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The Neighbors

Part 1

One of my deepest desires is to be used by the two women next door. The first is the mother Carol. She is certainly no looker by any stretch of the imagination, and the thought of her in any kind of sexual way does disgust me a little. She is 5’5”, with short brown hair, a hoarse voice and not a single curve on her body. Probably in her late 40’s at best, though it’s really hard to tell. There really isn’t anything sexy or attractive about Carol at all. However, her daughter Theresa is very attractive, maybe 20, about 5’8” and curves in all the right places, while not being some anorexic girl. Theresa’s breasts are a full D cup and she is always flaunting them with a nice amount of cleavage and tight shirts. She also often wears her brown, shoulder length hair in pig-tails, as if she wasn’t sexy enough already.

I have always fantasized of me building up the courage to bind myself to the bench on our front porch while crossdressing and today is the day to do it. I put on a bra filled with water balloons to give me ample breasts, panties, garter & stockings, knee-length skirt, top, clip-on earrings and a wig. From a distance, no one could tell the difference between me or any other woman, at least I hope. It would be evening time so that traffic would be low at best in the neighborhood. First I tie a rope to the base of the bench in the back. This rope has a section of ice in the middle holding it together and will be my escape method – lasting about an hour on this warm summer evening before the ice melts and separates the rope. Next I tie handcuffs to the rope to lock me in place and leave the keys on the bench so that I can reach them. I then bind myself by attaching each leg to either side of the bench spreading them wide apart – certainly giving me a slutty look for sitting on the front porch in a skirt, but who could possibly see? Then I hike up my skirt just a little bit more – not enough to show off any panty, but I will certainly feel the breeze around my crotch. Lastly I slip my hands behind the bench and lock my wrists in place, making myself a helpless damsel if anyone even saw me, let alone chose to investigate.

A half hour passes, along with a three cars, each one giving me a rush and causes my imagination to wander to being captured and used by one of them. Then the unthinkable happens. My neighbors show up in their car and get out. I try to crouch down, but it’s not possible with my bindings. Carol must have noticed me, because she calls out, telling me how my dog apparently was chasing her cat. I answer her in the hopes that she doesn’t approach, but those thoughts are quickly dashed as she was already walking over. She stops about 20 feet away and squints just a bit – I am left hoping that she just walks away or can’t make me out well in the evening light. However, instead she calls over Theresa to take a look at what she found. I try to pull the ice apart, but it holds firm. I look at the keys to my handcuffs, but they are still out of reach, no matter how hard I pull. My head jerks up as I hear footsteps on the porch.

Both of them are looking me up and down as a piece of meat. Carol’s face slowly turns into an evil smile while Theresa smirks. I lower my eyes and pretend to be in another place. Carol is the first to speak, calling me a man slut among other things. She asks if I did this to myself and I shamefully nod. Carol continues grilling me if I enjoy being a crossdressing whore on display for anyone to use and I am too humiliated to answer. Theresa giggles while Carol catches sight of the keys and grabs them, and along with it my chance of getting out of this. Carol leans over me way too closely so that she can view my handiwork. She tells Theresa to go in my house to see if I left out any other toys. In my excitement to experiment, I had of course left my remaining toys out, as well as having left the doors unlocked. Theresa quickly finds them and brings them out and Carol comments how they’ll go good with what they have at their house. I shudder. What I hadn’t used includes a dildo, vibrating egg, more rope, a blindfold, a butt plug and some cock rings.

Carol takes one of the ropes and attaches it to my handcuffs, then to the bench. I am now completely stuck as my ice release will no longer free my hands. Then she slowly, deliberately starts to lift up my skirt. I struggle, but to no avail, other than to catch a glimpse of Theresa holding her phone up and recording everything, with a huge smile at my humiliation. Soon my panties are exposed, displaying my cock tightly pressing them. I try to think about something else, anything else. Carol mentions how this slut must be enjoying this. I watch in horror as she reaches down and lightly strokes my cock through my panties. It throbs from the contact. Carol looks me in the eye and smiles an evil smile, then pulls my cock out from my panties. As she kneels down, she says something about how she always felt that I thought I was better than them, and she was going to show me my place as their slutty toy. She sticks my cock in her mouth and starts to bob her head up and down while whirling her tongue over my head. The thought of Carol touching was somewhat disgusting in the past. Openly seeing her use my cock however she wishes causes me to squirm, even though I know it’s useless. Even worse, I am humiliated that it does not take long before I start building to an orgasm. But somehow Carol realizes this and immediately pulls off. She comments to Theresa that she wonders if I’m squirming to get away or if I’m squirming to try and cum. Shamefully, I don’t honestly know myself.

For a few minutes they totally ignore my cock. Other than the occasional breeze, nothing stimulates it and soon I am not on edge anymore. This doesn’t mean the humiliation has stopped as both Theresa and Carol have been looking me over and discussing what to do to me. Carol reaches into her purse and pulls out some lipstick and makeup – I had not applied any myself. I briefly consider struggling, however, I degrade myself a bit by not fighting her at all as she applies the makeup to me. Carol takes the phone from Theresa and tells her it’s her turn while she records it. Theresa smiles and approaches me, then straddles me on my lap, sitting face-to-face, being sure that my erect cock is firmly pressed between us. Slowly she starts to run her hands over my body. I have a hard time to not stare at her breasts, which are almost face-level and stretching her tank top. Her hands explore and tantalize. She comments on my fake breasts as she runs her hands over them, and I unconsciously let out a moan. With that moan I start to realize that I am totally helpless against them, and that they are pushing my buttons way too well, slowly breaking me down through degrading and humiliating me. Occasionally she grinds herself against me, both causing my cock to rub against us and her breasts to engulf my face. She sucks on my earlobes, kisses my neck, and even forcefully grabs my face and deeply kisses me. Before long the familiar sensation begins to build in my cock, and I hope that neither notices. I am wrong again. Theresa knowingly smiles and gets off me as my orgasm almost edges over. Carol sets down the phone, propped up to record both of them using me. My blindfold makes it’s way onto me, and the cock rings over my cock. I am confused by the cock rings for only a second, because then someone uses them to anchor my egg vibrator to the base of my cock and turn it on high. My eyes go wide behind my blindfold and I let out a lustful moan as I am sure they are letting me cum. However these vixens must have known it wouldn’t, but the vibrator surely keeps me on edge. Frustrated, I started to thrash, to cause some kind of friction on my cock so I can cum. Hands start to explore me more, but carefully avoid my cock. Up and down, caressing my “breasts” and squeezing my ass.

I do not know how long this goes on. It feels like hours. My thrashing eventually stops as I have exhausted myself somewhat. My mind is num from the helpless stimulation of my cock being on edge, and of my humiliation of being the plaything of my neighbors. Theresa whispers seductively in my ear that she’ll turn off the vibrator if I suck on my dildo, otherwise they’ll keep it turned on. Broken just a little further, I open my mouth and have it filled with my 8-inch dildo. In and out it goes, with both of them prompting me to lick it, to suck on it, to bob my head. They even tell me to say that I love sucking cock. Defeated, I say that I love sucking cock. I feel the vibrator turn off, the cock rings come off, and then my bonds loosen. Are they finally done with me? However, my bit of hope is quickly crushed as I feel more rope hobbling my feet so I can only shuffle. I am turned around and forced on my knees, then my chest is forced onto the bench, bending me over. I start to struggle again, but one of them sits on my, pinning me down. My skirt is lifted up, revealing my ass. I feel a pushing against my anus – they are filling me with my butt plug! I struggle as much as I can, but to no avail as it enters me. I am pulled to my feet and they lead me to their house.

Inside the house I am led to some room, my best guess is that it is the living room. I am pushed to my knees and then hear clothes hit the floor. I hear a television turn on, but I don’t pay attention to the show. Instead, I am pulled forward and told that I must worship their bodies by kissing, licking, and sucking them all over. First was Carol. Humiliated by the idea of doing this to Carol, I lean forward and begin my task as best I can with my hands still handcuffed behind my back and my blindfold still on. My shame built as I am forced to kiss her feet and slowly work my way up her legs. I shudder as she guides me towards her pussy, which I soon find out is hairless. I continue to suck and lick her pussy juices while I hear her moan, which causes helpless disgust in me that I am giving her such pleasure. It also brings humiliation that I have no choice. She guides me up her body where I am told to lick and suck her nipples, which again awards me with her moans of ecstasy. Carol murmurs how their slut was doing such a great job at worshiping her, how I am pathetic and only fit to be used as a slutty pleasure toy. Theresa says how hot she’s getting just watching me, and how good it looks on the camera. How I wish my cock would go soft, but my humiliated arousal continues. Carol pulls me to her face where she wraps her arms around me and kisses me deeply, sticking her tongue deep in my mouth. Finally, with her mouth at my ear, she breathlessly whispers how much I’ve pleasured how, how much I’ve aroused her.

Carol stands and guides me blindly towards another chair. I feel a leg on either side of me and soon hands push my face into what must be Theresa’s much larger breasts. This is much more enjoyable than pleasuring Carol and I take to it with more gusto, kissing her breasts and sucking on her nipples. Theresa moans out how I’m worshipping her so well. She lifts my head up and latches onto my ears, sucking away and sticking her tongue in them. My mouth goes wide with this. Theresa continues by pushing my head down and I instinctually know I am being guided to her pussy, until she guides me down to the floor and on my back. Then straddling my face, Theresa tells me she wants to hear me beg to worship her pussy. Carol chuckles at this and rubs my cock with her foot, saying how a good man slut should beg for pussy and also makes comments as to how well I handled hers. Ashamed at myself, I beg to worship Theresa’s pussy, again and again. Theresa teases me with her pussy while her scent fills my nose. Finally, she completely lowers herself on my face with her hairless pussy and grinds away, all while calling me her slut. Her moans fill the room.

Soon after, I am led to what I guess is a bedroom. I am stripped out of my skirt, shirt and panties. My humiliation continues as my cock bobs and throbs – how I wish it would soften. They lay me on a bed face down with a pillow or two under my stomach, forcing my ass into the air and my face into the bed. They quickly bind my legs to either side of the bed, spreading me open. Next they uncuff my hands and bind those to either side of the bed as well, completing the spread eagle. One of them holds my nose and forces my mouth open, inserting a ring gag. Soon after they attach some sort of sleeve to my cock and balls. I am only puzzled for a minute until I feel an electric current going through it. They set it to periodic zaps ever 2 seconds. Carol mentions how I must really being enjoying this treatment by how I’m dripping on her bed. She asks if I want to taste it and I shake my head no, but that doesn’t really matter to her. I feel fingers gather my pre-cum and they are forced into my helpless mouth. This happens several times with Carol telling me how sluts like that.

Carol leans in close and says that we’re going to play a game now. I have to perform cunninglus on one of them to orgasm and guess who it is. If I am correct 3 times in a row, I get let go. Every time I get it wrong, they turn up the voltage, and if I get it wrong twice in a row, they will pull out the butt plug and use their larger strap-on on me. One of them positions themselves near my head while the other lifts up my head. When they let go of my head, I am literally forced into an unknown pussy with my ring gag keeping my mouth open. Helplessly, I suck and lick. SMACK! The other one has apparently decided to paddle me. Zap, Smack, Zap, Smack. Soon I do cause the unknown woman to orgasm. She pulls away and gets off the bed. Carol then asks who it was and I say it was her. Theresa laughs and says it was her, and with that the zaps become stronger.

Next pussy in my face and I am performing again. This time a whip is used against me, smacking my ass and occasionally my cock. Zap, Crack, Zap, Crack. Another orgasm. My guess is Carol again and they say I’m right. Once again a pussy is in my face, this time followed by what I guess is candle dripping on my back and ass. Zap, Drip, Zap, Drip. Another orgasm and this time I guess Theresa and they say I’m right. Just one more to go! My hope starts to return after all of the degradation and humiliation. A pussy in my face, this time met with someone grabbing my balls, then smacking them with their bare hand. The pain is intense and I can barely concentrate on my forced duty. An orgasm comes and amidst the pain I blurt out Carol, but am told I’m wrong, causing the voltage to increase again. With the next pussy in my face, I jolt every 2 seconds due to the intense pain. Somehow I manage to cause an orgasm and guess Theresa. I am met with an unfamiliar giggle. Wrong, you were sucking on Jessica’s pussy comes the unfamiliar voice in front of me.

Jessica is Theresa’s friend from down the road. She is 5’10”, but not as curvy as Theresa. She has a nice C-cup and often just let her long blonde hair flow down her back. I had always thought Jessica was shy and reserved, really more of a nerdy type, especially with her glasses. The shock was complete to find that she was now involved in this. Then a massive realization came crashing down on me. My freedom was now gone and I was now at the hands of three women, to be used as their sex toy. My morale dropped and my shame and humiliation was overwhelming. However my cock still stood erect.

Now you’ve lost two in a row says Carol as the voltage on my cock ends and it is freed from the unit, all the while my heart drops as my last hope of freedom vanishes. I feel the butt plug being removed along with my blindfold and ring gag. Carol is next to my face with her evil smile going wider. She tells me to call her my Mistress, because a man slut dressed as a woman needs a good Mistress. I am shocked to hear the words “Yes Mistress Carol” escape my mouth. She continues degrading me by telling me to also acknowledge Mistress Theresa and Mistress Jessica, which I do. Mistress Carol pushes me further, telling me to describe to Mistress Jessica what this slut was caught doing and how it was handled. And to go into great detail. My eyes shift to Jessica and she folds her arms and smirks at me, listening to my degradation to this point. Mistress Jessica asks if I liked being used as their slut and sex toy, and I shamefully say yes.

The blindfold and ring gag are put back in place. Soon I find my anus being stretched by something larger and hands grasp my hips. Carol orders Jessica to use the vibrator on my cock, but not to let me cum while Theresa grinds her pussy in my face. I am in helpless agony and ecstasy at the same time. Carol banging away at my helpless ass, forcing me deep into Theresa’s pussy which my mouth has no choice but to pleasure, all while Jessica teases and taunts my cock with hopes of orgasm, expertly keeping me on edge. After some time, the women switch up. They do this again, and again, and again. I quickly lose count as my mind is filled with an over stimulated cock, pussy juice, and my ass being pounded.

After a while, Carol says that their man slut has pleasured them quite well for one session. Carol continues saying that they should be good hosts and help me to cum, especially after I was such a good sex slut for them. I get to cum? My hopes raise slightly as I am released and retied on the floor, with my hands bound to my ankles, forcing me to kneel. More rope is added, binding my legs tightly together so that I have no chance at all to stand up. Even more rope is added, crisscrossing my “breasts”, traveling up and down my body, so that the end result is that I can barely move. The blindfold is removed and I blink to see the 3 nude vixens in front of me. Smiling her evil smile, Carol reaches down to my over stimulated cock, wrapping her hand around it while holding a glass in front of it. I stare in horror as she begins to masturbate me. Theresa and Jessica move to either side of Carol, both with the same evil smile and rub their hands over my helpless body. I try not to cum, but it’s useless after the amount of over stimulation these three have put my cock through. I blow a huge load into Carol’s waiting glass. She milks every last drop out of my cock, then stands up. She grabs a hold of my hair and forces my head back. Theresa and Jessica hold onto my sides, pinning me, even though I have no fight left in me and cannot move due to my bonds. They’ve thoroughly broken me and used me for their pleasure any number of times. I kneel there, beaten and broken and look into Carol’s eyes, begging her for some sense of pity. There is none, just elation at her position of power over me. A glance to Theresa and Jessica show looks of great arousal after having used me as their sex toy. Carol lifts the glass to my mouth and slowly tips it forward. I stare helplessly as the cum begins to make it’s way to the edge of the glass towards my mouth, still forced open by the ring gag. Slowly, Carol pours the cum down my throat while Theresa reaches up to pinch my nose to force me to swallow. Helplessly, I swallow every last drop.

All three of them laugh at me while they untie me. Mistress Theresa shoves my clothes and toys into my hands. With all three of my Mistresses standing there, flaunting their nudity at me, Mistress Carol orders me to thank them for the privilege of worshipping their magnificent bodies, to be used as their sex slut, and to orgasm at their hands. I thank each Mistress in turn as directed. Mistress Carol then tells me to go home, rest, and to be ready to serve them again when they feel the need. I can barely stand as they shove me out the door. I shiver with the morning sun, realizing that they have used me through the entire night. I stumble back to my house and collapse into bed, shamefully realizing they I cannot wait for them to use me again.

Review This Story || Author: cdsubman34534
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