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Review This Story || Author: A. P. Damien

Working Late at the Office

Part 1

Working Late at the Office

by A. P. Damien

Ronnie and Jenna are working late on advertising campaigns. Whichever one is selected by their boss will go on a trip to the present it to the customer. More than likely that will result in a big contract for the company and a promotion for whoever came up with the winning campaign.

It's nearly midnight when Ronnie can no longer ignore her full bladder; she takes a quick trip to the ladies room. While she's away, Jenna sneaks over and messes up her presentation, putting in a bunch of derogatory language, deleting whole pages, etc. Ronnie has backups, but most of this evening's work is trashed. When she gets back and sees the results, she goes over to Jenna's cubicle and slaps her face, calling her a bitch.

Jenna calls Ronnie a bunch of names and scratches her face, then turns back to her computer to continue working. Enraged, Ronnie takes the cord from Jenna's phone and wraps it around her neck, pulling it tight. Jenna gets up and tries to fight, pulling at the cord and stomping on Ronnie's foot, but Ronnie just screams and pulls harder. Jenna reaches back and grabs Ronnie's arms, trying to pull her hands back together, but she just can't get enough leverage. She tries to turn around, but Ronnie forces her up against the desk, forcing what little air was left in her lungs out past the cord.

"I'll just use the best parts of your campaign; I don't think you'll mind because you won't be around to care." Ronnie savors the raspy snoring sound that Jenna makes whenever she tries to breathe. She can tell that Jenna isn't getting enough air, even with her throat only partly closed off. The snores are coming faster and faster as Jenna's system reacts to her increasing blood CO2 by panting, and her pulling on Ronnie's hands becomes more frantic.

"I'm going to enjoy killing you, you really deserve it," Ronnie growls. "You were always sucking up to the boss or trying to sabotage other people good workers instead of just producing better material yourself. But nobody could quite pin anything on you."

Ronnie slowly pulls the cord tighter. "Until now, that is. You went too far this time. I know there's nobody else in the office; even the janitors have left for the day. You've helped make this a suffocating place to work in. Now feel what it's like for the rest of us." In less than a minute, Jenna is reduced to clawing weakly at the cord around her neck. Her face is red and her eyes are glazing over.

Ronnie finds herself getting excited by the power she holds over Jenna's breath and life, and decides to make it last a little longer. "Would you like to have one more breath?" she asks, then pauses as if listening for an answer. "Yes, I bet you would. OK, Honey, I'll give it to you, but just the one." Ronnie relaxes her grip on the cord for a second, and Jenna draws in a long gasping breath without thinking about it. Ronnie quickly winds the phone cord around her hands for a better grip, then slams Jenna up against the desk to drive the breath out again.

She quickly draws the cord back to its former tightness and wraps her legs around Jenna's to help pin her to the desk. Slowly the cord is pulled tighter, as Jenna's face turns red again. Ronnie enjoys the feeling of Jenna's struggles to get loose, the body twisting and turning between her legs as she pulls harder and harder until at last Jenna can't breathe at all. She keeps pulling tighter on the cord, admiring the way it bites deep into Jenna's neck and feeling the thrill of knowing she is in control at last. Jenna's life is fading away in her hands, and she enjoys it.

Jenna's body heaves with the effort to draw in some air, she struggles and fights for the air she can't have. The strangling sensation in her chest completely overpowers all other sensation and she claws weakly at the cord around her throat. Her body writhes desperately, trying to find a position where she can breathe, but it does her no good. Ronnie enjoys the way Jenna's death struggles rub against her crotch; she knows she will come, if only Jenna lasts long enough.

Jenna's struggles are rapidly getting weaker, and Ronnie no longer needs the desk to help control her. She turns until they are facing the window. With the office brightly lit and the moonless night outside, the window functions as a mirror. Ronnie can see Jenna's face, now turning from red to purple. Jenna's eyes are bulging; her tongue protrudes from her slack mouth. The cord is biting deep into her throat and the skin above it is so darkened from pooled blood that it's almost black.

Soon Jenna is too weak to struggle further, but the sight of her face and throat are enough for Ronnie. As Jenna starts to sag between her hands, Ronnie finds herself in the throes of an extremely powerful orgasm. She involuntarily pulls the cord even tighter as the sensations overtake her. When she regains control, she finds Jenna's lifeless body leaning against her, hanging limply from the cord she's still pulling tight.

Ronnie disposes of the body in a dumpster that will be picked up by a semi-automated service next day, and returns to start putting her campaign back in order. Refreshed by her orgasmic experience, she whistles happily to herself as she works. She now has plenty of energy to undo the damage Jenna did to her work, and can see exactly how to incorporate the best parts of Jenna's campaign into hers to form a seamless whole.

Review This Story || Author: A. P. Damien
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