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How to Hang a Wolagon

Part 1

The big tiger pulled his BMW into the parking lot of a bar that accepted furries. He wanted a drink, and if he was lucky he might get something more. He put a hand over his eyes for a few seconds to let them adapt, then opened the door, stepped inside, and looked around. The tiger spotted a hot young wolf/dragon mix, unusual even in this bar, and took a stool next to him.

"Hi, youngster," he asked, "can I buy you a drink?".

"Um, sure. What's the catch?" asked the wolf-dragon.

"No catch. After you have the drink, you can go home with me, or stay here and chat, or buy one for me, or just say 'thanks' and leave."

The wolf-dragon winked at him. "Hm...I'll buy you something... Seem's to be a fair trade, and maybe I will follow you home?"

"Sounds good."

"I'm not a big drinker, so I'll just settle for a Coke. And you, my good sir?"

"Shot of Irish, neat, in a glass."

The wolf/dragon snapped his fingers, and the barkeeper walked over. "A Coke for me, and a shot of irish, neat, in a glass. Was that right Mr...?"

"Damien, and yes."

The wolf-dragon looked the tiger up and down while waiting for the barkeep to bring the drinks. "Damien, nice name. I'm Geddon."

"Glad to meet you, Geddon." Damien took a moment to admire Geddon's sleek black fur and leathery wings.

Geddon handed Damien the whiskey, a shot in the bottom of an old-fashioned glass. "Bottoms up."

"Thanks, but I prefer to sip mine. Irish is sipping whiskey, at least for me."

The wolf-dragon took a large swig of Coke. "Really? Well to each his own I suppose. As long as you enjoy." He smiled.

Damien smiled. "Sure. Life's too short not to enjoy!"

There was something predatory about that smile. Geddon shuddered slightly at the smile, but even so, that smile turned him on. He noticed the tiger admiring his body and grinned. "You like what you see?"

"Sure do, youngster."

Geddon laughed. "You're not so bad your self old-timer. By the way, may I?" He rubbed his fingers together as if feeling cloth.

"Sure, go ahead."

Geddon rubbed the tiger's sleeve between thumb and forefinger, murring slightly at the softness of the material.

"Like it? It's real silk."

"I do, this must feel great against your fur."

"It's really nice. You can try it on, if we go somewhere private."

Geddon raised an eyebrow and smiled. "An invitation I assume?"

"Of course. If you're interested." Damien winked.

"I humbly accept. Once you've enjoyed your drink of course."

Damien sipped a little faster, and finished his whiskey. "My car is just outside."

Geddon took the tiger by one arm. "Lead the way."

Damien led Geddon out to the parking lot, took a fob out of his pocket, and unlocked a metallic blue BMW.

Geddon whistled. "Damn, tall, hot, and has a killer car. Anything else?"

"I've got a nice place. Lots of toys."

"Sounds like fun." Geddon waggled a finger. "I hope the toys are age appropriate."

"Guaranteed!" the tiger smiled.

Geddon walked over to the passenger side door. "Then shall we?"

"Sure." Damien opened the door for the wolf-dragon, then went around and sat behind the wheel. He waited for Geddon to be seated, then started the car. The engine sound was barely detectable.

Geddon buckled his belt. "A real nice car. So where is this house of yours anyway?"

"Less than a mile from here." Damien backed out of the space, turned carefully onto the street, and set off, about 10MPH over the speed limit.

"Dang! Where's a moon roof when you need one?"

Damien pushed a button and the moon roof slid open. "You were saying...?"

Geddon stuck his head out and threw his arms in the air. "WAHOOOOOO!"

"Like I said, enjoy!"

"You sir, are awesome!"

"Naw. Damien."

Geddon sat back down, his head fur a mess. "I've always wanted to do that."

"Never miss out on a chance to do what you always wanted, that's what I say." The tiger turned a corner smoothly, barely slowing down.

The wolf-dragon slid into Damien as they rounded the corner. "Whoops."

"S'aright, Geddon. I like it better this way."

"Then I guess I'll have to stay." The wolf/dragon leant softly against the tiger.

"Sure." Damien slowed down for a left turn, so Geddon wouldn't slide away.

Geddon nuzzled the tiger. "I almost wish this ride wouldn't end."

Damien took one hand off the wheel and slipped it over Geddon's shoulders. "Ah. But there's things we can't do in a moving car. Now, if you really like the car scene, I can drive another half hour, there's a nice secluded wood. Otherwise, I've got a great couch, a nice big bed, and as I said, lots of toys."

Geddon rubbed his paw over Damien's chest. "I want to see this nice house of yours. And all of those toys you promised."

"Sure, just around this corner. Another smooth right turn pushed Geddon against the tiger. Damien slowed down, pulled into a circular driveway, and coasted neatly to a stop.

Geddon gave the tiger's belly a playful scratch, then unlocked his door, and Damien did the same, pausing to ruffle the wolf-dragon's headfur.

Geddon looked Damien's house over. "All of these nice things, I can't help but wonder what my host does for a living?"

"Huh! I'm retired. I was an engineer for 40 years, got into user interface design; a startup I worked for went public for a bunch of money, and I owned 4%. Held onto it, and it just kept going up. Now, I run a private club just for the fun of it, don't have to do anything for a living."

"Hey, at least you can understand computers. And a club you say? Sounds most interesting. Might you take me there someday?"

"Sure. Be glad to, if it turns out to be the kind of place you're interested in. Like I said, it's a private club. Specialized interests."

"I'll give anything a try at least once, and besides I may have already tried it before."

"We'll see." Damien pressed a combination on the pad next to the door. It unlocked, and he led Geddon in. The wolf-dragon's tail wagged excitedly as he followed, holding on by Damien's waist. The tiger closed the door and gestured to a leather sofa. "Have a seat. Another coke?"

"Oh I'd hate to be a pest," the wolf-dragon replied as he sat down.

Damien sat down next to Geddon, with an arm around his waist. He pressed a button, and a panel slid open in the table in front of the sofa, revealing a wide selection of sex toys.

"Your house rocks, Damien! I so want to live here!"

"Glad you like it." The tiger's hand strayed down to Geddon's hip; the wolf-dragon giggled and softly rubbed Damien's thigh. Damien moved his hand back a little bit to feel Geddon's rump, and the wolf-dragon blushed under his fur as he murred softly.

"Aha! You like this?"

"Maybe, but I want to do things you like, too." Geddon took Damien's hand and licked it.

Damien murred, "Nice."

"So, what does my tall tiger like?""

"Almost anything hot and wet. Besides that..." He nipped Geddon's neck gently, and the wolf-dragon moaned softly.

"Necking? I can do that." Geddon sat on Damien's lap facing him.

The tiger kissed Geddon's muzzle, and the wolf-dragon could feel a response underneath him. He held Damien's muzzle to his own, wondering how big the bulge under him really was.

"Now... I believe you said you wanted to try on my robe?""

"Oh yes, if I may." Geddon stood up, as did Damien. The tiger was wearing loose silken briefs underneath, and there was a large bulge in them. The wolf-dragon blushed, then took off his vest as Damien watched. Geddon lifted his shirt partway up, but then paused. The big cat reached over and skritched the exposed belly. Geddon lifted his shirt a little higher, than stopped again. "I'm kinda... well... body shy."

"So... do you want me to look away while you change?"

"No no, just give me a sec." Geddon finally pulled the shirt above his chest. Damien leaned over to lick a nipple, and Geddon meeped, then pulled the shirt over his head and tossed it on top of his vest.

The tiger licked the other nipple, then sucked it gently, and Geddon moaned, "Ohhhhh..." as Damien sucked harder, then went to work on the other nipple. The wolf-dragon grabbed the back of the tiger's head, and Damien continued working on Geddon's nipples, first one, then the other, flicking them hard with his tongue.

Geddon could feel his pants getting tighter as the nipple stimulation continued. He reached down to rub Damien's chest slowly.

"Ummm... So... did you want to try on the robe... or wait a while?"

Geddon looked at Damien and licked his lips. "I think we should put that off, no sense getting dressed again."

"Yep." The tiger gestured at the sex toys in the table, "See anything you like?"

"Hmmm." Geddon looked at the table, leaned on the tiger, and slid his paw down to Damien's crotch. He picked up some of the ropes. "Huh! Never tried these before. They any fun?"

"Depends on how you use them. What turns you on? Makes you really, really hot, so hard it's painful?"

"Hearing my mate screaming in ecstacy, and bondage."

"You can hear me scream in ecstasy if you want, I think you know what to do..."

"I'll do whatever you like." The wolf licked Damien's muzzle.

The tiger kissed Geddon deeply. "Right, then! On all fours!"

Geddon grinned, and got down on his hands and knees. Damien tied the wolf's wrists together, then his ankles, then fashioned a slipknot in a longer rope, and held it open for the wolf-dragon's head. Geddon bowed his head to accept the noose, as Damien slipped it over his head.

Geddon felt the slight tug of the rope around his neck and shivered a little. Damien pulled the rope until it just started to choke the wolf, then tied it to the ankle rope. Geddon gagged a little, and the tiger loosened the rope about an inch, then retied it. He took off his shorts and knelt in front of the wolf, just slightly out of reach of Geddon's muzzle.

"You sir, are a tease."

"Not exactly. The name of the game is, 'Make the tiger scream.' All you have to do is lean forward a few inches. Of course, that may have side effects..."

"I'm trained for pain." Geddon leaned in to lick Damien's crotch, and felt the slight increase in pressure around his neck.

"That's right. But you're going to have to lean farther to do a good job."

The wolf grinned cockily and leaned in in more to suck on the tip.

"Ummm... nice."

Geddon leaned in farther, taking Damien's cock halfway in his mouth. The rope now dug into his neck and made his breathing labored.

Damien murred, "Yes, that's the way."

Geddon used his strong neck muscles to expand his windpipe so he could lean in farther, taking in more of Damien's rod. He swirled his tongue around the tip.

"Mmmm, yes! More!"

The wolf-dragon pulled his legs down as far as he could; the rope cut off his air completely. But he now had Damien's whole cock in his mouth and partway down his throat.

"Ah... yes. That's so nice!"

Geddon pulled back a little to slide the tiger cock back and forth in his mouth. He gagged every few seconds as the rope rightened around his throat.

"Oh, Yes! Like that. Back and forth, deep, but slow!"

Geddon slowed his pace, and tried gently dragging his fangs along the shaft.

"Ouch! Did I say teeth?" The tiger reached out and twisted the rope, choking Geddon for 10 seconds.

"S-sorry! It was a t-trick I learned."

"Forget the tricks, I want the treat. A little bit faster than that, just slightly slower than you were going before, and you'll hear the tiger scream."

Geddon resumed deep throating at a slightly increased pace. His face started getting hot and turning red from lack of oxygen.

"Ohhh. Yes. Like that! Oh yes, yes!"

Geddon moaned slightly and licked the length of shaft. His eyes were getting droopy.

"Yes, yes, yes!" the tiger screamed.

Geddon dribbled a little pre-cum as he heard Damien scream, hoping that there would be more.

Damien screamed louder, no words any more. He thrust deep into the wolf's mouth as he started to cum.

Geddon's face started to turn slightly purple. The rope choked him almost completely, and Damien's cum now blocked what little airway he had. He tried hard to swallow. He gagged as as spurt after spurt filled his mouth and down his throat, and his vision started to fade out.

Damien finished cumming, still screaming in ecstasy, it seemed as if the scream would never end. Finally, he pushed Geddon back and loosened the slipknot. The last few drops spilled onto Geddon's muzzle.

Geddon lay limp on the floor for a moment, but still breathing. Finally, he got enough breath to speak. "So," he panted, "Did ya (huff) like?"

Damien panted a couple of times. "Oh, yeah!"

Geddon struggled, gained strength, and managed to sit up. "So I take that (pant) as a yes?"

"Well..." the tiger glanced at a sound level meter on his stereo stack. "I think you just set a new loudness record in the game."

"Make a good first impression, right?"

"Damn straight! Or whatever..."

"Well that was the most fun I've ever had!" Geddon panted.

"Glad to hear it." Damien paused, then went on, "Hmm. If you liked that, maybe you'll like my club..."

"There is more of this? Sounds groovy."

"Four nights a week I preside at a snuff club. Bottoms and tops get together and do breathplay. Sometimes the bottoms die, sometimes they live to play again."

"Sounds most... intriguing. I would not mind applying."

"I have to warn you, not all the bottoms survive. For that matter, some bottoms want to die -- or want to gamble against death: they want the risk to be real."

"This position is getting uncomfortable, so if you don't mind," he smiled warmly.

Damien untied the wolf-dragon, who cracked his wrists and rubbed his ankles.

"Ah, thank you. I was getting a little cramped." He rotated his head and heard a cracking noise from his neck.

"I can understand that." The tiger looked down at the wolf. "Hmmm... looks to me like you're still hard. Want some help with that?"

Geddon laughed "And how does the big cat plan on doing that?"

"Your choice: I can mount you, or use my hands, or my mouth. Or more toys." Damien reached into the table and brought out a lubricated sheath with a simulated anal ring and internal vibrator.

" With our difference in height, mounting me might be awkward. How about you put that nice-looking mouth to good use?"

"Just lie down on the couch and let's see what I can do for you."

Geddon lay down on the sofa with his arms under his head.

Damien started kissing Geddon's nipples as before. This time he kept it up until it looked like the wolf-dragon couldn't take any more. Geddon moaned loudly and arched his back a little towards Damien, who slid down, licking Geddon's belly as he went. Geddon made a noise halfway between a murr and a giggle as he scratched the top of the tiger's head.

Damien wrapped one huge paw around the wolf's cock, and started licking the tip. Geddon shivered in delight as he felt the tiger's tongue on the head of his rod, so Damien wrapped his lips around the head, and licked all of it thoroughly. Geddon shivered again, moaning softly, "Yessss..."

Damien slid his lips up and down across the boundary between the wolf's head and shaft, licking the frenum with his tongue. Then he slid all the way down the shaft, letting his teeth barely touch the shaft as he pulled back.

The sensation caused Geddon to moan loudly, "That's what I wanted to do with you!"

"Yes, so I figured that you'd like it." The tiger continued sliding up and down the wolf's shaft, a little faster, still dragging teeth.

"Oh man I'm gonna cum," Geddon panted.

Damien sped up, flicking the head with his tongue every time he got high enough, and Geddon howled with pleasure as he came into the tiger's hot mouth. Damien kept licking, swallowing the hot cum as it jetted into his mouth.

Geddon thrust his hips a few times, as Damien swallowed the last of his cum.

"So... Want to try out that bed I mentioned for a nap?"

"Yes sir, but I'm so relaxed I'm not sure I can stand up." Geddon cuddled up to the tiger.

"No problem." Damien caressed the wolf-dragon a couple of times, then picked Geddon up in his arms and carried him to a bedroom with a large bed and lots of pillows.

"You really do have all beautiful things."

"Just a comfortable place for me and any lover to sleep."

Geddon looked down, slightly embarrassed. "Um... Damien?"


"I was...kinda wondering something. I really like pleasuring you and seeing you happy. So I was wondering if..." his voice trailed off.

"Go ahead. Doesn't hurt to ask."

"I want to be your slave!" The wolf turned red and abruptly clamped his hands over his muzzle.

"Well now... you can be my lover without becoming my slave. But if you want to be my slave, there are conditions attached."

Geddon put his arms around the tiger. " seem so much happier when you are in control. And I'm willing to do anything for you, I don't care about the conditions."

"Well, just to make sure, here are the rules for being my slave:

"First, you don't leave the house without my permission.

"Second, you do whatever I tell you to do, cheerfully. If I tell you to take a garden trowel and clean out the cesspool at my mountain retreat, you do that. If I take you to my club and pimp you out, you take all comers.

"Third, 'Slave' is a short-term position: I expect a slave to be willing to die for me -- and probably soon, maybe a few days, a month or two at most."

"You have been most kind to me. Be it defending your life or simply for your pleasure, I will gladly do as you tell me. Your happiness is what matters most."

"One more thing: just because you're my slave doesn't mean you give up all free will. You can still ask for permission to do what you want. And -- most especially -- you can ask for sex. I may not always grant it, but you have the right to request it.

"If you still want to go ahead, then accept this collar." Damien held out a silver chain 'choker' with a tiger pendant.

"All is well understood. All I ask in return is that you use me in whatever way you see fit, Master."

"All right. I accept you as my slave." The tiger clasped the chain around Geddon's neck and locked it. "Now, let's climb into bed and get some sleep. Maybe later we can find other uses for it."

The wolf-dragon smiled softly and held the pendant in his hands. "Thank you, Master."

"You're welcome," said Damien, folding down the bedclothes for Geddon to get in.

Geddon slid into the bed and looked at the tiger with an ear-to-ear smile; the tiger smiled back and climbed into bed. He put an arm around the wolf-dragon, who leaned in close and nuzzled Damien's chest.

"Mmmm... nice. Now let's sleep for a bit."

"Yes Master." The wolf-dragon lay back and pulled the sheets over both furs as they cuddled close.

"Goodnight." They drifted slowly off to sleep.

Some hours later, Geddon woke up and stretched, then smiled as he looked at the sleeping tiger.

Damien snored a few times and moved around in bed, muttering slightly. It looked like he was having a dream -- a pleasant one, from the smile on his face. Geddon smiled happily. "He's such a good guy," he thought, "Say... I wonder if I could..." He checked out the sheets over Damien's groin and found the "tent" was up. He giggled and crawled under the sheets, then took a soft grip around Damien's cock. The tiger snorted, woke up, and murred.

Geddon sucked gently on the tip, caressing Damien's balls with his free hand.

"Aaah. A nice way for a slave to wake his master."

Geddon just giggled from under the sheets and took Damien's rod halfway into his mouth, swiveling his tongue around it. The tiger moaned in pleasure, so Geddon wrapped his lips tightly around it, took it all the way in, then slowly out, eliciting a moan of pleasure.

"Yes, that's right. So nice!"

Geddon continued working the tiger's cock. He was also getting hard from the tiger's pleasure noises.

"Oh. yes!..."

Geddon lifted his head up briefly. "Would you like to fuck me Master?"

"Oh, that sounds like a nice idea. You'll find lube in the table next to your side of the bed, top drawer. And the second drawer has lots of toys, if there's anything you want to try."

"I do not require toys, Master" Geddon rolled out of the bed and fetched the lube. "All I want is your giant cock deep inside of me."

"Then you shall have it."

Geddon squirted the lube into his hand and applied it to Damien's throbbing cock, spreading it nice and slowly.

"Mmmm... you have good hands."

"Thank you sir." Geddon took some of the lube and applied it to his tailhole, "accidentally" slipping his finger into it. Once finished, he lay down and spread his legs. Damien positioned himself with his cock tip against Geddon's hole. The wolf/dragon stared deep into Damien's eyes. "What beautiful eyes."

"Oh, you have lovely eyes too. My beautiful little wolf-dragon."

Geddon blushed slightly. "Thank you, sir."

"You're welcome. Now relax, sweet slave."

Geddon exhaled deeply and relaxed the muscles in his butt. The tiger pressed slowly in, enjoying the tightness of the wolf's tailhole. The wolf moaned a little and grabbed the back of Damien's neck. "So b-big..."

"Yes. And there's more of it." He started moving slowly into Geddon, allowing the wolf-dragon to feel every single one of his 9 inches as it slid in. The wolf moaned loudly, fighting the urge to scream, then slowly began to relax and enjoy the feel of the massive cock inside him.

Damien began moving inside Geddon, who grunted a little, and looked into the tiger's eyes for comfort. The tiger smiled back, enjoying the sensation of being inside the wolf.

"Master, your cock feels so good inside of me."

"Yes. It does," he moaned as he withdrew partway.

Geddon steadied his breathing, getting ready for the tiger cock to re-enter him all the way, and the tiger pushed slowly in again. The wolf moaned in pleasure, and pushed back to help the tiger go in deeper.

The tiger kissed his slave. "Mmmmm... what a greedy little slave you are."

Geddon returned Damien's kiss as he wrapped his legs partway around the tiger's waist. "Forgive me Master, but I really like your cock like this. And I couldn't help myself." He giggled softly.

Damien reached over to the bedside stand and pulled out a large square of leather, well-oiled and very soft. "Want some help?"

"What is this for, sir?

"It's for 'Little Geddon'..."

Geddon blushed heavily. "If you would please, sir."

Damien spread some lube on the leather, reached down and wrapped it around the wolf/dragon's cock. Geddon murred softly in response. The tiger started rubbing the leather up and down in sync with his own movements in the wolf's tailhole.

Geddon moaned loudly and kissed Damien deeply in appreciation. The tiger returned the kiss and sped up a little. The kiss became deeper, more aggressive and in less than a minute, the wolf was dribbling pre-cum. Damien gripped Geddon's cock at the most sensitive spot and used a wrist motion to twist the leather back and forth around it. Geddon gasped in pleasure as his cock spurted cum onto his master's hand and his own stomach. His ass tightened around Damien's cock.

"Now for my pleasure..." The tiger pulled almost all the way out, then started moving in short strokes to keep the wolf's tight tailhole around the top of his shaft.

Geddon blushed again. "Oh Master, I want you to cum inside of me!"

"Just a little longer, sweet one."

"Yes sir." He kissed Damien's neck, and the tiger moved faster.

"Ohhhhh." Geddon moaned in nearly unbearable pleasure as he sucked gently on the side of the tiger's neck.

Damien lost control and plunged deep into Geddon again and again, roaring out his pleasure like there was a feral tiger loose in the room. At last, he spurted his cum deep inside Geddon. The wolf, too, howled in pleasure as his tailhole was filled with tiger cum.

At last the tiger stopped moving. He kissed Geddon while remaining inside, enjoying the warmth. They kissed again.

"Oh, yeah! I'm glad I took you for my slave."

Geddon looked into the tiger's eyes once more and smiled. "Thank you Master. I only hope I can bring you even more pleasure in the near future. Now I have one more request for the moment."


"Could you stay inside me like this for a few more minutes please?


"Just lie on top of me and relax."

"Yeah. Relaxing sounds good." Damien lowered himself until he completely covered Geddon's body.

The wolf murred as he felt the tiger's weight and warmth on top of him. He reached around and rubbed Damien's back softly. The tiger rested while his breathing slowed down. He noted that Geddon was hard again, pressing against his belly, but did nothing about it for the moment.

Geddon giggled softly as he rubbed Damien's back. "I never heard anyone roar like that ya know. Either I did good or you're part feral.

"Part feral. And yes, you did good!" He sighed contentedly.

Geddon shut his eyes. "Master, I have one more request. And if it all works out, my last request to you."

"Go ahead."

"Hearing you roar like that, made me happy. And I want to make you feel like that again."

"Oh, and I want to feel like that again!"

"Then Master, would you do me the honor of allowing me to hang for you?"

"I need a few hours to recover after that, but later, yes, I'll hang you for a bit."

Geddon giggled. "A few hours sir? I was hoping I'd worn you out a little more than that."

"Well... how about tomorrow?"

Geddon nuzzled the tiger's neck. "As soon as you are able. I wish to be snuffed by you as soon as possible."

"Jumping ahead, are you? There's still some other pleasures to be extracted."

"Then use me till I'm exhausted, and use me further if it is your wish. I am your willing slave and toy."

"Hmmmm... I notice that you're hard again. You may wiggle against me if you like -- you can use lube if you like, but I think you'll find my belly fur is quite soft and smooth."

Geddon tried humping against the tiger's fur, discovered it was indeed smooth, and murred softly. "You wear a silk robe and undergarments, now I cannot help but wonder if this wonderful fur of yours is made of silk as well."

"No, it's just that my belly requires warmth more than protection, so the fur is soft there."

Geddon smiled and nuzzled the tiger's chest. "I was kidding, I just want to feel your soft, and warm body against mine."

Damien pressed his belly down against the wolf, who moaned softly and started moving his body up and down, his hard cock sliding against the "big cat"'s soft belly. The tiger murred softly in appreciation.

"Um, Damien?" the wolf did not pause his humping motions. "I wanted to ask you something."

"Go ahead, sweet slave."

"You seemed to be really turned on when you watched me gasping for breath the first night I spent with you."

"Oh, yeah!"

"I was wondering...if you would allow me to hang for you."

"Sure. I'm pretty wasted until tomorrow, but if you like I'll hang you for a bit then."

"Yes Master, I wish to dance for you as I feel the pull of the noose."

"That will be a pleasure to watch!"

"Thank you Master!" The excitement from the thought of hanging for his master was too much. He came, hard, coating both furs' bellies.

"Well done, slave. Let's rest for a while, then have dinner, maybe watch a movie, and sleep until tomorrow."

"That sounds like a wonderful idea, I can hardly wait." Geddon gave the tiger's nose a playful lick and cuddled close. Damien nuzzled him back.

"You make a good blanket," the wolf-dragon murred, then yawned softly.

"Hmmm... and you make a good mattress, at least for the 2/3 of me that fits on top of you."

Geddon giggled. "Well people and furs do not usually get bigger than me, let alone your size, Master."

"Yeah, I was supposed to be a super-soldier, but after the court case that freed furries, I was free to choose my own career."

"And I'm glad you chose this, otherwise I might not have met you."

"Yeah, there is that. Well, they made me to enjoy killing, but little did they suspect that my preference is for slower methods than war, and cooperating victims instead of enemy soldiers."

"Well I am all about cooperation sir, especially since you've been so kind to me."

"Hah! I'd say that you've been kind to me, offering yourself up for my pleasure."

"Anything for my Big Cat."


"May I...may I call you that until you have ended me?"


"See? You are kind to me." He kissed his master, was kissed in return, and started to get more passionate, but was rebuffed.

"Mmmmmm.... slow down a little there. I'm older than you, not sure I've got another yiff in me today."

"Heyyyy, I might be your slave. But that does not mean I'm all about yiffing, my Big Cat."

"Right, my little wolf. Just warning you, if you get yourself too worked up, you might have to go solo."

"Do you have some sturdy rope nearby?"

"I always have sturdy rope, little wolfie."

Geddon smiled. "If and when I do work myself up, you won't have to do a thing. You get a free show before the real entertainment."

"Sounds good!"

Geddon kissed the tiger deeply, then started kissing Damien's nipples, growing harder the more he played with his Master. Once he was fully erect, he asked, "Master, where was that rope again?"

Damien handed him the rope. Geddon wrapped it around his own neck, making sure it was nice and snug.

"Little bit of asphyx play, hmmm?"

"Yes. Granted it might not be as good as a hanging, but I'll still be gasping for breath." He tugged on one end of the rope, tightening it until it started to choke him. "See?"

"Sure. If you tie one end to the bedpost, you can pull with one hand and have the other one free for pleasure."

"Actually, do you have any rafters in your room?"

"Got a ceiling fan. It's attached pretty securely." The tiger levered himself up and moved to the other side of the bed.

Geddon unfolded his wings. "Oh the joy of being able to fly." He stretched a little, flapped his wings and flew up to the ceiling. He tied the free end of the rope to the fan. "Are you ready for the show Master?"

"Sure." Damien lay relaxed, his head propped up on a couple of pillows.

Geddon folded his wings and let himself fall, ending in a sudden jerk as he reached the end of the rope.

"Careful, there! If you fall too far you'll break your neck and that'll end the whole show -- and the relationship... not to mention ruining your whole day."

Geddon hung there for a moment, then looked down at Damien and flashed a "thumbs up".

"Good. Go for it!"

Geddon grabbed his cock and began stroking it as the rope around his throat strangled him. After about 30 seconds, he sped up. His face was beginning to turn red, and his legs were kicking and thrusting, but he kept his wings tightly folded. Damien watched this avidly.

The wolf's face contorted in the familiar "almost there" pattern of someone aproaching orgasm. One hand continued stroking himself, while the other began pounding his side as he struggled for air.

The tiger reached into his bedside stand and got out a hunting knife.

Geddon made a choked sound, trying to howl as his cock shot a stream of seed that traveled all the way to Damien's bed.

"Hah! Nothing wrong with your balls!"

The wolf reached up with a claw and started to cut through it, but the tiger quickly stood up, grabbed the rope above Geddon's head, and cut it in one motion. Geddon fell to the floor on his knees, gasping loudly as he pulled in fresh air. After a few seconds, he panted out, "Did you enjoy?"

"Very nice. Definitely leaves me in the mood for hanging you tomorrow."

The wolf rubbed his neck and smiled. "I am very happy to hear you say that."

"Yeah, well I'm feeling pretty happy too."

Geddon looked up at the tiger's crotch and noticed that, even after his erotic show, Damien was only partly erect. He crawled over and gave the shaft a slow lick, and the tiger murred quietly.

"Would my Big Cat like to lie down first?"

"Sure." Damien lay face up on the bed.

Geddon spread the tiger's legs and lay down between them, then gave the shaft another teasing lick. Damien just smiled.

"All you need to do is relax, let your loyal slave do the work," said Geddon, giving the tip a kiss.

"Mmmmm.... nice."

The wolf took the top half into his mouth and sucked hard, curling his tongue around the bottom of the shaft.

Damien gasped. "Ooooh -- too hard, this soon."

"Sorry! Sorry." The wolf sucked more gently, caressing the tiger's ball sack, and was rewarded with a slow murring sound. Geddon took the tiger cock all the way into his hungry mouth, and Damien tensed up a little, then relaxed. The wolf coated it with his saliva, let it slide out slowly, and used his hands to massage the tiger's thighs.

"Ahhh... so nice."

Geddon murred at the approval, bobbed his head up and down the shaft a little faster. Then he slid his lips up to the head and started jerking the shaft with his hand.

"Oh... slow, please. Really, it's hard to describe how thoroughly satisfied you left me."

"Slow and steady, you got it." He resumed slowly sucking the tiger meat, and Damien murred a little louder. Geddon scratched Damien's soft belly, and the tiger made an irritated noise.

"I am sorry, Master." The wolf looked, and noticed that Damien's belly fur was matted with his cum. He moved up and licked the matted spots. Once the fur was clean, he swallowed and patted the fur back into place.

"Good little wolf!"

"Thank you Master." Geddon wrapped his arms around Damien's waist, as far as he could reach, and Damien ruffled his headfur. "You like doing that?" the wolf asked.

"Yes. I like the feel of it under my paws."

Geddon took the tiger's paw and licked it; Damien murred his pleasure.

"What would you like to do now, Master Damien?"

"Hmmm..... Well resting sounds nice. But if you want, you can keep playing with me and I think you'll eventually get the reward you're looking for."

"Then you," he said, putting a finger on Damien's nose, "rest and relax. And I'll have some fun with you while you do."


Geddon slowly reinserted Damien's cock into his mouth, and the tiger murred a little louder. Geddon tried gently scratching his Master's belly, and was rewarded with a purring sound. He smiled happily and resumed sucking tiger meat.

Damien lay there, enjoying the slow stimulation he was receiving; Geddon got pleasure from working it with his lips and tongue.

After nearly an hour of this, the tiger started getting harder. The wolf-dragon felt his master growing within his mouth and summoned up extra saliva, preparing for deep-throat.

After another few minutes, the tiger was fully erect and moaning loudly. Geddon worked the tip into his throat, working on the shaft with his tongue. He pushed harder, getting some of the shaft into his throat, gagging softly on it.

Damien reached over and picked up a silken cord. The wolf-dragon's eyes widened slightly, then lit up in anticipation.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm......" the tiger moaned, then again, longer.

Geddon glided his tongue over the tiger cock, like a paintbrush on a fine piece of art, and Damien growled very quietly. The wolf, turned on by the pleasure noises, worked a tad faster, still keeping up a steady rhythm of sucking and licking.

The tiger growled louder and arched his hips. Geddon smiled to himself, knowing he was close to putting his Master over the edge. Damien draped the cord loosely around the wolf-dragon's neck, and Geddon did not hesitate, just looked up, eyes wide with excitement. Damien's growling noise approached a roar, and Geddon's whole body tingled with anticipation as he licked the veined area just under the head.

Damien pulled on the cord, half-choking the wolf, still letting him breathe, although with some difficulty. Geddon pulled the tiger cock back into his throat, making a slight moaning noise as he felt the cord pulling against his throat. The pitch of Damien's growl rose from his normal bass into a tenor range.

Geddon made small head movements, keeping the cock in his throat, cock-choking himself to add to the exciting feel of the cord around his throat.

"Mmmm... yes, let me feel your lips moving on it," screamed the tiger.

Geddon moved his lips up and down the shaft, trying to keep at least the tip in his throat. He was starting to feel light-headed. Then the tiger screamed in pleasure and pulled hard, completely cutting off the wolf's breath.

Geddon moaned as much as he could without air, and continued to deep throat the tiger, but his vision was starting to go black. Damien screamed louder. The wolf began to slow down but kept going, even as he felt his face going numb.

Damien gave a nearly deafening scream as his cock erupted spurt after spurt down Geddon's throat. The wolf felt the cum flowing down into his stomach, even as his eyes started to flutter shut. The tiger lost control in his orgasm, his hands convulsing, pulling the cord so that it bit hard into Geddon's neck. The last few pulses of semen flowed into the wolf's mouth, but the cord prevented him from swallowing. He made a soft gurgling sound, and his eyes rolled back into his head.

Damien finished cumming, still holding the cord tight for a few seconds more. Geddon's muscles spasmed for a few moments, then went limp, his eyelids twitching slightly.

The tiger's scream descended to a low moan, and he let go of the cord. He looked at the wolf, and saw Geddon's arms twitching. He checked and found a weak pulse, so he pulled the wolf's jaw forward to open his airway. A few seconds later Geddon's chest started moving slowly.

"Wow! My little wolf really knows how to give head!"

Geddon coughed weakly, and the tiger slapped his cheek gently. The wolf managed to open one eye, and Damien kissed him lazily. Geddon managed a tiny smile. "Are you always so kind?" he asked in a weak, raspy voice.

"Kind? I thought I was being rough!"

"On whose terms? I like r-rough."

"Well, you've certainly earned it. Still want to dance for me tomorrow?"

Geddon nodded slowly. "I heard you roar, all that excitement you got. knowing that my death will bring you more pleasure only makes me want to do it more."

"Then so mote it be! Even if you are the cutest little wolf/dragon I've ever met."

Both thoroughly satiated, they crawled back into bed and rested for a few hours. Damien phoned for pizza which they ate with some red wine, and then they went back to bed and watched TV until both fell asleep.

This time Damien woke up first. He lay quietly, his eyes half-open, studying the face of his new slave. His hot new slave -- who he would have for only a few hours more. Normally he preferred to keep a slave for a few weeks, even months, before snuffing him. But the wolf-dragon's need was so intense... The tiger knew he just couldn't say no.

Eventually Geddon woke up, noticed his master looking at him, and smiled. Today would be his Big Day. His last day. Yes.

"So... breakfast?"

"Yes, Master, if it pleases you."

"Let's go to the kitchen, then."

Damien made them a light breakfast -- a short stack of pancakes each, plus a small omelet with sweet bell peppers and mild salsa to share between them.

A couple of capuccinos later, Geddon looked over at Damien. "Too bad you're not smaller," he murred softly. I'd be holding you in my arms and kissing you very deeply."

The tiger picked Geddon up in his arms, and lifted him until their faces were level. The wolf blushed. "Well...this is unusal for me. But I like it." They spent a few minutes caressing each other. Geddon played with Damien's chest, making him blush. "I love making my big cat blush," Geddon giggled. "Are you always this kind, my master?"

"Unless I have a bottom who wants to jump to the rough stuff, yes."

"I kinda like the cuddling and kissing, call me a tad girlish, I know."

"Not at all, I also like lots of foreplay."

"Well, foreplay away my big cat." They kissed each other deeply. Damien slipped a finger into his slave's tailhole. Geddon meeped and started playing with Damien's nipple. The tiger worked his finger in and out, and Geddon moaned as his cock grew hard.

Damien balanced the wolf on one hand, and let his other hand drift around Geddon's side and slowly down until it was playing with the slave's pubic hair. The wolf blushed and squirmed when Damien started fondling his cock. "May I play with it a little, Master?"

The tiger lowered Geddon, and the wolf slowly stroked Damien's massive cock.

"Hmm... are you ready for the 'main event'? Or do you want to cum first and then get hanged?"

"I wish you to take me under the noose; it will relax me a little."

Damien carried Geddon to the trapdoor. "Like this?"

Geddon nodded quickly. "Yes master, like this."

Damien lowered the wolf to the floor, still fondling him.

"My biggest request is that you are pleased by my performance," Geddon murred.

"Then kneel."

Geddon got down onto his knees. Damien held the noose open; the wolf-dragon flattened his ears to help his head fit better, then put his head through the open loop. The tiger fit the noose gently around Geddon's neck, pulled it snug and just a bit tighter, then took the slack out of the rope. Geddon shivered with anticipation.

Damien took a loose piece of rope and tied it tightly around Geddon's wings and chest. "Now comes the one insoluble paradox."

"What is that, Master?"

"I think it's hotter to hang somebody with their hands tied, but you need at least one hand to give a good blowjob."

"Oh, that's no problem. I can do it without my hands."

"You're sure?" The tiger looked surprised.

"I'm sure. I did it yesterday, remember?"

"So you did. Cross your wrists behind you, then."

Geddon obeyed; the tiger took another piece of rope and tied the wolf's hands, pulling the rope tight until it bit into Geddon's wrists.

"You may begin to pleasure me."

Geddon took the length of Damien's cock into his mouth, his tongue sliding around the shaft.

"Very nice. This time, the rules are different. You get to make the tiger scream, and you may have one -- and only one -- swallow."

Geddon nodded in understanding, then began sliding Damien's rod in and out of his mouth, licking the slit on the tip of the tiger's cock as it passed over his tongue. Damien groaned in pleasure and ruffled the wolf's headfur.

Geddon cupped his tongue to make a perfect fit for the tiger's cock as it slid in and out. Soon Damien began to scream in pleasure. The sound excited the slave so that his own cock began to dribble slightly.

After another minute or two, Damien screamed even louder and started to spurt cum into the wolf-dragon's mouth. Geddon let his mouth fill with tiger cum, then swallowed it with a big gulp.

The tiger pushed a button and the trapdoor opened. The wolf fell, but only about an inch. The noose cinched tight around his neck, and he made a small gagging noise and started to squirm.

A last few spurts of cum landed onto Geddon's muzzle. He tried to reach out and lick them up, but the noose held his mouth tightly closed. He made a frustrated noise deep in his throat, wanting the salty taste on his tongue.

"Remember, you were allowed only one swallow."

Geddon's legs began to kick wildly, at one point even hitting the trapdoor swinging behind him. He could feel the blood heating up in his face as his body tried to get oxygen to his brain.

The tiger picked up a stick with a padded silk glove on the end, and reached down to stroke the wolf's cock with it. Geddon squirmed with pleasure as the soft cloth rubbed against him. The excitement and need made his heart beat faster, and he began to see random spots before his eyes.

Damien rubbed faster.

The wolf tried to pant in his excitement, but the noose had sealed off his windpipe. He felt a desire to fight against the bonds around his wrists, but suppressed it. He could feel his face getting numb as his brain ran out of oxygen.

"That's right, little wolf-dragon," the tiger whispered, "Your body knows what to do. Let it struggle. The noose will tell you how and when to cum, how and when to die."

Geddon clenched his butt, trying to make the pleasure last a little longer, but could only last a minute before the choking noose brought him to his final orgasm. He wanted to howl his pleasure, but no sound came out; his cum spurted out in an arch and landed on the floor below. The effort used up the last of his air reserves. The thrashing of his legs lessened, and his eyes started to roll back.

"Yes, that's right. Now just one more thing you need to do. You'll know when and your body will teach you how."

Geddon's legs gave a few more random spasms, his arms twitched, and the tension in his shoulders relaxed. A little bit of tongue protruded from one corner of his mouth.

"Yes... yes... yes!" chanted the tiger.

With one last faint gurgle, the wolf's head fell to one side. Arms and legs relaxed as though he were lying still in a bed. Even his chest muscles went limp.

A last drop of cum dripped from the tiger's cock onto Geddon's muzzle, but the wolf's eyes could no longer see it.

Damien waited about 15 minutes to be sure Geddon was dead, then lifted up the body, removed the noose, and set him gently on a bed. The wolf's body lay there motionless and limp, the lips pulled back into a small smile.

Note for those who want help visualizing the characters:

Damien is a recom. He has the size, overall frame, head-shape, and markings of a Bengal Tiger; the muscle tissue of a leopard, and the hands, smarts, and bipedal stance of a human. His creators were looking for some sort of super-soldier: a tiger's muscles are 5 times stronger than human for the same mass, but a leopard's are 15 times stronger than human. And with the heavy frame of a tiger, and standing 9'8" tall (about the size of a medium-large Bengal tiger), he carries a lot of mass.

Although his coat is striped, the coloring is that of an Uncia (snow leopard), carried to extreme: the stripes are a light gray, barely detectable on his very light-gray coat. In northern Siberia, he would be nearly invisible against the snow.

Geddon is a wolagon, a wolf-dragon mix. His father was a wolf, his mother a dragon. He has the head, fur, and forelegs of a wolf, the wings and hind-legs of a dragon. He stands just over 7 feet tall and is "two axe handles across" at the shoulders. His fur is the glossy black of a well-fed panther.

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