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Ladies Room Service!

Part 1

                                Ladies Room Service!

                                    TJ Ryder


    The lushly built teacher in the form fitting high skirt

and low bustline wasn't out of place at Glendale Academy for

Young Ladies, otherwise known as the finishing school for

the girls of the 'Rich and Powerful', and also to others as

'Depraved and Decadent'!

    All the rich girls dressed like tramps; were accustomed to

treating everyone below their station as servants and only a

very few teachers survived the second semester unless they were

first chosen very selectively.

   Even so, Audrey was close to being asked to leave if she

was ever indiscreet a second time!  Indiscretion it seems was the

most important rule at this school!  Of course it only applied

to teachers and staff, not the spoiled rotten daughters of the

ruling class!

   And as always, she was expecting the usual games to be played

on her because try as she had, she had acquired a certain reputation

that followed her from school to school.

   There were two possibilities she thought, two very arrogant

gorgeous juniors who had given her that smug little look that seemed

to indicate they knew her reputation!  Now to see if they wanted

to exploit that knowledge, and the thought made her pussy wet!

   And out of the blue, a different girl appeared at her tiny office

after school hours when she had her appointments.  This one was

expected for a different reason, missing assignments and slipping

grades, and she smiled at the apologetic but lovely blonde teen who

stood at the doorway.

   "Ah, Tiffanny, right on time, thank you!"

   "Hi, Miss Brown!   I guess I know what this is about!"

   Audrey had her come in and sit down and shut the door.  These

interviews had to be sensitive to the kids needs.  Tiffanny was one

of those girls who actually seemed to be trying too, and yet her grades

were so worse from her previous school.

   "I guess wer'e both new here, Tiffanny, but looking at your

grades from Williams Academy I am a little surprised!"

   'I know, Miss Brown!"

   "And what's puzzling is that you seem to be trying.  Half of

the girls put on makeup in class or email on their phones!"

   "I know!"

   "Well, is there something we can do to change it?  Do you have

any idea what has changed?"  At that the girl blushed and lowered her

pretty blonde head.

   "I, um, don't know...!" 

   Audrey smiled, "it's quite all right to tell me anything, Tiffanny,

I'm here to help and it will be totally confidential!  I promise!"

   Still silence, so she suggested something else.  "Is it something

personal, perhaps?"  The girl nodded!

   "I can't help you if you don't tell me anything, honey!  Why don't

you look at what has changed from last year to this one, look at it

like that?"

   'Oh, well I know what's changed.  I don't have Monica!  This school

doesn't allow live in servants on campus!"

   Audrey smiled gently,  "And of course you miss her very much!" The

girl nodded.

   "Perhaps you could live off campus in an apartment, or perhaps she

could visit for weekends?  Would that help?"

   "No, she had to go home to Australia for some family reason!"

   'Well, I understand relationships are troubling, but perhaps you will

find someone else.  The employment picture, (she sighed) is horrible. 

There are many young ladies seeking a position at the labor exchange!"

   "I know, but, well, can I be frank, Miss Brown?"

   "Of course, honey, go ahead!"

   'We had a very special relationship.  I didn't know how important

it was to me until she left!"

   "That's very common, miss!"

   "I know, but, well, she was more than my servant.  She was my,

well, my slave!  Does that shock you?"

   Audrey's mouth opened in surprise!  "No, um, not exactly.  I mean

it wouldn't surprise me at all from many of the girls here, but I

just didn't associate it with you, honey, but it's all right!"

   "Oh," the girl smiled, "wer'e not all bitches all the time, Miss

Brown!  That's just one side of me, not like some of the cunts in my

dormitory!"  They both laughed at that.

   "So,  this is not my business, honey, but I guess if you need

that side of you it's time to find a replacement!"

   The girl nodded, "yes, I really do need it!  I guess I didn't want

to admit to myself!"

   Audrey smiled, "then, perhaps now that you know what to do,

you can concentrate on school again?"

   "But, I-I don't know how to find a girl like that.  I had

Monica assigned as my servant years a couple years ago and we just

hit it off.  I have no experience in finding what I need. 

That's how you can help, Miss Brown.  That's what I need help for!"

   Audrey took a big breath, oh boy!  She knew she could not

possibly give her inside tips of finding this scene without breaking

her cover.  Besides, she only looked for dommes, never for subs, a

different world entirely!  And further, if this girl started asking

her rich bitch friends about finding a certain type of slave, it might

just lead back to her, and then the girl would know she was being

played with.

   "Miss Brown?  Can you help me, please?"

   "I-I don't know, honey!  It's kind of awkward, my working here!"

   "I know, it's awkward for me too!" the girl showed a trace of

impatience for the first time.

   "All right, " she sighed, hoping against hope now, "why don't

you tell me, if you want to that is,  what your'e looking for in a,

um, well, ...!"

   "Slave!" the girl smiled.

   "Um, yes, that!"

   "Well, Monica was much older than me, I like that.  So submissive,

and I loved our discipline sessions.  In our estate we always believe

in disciplining our servant class but Monica was so much fun to work

with. I really miss that, and she does too, believe me!"

   Audrey half smiled, "well, um, that's um, pretty common, from what

I hear that is!"

   The girl lowered her voice, "well, yes, actually, many of my friends

cane or whip their maids on occasion.  But I don't think anyone else I

know used them for a toilet!"

   Audrey gasped!  Was she putting her on?  The girl looked at her

questioningly.  "Anyway, Miss Brown, would you help me find her, please?

You know, use whatever code words or stuff.  I just can't ask any

of the other girls here because I'm so new and I don't know who to trust!" 

   "Y-yes, well, I understand, but...!"

   "When do you think you'll have some answers for me?" the girl asked


   "I- I can't..., perhaps, if you come by tomorrow same time!"

   Stunned after the girl left, she idly looked at her laptop,

and plugged in a few possiblities, and again back at her cheap studio

apartment, tried to find what she wanted.  The women were too bizarre,

she thought, too far away, too young, too old!  And how could she

possibly post the girl's stats without getting into potentially huge

trouble.  Everything she considered doing for this girl connecting

to this scene spelled more than just indiscretion.  Possibly prison


    Next day, she sat at her desk, fidgeting with her bracelet,

when she heard the knock.  Tiffanny came in with an expectant smile.

    "I know its too early, but I brought some pictures in this

envelope to post, and I can offer a small salary to some working class

woman who needs the money, and...!"  Audrey raised her palm.

   "Um, madame, if you want to do this, you can do it on your own.

I know your'e very shy, especially for a domme, but I found out I could

get into huge trouble helping you connect in this scene, actually any

scene but especially this one!"

   The girl frowned, and her brow furrowed in puzzlement.  "You

used the word 'domme' Miss Brown.  Are you, well, in the scene?"

   Audrey sighed, nodding. "I am, Tiffanny! I know what your'e

looking for, that's why when I say how impossible it would be

for me to help you I speak from lots of experience!"

   "Oh gosh!  In a way I was hoping you were and also afraid of

that!  You kind of remind me of Monica!"

   Audrey smiled, "yes, you did say she was older too!"

   "So, what now?  Your'e not going to give me some hints and tips and

let me flounder around looking for it?  It was Monica who introduced me

to all this in the first place!"

   Audrey nodded and blurted out, "I figured that, and Iv'e thought about

this, and even thought about volunteering to be your new Monica!"

   Tiffanny laughed in delight, "that's a super idea, Miss Brown!"

   Audrey laughed as well, relieved it was finally out.

   However the girl frowned,  "But it wouldn't work! Your'e a teacher!"

   "I know it's not quite the same thing!"

   "Well, Monica was my servant first, then my slave, and then my

toilet!  I don't know if I could just... well!"

   "I understand, honey!" Audrey smiled.

   "But, I really need toilet service, Miss Brown!  I feel irregular

most of the time and that upsets me so much!  Not only that, sometimes

I need a slave that I can do anything I want with!"  Audrey sighed

at hearing that.  She knew the way she felt very well, and also,

she would probably make a foolish choice looking for a domme by herself,

and that might lead back to her as well.

   "I do understand, honey.  I tell you what, here's my schedule!

If you want to use me or change your mind, these are my open periods

so you could beep me on my caller and I have a key to private faculty

ladies room!"

   'Oh, your'e so forward, Miss Brown, but I like that, its like

Monica was!"  Audrey laughed, considering that statement made

her laugh even more.  Even so she blushed at her own forwardness.

   Tiffanny felt unsatisfied.  "I-do want to try it, but I-I guess

I need something.  You don't mind if I, well, test you, Miss Brown,

your being a teacher and all?"

   Audrey smiled, her nipples as hard as the girls from the indentations

in her sheer top!  "Did you have something you used to do with

Monica, madame?"

   "Well, yes, I-I'd really like to do some discipine, but...!" she

paused hearing students milling in the hallway through the thin

walls, 'I guess that's another time... but I always enjoyed making

Monica perform little gestures for me!"

   'Yes," she smiled, 'discipline is out for this office madame,

but why don't you do whatever you did with Monica!"

   Taking a deep breath, the girl smiled,  "Well, first I'd like

you to come from behind your desk, and" pointing a finger at the floor

in front of her, "kneel here!  It would be better if you were kneeling,

don't you think, considering our, well, new relationship?"

   Audrey smiled, 'I think that's a good idea madame!"  She

rose and walked over, kneeling in front of her, showing more

cleavage now!

   There was a little period of hesitation, as Audrey looked up

obediently, smiling!  "I like being on my knees before you, madame!"

   'And I like you there, that's like more appropriate now, teacher!"

   "I agree, um, is there... anything else," she asked hopefully!

   "Well, yes, I used to make Monica grovel, but," she smiled,

"for now, have you ever given a spitshine, teacher?"

   Audrey smiled, "oh yes, madame,  I have done so many times!"

   'Then you will?"

   "Oh yes of course, madame,  I'd love to lick your shoes if you

want me to!"

   The teen, more smug and confident now, raised her right foot

to Audrey's face, the black leather and high heel, and Audrey

held it by the heel, smiled at the teen, and pursed her full red

lips, and gave the sole a soft long kiss. Then, smiling again,

she licked across the stiletto heel.

   "That's better, a good bootlicking teacher for my very own!"

she giggled!

    "Mmmmm, slurp, kiss,  yes, thank you madame!"

   "Mmmmm, do the soles and heel, teacher! I want both shoes

nice and shiny before I leave!"

   "mmmm, slurp, lick, kiss, mmmm yes madame!"  She finished

one shoe and waited for the girl to raise the other.  As she

was doing it, the girl snickered.

   "Pity I'm wearing nylons.  Next time I'll have a tongue bath

between my toes!"

  Audrey sighed, smiling between licks.  'Oooh yes, madame, I

love doing that!"

   Finally, when both were done, the girl stood up, and Audrey, flushed

face, remained kneeling.

   "Now, bend over and kiss each toe as a token of obedience.  Monica

did that every time I came home!"

   "Mmmm, kiss, lick, kiss, 'yes madame, that's a very nice ritual!"

Would you like me to do that every time wer'e alone?"

   "Yes, I think it would be nice!"

    'Mmmm, kiss, me too!"

   She noticed that the girl did take her schedule with a smile,

both blushing now, but as the girl left, and then she looked back with

a smile that had hidden possibilities!

    The next day when Audrey looked out and noticed her in the second

row of her class, she smiled warmly, her pussy wet.  The lovely girl

looked around to see if anyone noticed, but finally gave a small smile

in return.  Audrey wanted her to know she was serious.  She even ran

her pink tongue across her upper lip.  However, the day passed without

a beep on her caller.

   The next day at around 4th period she got a beep.  Smiling with

anticipation she walked out of the library and quickly found her waiting

by her office door!

    "Oh, Miss Brown, your'e really going to...!"

    "Yes, we are, honey," she smiled, taking the girl's soft hand and

walking down to the basement level where she had found a locked

bathroom inside an unused utility hallway.

   'Oooh, it's creepy down here!" 

   "I didn't want the first time to be in a public bathroom, honey!

Maybe after we practice a bit we can do that!"

    "Wow, I never used a public bathroom with Monica!"

    "We have to be pretty smooth to do that, madame!"

    "What are you doing, Miss Brown?"  Audrey peeled off top and

unsnapped her bra, letting her big breasts sway with pert brown nipples

hardening up.

    "I have to be neat, Tiffanny.  Didn't you make Monica strip?"

    'Oh sure, but that was always for her discipline!"

    "Well, why don't you treat me like Monica then!  Whatever position

you prefer!"

    "Well, I usually squatted, but sometimes we used a porta chair, the

kind with the hole in the middle!"

    "Oh, sure, in fact I have one at home!"

    "And she gave me an enema once a week too!"

    "Mmmmm, I love doing those also!"

    "But, we had two mirrors in the bathroom so I could see everything!"

     Audrey frowned, now naked except for her damp panties, looking around.

She smiled when in the back of the utility closet she found some broken

medicine cabinets, one with a mirror intact.  She carried it out, tsking

at the dust, and she used a wet paper towel to clean the glass as well as

she could.

    "Your'e so helpful, you know, Miss Brown!  I thought I would have to

force you!"

    Audrey laughed, as she arranged the mirror at an angle on the floor,

and then knelt before the luscious teenager.  "I said I want to do this,


    "I know, but most older whores we used for servants needed to be

put in their place first, and some just freaked!"

    Audrey reached up and lifted up the girl's short skirt as the

teenager turned her luscious bottom to her face.

    "Move back!" the girl commanded, not pleased she couldn't see Audrey's

face in the mirror!   Audrey was surprised she walked to the vinyl couch

and laid down on her back, and raised her legs.

   "Move the mirror over here so I can see you!"  Audrey smiled

as she did so, and then knelt at her buttocks, as the girl held

each leg.

   "I like this position when I want a nice long ass eating, plus it's

a different view when I push out my load.  It was always nice when I

could actually see my servant eat!"

    "Yes ma'am!"  Audrey smiled into the reflection of the girl's face

and then turned, seeing her out of the corner of her eye, as she pressed

her face into the girl's bikini panty bottom.  "Can you see me now?"

    "Yes!"  Audrey smiled, and pressed her face into the warm damp

panty clad buttocks, tasting the damp fabric! "Mmmmmmmmm!"

    "Yes, take my panties off now, teacher!"

    "mmmfOOh, Yes ma'am!"  Audrey murmured,m and sighed, moving back,

hooking her fingers into the waistband, and licked her lips as she

slipped them down until the luscious teen stepped out of one side, so she

could spread her legs and buttcrack some more.

    "What are you waiting for, stupid?" the girl snapped.

    "Oooh yes, madame!"  She sighed, and using her hands, spread her

cheeks further apart, and pressed her face in the bottom, and licked

up with her soft tongue, making the teenager shiver.  AFter several

soft kisses on her anus, she slipped her tongue in, making the girl

squirm more and more as she pistoned it deep in and out.

    Sighing deeply, Audrey alternated with soft kisses again,

and then probed her anus even further with her agile tongue, making

the girl sigh and shudder.

    'Mmmm, oooh, I have to go now!"  She moved and squatted further

and Audrey laid back on her elbows, her mouth still pressed against

her rosebud.  'Oooofffff, (gasp), Uff, I think I'm a little cramped

up, ate too much.  So uncomfortable, (grunt)!'

    Giving her anus a wet kiss with her tongue out, Audrey smiled

at the straining girl's reflection. 

   (kiss)  "You'll feel better when you push it out, madame, and

I'll feel better when its in my tummy!"

    The girl groaned, and finally, her anus spread wider and wider

and Audrey could see the dark brown knob appearing.  Her stretched

anus wider than her lips, Audrey slipped her full lips over the

hard brown thick knob, tasting with her tongue and sighing deeply.

The girl looked in the mirror, saw Audrey's mouth covering her

movement, and pushed further, watching her cheeks fill up.

   "Gasp!  That's it teacher, hold it in your mouth while I

push out some more, (grunt)!"

   Audrey was delighted she did, although her mouth was stretched

as wide as it could be, as her head was pushed back some more.

Testing with her tongue, she slowly removed her lips, the hot thick

brown log inches from her mouth now as she smiled and licked her lips

at the girl's reflection!

   "Lick and kiss it, teacher, that's what I made Monica do!"

   She gave the knob a soft kiss, smiling, "you don't have to make

me do this, madame!  I just love paying homage like this!"  The girl

snickered as she gave the knob a slow wet tongue, and then kissed

up the warm surface, her tongue fluttering.  She sighed, ooohhed

and aaahhhhed as she did so, alternating kisses and licks, but the

trembling log was unstable, so she quickly put her head under and

covered the thick knob, her cheeks billowed out, and allowed it

to break off, the end sticking from her lips.  The girl loved seeing

her teacher's full red lips were now brown!

   'mmmmmm, so huge and thick, gulp, gulp, gulp, mmmm, slurp, gulp!"

   'Hurry up, Miss Brown, I have to push again!"

    'gulp, slurp,mmm (kiss) Sorry madame, go ahead, I'm anxious for

more but that was so delicious, thank you so much!"

   Gluing her soft lips around her distended anus, Audrey allowed the

girl to push a long somewhat softer log into her mouth, swallowing

to keep up. 

    'Ooooh,' Audrey thought, gulping and gasping, 'what a huge load

this girl is giving me!'

   The smug grunting girl sighed as she pushed out the large load,

but enjoyed watching Audrey worship her, her throat showing her

swallowing and keeping up, and she made an effort to go slowly

like she did with her old servant. Finally, she sighed, as Audrey

speared her anus now with her tongue, and moved up and back a little

as Audrey immeidately poised with her brown mouth open for her hot

bladderload of piss!

   'Mmmm, slurp, gulp, slurp',  Audrey enjoyed the hot acrid taste

of her yellow piss, washing away all the brown in her mouth, before it

trickled to a stop, and she licked her pussy clean and once again,

gave a deep french kiss to the girl's anus she had come to know so well.

   'Mmmmm, did you like that, teacher?" the girl asked smugly.

   Audrey smiled warmly up into her face, nodding.  'Oh yes, madame!

I loved performing toilet service for you!  Thank you so much!"


    A week later Audrey was feeling more contented as she served Tiffanny

with discretion several more times but it wasn't perfect.  For one thing,

their schedules often didn't match, and for the other, she could tell

that something was irritating the beautiful teenager and she wasn't sure

what it was.  That afternoon she met the girl the first time that

day in 5th period, and she knew when she arrived to see the frowning

girl by the ladies room door something was definitely up.

    Anyway,she smiled politely, unlocked the door and Pamela walked in

already hiking up her short skirt as she stood impatiently by a stall.

   "I just have to piss this time, Miss Brown!  Audrey was slipping off

her top and smiled.

    "I assumed, that, madame, because of the time!"

    "Yes, I had to go on your first class today!  I suppose your'e

sorry you missed my movement!"

   Audrey, now with her big buxom breasts swaying, kneeled under the girl

and smiled up at her, her nipples already hard. She nodded!

   "Yes, I am, madame!  But I'm very happy to drink your


   She slipped down the girl's panties, and leaned back as the girl

half squat, aiming her pudenda at Audrey's parted lips!

   "Um, ah, I want to talk about that, teacher. And other stuff!"

   "mmmm, yes madame," nuzzling her damp pussy with her soft lips,

covering her cunt lips with her tongue just under it.  A few spurts

of hot piss and she sighed, swallowing, and then as it increased, Audrey

was able to cover her cunt as the girl sighed, gulping and slurping

fast enough to keep up.  The girl had obviously needed to empty her

bladder for a while, Audrey was grateful to see, feeling her belly expand

with the load of hot piss.  Finally, Audrey licked and kissed her pussy

clean, and then dipped under to lick up her butt crack,making sure the

girl was clean, and as the girl expected that, pulled her cheeks apart,

and began licking her anus.

    Tiffany squatted a bit more to provide access.  "That's it, teacher!

And that's another thing I don't like, having to use toilet paper.  I

never feel really clean afterwards!"

   Audrey licked her anus and smiled, "why of course madame, my tongue can

do a much better job!"

   "And I should also mention, Audrey, this relationship is not working

for me!"

   Audrey withdrew her tongue from the girl's anus, and looked upward.

   "I could tell your'e bothered by something, honey!"

   "Yes, now that you mention it.  It just isn't like it was with Monica!

Like just now.  I'm not your honey, Audrey.  Monica would never say that.

She was my servant, actually my slave!"

    'mmmm, of course, madame, I'm sorry!" she gave the anus another soft

deep tongue!

    "You forget yourself, Audrey.  If you want this relationship to

continue I will have to correct you when you make a mistake.  In fact I'd

want a regular discipline session just in case you forget!  Once a week

I would do a nice job on Monica and she was so sweet afterwards!"

   Mmmm, slurp, suck!  

   "That's a good slut, deeper,mmmm!

   "So, ummm, in the future, I want some changes made!"

   Mmm, slurp, mmmm, "yes madame!"

   She decided to cum then, and squatted more as Audrey recognized

this and reached up with both hands and gently squeezed the girl's nipples

and covered her open anus with her mouth, digging her tongue in as far

as she could.  Tiffanny just touched her pussy a little bit, flicking

across her clit, sighed, moaned, and as she rocked against Audrey's tongue

and came, spraying cuntcream down her downy thighs, onto the tile and closed

toilet lid.  Gasping and sighing, she finally stood up and forced Audrey's

face from  her butt, as the dazed teacher absently licked her full lips!

   Slipping up her panties, Tiffanny frowned down at the dazed teacher.

   "Did you hear anything I said at all?"

    'Y-yes, um, madame?"

   "Oh sure!  All right, let's clean up your mess, teacher.  Come

down here and lick that up!"

   Pointing to the tile floor, Audrey bent down until her breasts

brushed the cold tile floor, licking up the creamdrops, and then

straightened up and licked the cum off the closed toilet lid.

   The girl walked across the stall and stood with her hands on her hips.

"Now, I think the way to start our new relationship, you should crawl

over here and lick my shoes, teacher!"

   Audrey smiled, "yes ma'am!"

   As she licked and kissed her leather pumps, she trembled a little.

What had she said anyway?"

   "That's a good subslut, teacher.  But I won't really feel comfortable

until I give you a nice whipping, plus other stuff I loved to do to Monica!"

   "Yes, sob, madame!"  Audrey was still half kneeling as the girl

stutted off with a smug smile.  She wondered what she had agreed to, but

then, realized that once again, she was getting in too deep.  She didn't

see Tiffanny the rest of the day, but that evening in her small room

she got a call from her.

    "What are you doing now, teacher?"

    Audrey smiled, lying on her bed and absently fingered her swollen


    "I was thinking of you, madame, actually!"

    "I kind of like calling you teacher or even Miss Brown.  It makes

it more kinky when I use you!"

    "It does, doesn't it?"

    'I suppose your'e wondering when I'm going to punish you?"

    "Yes, and other things!"

    The girl chuckled.  "Actually I haven't decided on a good place

and time yet.  Suppose I come to your office tomorrow!"

    "I don't know, Tiffanny.  You'd have to gag me, and still not

make a lot of noise!" 

   "I suppose that would take the fun out!  Why don't you come over

to my place now?  Besides, I have to piss anyway!"

   Audrey laughed, "there are no bus services direct at this hour


   Two more days went by as their schedules conflicted, but Saturday

morning followed a most successful Friday night discipline session.

    Audrey was tired and sore as she caught the bus into the campus

that morning, trying to smile at the occasional students who recognized

her.  Oooh, she moaned, shifting her shapely buttocks on the hard plastic


   Even walking was a little difficult, because her shoulders were still

stiff from being tied up while punished.  She reluctantly took a couple

of pills when she woke up, grateful now she did. Still, as she rang the

bell on the student housing complex, waiting for Tiffanny to buzz her in,

she slouched a little under her hat, not wanting other students to see

her enter the living quarters.  She could pass herself off as a tutor

and she had brought her mostly empty book bag for that reason, but

only a couple of girls noticed her, but one did smirk a little bit!

   "Audrey, you made good time!"

   "Thank you madame!" she smiled, taking off her coat.

   The girl smiled, standing at the edge of the hallway in a tiny

smock.  "Now what did we decide last night, Miss Brown! Already

forgot? Tsk!"

    Audrey sighed, and then frowned, "Oh, I'm sorry, madame!"

She slipped off all of her clothes, standing naked, and then knelt and crawled

to the teenager's feet!

   "Wow, I welted that butt pretty, didn't I?"

    "Yes, yes you did, ma'am!"  Audrey said, bending her head to kiss

each big toe as she was instructed to last night!

   "I usually don't leave marks like that,  but I think it's important

to show who's boss, don't you?"

   'Yes madame!"

    "Well," (chuckle)  "of course you do, you'd say and do anything I

tell you now!"

    "I would, but it's true!"


    "In five minutes?"  Audrey exclaimed in her cell phone,

trying not to be loud!  It was mid week and she was a study hall

monitor, not a vitally important job but she had to find a substitute,

and more important, she was in East Wing.  Too far for the utility


    "Come on, Audrey, don't be such a bitch.  I'll whip you raw if

you can't serve me!"

    Audrey looked at the campus schedule, and realized the gymnasium

was not used during this period.  It had a nice private ladies room

with separate stalls!

   "All right, madame, Gymnasium basement Ladies room in 5 minutes!

Can you make it?"

   "yes, but you better be on time for once!"

   Finding a student to take over her monitor duty, she dashed

across the quadrangle, and frowned when she heard some kids playing

basketball, but they wouldn't use the basement ladies room.  She

got there just as Tiffanny strolled in, smiling a little smugly as

she looked at her Rolex.

   "Oh my, looks like teacher needs to be taught again!"

    (Gasp) "I had to find a substitute, madame!"

   "I guess I didn't make myself clear, is this the dump?"

   "Yes madame," she smiled, opening the Ladies Room, and shutting the

door behind them, locking it with her staff key.

   "This is pretty good, I could whip you in here, you know that?"

   "It's not too bad, but I don't recommend it, Tiffanny, in an empty

building noise carries!"

   "Every time I say something, you disagree, you know that!"

   "I'm sorry madame!"

   'Just, well, strip to panties!"

   'Yes ma'am!"

    Soon she was naked except for panties and her heels, her big breasts

softly heaving.  Audrey was surprised actually, thinking the girl really

had to go bad when she called.

    "Let' see," the teen smiled, pulling out a pair of long leather

gloves from her book bag, "I think, yes, back against the partition,

teacher!  Now reach up and grip the edge and stick those tits out for

me!"  She moaned, her butt had finally lost her welts and now she's

going to do her breasts.

   "I don't have time for much but you really need to be taught your

place, teacher!  I just don't know what it is with you!"  The girl

ran her hands under and over her heaving warm breasts, her nipples

erecting under her fingers.

   "But you have very sensitive nipples, nice big ones too!  I just love

working on them!"


    WHACK!!!   MMFSFffsssssss!

   "Now shush, now, Miss Brown.  Go ahead and cry if you need to, but

no screaming!"

   (Sob)  "Y-yes, (sob) madame!"

   "It's really a good thing I don't have to go immediately like I thought,

cuz this is convenient isn't it?"  WHACK! WHACk!  WHACK!

   "Sob, sob!"  Audrey shook and writhed as he big breasts were rocked

back and forth, small red marks began to appear as a sharp button on

one of the gloves bit into her soft flesh.  On top of which, her

shoulders still ached from that first punishment session and gripping

the top of the metal partition was aggravating that.

   "Oh fuck!" the girl said, frowning, tossing her gloves onto the

sideboard as Audrey gratefully realized the punishment was over.

   "Oh, hurry and do clean yourself up, you look like a cheap sweaty slut


   "Yes, yes madame!" she moaned, staggering to the mirror and running

some cold water over a few paper towels.  'Oh my,' she thought, her boobs

would take a few days to lose those stripes! Wiping herself down, losing

all the minimum makeup she had put on that morning, she heard Tiffanny

being impatient!

   "Will you please hurry, now I do have to go!"

   "Yes madame," she turned with a smile, her breasts still heaving

a little, "how would you like to do it today?"

    "I think a squat, ooh, and right here by this floor length mirror!"

    'Excellent, madame!"  She walked over and knelt as the arrogant teen

turned her gorgeous shapely backside in her miniskirt to her face. The girl

saw her in the mirror as she put her fingers in the waistband of her

white panties and first kissed each warm cheek.

    "That's what happens when I overeat, you know that?  I have to

go so bad and then it goes away for a little bit!"

    "Overeat?  I don't remember a campus dinner last night!"

    "Well, it wasn't certainly for the staff or the servants, teacher!"

    "No madame?" she lowered the damp panties and ran her soft tongue

up the teenager's buttcrack!

    "No of course not!  Why would they bother with people like you?"

    "mmmm, kiss, kiss, mmmm?  Madame, I was just not aware there were

campus dinners at all?"

    "Why would you be?  In fact, the lower classes should be kept ignorant

of the priviledges of their betters as much as possible!"

    "Yes madame, mmmmm, slurp, kiss!"

    "Mmm, move a bit, I think I have to piss a little first!"

    Audrey moved to cover her damp pussy, and sighed as she felt a

warm trickle in her mouth, increasing until she pissed harder, as she

swallowed and gulped.  Kissing her lips clean, she returned to her

beauteous backside as the girl squatted more, spreading her cheeks

apart as Audrey lay finally on her back on the tile floor, arching up

her head to press into her buttcrack, seeing from the corner of her eye

the girl's face reflected, making sure she was doing a good job.

    Still the girl grunted and another splashing trickle of hot

piss landed on her welted big breasts, making Audrey moan.

    "Mmmmmpffff, oooooh, I hope your'e really hungry, pigslut!"

    Audrey smiled between kisses, "mmmmm, I am, madame!"

    "(Chuckle)  This way your'e getting the feast second hand!"

    "Mmmm, yes, thank you, madame!"

    'Ooffffff, mmmm, tongue me a little now, servant!  That's what

your'e for you know.  Mmmfmfffff!  Loosen me up!"

    Audrey slipped her pink tongue into the girl's pouting anus,

and worked it deep in and out all around!"

    (Gasp, slurp) mmmm, is that better, madame?"

   "Oooh, I'm going to try to hold it, I want to see!"

    "yes, thank you, madame!"   Audrey returned to orally worshipping

the dominant teen's buttcrack and anus, until finally, the girl strained

squatting more and her tongue tasted brown, making her sigh, even as the

anus opened and the beginning of a big brown knob pushed her tongue out,

and Audrey covered the knob by stretching her lips around it, puffing out

her cheeks, trying to relax her throat muscles.

    "Mmmmfff, uuffffff, ooooh!' Tiffanny sighed, pushing out almost

a foot of hot thick hard steaming brown, the end still in Audrey's mouth,

and then managed to hold it, and looking in the mirror, straining, she

rose up a little.  That's what she wanted to see, the whole log dangling into

the sub teacher's lips.

    "Ujfffff, I can't-can't hold it long. Slip your lips off and show me

some homage, subslut!"


    Carefully coasting her lips off the hot trembling log, Audrey gasped,

licking her brown coated lips.

    "mmmmm, just lovely, madame!" she sighed, giving the knob a soft loving

tongue kiss, and then running her tongue up and down the brown log.

She loved showing her worship like this, but the girl almost lost it, and

soon, too soon, she got under it, and soon a huge knob was stuffing her


   "That's it toiletpig!  Let's see you eat now!"

   Audrey had to take a big bite to steady the log, and then another,

and finally another before it was not going to drop all over her face,

and this time, smiled into the mirror at the arrogant girl's reflection,

and softly ran her tongue over the bitten off knob and gave it a wet

worshipful kiss.

    "mmmmm, kiss, slurp, mmmm!"

    "(Snicker)  You like that, pigslut?"

    "Mmmm, slurp, oooh yes, thank you madame!  Such a huge hard load today!"

    Audrey was able to take a little more time for the next few swallows,

but then as usual, Tiffanny couldn't slow it down any more for her to


    "uffffff. go ahead, trampie, chug a lug, uffffmmmmm!"

    Just then Audrey was surprised by a hot splash on her face.

Opening her eyes, she closed them again, as she realized the girl

was pissing and in this position, some was hitting her face.

Mmm, she moaned, this is an added humiliation and she could tell

by the giggle the girl was doing it intentionally.  OOh yess!

    Audrey gulped and sighed, swallowed and slurped as she ate it all

and moaned, as she creamed in her damp panties as she usually did.

   Finally, the girl finished feeding her the hot bladderload she needed

to empty, and Audrey was now licking and kissing and tonguing her clean.

However, before she was finished, the girl squeezed each of her nipples,

clamped Audrey's face in her round firm butt cheeks, her tongue impaling

her puffy anus, and gasped, and Audrey responded by pistoning her tongue

in and out and the arrogant teenager creamed herself.

    "Oooh, ahahhhhhhhhhmmmmmmm!" 

    After a bit, the teenager rose up, leaving Audrey looking dazed on the

floor licking her lips.

    A few minutes later, they were in front of the mirror, Tiffanny

touching up her makeup while checking her email and messages. Audrey

was still wearing only her saturated bikini panties as she used wet paper

towels to wipe her face and breasts.

   "Those tits look awful, teacher!"

   "It's all right, madame, I needed a good whipping today!"

    Tiffanny smiled, "I'm not sorry, teacher.  It's just that tonight

you better wear something over them if we go out!"

   Audrey smiled warmly at her, "of course madame, thank you, and (smile)

thank you for dinner too!  Do you mind if I lick your toes before you go?"

   "Better hurry, teacher!  I'll be late for class!"




Continued at  Illustrated Femdom Fetish toiletslave!



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