one?"

"I think I'm more into vaginal sex..."

"So, what it makes you?"

"Pussy... Manic?"

"That's right! So, could you show us your pussy?"


"You heard right. Show your pussy to our guests. Or do I have to remember you about that machine..."

"Ok, I'll do it..."

"Whoo-Hooo!!! Can you see it? Only at Fucks TV you can see real pussy of real Wonder Woman! Oh, what's that above your pussy?"

"That? This is a tattoo..."

"I can see it, Wonder Woman. It says "5$ for fuck". Quite a cheap if you'd ask me..."

"It's reminder of another capture. I was forced to work a slut in the brothel of some rich mobster. I managed to escape quickly, but they gave me this tattoo. I don't know what kind of weird ink they used, but I couldn't get rid of this."

"It fits you well if you want to know my opinion. Ok, you can sit back... but don't dress those star spangled shorts again! No, don't cross your legs as well! Yes, stay like this. Another question: how often do you masturbate?"

"Few times a week... sometimes two, sometimes four..."

"Any kind of sex toys you'd like to use?"

"Normally, I work with my fingers only... I never bought any dildos or stuff... but numerous times I used things from my house..."

"Things like?"


"Oh come on, people, don't laugh so loud. You make our guest blushing! Any other things? Don't be ashamed, it's normal that people laugh when they hear things like this..."

"I used to rub my pussy against the corner of the table... And used the vibrating mode of my cell phone"

"This concludes first part of you show. Next part belongs to our viewers. During the program they were sending questions they'd like to ask you. Here are three of them we randomly choose. Are you ready?"


"Ok then. Mike from Chicago asks if you could tell us do you like to suck the sperm or get load on your face?"

"... It's so sticky and messy; I think I rather like to swallow. But not too much, I don't like feeling of my belly being full of spunk."

"Robert from Los Angeles would like to know what kind of slutty names your enemies are calling you most often"

"It's Wonder Whore... I think... Wonder Slut is also very popular. Not very creative as you can see. But I remember being named Pussy Woman or Wonder Lips. There were Wonder Jugs or Wonder Tits as well..."

"Anthony from Alaska is curious about your longest non-stop sexual intercourse..."

"It's been three years ago, I think. I was captured by some aliens. They imprisoned me at their ship and fucked for a week, without any break. I was sure that I'll lose my mind. I was on the verge, when Superman saved me."

"This concludes viewers' questions. Thank you for your cooperation, Wonder Woman."

"Can I go now?"

"Wait a bit. We have something for you here in return for your... enthusiastic performance. Here, this is special gift from our sponsor. Please, open it"

"Thanks... I wonder what... Oh god? What's... that...???"

"You mentioned before that you aren't all right with anal sex. So, our sponsor decided to help you. These are anal beads."

"But... they're so big... They won't... fit..."

"Oh, they will, trust me. Gentlemen, can you hold her for a moment, we'll make use of it nicely."

"No!!! Stop it!!!! Noooo!!! Arghhhh!!!!!!"

"Ladies and gentlemen, that's all for tonight. Be with us on the next edition of "Fearless and Shameless!" Remember, every Friday, only at Fucks TV!"

"Nooo!!!! Please!!! Oh, don't put it... insideeeee!!!!! My assss!!!!"

Review This Story || Author: Pralat
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