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Review This Story || Author: Verdin Hochzeit

Your turn for maintenance...

Part 1

:: Your turn for maintenance... ::

He pulled the soft material up his other leg, careful not to tear it for fear it might result in heavy punishment. When he reached his crotch, he struggled a bit putting his throbbing hard cock through the ouvert hole provided by the fishnet catsuit. After he had managed, he pulled up the suit, slipped his arms through and connected the loose ends at the back of his neck. There he was, dressed up in fishnet stockings from neck to toe, only with a hole to leave his cock and anal region free. He felt sexy and it turned him on even more than he already was. Of course she noticed and grinned: "You do like getting ready for being my whore, don't you?," she asked with a bad girl's smile on her lips and swinging the whip in her right hand casually forward and backward. "Yes, mistress," was all he could answer as waves of horniness went through him. "Then get my highest heeled boots on, bitch," she demanded and pointed at the black boots with a six centimetre metal pennyheel which she had taken off her feet just moments before. He didn't struggle much to put them on, as he was lucky their shoe size matched and he could wear all her sexy shoe-wear. He liked how they made his legs longer and his behind more prominent.

Apparently she did, too. He gasped in surprise when she took the opportunity to slap his butt with her hand. She laughed, "Oh, how I like it when I dress you up as my personal slut. But the best is yet to come, when I use you for my own pleasure.". Standing on the balls of his foot with the boots tightly closing around his legs and feeling the soft net on his skin, it was no wonder his cock still stood like a one. Looking at his mistress' naked body only with a whip in hand made his cock leak precum, also in anticipation of serving her in all perverted ways she would force him to do. "Oh, already getting wet, I see...", she said, "who allowed you to be so horny, slut? Obviously you can hardly wait to be abused! And is this how you thank your mistress for getting you ready to fulfill your duty?", she slapped his cock hard with her hand several times. He moaned lightly, more because of pleasure than of pain. When it stopped bouncing up and down from the hits, she commanded "Get down and kiss my feet. Thank me properly for allowing you to serve me." She sat down on the sofa. He got down on his knees and while holding her foot with both his hands started covering it with kisses. "Pff, is this how you are going to suck my strap-on cock, bitch? You'd have to do much better to even make me consider putting it up your ass. Get down on all four! I have to teach you a lesson to be more dedicated when you please me."

He was waiting in uncomfortable anticipation of the punishment when the first slash of the whip hit his buttocks. Oh, how sexy he found her when she was all fiery swinging the whip. The fast sequence of hits made him grit his teeth, but when it was done he thanked her like a good slave he was with a "Thank you, mistress!".

"And now lick and suck my toes again. Properly this time, the way you'd take care of my cock you love so much." Motivated by the punishment and turned on by her words he started putting each toe in his mouth and sucking them like a baby. When he got to the big toe, he surrounded it with his tongue in circles and slid it in and out of his mouth rhythmically. "Oww, this is much better, my filthy whore. Maybe you'll get rewarded with my dick in your hole after all, if you keep doing such a good job."

"Alright, stop now", she told him after a while of enjoying the tickling feeling of his mouth and lips on her legs. "I do have a very pleasant surprise for you, which I think you and I will enjoy very much," she grinned, "Wait here and look at the floor while I'm gone." She left the room and returned shortly afterwards. Although he was curious what she was up to, he did not dare raise his head for fear she might punish him harshly for not obeying her commands.

He was surprised when a condom as well as a pair of female panties, which were not among her newest or most beautiful ones, landed on the floor in front of him. "Get the condom on, bitch. After that put my panties on!", she commanded. He opened the condom and rolled it over his cock. Then he picked the panties up and got on his legs. While trying to maintain his balance with the high heeled shoes he was wearing, he managed to get the panties on his legs. "Don't pull them up yet!", she said.

"Well, as you know, I finished my period just two days ago, and look what remained. I got you one of my tampons", she cheered with an evil smile. "Put it on, slut!". She threw a green square package in front of his legs, which he eagerly picked up. The idea of being treated like that and the feint smell of the package turned him on immensely. The rattling sound of opening the package gave him goosebumps and made his legs tremble a bit. She watched him with her hands on her hips aware of her superiority and full control over him. Once he had removed the wrapping, he attached the tampon to the center of the panties and connected the wings on the other side. She had got him a middle-sized tampon for over the day. He didn't fail to notice how his cock throbbed with a new wave of blood pumping through it. "Oh, I see you are still very horny, aren't you? How terrible it must be for you, so horny and you can't really touch yourself as you are in maintenance. So you will feel now what your mistress went through in the last couple of days."

"Now get your panties up, slut! You don't want to make a mess, do you? And make sure you put that cock of yours between your legs before, so you can feel it well and don't leak, filthy whore." He realised how much his cock was longing for attention when he pushed it between his legs and held it in place until he had pulled the panties up tight. The material pushed against his cock and a moan escaped him. "Useless slave, getting pleasure for yourself before having pleased your mistress," she shouted and hit him with the whip on the butt. "Before anything else, you'll give me pleasure, and then who knows, maybe I'll allow you to touch yourself, if you did well. Give me a proper head now, and I suggest you make an effort, or else who knows when I decide that you are done with your period, bitch."

She lay down on her back with her legs spread and her pussy wide open. He knelt down and when he put his head between her legs, he could see how pussyjuice had already run down her right thigh. He loved how it also got her going when she dominated him. He started kissing up her right thigh savoring every drop he licked up on the way towards her pussy. His cock was pushing hard against the panties and feeling the tampon made him almost feel like losing control, getting out his cock and jerking off. But he resisted and as he reached her pussy, he started covering it with soft kisses all over. She started closing her eyes moaning lightly at the touch and started massaging her full breasts with both hands. He softly kissed over her clit and then followed a straight trail down following her slit, covering her inner lips, until he reached her hole. This was when the tip of his tongue penetrated the entrance and with a movement of his head bearly touching her genitals licked upwards seperating her vulva. She gasped when his tongue reached her clit. He kissed the spot a bit more firmly this time, and started pressing his lip against the upper part of her pussy. This gave him the stability he needed to support licking her once again with stronger strokes of his tongue. He enjoyed her taste immensely and seeing how wet she was herself got him even more horny than he already was. After several licks he pushed his tongue inside her hole and tongue-fucked her. Every four or five pushes he stopped for a bit and circled her hole with the tip of his tongue. "Finger me, bitch, and suck my clit" she moaned. He pulled his tongue out and starting licking her up and down again. Then he concentrated on licking over the clit with his tongue and in the meanwhile slid his index and middle finger effortlessly in her juicy hole. Slowly fucking her with his fingers and changing to a soft but faster pace of sucking her clit, she started grinding her hips against his head while twisting the nipples of her breasts hard. She started moaning heavily when he penetrated her g-spot every time his fingers pushed deep inside her. "I'm getting close! Start rubbing the head of your cock against the tampon", she moaned. "If you can come by rubbing only your clitdick until I come, you are allowed to have an orgasm". His other hand immediately reached down with joy to rub his cock tightly surrounded by the tampon. The unusual sensation turned him on very much and he started moaning himself. Keeping the pace up he pushed her clit towards the tip of his front tooth to stimulate her even more. He stopped fingering her and only circled her g-spot with the two fingers in her vagina. She started moving her hips more forcefully and her moaning became louder and louder. He also started feeling the pleasure building up in his cock as he rubbed more forcefully. When he thought he had finally on his way to getting close, only from the small stimulation of rubbing his cock covered by a condom through a tampon, she threw her head back and exploded in a wave of orgasm which let her body shake. Not letting go of her as she moved her hips and pushed him away, he made sure she savoured every last second of the orgasm she was having. Seeing her come so hard got him very horny too, and when he thought it might be possible for him to also come, it was already over for her and she said with a happy smile on her face "Enough. Stop touching, bitch! I want it again tomorrow, and if I let you come today, then you won't make such an effort tomorrow, the way I know my bitch." He groaned in frustration but let go of rubbing between his legs. "Now take care of me some more." she commanded. He lay next to her, embracing her with one hand and stroking her body with his other hand while gently kissing her on different spots around her neck and back, until she fell asleep.

Review This Story || Author: Verdin Hochzeit
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